House Exclusive: Thirteen's Fate Revealed!

Rumors of Thirteen’s imminent death have been greatly exaggerated.

Amidst deafening buzz that Olivia Wilde’s ailing alter ego will succumb to Huntington’s disease when she resurfaces later this season, series creator David Shore tells me that his plans for the actress extend beyond this season. This comes as Wilde’s movie has taken off during her time away from the Fox smash (during which she shot several films, including the big-budget sci-fi Western Cowboys & Aliens).

“That was kind of [our] plan: let her go away, become a giant movie star, and then she would come back and bring [all her new fans] with her,” says Shore with a laugh.

Although Shore has every expectation that Wilde will be return next fall, he concedes, “We’ll have to continue to work around her schedule a little bit. But it would be a crying shame for us to let her get away at this point. We’ve been very good to her and we’d like a little bit of it back.”

Ask Ausiello: Is another big breakup looming on House?

Regarding her much-speculated-about comeback this spring, Shore hints that “We have something very cool in mind. We’re writing an episode built largely around her return. I know [fans] are speculating about what happened to her during her absence, and I don’t want to rule anything out.”

Thoughts? Relieved you can count on Thirteen to be around for a while — particularly in light of Amber Tamblyn’s impending departure? Hit the comments!

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  1. Brittany says:

    I would something to come out about talbs death. I just hate thinking he killed his self. Something has to come out of why an what for. I was a Med. Student an the stress is hard but really what was up…….

    • Mallory says:

      “I would something to come out about talbs death. I just hate thinking he killed his self. Something has to come out of why an what for. I was a Med. Student an the stress is hard but really what was up…….”

      Cutner is the one who killed himself. Taub is still around.

      Also, have you ever heard of proofreading? Your comment is so full of grammatical errors, it’s hard to read.

    • meri says:

      No one named Talb died. Neither did Taub. Kutner killed HIMself and that’s that. Maybe you aren’t an med student any longer because of sentences like “something has to come of what an why for.”

    • Alisha says:

      Cutner got a Government job with a special agency, that is why he left so suddenly.

    • Peg says:

      I agree – the suicide was hard to take. But another note – I already love thirteen – can’t wait for her return!!!!

  2. ConwayJudie says:

    Thirteen is ok, but where’s Cameron? I like her better than Thirteen.

  3. jim says:

    get rid of amber. I love 13

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I am very glad that 13 will be back, however I feel since Cameron left, the show has gone downhill. Bring Cameron back and you have a top rated show again.

    • AJ says:

      You must be REALLY bland; Cameron’s been gone for a while now, and the show has gone into orbit since her departure. DGMW.. she is a cool character but there’s only so many storylines that would flourish in Housean Universe and more than 90% of them were done during her time.. heck the only thing that she could come back in is maybe an after hours version where she gets it on with OW (aka Super hotty totty!!)

  5. SomeDude says:

    ” Comment by Brittany – January 14, 2011 04:45 PM PST ”

    I don’t know too many dudes named Brittany.

  6. claudia says:

    Certo, sfruttiamo la commercializzazione selvaggia di Olivia Wilde, che importa che House md è in ecatombe creativa.
    Che delusione David Shore, che delusione totale…
    Il capolavoro degli inizi non era suo, questa è la verità, altrimenti non si spiega.
    Una volta era Singer che faceva tutto, non lo ammetterà mai nessuno lì dentro, ma la distanza siderale tra la qualità degli inizi e quella odierna è più esaustiva di qualunque parola e ne è la dimostrazione inequivocabile.
    Andato via lui, è andato via tutto.

  7. April says:

    Who cares which woman is on the show! House makes the show!

  8. Kim says:

    Saw her on “Tron” she was great. I hope she comes back to HOUSE!

  9. keke says:

    i don’t care about 13, BRING CAMERON BACK!!!!!!!

    • Minaz says:

      I bet How I Met Your Mother fans want the same. Everybody hates her in that show.

      • Stef says:

        OMG, yes! I really wanted to like her on HIMYM, but she’s just so annoying and she made Ted more insufferable than he already was. I much prefer as(a brunette) Cameron.

  10. Stewart says:

    I’m not getting House anymore, is it still on?

  11. Peg says:

    I agree – the suicide was hard to take. (kutner) But another note – I already love thirteen – can’t wait for her return!!!!

  12. LovingMallory says:

    I LOVE that Mallory called Brittany out on her posting! That is too funny!! I love 13 and can’t wait for her return.

  13. Gloria Walker says:

    Shore says they’ve been good to Wilde and want some back? FYI Mr. Shore, 13 is the only reason I watch the show.

    PS Please try a clean shaven House!

  14. Sarah says:

    I really like thirteen but her name brings a whole new meaning to”we are just a number” they should start calling her by her name.

