House Exclusive: Thirteen's Fate Revealed!

Rumors of Thirteen’s imminent death have been greatly exaggerated.

Amidst deafening buzz that Olivia Wilde’s ailing alter ego will succumb to Huntington’s disease when she resurfaces later this season, series creator David Shore tells me that his plans for the actress extend beyond this season. This comes as Wilde’s movie has taken off during her time away from the Fox smash (during which she shot several films, including the big-budget sci-fi Western Cowboys & Aliens).

“That was kind of [our] plan: let her go away, become a giant movie star, and then she would come back and bring [all her new fans] with her,” says Shore with a laugh.

Although Shore has every expectation that Wilde will be return next fall, he concedes, “We’ll have to continue to work around her schedule a little bit. But it would be a crying shame for us to let her get away at this point. We’ve been very good to her and we’d like a little bit of it back.”

Ask Ausiello: Is another big breakup looming on House?

Regarding her much-speculated-about comeback this spring, Shore hints that “We have something very cool in mind. We’re writing an episode built largely around her return. I know [fans] are speculating about what happened to her during her absence, and I don’t want to rule anything out.”

Thoughts? Relieved you can count on Thirteen to be around for a while — particularly in light of Amber Tamblyn’s impending departure? Hit the comments!

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  1. Jules says:

    Ugh I am so disappointed. House has sucked this year with all the Huddy crap and now this, can we get the old House back? Why do they toy with people’s hearts like this.

    • Liz says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Haley says:

      I definately agree. This season has been so sloooooow. I miss Cameron and wish 13 would stay where she belongs–gone!

    • Cheryl says:

      I like the House-Cuddy relationship. We get to see different sides of House and it is softening his image. He was becoming too harsh and uncaring.

      He needs a delicate balance between being like steel, and yet being able to show some compassion.

      • marina says:

        Wise word, my friend. I wish more people would see the show the way you do.

      • Hector says:

        i agree with you, i’m from chile, and i have to wait a little longer for the episodes due to a time/country thing but i like house very much and how the charachter has evolved is very interesting, we have seen him for lots of seasons trying to get cuddy, finally he does, some say that they miss the old house, but i find him almost the same way he was before, even with cuddy, the thing is now we’re seeing another face of house, the one i wouldn’t say happy, but, with a couple, that happened before, with his ex wife, and a woman from the psychiatric hospital which name i can’t remember, but those were short relationships, with cuddy we can see an apparently log relationship, i hope the serie keeps as good as it is now, congratulations to everyone

        • Nicole S. says:

          House is the same to me in all the intrinsic things and he is still a huge jerk. I am glad they finally went there with House/Cuddy. They needed to and it’s given them new interesting aspects to explore in his character seeing him in this place I’ve never seen him before. I don’t think it’ll be a lasting relationship though. All of the odds are against it. David Shore compared them to Sam and Diane before the season even started. Katie Jacobs called it an arc. And look at the show itself, love doesn’t last on this show. Plus, Ausiello said that two relatinships were breaking up this season, the only two on the show are Taub/Rachael and House/Cuddy. Even Greg Yataines on twitter said something about all good things coming to an end referring to them. You know they won’t last-so don’t get your hopes up.

          • Andrew says:

            I’m sorry Nicole S. but as House would say: ” You’re an idiot ” Chris & Rachel Taub are married and are barely a featured relationship in the programme and it’s doubtful that will end ( although you never know with scriptwriters ) . . . House & Cuddy are the most important and sadly, from the information available, this will be ending . . . you are forgetting the most pivotal relationship, in MY opinion anyway, Wilson and Samantha . . . Wilson Suggested that maybe Sam should get pregnant . . .
            I would like to address those of you complaining about the quality of this season . . . There are so many ways in which these writers could have changed and they have also changed things in many ways . . . but THEY are the ones who have created this programme and thay are doing so in the way that THEY feel is good for the show.
            So either stop whining and enjoy whats to come or if you don’t like it don’t watch! perosnally I hope that the show keeps going because everything they have done so far is awesome!!

    • Emily says:

      Irrevocably agree! It’s not even Huddy, though, it’s how she says she wouldn’t change him, and now there are the ‘ultimatums’ and she’s getting the line between ‘boss’ and ‘girlfriend’ a tad blurred! Not happy at all with this season.

  2. Yasin says:

    What I love about David Shore is that he never clearly defines anything. He’s very subtle and discreet when it comes to answering questions about the future of the show. Like right now he hasn’t said that she will die or not, he just said that he has plans for her beyond this season. That means she can always die and return for a couple of guest appearances next season. You never know, especially with this show.

    • Opalescent says:

      You saw how quickly they killed of Kutner (Kal Penn) when he wanted to stop acting. It was completely off character for him. So I wouldn’t put it passed them to kill off 13 if Olivia Wilde wants off the show. Although there are other options. They could just make her Huntington’s progress very fast and have her go away for treatment indefinitely. You never know, just because he says he has plans for her doesn’t necessarily mean she will actually be in any episodes. She could just be referenced.

    • @ Yasin says:

      “You never know, especially with this show.”

