Glee Scoop At Globes: Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Paul McCartney, a Diva-Off and More!

Fox’s Glee took home three Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, but the show’s fans are the big winners, because that means the producers and cast were on hand to share lots of scoop about what’s ahead this winter and spring. On tap for coming episodes: surprise smooching, dueling divas, Sir Paul, Miss Hathaway and so much more!

* Amber Riley told TVLine’s Michael Ausiello on the red carpet that she and Lea Michele will be singing “Take Me or Leave Me,” from the Broadway musical Rent. “Sue tells Mercedes that Rachel was talking [smack] about her, so Mercedes says [to Rachel], ‘We’re having a diva-off once and for all, and we’re going to settle this,'” Amber previewed. Whose mad pipes emerge victorious? “I don’t know!” Amber answered with a laugh.

* Asked to tease Glee‘s next new episode — which airs the night of Sunday, February 6, after a little bit of TV programming called the Super Bowl — series cocreator Brad Falchuk revealed, “There’s a couple of unexpected kisses … and a huge Cheerios number which involves people with flaming whips and BMX bikers, which bother Sue Sylvester to no end.”

* At one of last night’s hottest after-party tickets, InStyle‘s jam-packed soiree, Mike O’Malley told TVLine that Kurt’s father will make an appearance in said Super Bowl episode.

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* Anne Hathaway‘s dream to guest on Glee is all but a done deal. “I just ran into Anne, who has created her own role, and I said, ‘I think that’s great,'” series boss Ryan Murphy shared backstage. “So she’s going to come on.” In fact, not only does Hathaway have her character all picked out — she wants to play Kurt’s lesbian aunt — she has a song list in mind, too!

* Speaking of movie stars, we spied the Glee cast stumble into a squee-filled mutual admiration session with Amy Adams. Could the Enchanted beauty be next to pay the show a visit?

* Jayma Mays confirmed that with Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow returning for multiple episodes as Holly Holliday — who this time around will score a date with Will — Emma will exhibit more than a bit of the green-eyed monster. With a nod to Paltrow’s triple-threat skills, Jayma shrugged, “Can you blame her?”

* A member of the Fab Four will make his presence known as Glee dips into Paul McCartney‘s catalog. “In the first six episodes, we have done two Paul songs, because we love him,” Murphy said. In fact, the Valentine’s Day episode airing February 15 is titled “Silly Love Songs,” with the titular track covered by Darren Criss‘ Blaine.

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* Speaking of the Valentine’s outing: Though the day is meant for lovers, Lea Michele told TVLine’s Megan Masters that for Rachel, the episode “is mainly about being single.” But don’t be sad for Ms. Berry. Of her character’s current lovelorn status, Lea said, “I’m enjoying it!”

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  1. Beth says:

    Gee Ryan, any original ideas left, or will you allow any celeb to write their own parts and just say OK, with out thinking how it fits your narative. No wonder your shows don’t last, thanks for running this one into the ground as well.

    • John says:

      I’m inclined to agree, and I say this as one of Glee’s loudest proponents when it first came on. Glee has a lot going for it: a talented cast, some fun one-liners, the occasional EXCELLENT episode (“Duets” being this year’s sole honoree with that title). But unfortunately, Ryan Murphy just does not know how to run a good show. It almost makes me feel sorry for Brad Falchuk and especially Ian Brennan, whose original concept was probably last glimpsed inthe darker, bleaker pilot (unsurprisingly, Brennan is still the source of the only quality writing on the show – the Sue and Brittany one-liners). Glee will survive and flourish as long as Fox’s amazing marketing team is backing it up, but I’m predicting the show will fizzle out after season 4 and “Glee: The New Class” (again, why Murphy would want to graduate the whole cast at once instead of gradually like, you know, a real high school, baffles me even more).

    • Dana says:

      I also agree as O definitely feel that Glee’s peak was in the first 13 episodes of S1. Although there has been moments that captured the original fee (what appealed to me initially) since then, they have been few and far betwee. It struck me that Murphy got too indulgent with the single artist tribute shows and guest stars that largely kissed the a$$ of the stars and didn’t advance the storylines and or feel organic in nature. That to me is just bad wrting. If they can make the scenarios fit organically(and it sounds like A. Hathaway’s could be) then go for it, don’t “do it just to do it”. Another thing, it seems that Murphy wants to push the Kurt story at the expense of the other characters (Mercedes, Tina who?) Enough already! Sure it’s interesting/timely but spread the wealth already and it’s soured me on Kurt’s character as I want to hear less about him and more of ANYONE else… jmo.