  15. megan speight says:

    Thirteen? The whole cast carries her. The relationship with omar epps lacked chemistry and Passion and she keeps disappearing. Bring back Cameron!! She hot and feisty.. not even tamblyn can compete but does.a.better job than thirteen…

  16. House_Fan says:

    ^”FYI Mr. Shore, 13 is the only reason I watch the show.”^
    Precisely, lol. Her character’s experience is amazingly complicated… and, she’s gorgeous :)

  17. Love 13 says:

    I hope they keep 13 she spicies up the show.Im glad she is coming back didnt like any of the actress that try to take her place.

  18. Gia says:

    I am so happy you’re back, Ausiello. You always get the best House scoop.
    I like 13 and it’s cool she’s coming back but I’m even happier David Shore is back to his show. No one runs it like he does.
    Also: got any huddy scoop?

  19. Natasha G. says:

    I’m with you: BRING CAMERON BACK!!!!

  20. Brandi says:

    Olivia Wilde is a one dimensional actress who lacks real emotions in her acting. Anyone would be better to watch than her. It doesn’t really matter much anyway when Hugh Laurie comes into the picture. He is a brilliant actor and everyone should watch the British comedies he has been in. They are by far some of the funniest things I have ever seen. Be sure to check out ‘A Bit of Fry & Laurie’, ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ and ‘Black Adder’. Keep up the GREAT work Hugh!! I love your work!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Necros says:

    I never liked Cameron too much but loved Thirteen, I’m glad she’ll be back and they have plans for her. Olivia is a great actress and a gorgeous woman. :) The new girl is just annoying…

    • Lois says:

      Absolutely agree.
      I know I sound like I’m hating on this character, but what were the writers thinking? If they were going to replace Thirteen, have a female with a strong, interesting personality. I don’t have a problem with nice girls but the new girl is just boring.

  22. Lila says:

    I’m happy 13 is back, I can’t wait to see what the plot will be.
    I hope Amber tamblyn leaves, she ruines the show for me, and house is one of my favorite shows.

  23. Candide says:

    LOL @ the hamerons going around everywhere lately and pretending like everyone wants an actress back who I never see even mentioned on any HOUSE blogs, fansites, etc. except by an occasional Hameron that roams by. No offense to Jennifer Morrison. She was nice when she was there, but IF they get someone new they shouldn’t make it someone they cut because they ran out of stuff they felt they wanted to do with her character. We don’t need an old duck back, we need a new face on the team, who like Amber Tamblyn’s character, makes things interesting again.

    • Julie says:

      We love Cameron/Jennifer Morrison.
      What is your problem?

      • Julie says:

        And just for the record, there are more forums, site, lj with Cameron nominee (read TWoP forum, Lj house/Cameron, House Cameron italian forum, Jennifer Morrison forumfree, hameron and mourie forum and others)
        We don’t forget her.

        sorry my english.

    • Lois says:

      Amber Tamblyn did not make things interesting again. Her character is so forgettable.

  24. Sebastian Milbourne says:

    All of the ladies on the show past and present are great. House has been my favorite show since the very first time I watched.

  25. KenjiEthaniel says:

    Thirteen is awesome…. but the best was in season 4 and 5 …… 13 and Cameron together…I WANT CAMERON BACK!!!!!!

  26. Linda Alexander says:

    Glad to hear that 13 is coming back, but I still miss Cameron! LOVE HOUSE!!!!

  27. monique says:

    I never really cared for thirteen, but have long since given up hope for a great woman character on the show and just enjoy the remaining hugh laurie antics

  28. American Joe says:

    This is a great opportunity to bring back both Cameron and 13. It is also time to get rid of Chase, he is a non starter this last season or two.

    Cameron comes back as a department head, every much Houses equal, after being a Professor at a med school, which is where 13 disappeared two. During her teaching and research Cameron found away to delay Huntington’s effects and used 13 in the trials.

    The story lines as Cameron as his equal, with 13 as her 2ND are endless as House can’t stand competing with Cameron.

  29. House Fan says:

    3 some? House, Cuddy and 13…. ROCKS!

  30. Sacha says:

    “It is also time to get rid of Chase, he is a non starter this last season or two.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked to get out. They’ve ruined the character this season and it’s a crying shame. He’s a terrific actor, not just a pretty pretty face who has to get his shirt off every once in a while. Just watch him in Swimming Upstream or Death in Holy Orders. He can do so much more than being ‘hot’.

    As for Thirteen, I wish some of it would apply to Olivia Wilde. She can’t act. I don’t want her back. I feel like they’re going to give her sooo much screentime now she’s a ‘big movie star’. I dread her return and I hope they’re not going to hook her up with Chase. It would be awkward. Chase is now seperating sex from emotions (like his ex did), will he also fall for a terminally sick woman (like his ex did)? Please.

    I would so not like it. Give us more in-depth Chase instead the ridicolusly written females on the show!

  31. longtime watcher says:

    The show was better when they focused on the medical mysteries. When they started dwelling on the interpersonal relationships, it declined. Having House fall for Cuddy is a real losing plot angle. She has this huge head and tiny body…sort of a specimen for study, but not at all desirable.