      And that’s one of the things I love most about it.

  3. mary says:

    Well one bad news won’t wreck my day but I’m not sure I will continue to watch House anyhoo.

    I’ll see.

    But tell David that she is in no danger to bring any fans from her movies. And btw, what movie?

  4. Mina says:

    Yay, Olivia is so cool. I love the show. I can´t wait to see what happens next :D

  5. Pamela says:

    Olivia Wilde is an excellent actress. Looking forward to her return.

  6. Lisa says:

    Cool. I miss her and can’t wait to see her back.

  7. sydb says:

    wooohoo! i love 13. but she’ll come back only in spring?? i’m disappointed

  8. Bored says:

    “…she would come back and bring [all her new fans] with her,”

    Hmm, Shore finally realizes there is value in a fan base other than lovers of Huddy? That’s indeed news.

  9. anon says:

    13 has always been my favorite since she appeared on the show. I can’t wait for her to come back!!

  10. Amanda says:

    13 is coming back. As I have never really warmed up to her that is not great news to me, now if Cameron was coming back that would awesome.

  11. Xandercas says:

    Need more Olivia Wilde! Need her to return asap!

  12. Allison N says:

    I’m very excited that Thirteen is sticking around. I think there is a lot more the writers can play with when it comes to her as a character. I am still waiting for the whole Thirteen/Chase thing to play out

  13. Lauren says:

    I am sooo excited! I really missed her dynamic with House and the team. I never disliked the character, but I really started liking her more and more, and was sad…yet intrigued when she left.

  14. AJ says:

    This reveals NOTHING about her fate.

  15. dontpanic42 says:

    I miss her! I haven’t watched House since she left at the beginning of this season. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything big!

    • dan booth says:

      no you haven’t missed a thing… there have not been any new episodes since November 22 i believe. what is up with that.

  16. Fraitings says:

    Of course, OW is “a giant movie star”.
    No wonder insignificant others “have to continue to work around her schedule”
    Sure there is going to be the first real promotion this season.
    Does show needs actors if it has the model with amazing face?

    • marina says:

      yes yes, i think it is pathetic that they “need to work around her schedule.” if she can’t work with them anymore like they need her to, just leave already like Kal Penn did.

  17. ana says:

    13 was at the premiere and in chapter 2 of the seventh season and were the worst audience data

  18. Elaine says:

    Olivia Wilde seems like a very nice young woman. Thirteen, on the other hand, was an over-used, over-hyped, unbelievable addition to the cast. While I acknowledge that Olivia Wilde has a growing fan base, that doesn’t mean that those fans will want to watch the dreck that is “Huddy,” or care about Taub’s marriage, etc. And if Shore thinks that the reason ratings are down is because of Thirteen’s absence, he is living in his own fantasy world.

  19. amos says:

    have not enjoyed the show without her – hope she gets back very soon, and stays or I may need to find a new program

  20. House fan says:

    I’m not a big fan of thirteen. I liked allison cameron much better.

  21. marina says:

    i don’t get people who don’t enjoy the show anymore only because she isn’t in it. i mean, WHAT DOES SHE DO? nothing. masters was an awesome addition to the show because she contributes a lot.

  22. Tom says:

    I’d nearly bet money she’s pregnant and/or has something going on with Chase.

  23. Gary F. Rogers says:

    I’m getting very dizzy from this cast merry-go-round. The arrival & departures of female cast members don’t give views enough time to fall in love with them. Note to Creative Team: STOP IT! @sdakotaguy on Twitter

  24. Hannah says:

    I told you so! I can’t wait to see her back on House!
    Still miss Cameron, thought.


  25. isumi22 says:

    since her character went away ive slowly lost interest in the show. first was cameron, then thirteen. cmon!

    • dawn says:

      i agree. i use to be a Faithful Housetonian But since house and Cuddy hooking up and thirteen leavin. hue found myself watching something else…..

  26. Susan says:

    To kill off another doctor would really be redundant at this point. I have enjoyed the show from the very first episode, and I miss the “old days” when the show was more about the weekly medical mystery and less about the love lives of the doctors.

  27. stacey says:

    The reason ratings are down is because they show one new show a month. Very annoying. I am glad 13 will be back tho. Like her character. However, if this show doesn’t start showing a new show every week I’m going to stop watching period. I don’t care who they put on the show.

  28. John says:

    13 needs to stay. As far as the huddy and house relationship, keep going. Its your story mr. Shore… Keep it that way.

  29. Teresa says:

    Huntingtons does not take you that fast, at least not at her age. So there are alot of miles left for her to come back. Work on House and bring him back to a place where he is the House we all knew and loved in the beginning. I know he has been through a lot but dont screw him up to much or I will have to move on to a nother favorite show.

  30. xenascully says:

    ROFL at everyone’s dismay about certain aspects of the show. Goodness! Deal with it–or stop watching.

    HOWEVER, if by chance, one of the producers or writers DO happen across these comments, here’s my suggestion for KEEPING the fans:

    Give Cuddy a life-altering illness. Not one that’ll kill her, but change her.
    House gets back on Vicodin, because it’s too much.
    We get House back… the Huddy thing won’t be so frigging unbearable…and House’s reasoning behind being back on the painkillers will be condoned by his team and even Wilson (but only because he’s a good friend/enabler. lol).

