House Romance Crisis: Can 'Huddy' Survive?

Hugh Laurie had just one concern when House decided to finally pull the trigger at the end of last season and launch into a full-on, non-hallucinated House/Cuddy romance: “Just don’t mess it up.”

“That’s my No. 1 anxiety with every scene we do, every script,” Laurie tells TVLine. “In a funny way, I care much less about what we do than how we do it – which is my job, the executing part. What matters is that we get the tone right: Is this true and believable, and will it resonate with people?”

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Viewers of course found themselves in the position of “Be careful what you wish for” when House decided to brave this path. After all, would the show’s main character lose the gruff edge that distinguishes him from any other TV doc?

“The one thing we did well is keep House and Cuddy House and Cuddy,” says series creator David Shore. “There’s a real tendency, when you throw people into a relationship, to have the characters change. They start becoming happy or something.”

But House and Cuddy, after realizing very early on that they were being tempted to change their ways, have instead maintained the prickly banter that made fans root for them in the first place.

“What I’ve enjoyed about this is keeping them just as at odds and antagonistic and annoyed with each other as they always were,” says Shore, “but sleeping together at the same time.”

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The writers’ success in spinning this story, and peppering it with enough combative relationship moments, has pleased both Laurie and his leading lady. “I’ve been having a great time doing it,” Lisa Edelstein tells us with a huge smile.

Adds Laurie, “The audience has invested so much over the last seven years, we owe it to them to do something that is true to both of the characters.”

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But can Huddy survive the long haul? Or could events kicking off this Monday with the arrival of Candice Bergen as Cuddy’s mother, followed by Paula Marshall (Gary Unmarried) as Cuddy’s sister, begin to quake the already shaky ground on which this relationship stands?

“The mother and the sister, these are things we all have to negotiate in relationships, aren’t they?” Laurie notes with a chuckle. “Sometimes these are welcome intrusions… and sometimes less so.”

At the very least, the influx of Cuddy kin will make for great TV. “They’re certainly welcome and entertaining, I can tell you that,” Laurie shares. “Candice Bergen is excellent, absolutely excellent.”

Perhaps too much so. The buzz is that a House/Cuddy break-up could be on the horizon. Should a split comes to pass, you have to suspect that things will get, um, difficult in the halls of Princeton-Plainsboro.

And that begs the question: Can Fox’s hit medical drama keep both House and Cuddy around if their romance does go down in flames? “I certainly hope so!” says Edelstein. “I certainly hope so.”

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  1. Lisa says:

    what in god’s name…?

    • HAPPY says:

      I think it is a challenge you take in a relationship trying to put it together, If Cuddy and House tdo fall apart I hope the show will get more interesting on the other hand lets see if House can be into 2 relationships , Let me on the show, I’ll help make it interesting for House fans , for Cuddy’s eyes to LOOK !

    • Emma says:

      They’re breaking up already? Too good to last. Oh well.

  2. baj24 says:

    I’m not going to be happy if they break them up this quickly. They have done the will they/won’t they for long enough. No contrived relationship drama please!

  3. Louise says:

    On the horizon? Thanks to Lisa Edelstein, we know House and Cuddy are still together in ep 15. They are shooting episode 16 now. I honestly don’t believe a break up is going to happen any time soon – if at all this season.

  4. Liz says:

    Um, they turned the show into the Huddy show (and sometimes even Cuddy show), how is that not changing anything?! It doesn’t even deserve the title MEDICAL drama anymore. And Cuddy never was a “leading” part before either. Plus, she’s more annoying than ever. I HOPE that Huddy will be dead soon. I know many people who quit watching long time ago, and honestly, I’m starting to get sick of it too. But I need my weekly Hugh dose! So, Huddy break-up, stat!

    • Linda says:

      I completely agree with you. I haven’t watched one ep this season because I can’t stand Huddy. I’m not a fan of Cuddy for that matter. If they break up I might be willing to give the rest of the season a shot.

      • well, what are you waiting for.....? says:

        There you have it, David Shore. If you are willing to wise up and get rid of Huddy, Linda might deign to stay and you can keep her as a viewer.

    • Jojo says:

      This. It’s so annoying to hear “the fans/the viewers wanted this” over and over. Um, not me, guys. You are catering to ONE segment of the viewership, at the expense of the rest. All these self-congratulations ring very hollow to my ears.