  32. madsmaha says:

    I think House is a disappointment this season anyway…His relationship with Cuddy is sickening, TMI seeing those two in bed half naked, Cameron was awesome, she’s gone, they don’t give Chase 5 minutes of air time, Talb is an idiot, and Foreman is too into himself…very disappointing because House is my favorite show.

  33. marie says:

    Oh god Please dont bring back 13 , I have loved this season without her , its been like seasons 1,2 and 3 , I like tamblyn/Mathhews , I think she is a very good actress and is much more like a character who is there to learn from House , much more feasable than 13 who was smug, disrespectful, ignorant and full of herself from day 1 …YUK !!!!!! if that is how she acts with a world famous diagnostician and mentor , god knows what she will be like with her subordinates. leave her where she is ……gone . x

  34. Pauline Paulhus says:

    I will miss Amber Tamblyn. She is as good an actress as “13” and I enjoyed her interaction with “House”.

  35. susanna condon says:

    I would miss the whole team and 13 is like no other but, HOUSE IS THE STAR AND THE ONE WITH THE ‘WIT’ OF THE SHOW….

  36. Willow says:

    House is a great show with or without 13 or Cameron….The show is called House not Cameron or 13…I think however, they should have a better story line with House, yes it still has the medical mystery, but it is lacking charisma…. He is always trying to find a way for he and Cutty to get along better, that is not his style…just a my 2 cents that needed to get heard..lol

  37. Briony says:

    Actually I like Cameron best, but somehow I’m missing 13)

  38. ane says:

    jennifer nunca volvera a house la culpable es kj y ella solo sabe por que la echo

    • daniela says:

      Ahora KJ tiene mucho menos poder dentro del show, luego que sus ideas no ayudaran a la serie, fracaso la idea de House viajando (las escenas en la playa con Cuddy) y tampoco ha funcionado la relacion House y Cuddy, ahora David Shore tiene todo el control de la serie.

  39. tina says:

    Money, money, money, money…

    Mr Shore, where is your talent?

    House md was a great show.

    WAS, sigh.

  40. navi says:

    Cameron was the best female character on the show.

  41. Mary says:

    Keep her out! If she has to come back, let it be for her death scene. The show is better without her.

  42. daniela says:

    I want CAMERON BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate the fact that only 1 woman can be o the team, the women on the show barely speak to each other, I wish both can be on the same team and get rid one of the male actors this time.
    I don’t even remembered an scene just with Cameron and 13.
    I love Jesse Spencer, he is so hot, but his character is not that interesting.

  43. AAlex says:

    I think you are right about the lack of a single scene just featuring Cameron and 13. There were not even that many with them in the same room, alongside other people, let alone just the two of them. The same could be said for any of the female characters really as the producers seem intent on keeping the women of House away from each other and surrounded by male doctors.

    Sadly I don’t see the direction the show is heading being reversed with great characters like Remy/13 and Cameron returning why the others actually see any airtime that isn’t dedicated to them talking about House and Cuddy.

  44. robinepowell says:

    I would love to see both actresses on the show, at the same time. Too bad the couldn’t be. :)

  45. Lauren says:

    Most house fans want Cameron back.
    Cameron and 13 together in one show. :)
    That would be awesome!
    And fans don’t like jennifer morrison in HIMYM.

  46. JL says:

    Olivia Wilde is a horrid actress. She lacks any real ability to get the viewer interested in her characters because she has such a monotone, disinterested way of delivering lines.

  47. Kris says:

    Does anyone else think David Shore comes off like a douche? “But it would be a crying shame for us to let her get away at this point. We’ve been very good to her and we’d like a little bit of it back.” He’s basically saying “We’re the reason she’s famous, she owes us.” She was known before she was on House and her movies are what is getting her name out there. If she has the opportunity to leave and become very successful, why would she stay on a show that’s holding her back? She owes them nothing. She’s given them years of hard work and talent, anything beyond that is her decision.

  48. Norm says:

    The best part of this show is that House is not the doctor for me and mine. I can not understand its fascination, it is too predictable: House get a hard-to-diagnose patient and damned near kills him until the diagnoses resolves just before the final commercial. You’d think in-patient admissions would have dropped during the show’s run. Go figure.

  49. hm says:

    The new girl is kind of boring. It’s like Cameron version 2, except even Cameron had some interesting qualities. The new girl-(I can’t even remember her name)is so bland and annoying at times. I laugh everytime House shuts her up.
    People say Thirteen is smug, conceited but I still think her sharp wit is entertaining. She brings a dynamic to the team, better than what they have now. I wouldn’t mind if she came back at all-hopefully it’s soon.

  50. hattie says:

    How can anyone diss house and say that this person ruined it or that person ruined it i have loved house right from the start and i have to say that even though i was devistated about every one leaving house’s team at the end of one of the seasons but i think everyone brought something different and special to the show but one thing i never got was why did cutner kill himself they never really explained it???