    If you’re not gonna do this, producers/writers for House, let me know… cuz then I’ll probably just turn that idea into a fanfic. ha ;)

  31. SongSpirit says:

    I love Thirteen! I want to see her back. Whether or not Cuddy and House blow up. I like their romance, too, but I find it annoying that House isn’t on very often and there are so few episodes, so many “hiatuses.” I don’t care very much for “Sam,” but maybe that’s the point of her, she isn’t very likeable.

  32. Angela says:

    I love 13 and cannot wait for her return. House and Cuddy need to break up because there new relationship sucks. However, it needs to be a good break up meaning that a whole episode is not wasted on just the break up and they don’t drag out Cuddy being sad and mopy all the time. Just my thoughts. Oh and 13 and Chase need to have one night of angry drunkin sex….

    • Niché says:

      I thought her and Foremen had a thing, I’d rather see that rekindled

      • DNW says:

        Were you around fandom when Foreteen were an item. No one liked them. They were referred to as ‘Boreteen’ and people griped incessantly about them. I’d rather not have them couple up again if I have to deal with the fandom fallout. People complain enough in this fandom as it is.

  33. jessica says:

    loved thirteen’s character and love house. i feel like this season it has been on at weird times…i always seem to miss it :(

  34. phoenix says:

    I have loved house since day one, but you are trying too hard to turn it into grey’s anatomy, STOP! That show is pointless.

    • Alexis says:

      I have to agree. there is too much drama and not enough puzzles, Please bring back 13, but bring back the reason i started watching this show beyond all the other hospital drama. (ie get the puzzles, enough of “will house go insane if get more puzzles or he loses his ability to solve puzzles”

      and while you are at it BRING BACK CAMERON. she was the only person who could shove an idea or a diagnosis in house’s face with style

  35. ella says:

    you guys are crazy! this season has been great and as far as im concerned house just keeps getting better and better. I have to admit i will be glad when 13 is back coz Amber-whats-her-face is dullsville! HOUSE ROCKS! keep doing you Mr Shore x

  36. Nikki says:

    Thank GOD. she is my favorite character. Besides house that is. Plus. Id probably go gay for her.

  37. Carrie says:

    I used to love House and knwe exactly when it was going to be on, hung on every word of every commercial about it, it has gotten so crappy the last couple seasons that I don’t even know when it’s goona be on if I catch it okay if not okay too. Ain’t what it used to be.

  38. Peter Toyman says:

    I think 13 has been off having a lesbian affair with Cameron. They’ve been in Africa with that TB doctor all this time…if Fox knows what’s good for them…

  39. 13lover says:

    13 *licks*

  40. jessica johnson says:

    I love 13! I do hope she comes back! I miss Camerons character. I would be a shame to lose 13 too!

  41. Rachel says:

    I do like the House + Cuddy relationship, but I miss the way HOUSE used to be back around season 3. The ultimate dream on HOUSE would be to still keep the House + Cuddy relationship, but replace Thirteen with Cameron…please!

  42. Rollie says:

    If she comes back, will she renew her relationship with Foreman? (or will there at least be SOME tension between them?)

  43. Fran says:

    Love this season, love the diagnostics team- whoever they are. Sure, I miss 13 and Cameron, but the show continues to exhibit innovation, inventiveness, and the sarcasm that makes House so endearing. House is still an A+ for me.

  44. Barbara says:

    Bring back Cameron! Glad to see the back of Amber Tamlyn; that was a misguided bit of casting. And while we’re at it, bring back the funny Clinic scenes.

  45. ella says:

    p.s if the ratings have gone down and some of u have stopped watching, your not die hard house fans and truely drawn in

  46. Ellen in NYC says:

    I didn’t miss Thirteen at all. The best part of this season has been Amber Tamblyn. Keep her! Without the Masters character, I never would have continued to watch; those House/Cuddy scenes were just unbearable.

  47. Kitty says:

    Yes i agree, yes thirteen was neat .. but this season kinda sucks.. i mean really.. I love house i got a ton of people into watching it ! and they got friends into it , and now none of us are all that impressed.. what is going on why is it taking so long for the next episode?! and who cares about thirteen really, she didn’t do that much for the team . !
    where is cameron . that was a bad idea to loose her..! she was my fav . i think she should have gotten a way back into it .

  48. CJ says:

    I will be so glad to see Olivia back as 13. I think she will be exhibiting a great deal of class returning ‘back to work’ at “House, MD”. Can’t picture it for too long without her. Many actors have turned their back on their series’ in order to make it bigger in movies-kick up the attitude-and then fare poorly. I hope she gets the double scoop. Star of tv and movies.

  49. Annette says:

    I miss Thirteen. I think she brought some zing into the show. I don’t miss Cameron with her whining. Bring back Thirteen!

  50. a1891 says:

    i hate olivia. she ruined the show and its just not the same as it was before she was cast onto the show