      • Ben Phelps says:

        Exactly. I don’t care about House and Cuddy at all, and pretty much stopped watching once they got together (that, plus the cases kind of got old after 6 seasons). It’s great that a ton of people apparently do care about it, but not me.

    • human, all too human says:

      Liz the Hameron: what would a Huddy thread be without you and a couple of your Hameron buddies here spamming and saying Huddy is the end of the show, the world and the universe? Without your dramatic pyrotechnics it wouldn’t feel quite like home. ;)

  5. Macela says:

    NOOOOOO,. please don´t kill huddy!!!

    I love them!!!

    • Starbuck says:

      *sigh* It was nice while it lasted.

    • Khloe says:

      I’ve just started getting into the show this season and haven’t seen all of the episodes yet, but why do they have to break up? Can’t they stay together? Isn’t that possible too? I guess not if you read the preponderance of responses on here. You guys know the show better than me.

    • Tristan says:

      Already? Why is David breaking them up so soon? He was doing such a great job with them. They were funny, melancholy, true to the show and the characters and I was enjoying the show again. Ugh. I knew I shouldn’t have got my hopes up.

  6. David says:

    Oh, for the love of God. Unless Cuddy dies or Lisa Edelstein exits the show, there is no way this show would be anywhere near watchable if these two broke up. The angst and plot contrivances/devices would be the final nail in the coffin of this show.

  7. Emgee says:


    • MikeBuzzkill says:

      The “audience” of “Huddy” fans love Huddy, but that’s about it. It’s absolutely ridiculous for Shore to say that the show or House or Cuddy hasn’t changed. When is the last time he watched “House”? In 2005? Has he noticed that it isn’t getting awards any longer? Has he noticed that reputable TV critics have been giving up on the series? Has he noticed that they are losing fans by double-digit percentages from last year? Does he actually believe that it’s the same show it used to be?

      I loathe Huddy; it has spoiled the show to the point that it is unwatchable for me. Absolutely unwatchable. The writers have fudged time lines, written ridiculous back stories, ruined characters (Cuddy), and have taken the whole show into another genre altogether. It’s no longer a smart medical mystery; it’s a sappy teenage fanfic. House wants sex; Cuddy withholds sex until House conforms. Rinse and repeat. Hilarious.

      • coldcanuck says:

        I’m with you mikebuzzkill.”That woman” never endeared herself to me ,I think LE is a flake.It was better when she took a back seat to the story,flashing her Ta’s Ta’s once in a while.

      • Hams are such---Hams says:

        MikeBuzzkill-your melodramatic post is hilarious. How can anyone take you guys seriously? Or do they? Probably not. But I genuinely thank you for the great laugh! *grin*

        • MikeBuzzkill says:

          How sad. Is that your comeback? It would be unfortunate for TPTB at House if they took the same clueless, immature, head-in-the-sand attitude that you have demonstrated here. (Your stance being that anyone who disagrees with you is a “Hameron” fan.) If they want to save the show, they need to listen to everyone, not just one overbearingly obsessive fan group. I don’t give a crap whether you take me seriously or not, but I’d like to see this show salvaged. And NO, I am not a “Hameron.” I think the whole “ships” thing is ridiculous. I like the platonic friendship between House and Wilson, and that’s the only relationship I want to see. (Not that you care what anybody else wants or what is good for the show.)

  8. Mark says:

    I said last season that House wouldn’t go back to Vicodin. I’ve been saying since House and Cuddy got together that they wouldn’t break up. It’s what people are expecting. It’s predictable and they won’t go there.

    • wtf? says:

      are you serious? you can count on these two things: house will definitely go back to vicodin and they will break up. they aren’t always unpredictable, just sometimes.

    • Bruno says:

      No way House isn’t going back to Vicodin. House and Cuddy aren’t going to stick together. Count on it.

    • Corey says:

      I’ll take that bet.They’ll break up. Doesn’t matter if it’s easy to predict or not.

    • Alli says:

      Mark, what makes you think they’re unpredicible or even striving to be? It’s better to go with the history of the show and that tells me, ‘Buh-bye, Huddy.’

