Regis Philbin Leaving Live!: Who Should Replace Him?

Regis Philbin announced on Tuesday morning that he will be leaving Live! With Regis and Kelly sometime this summer.

“It’s been a long time — 28 years since I’ve been here — and it was the biggest thrill of my life,” Reege, 79, said toward the end of Tuesday’s broadcast. “Everything must come to an end for certain people on camera. Especially certain old people.”

Philbin’s daytime run began in 1983 with The Morning Show, a New York City-area ABC talker. (I totally remember watching this during summers home from school.) Come 1985, Kathie Lee Gifford replaced Cyndy “Ex-Wife of Steve” Garvey as Philbin’s cohost, and not long after that the show went into national syndication.

A semi-polarizing personality prone to prattling on about her husband and kids, Gifford famously exited stage left in 2000, and a year later Kelly Ripa was called in from the soap opera ranks to partner with Philbin. For a short spell, “Pipa” juggled both All My Children (which taped down the street) and the daytime talker.

A three-time Emmy winner for his work, Philbin stressed that he won’t vanish into the ether once his Live! run ends. “I’m not retiring,” he said. “I am just moving on.”

During times when Regis went on breaks, Ripa shared the stage with such fellas as Anderson Cooper, Bryant Gumbel, Howie Mandel, Survivor host Jeff Probst, Mario Lopez, Pat Sajak and, of course, her hubby Mark Consuelos.

Who would you like to see claim Philbin’s chair this summer?

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  1. Laura says:

    I love when Probst comes on. He and Kelly have a good chemistry. Regis will be missed though.

  2. Alisa says:

    Mark, of course. It can’t be anyone else!

  3. LC says:

    Anderson Cooper! By far, the best guest host they have!

  4. Psiqueue says:

    I pictured Wayne Brady replacing Regis..

  5. Matt Jamieson says:

    I LOVED NPH when he was on, though I don’t know if he’d like HIMYM, LIVE and daddy duty for the twins.

    • Amanda says:

      If he wanted to take a break from acting for awhile, this might be a good way to spend more time with his kids. Of course, they would have to pick up and move to NY.

      HIMYM doesn’t have more than two seasons left, or maybe I should say
      “shouldn’t” have more than two. I think they could wrap it up next season if they wanted to.

  6. Kaitlin says:

    If Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t busy running the world, I’d say he should join the show! He’s my favorite guest host, plus he’s good friends with Kelly!

  7. Cdn Izzy says:

    With Anderson Cooper out of the running as he’s getting his own new talk show on CNN in the fall, the next best choice is Probst.

  8. LS says:

    I think Andy Cohen from Bravo would be great! He and Kelly had a really good chemistry when she was on What What Happens Live.

    • Kate says:

      I don’t think Andy could censor himself that early!

    • Ann says:

      Not to mention he would need to work on his interview skills. He does alright with the Housewife crowd, but other than that he’s a disaster. I wanted to like him but he can’t keep an interview on track to save his life.

  9. Jeff says:

    Neil Patrick Harris! He would be…Legendary

  10. Cantare says:

    Anderson Cooper.

  11. Yabby says:

    NPH would be the best, but if HIMYM continues, he’s out. Cooper would be good, but he has his own daytime talker on the horizen. Gumbel is too pretentious, Mandel would make me shoot my television and Sajack is boring. Probst would be okay, but the idea doesn’t really excite me. Ricky Gervais anyone?

  12. Matt says:

    Once in 1992, Dana Carvey did a fine job replacing Reege for a day. Why not him?

  13. JOE RIVERS says:

    Someone younger, If Marc Consuelos is not available.

  14. Brainst0rms says:

    Well, which one is a Notre Dame fan?

  15. robin/burlington,nc says:

    I really like Jeff Probst or her husband Mark.

    • CarolH says:

      I have to agree with you Robin…I like Jeff Probst and absolutely love it when her husband Mark is a cohost with her.

  16. ck says:

    Not Mark, please. Nepotism can only take you so far.

    Have a feeling will be Bryant Gumbel, but hope it isn’t.

    Probst would probably be best choice, but he has too time left on Survivor contract, no?

    I’m no help :(

  17. Carol says:

    I vote for Howie Mandel.

    • hectanooga1989 says:

      Howie Mandel;;;NO,no,no way.That wud be so gross to watch daily with his phobia,no matter how funny and clever his acts are (but only on a short time span)

      Kelly enjoys touching and inter acting with host and guests so lets keep that aspect going.

  18. PV says:

    ah, the Reg will be missed. But I started watching that show because of Kelly, so if she’s still there, I’m still watching.

    What about Shatner? lol or Richard Dean Anderson? I don’t know how they’d fit with Kelly though.

    Probst would be good, very charismatic and had a good rapport with Kelly. He could do it and when he has to go film Survivor, Regis could fill in for him for those 39 days.

  19. M says:

    I know this is an out of nowhere suggestion, but what about Robert Buckley from One Tree Hill? Everytime I’ve seen him interviewed he’s been extremely funny and charming. I think he’d be a great co-host.

  20. TV Gord says:

    I think Kelly could have chemistry with just about anyone. I doubt that she and Mark would want to work together everyday. Anderson Cooper has his own daytime show coming up, so he’s out. I could actually see Neil Patrick Harris doing it (and HIMYM can’t have THAT much more life in it). I could see him stepping in.