  2. Deb says:

    GREAT! Now Glee will become more Sue Sylvester/Kurt Hummel orientated than it already is. How about they just let the rest of the cast go right now and they can get better jobs. Looks like my daughter and I will be doing something else on Tuesday nights from now on.

  3. Quinn says:

    After this diva-off, please let Rachel and Mercedes be friends! I want Rachel to have friends so badly!

    I don’t understand all this bitterness about Glee changing. They can’t do the same thing every season. And it’s a huge success, so it’s not The Little Show that Could anymore. No show, once it becomes popular, retains that charm.

    It’s still the only musical TV show on air, and it’s still a comedy. And for those two aspects, I really appreciate Glee. It’s my happy place.

    • Jim says:

      Its not that Glee is changing nor is that Kurt is getting too much screen time, it is that they are wasting the talents of 11 actors in the stable. Season 2 has been stunt episodes and Kurt, maybe if they had used some of those stunt episodes to explore those other characters there wouldn’t be any issues. Hearing that Ryan Murphy allowed Anne Hathaway to write herself on the show and pitch it at the red carper is embarrasing, he has no narrative control right now of his show. The fact that she is another Hummel character makes it worse, IMO. I challange Ryan Murphy to add her and have her character do nothing with Kurt. But never fear Darren Criss will sing us another song that will sell a lot of songs on ITunes, plot be damned.

  4. Jorge Jose Herrera says:

    I have to admit I am kind of getting sick of all this Glee stuff. I watch the show but the show has changed so much since the first season. The episodes aren’t that good at all, I only really have liked ‘Duets’ from this season. I’d be more surprised to see a storyline from Glee than someone calling me telling me that a girl has a message that she’s trapped in an alternate universe a la Olivia Dunham. GO FRINGE!

  5. John Berggren says:

    I don’t understand the weird Glee backlash hostility. I don’t feel like the guest stars have been stunt casted – at least they’ve added to the show. I’m thrilled to hear that both Gwenyth (who was suprisingly wonderful) and Kristen Chenoweth will be back for multiple episodes.
    Also – there have been plenty of great episodes this season

    Audition was a great re-entry into the series
    Grilled Cheesus was a brilliant quasi-religious satire
    Never Been Kissed was heart wrenching
    The Substitute was on point
    A Very Glee Christmas was awfully fun – especially riffing on the Grinch and the Island of Misfit Toys.

    I feel like the internet is littered with people who have to complain about a show that has been met with success. I for one don’t see any luster lost with Glee.

    • Andrew says:

      I completely agree! This season has been amazing! I don’t know why people are complaining about Kurt now…He has barely been in it the last couple of episodes. Oh and there’s a reason he won a Golden Globe. The story lines with Kurt are very, very important and should continue to be at the forefront of the episodes

    • Andrew says:

      I completely agree! This season has been amazing! I don’t know why people are complaining about Kurt now…He has barely been in it the last couple of episodes. Oh and there’s a reason he won a Golden Globe. The story lines with Kurt are very, very important and should continue to be at the forefront of the episodes.

    • TL says:

      Thanks John! It seems finding true Glee fans is getting harder and harder because people who write about the show just watch it to either bash it or lament on how different it is. Your defense of Glee was refreshing.

  6. Debra says:

    It looks like the PR machine at Glee is hard at work. One minute Lea is saying there is hope for Finchel and how much she is devastated to Rachel being single and how much she is enjoying it. It sounds like they want to shove a whole bunch of new storylines or recycled ones that didn’t work the first time around down our throats and we are supposed to continue to watch their show.

  7. Jenny says:

    I hope the superbowl episode isn’t just big productions one after the other. I think Glee has been doing too many of those recently and is loosing the heart of a simple song. Remember when they did the song sitting on stools to remind themselves that it’s not about the production, but the singing. I liked that idea. Flamming whips and BMX bikers sounds like a desperate attempt to retain viewers after the superbowl.

    • John Berggren says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they are sending up the overproduced superbowl half time shows. The episode is, after all, centered around the football team, and probably a big game.