    • hirohito says:

      OMG! LOL! Who said this show has to be unpredictable? It’s all in the execution. If you’re thinking they’re going to last because of that you better keep thinkin’.

    • Ryder says:

      That assumes this show is unpredictable. It’s really only occasionally. David Shore and Katie Jacobs said they would explore the relationship and they did. They will end it eventually and get what dramatic bits they can out of it and move on.

      • Mary says:

        Judging by your reasoning, that implies you know what’s going to happen — and you don’t.

        • @Mary says:

          they’re breaking up, Mary. have you not seen the recent David Shore interview? he makes it pretty clear they won’t be together till the end of the show or whatever hopes any silly fangirl had. he’ll get what he can dramatically out of the coupling and then do something horridly painful to break them up and they’ll be done. he also said once they break up, they’re staying apart. the end. don’t assume everyone here doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

  9. Lisafan says:

    If Huddy ends I’ll stop watching House for sure!!

  10. Amanda says:

    Actually, Lisa Edelstein recently said that House and Cuddy survive the arrival of Cuddy’s family just fine and that they are still together in epp 15 (I believe they are now shooting episode 16). So I’d imagine it would take something really big to break them up, especially when there is news out there that House is going to become attached to Cuddy’s kid.

    I don’t see them breaking up at all this season.

    • Everleigh says:

      There’s also news out there that they break up and that they kill Cuddy off. It’s supposed to happen this season but because of the retool maybe it will happen next.

  11. Ellie says:

    I love House and Cuddy so much. I think the last two season have been pretty weak but the relationship between the two of them is what keep me watching. Anyway if they break up at least i hope Cuddy will stay in the show. I like her very much.

  12. karen says:

    I dont see Huddy breaking up anytime soon

  13. Eddie says:

    They won’t break up.

    • Anna says:

      They’ll break up. Aren’t you familiar with Shore’s style by now? Or maybe you’re new to the show? The only questions are when and over what?

    • Not Happening says:

      RE: Shore’s style. She’s right. Think about it for a minute?
      Now do you really think they’ll last?

    • McConaughey says:

      I agree, they’ll break up. Shore has dark tastes in humor and drama. He’ll break them up and probably in a horrible way.

  14. FNL Fan says:

    Eh, we know they are still together by episode 15. Honestly, I could see something happening in the finale to keep viewers wondering throughout the break, but I don’t see them breaking up at all. Their interactions would become unbearable and so would the tone of the show. They’ve cornered themselves with this. Unless Lisa Edelstein leaves the show, I don’t see a believable way out.

  15. Serena says:

    Since LE said Huddy survives Cuddy’s family, we’re quite sure there’ll be no break up until then. So how would you know about a break up, since no break up has been filmed yet?
    That said, I think breaking them up would be the most obvious choice. What everybody expects. I’m sure writers know better than that. I’m still rooting for them. A breakup would be a disappointment, after all of these years.
    And stop guessing, you know we freak up.

    • Helena says:

      I honestly don’t think the writers care about doing what everyone expects or not. They only care about an interesting story. They also don’t care about disappointment, per se. In fact, their job is to manipulate our feelings as viewers. What could be better drama and more like their style than to break House&Cuddy up?

  16. freya says:

    We are what 8 epidsodes in this season and House and Cuddy are barely together and you are already talking about a break up?!
    I second the motion that I am not going to be happy if they break them up this quickly! I understand the need for David Shore to inject angst and trouble into everything but you know moments of respect, tenderness and happiness in the House/Cuddy relationship are welcome too. Seriously I will be mega dissapointed if this relationship ends this soon. AS HL stated the audience has invested 7 years into this it would be nice to see things play out properly.

    As to your comment ” Can Fox’s hit medical drama keep both House and Cuddy around if their romance does go down in flames?” – well since the show is called House I guess the implied answer to that, if this scenario plays out, is that things wouldn’t be looking too good for Cuddy’s tenure at PPTH. Which would just suck in my honest opinion!!