    I am really going to miss Regis, but I can see that he might enjoy a few more years of not having to get up for work every morning. I hope he has many more happy years ahead with Joy. He’s certainly made me happy for decades. His 80th birthday is on August 25th. There should be a big daylong party for him that day that starts on his show, continues on The View and wraps up on Letterman. That would be a blast!

  21. seattleslew says:

    I really enjoyed it when Pat Sajak guest hosted. I would pick him if he could do it with his game show in the mix.

  22. daniel says:

    Ricky Gervais

  23. abcdenisse says:

    Michael “psycho mike” Catherwood!!

  24. Sherri says:

    I love her and Anderson Cooper together. Her hubby would make a good co-host also.

  25. Shellie says:

    My favorite guest co-hosts are Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris. Mark is a distant 3rd.

    I can’t watch when it’s Bryant Gumbel or Jeff Probst

  26. t.t says:

    joel mchale for the win lol

  27. Valerie says:

    The show is only worth watching when Kelli’s not on. She is so annoying.

  28. klc says:

    I was always hoping it might be Anderson Cooper, but now he has his own show :(
    Neil Patrick Harris would be my second choice.

  29. Joe B. says:

    As if Ricky would ever, but I would love a daily dose of Gervais in the AM. He could talk about Kelly’s painfully thin arms and then move on to her husband’s curious relationship with Bravo’s Andy Cohen and that’s just what happens before the daily contest. Imagine Ricky talking to hapless callers … the streets would become rivers of tears as Ricky slays random Americans for their sloth and lack of historical knowledge. Then the guests … Carell and Sheen for the premiere, naturally, and they get darts to throw at Ricky after every punchline he throws.

    I could go on. No seriously, I COULD go on.

  30. RyanT says:

    Not to sound crass, but why replace him at all? Just end the show. Start a new one with new hosts.

  31. Joe B. says:

    “A semi-polarizing personality prone to prattling on about her husband and kids …”

    And still, every day at 10 am. Is Kathie Lee the Terminator? Does nothing stop her?

    Oh, the prattling about Gervais was particularly infuriating.

  32. Chico says:

    Jeff Probst!!

  33. benson says:

    Wait for it, wait for it…here it is….Ryan Seacrest.

    But seriously, Jeff Probst or Pat Sajak are two great fill ins. Also, when they do radio fill in week, check out Eric Ferguson from Chicago. He’s very quick, like Sajak, but younger.

  34. Linda says:

    Will Arnett, anyone? :)

  35. Ken says:

    I always like when Nick Lachey is co-host. Or Mark would be good.

  36. xforce11 says:

    I would say Anderson (except he has his own show). Mario (but he is LA based right?) Wayne might be good too. It is a hard choice.

  37. Summer says:

    If he wasn’t getting his own show, I totally would have said Anderson Cooper. The only times I watched Live! was when he was co-hosting.

  38. Kate says:

    I actually really like when Mark co-hosts because they play so well off each other. I think he provides a nice male counterbalance. Other than sports, Regis didn’t really bring a male perspective people could really identify with since all his stories are about hanging with Donald Trump, etc. It will be interesting to see who they pick since it is a job that takes up a lot of time, which is why I’m not surprised Regis chose to leave.

  39. Trista says:

    How bout a combo of Jeff and Mark. Mark could come in when Jeff is shooting Survivor.

    They both have great chemestry with Kelly and have good personalities themselves. Also – not bad to look at!!!

  40. Amanda says:

    How bout Michael Ausiello?? :-)

  41. Amanda says:

    Anderson Cooper would be the DREAM! But I also enjoy when Mark is on the show.

  42. Annie says:

    Mark. Definitely Mark. OR NPH if he’s free. :)

  43. amy says:

    I like her with her husband Mark; they’re a good match on-screen. Neil Patrick Harris or Anderson Cooper would also be terrific, but I doubt they can balance their existing shows’ filming schedules with the demands of a daily talk show. Jeff Probst could also be fun.

  44. shana says:

    I kinda like Nick Lachey.

  45. Dawn says:

    I love chemistry between Kelly and Mark Consuelos. He would absolutely be my first pick. I also really enjoy the dynamic between her and Anderson Cooper,however, I am quite sure he is notlooking for another job. Third choice is Howie Mandel, he cracks me up. ABSOLUTELY NOT Jeff Probst.

  46. Ace says:

    I must say I do love when Pat Sajak hosts with her. I remember when he tricked her into getting up and walking around the desk to spin the Travel Trivia wheel by telling her he wasn’t legally allowed to spin a wheel other than the Wheel of Fortune. It was hilarious.

  47. Chris says:

    How bout . . . Wait for it . . . Michael Ausielo! Boom!

  48. Seanny says:

    It really is too bad Anderson Cooper is starting his own talk show. The few times I have seen this show lately have been with him co-hosting and he is pretty funny. His new talker will probably turn out to be a boring Oprah-imitation, devoid of humor. (Remember the Jane Pauley show? That should also give Katie Couric pause.) I guess the only advantage to keeping it serious is that he could get the evening news at CBS some day.

  49. Maureen says:

    Jeff Probst…he has been the best..and I have been watching for years and years…not Anderson Cooper…not entertaining enough

  50. Audrey says:

    ITA with all the NPH love! First person to pop into my head, and he would be awesome, but I doubt he would be able to juggle it with HIMYM and daddy duty.