    • TL says:

      The overproduced number will probably have to do more with the Cheerios than with New Directions, so we might have a good contrast of over the top glitz and more intimate moments. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

  8. Esmee says:

    Ohh Amy Adams should totally play Emma’s sister!! That would be awesome.

    • Jess says:

      I was thinking the same thing, especially since they put that tidbit about Emma right after the Amy Adams mention. It just made the perfect match.

    • chris says:

      Oh my gosh! I totally agree! she would be PERFECT for emmas sister. i really hope that is how she plays into the story. We just have to wait and see!:D

  9. Nichole says:

    I think a couple of these scoop items are to be taken as tongue-firmly-in-cheek. Especially co-creator Brad Falchuk’s quote,“…and a huge Cheerios number which involves people with flaming whips and BMX bikers, which bother Sue Sylvester to no end.” Really? I don’t see that particular scene happening, but I guess I will have to wait and see once the episode airs. Ooh, I guess that is a little tongue-in-cheek wrapped in anticipated buzz…

  10. Rebeccapedia says:

    I’m so annoyed with Glee, and even more so with the HFPA for giving it awards it just doesn’t deserve. Seriously, I think Ryan Murphy’s “spoilers” he hands to the press are ideas he’s bouncing around, they clearly do not have a plan as to where the show is going at all! The first 13 episodes were so good, then people complained about the babys and suddenly they decided, to hell with plot, characters, any sense of consistency what so ever, lets just wing it every week! You just know the writers board is a ridiculous mess of crazy ideas, one of which they just pull out and expand a plot out of each week, and today Anne Hathaway became the central one! The thing that bothers me most is the treatment of the female characters. What a joke. Mercedes gets nothing except bitter sniping, Brittany and Santana are really into misogynist creeps and aren’t even friends anymore, Tina is a terrible ASIAN stereotype, and wasn’t there big talk of this being Quinns year of growing up?! What has she done? Regressed to just caring about being popular. I don’t even buy that she and Sam like each other, it seems so very about appearances (he really got screwed over, during his first episode it seemed like he was going to be a really great character who didn’t care so much about what other people thought, and now he’s just another bad stereotypical one dimensional jock!) The award for worst character assassination however, has to go to Rachel. Rachel was the hero and the heart of the series for me, her relationship with Finn had really cute potential, and then she turned into a crazy mean Finn-obsessed shell of herself, who continually pined for him even when he constantly treated her like dirt. Lea Michele is so talented, I will probably continue to watch while she’s there, but the second she checks out I’m done!

    • Chris says:

      Whatare you talking about@? first of all sam was all about being popular and appearances in the first episode thats why he wouldnt audition for glee club originally.second of all rachel was never the hero and heart of glee she only cared about herself and wanted to be seen as better then anyone else. thats how she always was and has actually gotten better at Not being such a snotty b*t*h

  11. Erin says:

    Not in a bitter mood but I tend to agree with the majority of the posts upthread. Glee was great, but now it’s a parody of itself, it’s a mess and I don’t understand how it won (though I find Chris colfer mighty deserving). It reminds me of my beloved nip/tuck. It was soooo good, and then…

  12. Dan says:

    I still love glee but agree with everyone its spiraling out of control I loved joss whedons and gwenyth’s episodes respectively.. but its getting bogged down and taking away from the simple emotion that used to drive the show… we all know they can sing work on the storyline people

  13. gillen says:

    i know everybody has something to say about glee (including those who do not watch… yeah i know!)but the point really is viewers wouldn’t get what really they wanted because there is only one direction to every tv show and that direction is from the staff, producers and the network. whatever direction they’ll take i hope that most of us fans will understand. see how Lost have been lost on its final eps? these is a good example why directions could not be predicted, it roots on surveys and the common reaction of the viewers of that moment. See Vampire Diaries which deviated from the book series and it’s doing good. storyboard is totally unpredictable. my point is, glee might not be doing good for now according to how many % of viewers but its the point of being a series, it has ups and downs. my only disagreement with program is how Murphy instantaneously agreed with Ann doing the script and all for her role. Dumb, that’s why you have writers on your show murphy… let them do what they do best.

  14. FooBar says:

    Enough of Kurt, he’s had his time in the spotlight (and then some). Let’s move on to some of the other characters before this becomes “The Kurt Show”.