    Next you’ll be telling us Wilson is leaving :(

  17. Alice says:

    What’s with the need to stir things up by posting something that isn’t a spoiler in the first place? Fans know House and Cuddy are still in a relationship in episode 15. That’s after Cuddy’s mom and sister show up. We also know that they get through it, thanks to one of Edelstein’s latest interviews.
    Nothing Laurie, Edelstein or Shore said implied a break up in the future and I honestly don’t see that happening. I was never a fan of Huddy but I am warming up to them. However, if they break up, the angst and tension would pretty much kill the show. Unless, of course, like some speculated, something huge happens and LE leaves the show by the end of this season.

    • candyAppLeRed says:

      Are you kidding, Alice? Have you read Lisa Edelstein’s interviews this year? She’s either outright said or implied countless times that she doesn’t think they’ll last. Hugh Laurie has said almost nothing about it but he’s implied the same thing and David Shore has said that he’s not sure what he’ll do with them except he’ll do what feels natural, and Natural for David Shore is them breaking up.

  18. Layla says:

    “Can Fox’s hit medical drama keep both House and Cuddy around if their romance does go down in flames?”

    No, because the tension and angst would make this show unwatchable. Ugh. I can just see it know. David Shore ain’t no Shonda. Unless, of course, something happens to Cuddy’s character that forces Lisa Edelstein to quit the show – even if temporarily.

  19. krayze says:

    this one’s easy. it’s what people are expecting. it’s predictable, therefore, it won’t happen. i’m willing to bet money on this.

    • t.j. says:

      it’s predictible but it’ll still happen. what makes you think they’re going to be unpredictable? maybe they’ll kill cuddy off. that will be unpredictible but still break them up and give house plenty to angst over.

    • Sharon says:

      Right. Being predictable doesn’t have anything to do with it. Sometimes they are unpredictable, sometimes not. You can’t base whether they’ll stay together or not on that. The fact is they won’t. Promise.

  20. paulina says:

    I love huddy please no break up ! (I know I’m delusional bet let me it feel nice:)) and if they will break up the can back together right??? cuz if they will break up and Lisa E is gone then so am I so Am I …

  21. Sarah says:

    NONONONONO. I’ve waited too long to see House & Cuddy get together, and I will be uber-pissed if the writers break them up now.

  22. Jane2 says:

    Cuddy leaving??? That would kill the show for me. Cuddy and the House/Cuddy dynamic is what is keeping me watching. I’d have no interest in sticking around without it.

  23. sarah says:

    “The one thing we did well is keep House and Cuddy House and Cuddy,” That`s a joke. This what i watched recently is that House became Cuddys lapdog. He is doing everything for Cuddy to get his portion of sex. He behaves like a scared child and Cuddy who is more narcistic than ever is doing everything to maintain this status quo. I think this what DS has done perfectely: He convert his very strong, unconventional leading man to a pathetic wimp.
    That`s sad.

  24. Aque says:

    There are more than 20 episodes this season – just because House & Cuddy are together in ep 15 doesn’t mean it will stay that way all season. Just look at how fast Shore got rid of Kutner & Cameron & Amber. And just because House & Cuddy survive Arlene the first time, doesn’t mean Arlene won’t be successful the next – Candace Bergen is doing several more episodes.

    I say enjoy the Huddy while it lasts & thank Shore he actually gave us it finally. Shore’s said for years that House would end the series alone.

  25. Brian says:

    That’s an interesting question. I see what you did there, Matt. There is NO way the show would be functional if House and Cuddy broke up UNLESS Lisa Edelstein left the show. I don’t see that happening, unless it’s temporary AND assuming season 8 is the final season, especially when I assume it’s going to take something pretty big to break them up.

    We’ll see. I don’t think she’s going anywhere.

  26. Tabatha says:

    What’s with the rumours of RSL and LE leaving the show? I don’t see them ever letting them go unless the actors wanted out and God knows that isn’t true, at least where LE is concerned.

  27. Twinkle says:

    I do believe that Huddy will break up but not until the final ever episode of House,because the writers are too scared of the Huddys to do it before the series finally ends.

  28. tahina65 says:

    I don’t know why so much talk about Huddy break-up. First want to know if the show will be renewed for season 8..then I’ll worry about Huddy split. There’s a lot going on.

  29. Melanie says:

    Well, they’ve put themselves into a corner with this. Like others have said, there is no way they would ever make it work if these two broke up unless Lisa E. left the show. So the question Matt is asking is pretty much the one we’re asking ourselves. She’s either leaving or there won’t be a break up. There really isn’t any other option, in my opinion.

  30. Michael says:

    Sounds like they don’t want their characters to evolve or change… And that sounds boring.

  31. Mike says:

    Yawns. Wake me up when there’s an actual spoiler.

  32. Athens says:

    RSL has other offers & want off the show. Reportedly he refused to sign for season 8. LE doesn’t have anything else on offer & obviously wants a paycheck next year, but she wasn’t offered a season 8 contract last year. Looks like she’s hoping the producers will change their mind & keep her.

    That doesn’t mean the producers are willing to let RSL leave – it may just take more money or better writing to change his mind. And if the producers think the Huddy is such a great thing why wasn’t LE offered a contract last year? I think Shore’s going to kill the Huddy & write Cuddy off the show.

    • Mike says:

      The only actor signed for a possible season 8 is Hugh Laurie. Everyone else’s contract expires this season, so they ALL have to be renegotiated.

    • F. says:

      Um, no one was offered a season 8 contract last year. The only one still under contract is Hugh Laurie because he extended his contract a couple of years ago. Negotiations for a renewal should begin soon between FOX and NBC.

  33. Mayla says:

    House fans are insane. I can only IMAGINE the backlash if RSL or LE don’t come back next season. I suspect, however, that season 8 is going to be the final season, so unless they are killed off, there is no way they aren’t coming back, even if only as recurring/guest spots.

  34. Meg says:

    And here I am, expecting something new. Oh, sweet illusion.

  35. wtf? says:

    seriously????? for god’s sakes, stop expressing your inner desires Matt, we all know you want House and Cuddy to break up, but that doesn’t give you the right to disturb the fans! So STFU!!! Seriously!!!

    • Jess says:

      Stupid huddy fangirl, he has the right to say what he wants when he wants, no go back wasting your time drooling over your huddy crap

      • Sid says:

        That is very mature. I think I hear the pot calling the kettle black.

        • Jess says:

          Tsk, go see how huddy fangirls spend their time on forum talking about huddy sex huddy kiss and so on (I was curious to see how stupid they are and my they went over my expectations) so, my comment was just stating the obviuos *shrug*

  36. Sharona says:

    To be honest, I think the House/Cuddy relationship does less damage to the show than the shift in tone to constant silliness. House and Cuddy’s relationship should be a big deal, because the show is about House. It’s something he hasn’t experienced for a while, and has elements that are new to him. This show could easily navigate that. The real problem, IMO, is that the side plots used to involve medicine in some way, or provide comic relief. Now it seems like the main storylines are romance-oriented, while the medical stories are afterthoughts. I feel like they wrote Cameron out because her character didn’t fit into the theme of over-the-top ridiculousness that now runs through so many episodes (hello, plot contrivance of a wedding so we can see Chase pick up women and Taub argue with his wife?). I miss learning about the doctors through the patients. I miss seeing how the clinic and the competitiveness among the fellows gave the show extra spark. And I could cheerfully never see another stupid prank or someone getting sedated for the rest of House’s run.

    Obviously the show was always witty (and sometimes hilarious), but that seems like the only trick left in the wheelhouse lately. It seems unimaginable that this could have been the show that produced “Three Stories”, one of the best hours of television I’ve ever seen. But there’s still 2/3 of the season left. I’m eager to see where they go with it.

    • Bixby says:

      In just a few short sentences, you’ve completely summed things up perfectly! I too have been disappointed with the subplots and medical cases, and that’s no reflection on the fine actors in this cast. I can only think the writers are just not looking at the bigger plot pictures and are resorting to cheap slapstick and cliche.

    • Jess says:

      Things started to go down hill when Singer left, just saying!

      • Sharona says:

        I think Singer was only around for the first half of the first season, actually. (Too bad he didn’t stick around longer, we could have been spared that awful Superman remake, LOL.) I suspect he made an important contribution to the original casting, though – such great chemistry in the three original ducklings, and they haven’t been able to match it.

    • Dalilita says:

      I agree with you %1000.

  37. Sid says:

    Nothing new. Moving on.

  38. laura says:

    Hardly. I honestly doubt there is going to be a break up unless it happens at the very end of the series OR, like others have mentioned, Lisa Edelstein leaves the show.

    Season 6 was horrible because of all the contrived storylines and House pining over Cuddy, who was acting completely and utterly out of character. A possible season 8 with House and Cuddy broken up would look exactly like season 6… times a billion. No, thank you. You keep them together for a while and then make it a C plot.

    • Dalilita says:

      Season 6 was terrible because of the writing, and because the medical cases were totally unintresting and the clinic was non existent. Cuddy has already proven that she can get over House and keep working with him as usual if she wants, and she can do it again, specially since she knew she was taking a big risk in entering this relationship.

  39. Alicia says:

    See, I’m not a “Huddy” fan and yet I’m smart enough to NOT root for a break up. God knows this should would be even more unwatchable than it already is. All I’m asking is to see less of them. I understand they are now developing House in a relationship so there is a lot of focus on them, but it should never be the main focus of the show. I can only hope it shifts back to the medicine once the family arc ends.

  40. Trish says:

    While I was nervous as to how they would show House and Cuddy in a relationship, I have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with how they are projecting these two characters together. It is true to their characters and I actually think they have a chance of surviving.

    BTW, congratulations to the show, Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein on their PCA wins.

  41. Sue says:

    I don’t think it makes much sense to have them dance around each other for six years and then split them up after a few months together, surely there is more to explore with them together than apart. Hoping they go the distance – I enjoy watching the show more with them together.

  42. RiRi says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE STOP WITH THIS GARBAGE NOW! HOUSE SUCKS MAJOR BALLS THIS SEASON! so tired of this crap, they’ve turned the show into trash.

  43. raiza says:

    House and Cuddy are destined to be together. No break-up. I’ll start worrying when I hear something official; ’til then..savor Huddy!

  44. Ak says:

    God, I hope this is true. They have completely RUINED the show with Huddy. Almost everyone I’ve talked to has stopped watching ever since the beginning of season 7. The only reason I still watch this show is for House and Wilson’s friendship, which btw, they have not done any justice to this season :/ So disappointed.

    ““The one thing we did well is keep House and Cuddy House and Cuddy,” says series creator David Shore.”

    LOL oh David Shore, if only you realized how wrong you are.

  45. Andy says:

    They won’t break up. At least I certainly hope not. If they do, I’ll quit watching because there is no way I’ll stick around for angsty looks/confrontations and emo behaviour for another season. Let them be. With the exception of that ridiculous and contrived lying arc, I have enjoyed their relationship thus far.

  46. Travis says:

    Ugh. I’m so tired of this bul***. Ever since House and Cuddy got together all people talk about is a break up. Where are the real spoilers? There are NO spoiler whatsoever stating a break up. In fact, we know they are shooting episode 16 and they are still together. People thought they wouldn’t last 6 episodes. Do we have nothing else to talk about? It seems like the purpose of these articles is to stir things up. And you know what? I honestly believe they won’t break they up. I can see a cliffhanger, tops.

    The show itself ended in season 6. I only watch it for H/C/W now. They better deliver it.

    • Tracy Murray says:

      The only break up I can see this season is Taub and his wife Rachel , it is too early in the season for a House and Cuddy split , I can see them having some major problems with their relationship and , indeed , there will be a cliffhanger , say in the season finale ( hopefully a good one ) and in the eighth season premiere , they can examine what went wrong and try to make their relationship better , if not perfect . I could see House being alone again , but not necessarily miserable and probably not for long , Cuddy could discover she has a terminal illness , she and House has some problems first in dealing with this , then over time , they work to make plans for House to adopt Rachel

      • Tracy Murray says:

        ( my comment was cut off accidentally ) after House bonds with her , and have Wilson help him through the grieving process , so we can see House have a bit of a happy ending , if not with Cuddy , then with himself ( and Rachel ) .

  47. Amarantha says:

    Huddy was not predestined by the fates. It was someone’s very bad story idea that grew bigger and bigger until it finally consumed all of House. It ate up the medical plots, it ate up other the other actors who were reduced to watching on the sidelines, it even ate up the character of Gregory House himself. Instead of a brilliant but caustic diagnostician, he’s become a pathetic wimp, doing everything to please Cuddy in the hopes of occassionally getting some sex. I just hope that they kill the Huddy monster soon. I haven’t watched House at all this season, and I won’t until Huddy is dead.

    And if that means getting rid of Lisa Edelstein I won’t shed a cheer since Huddy was her idea. She wanted to expand her role from supporting player to co-star, but it has come at the cost of destroying the entire show.

    • Alicia says:

      Wow. Did you forget to take your bitter pill today, honey?

    • Serena says:

      First of all, no need to bash on an actress to express your point. I doubt LE has the power to decide what her character does or doesn’t do. DS clearly stated Huddy was inevitable and always there. Nobody pointed a gun at his head, forcing him to take this direction.
      Secondly, if you haven’t watched a single episode of this season…how can you say what House has become? How can you say he’s a wimp, or that it sucks, or express any kind of opinion? Based on what, exactly?
      ‘getting rid of’ —nice, really nice. FYI, now that she’s won a PCA, I doubt they’ll ‘get rid of’ such a beloved actress.

      • Taryn says:

        That’s one of their ploys. They know DS is afraid of House becoming a wuss or not tough and they’re trying to play on his fears. House is wretched, like always. If anyone honestly thinks that he is anything else they have become used to his jerky ways or they’re playing the manipulation game. Which always works on DS. Just ask the Hams. They’ve been bashing him time after time since he took a turn on the show they hated. They’ve been hating on Huddy and Cuddy and Lisa Edelstein since I’ve been in this fandom. Keep bashing. I’m sure DS will see the light eventually—

      • suri says:

        PCA is a fake award.
        ”I vote 10500 votes for Lisaaaa in one day” (FOX board)
        Pathetic, just pathetic.

        • L. says:

          It’s not a fake award. It’s a popularity contest, which is why House wins every single year. It’s the most watched show in the world and got the most rabid fans out there.

          • Lor says:

            It’s fake, to the point that a lot of ‘winners’ don’t even bother to go there. When a single rabid fangirl with no life can keep voting over and over again and when you can use a bot to vote for you the so called award is just lame and fake!

      • Amarantha says:

        I’ve seen every episode of House until last season’s finale, when I had to give up on it. It was just too disappointing to watch the mess that House had become. I’ve kept track of what is going on through the internet, in the hopes that House will be fixed so that I can watch it again. I do feel as qualified as anyone else to give an opinion.

        The PCA is not an important award or indicative at all of the value of a person’s work. It’s a fan poll, and fans can vote for their favorites as often as they want. That means a few very active fans can skew the results by voting repeatedly or even rigging the results electronically. No one in the industry takes it seriously.
        I respect Huddy fans for their spirited defence of their favorite pairing, but I don’t think that their opinions are particularly representative of the viewers as a whole. In the real world, the ratings for the latest season are down by nearly a third, and David Shore has been told by NBC that he has to stop what he was doing and instead come back to House to do emergency repair work on his failing show. This seems to indicate to me that Huddy is far from universally popular.

        I think Lisa Edelstein is a competent actress; she’s well-liked and an excellent self-promoter. However, the storylines she’s suggested – Huddy, Cuddy’s baby – have steered the program away from medical procedure to soap opera. I wouldn’t miss her if she were to leave. Her character has worn out her welcome.

    • #RIPHuddy says:

      TPTB are going to do what they’re going to do. But if you’re smart you won’t count on Huddy lasting. Just be glad you got them for a little while. That was surprising enough. It’s always best not to get your hopes up.

  48. L. says:

    See, I like Huddy, but I think the writing is all over the place this season. I mean, they assassinated Cuddy’s character last season and now are using her as a plot device. The same is happening with Wilson. Why can’t they write decent relationships on this show? Besides, I love whenver Cuddy and Wilson interact and they haven’t shared a SINGLE SCENE together this season. The pacing is horrible, they should definitely work on that. It’s still an improvement from season 6, though.

    On the other hand, I had the opportunity to watch episode 9 and thought it was great. My favourite this season so far, hands down. Candice Bergen is amazing as Cuddy’s mom and her scenes with House were pure gold.

  49. R. says:

    House and Cuddy are an interesting couple: not a walk in the park and very true to the show, and I still want to know where they’re going to end up.

  50. Fillingspace says:

    Sorry to say this, because I usually respect and find highly interesting the news provided by this website, but this certainly is one of the most stupid and baseless articles I have read in my whole life.