Grey's Anatomy Bombshell: Whose Side Are You On?

Five words added up to quite the emotional bombshell on Thursday night’s Grey’s Anatomy, raising the question: Can Callie and Arizona ever find their way back to each other?

Callie’s blunt declaration — “I’m pregnant with Mark’s baby” — came on the heels of much fan speculation and unconfirmed spoilers to precisely that effect. Could it be a final blow from which “Calzona,” already tested by Arizona’s solo jaunt to Africa, can’t recover?

Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes offered this ray of hope to the couple’s fans when TVLine spoke presented her this week with the pregnancy talk: “I’ve always said that Callie and Arizona are MFEO — Made for Each Other — and that still holds true. They are going to go through hell before they get to any sort of [semblance] of a happy ending.”

Calzona fans, can you endure a spell of hell in the name of ultimately seeing the gals get back together? And for those of you who suspected the baby buzz was bona fide, did it play out on screen at all like you expected?

And Mark/Lexie fans, I guess we can qualify this as the “wrench in the works” that Shonda teased.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Christina says:

    I’m on the side of good writing. And this was the most obvious and ridiculous storyline for Shonda to choose. Can she write any drama that doesn’t involve an unplanned pregnancy?

    On a side note Mark really needs to invest in some contraceptives because this is at least the what, third pregnancy he’s been a part of that we know.

    • Rafaela says:

      “I’m on the side of good writing. And this was the most obvious and ridiculous storyline for Shonda to choose”. [2]

      Soooo obvious and cliché. But truth be told, I’d never expect anything more from Rhymes. Her shows are all about cheap melodrama and clichés. It’s so bad, it’s good.(Off The Map pilot had me LOL and pointing at the TV the whole time)!

    • Irishgirl says:

      THANK YOU Christina!!! This was not only the worst kept secret, but the most unsubtle and pathetic plot twist. The moment they slept together, you knew Shonda was going down this road.

    • Pam says:

      I’m happy about it. Callie really wanted a baby, and so did Mark. He and Lexie will still get back together, ditto Callie and Arizona.

  2. Tabitha says:

    Calzona or not Calzona, there is a more important question here…what about Sloane and Little Grey??!?! I’ve been waiting (rather impatiently) for them to find their way back to one another…and now THIS? Guess I’ll just have to keep waiting and see…

    • Kelly says:

      SO annoyed by this. I fast forward all the Callie/Arizona scenes, so I don’t really care what happens to them, but I’ve been waiting FOREVER for Mark and Lexie to find their way back to each other. I am so bummed by this :(

  3. lothiriel says:

    I hated it i am a huge Mark/Lexie fan and just after we get a “i love you” now we have this …. Seriously couldn’t they use protections !!!? And how can those 2 couples survive this ?! Mark had too many pregnancies SL already

  4. Aimee says:

    I can cope as long as we still get Callie/Arizona scenes!

  5. Julie says:

    It was obvious the day they slept together…
    As for me liking it? Ah well…I’d rather see the couples together than to see more crap for them

  6. Lily says:

    When did Grey’s Anatomy became some sort of soap a la The Bold and the Beautiful? Really, the lesbian chick gets knocked up by the show’s resident man-whore? Come on Shondra, you can cook better story than that!

  7. MM says:

    Well it’s obvious that Arizona and Callie will raise the baby together as their own, with Mark acting as the godfather. They probably would’ve used him as a sperm donor when they were ready anyways.

    I wonder what effect this will have on Mark/Lexie though.

  8. Mary says:


    • Will says:

      I TOTALLY agree. As a lesbian (and not some lousy bisexual chick who doesn’t know what she wants and sleeps with the first guy because I don’t want “sorbet”) I can’t accept this lame storyline. I don’t care if Arizona and Callie go separate ways, I don’t care if their couple is doomed. As long as Arizona doesn’t forgive that, it’s ok if I don’t see lesbians kissing on screen anymore in GA. This was the only thing that could make me stop to watch GA. And I think it’s time to move on, I can’t follow a tv show that doesn’t respect me and people like me. Go to hell Shonda Rhimes.

      • Yas says:

        what’s wrong with a bisexual character on TV? it’s never been any secret that callie was bisexual. i mean, she thought george (a man!) was her soulmate for awhile. and she’s dated/slept with men in the past as well as women. it’s not like callie sleeping with a man is some major, out-of-left-field surprise.

        • Attia says:

          @Yas, I completely agree with you!! I always thought it was understood that Callie was bisexual. She’s slept with Mark numerous times in the past. Since she and Arizona were broken up it’s reasonable that she would sleep with Mark again. So I don’t understand why posters like “Will” are so upset. If Callie was established as a lesbian character from the beginning, like Julianne Moore’s character, in “The Kids are Alright”, I could understand the anger about her sleeping with a man, from some fans. Also bisexuals have just as much right to be represented on tv as gays and lesbians.

  9. Caitlin says:

    I think we have to remember that even though Callie has been with Arizona for awhile, she’s not strictly a lesbian. You can’t be if you married a gay and then continue to have sex with a man when your girlfriend leaves you. As soon as the plot of Callie wanting a baby and Arizona NOT wanting a baby surfaced, it was pretty obvious that Callie would be pregnant by Mark. Even more so when Arizona made Callie stay in Seattle.

    I do wonder how they’re going to fit Lexie into this situation. She didn’t want to raise Mark’s daughter’s kid, I don’t know why this would be any different. I think it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  10. chi says:

    Was this really an unplanned pregnancy though… didn’t Callie and Mark discuss at one time having a baby together, even though they wouldn’t be together?

  11. Dominique says:

    I think this has been the most ridiculous thing Grey’s has ever done. I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Daughter From Hell last year, but obviously, it can.

    Let me start by saying how RIDICULOUS it is that Shonda writes Callie as some parttime lesbian every time Callie’s either insecure or something goes wrong with her relationship.
    Then, I have to say this screws over three great couples; Calzona, cause this is just a slap in the face for all the fans who wanted them to have their OWN baby, Slexie cause they JUST got back together, and Shonda’s just gonna put Lexie through this crap all over again, and then MerDer, who are desperately trying to have a baby but fail each time, and now Calie sleeps twice with Mark, an she’s preggers.

    I’ve loved Grey’s for so long, mostly cause it was such a stellar show with real stories, but lately, it hasn’t turned into a soap opera, and we’ve already got plenty of those.

    I mean seriously, I realize too much happiness on the show becomes boring, but why does Shonda continue to destroy all couples to make ONE person happy? Does she even realize the ratings are not what they used to be, and writing stuff like this isn’t gonna make it any better?

    • Dominique says:


    • Christina says:

      Haha so true, the only thing worse than the horrible long lost pregnant daughter storyline would be lesbian Callie getting pregnant by Mark.

      Should and did see this coming from a mile away, Shonda just can’t help herself.

    • Teresa says:

      “Let me start by saying how RIDICULOUS it is that Shonda writes Callie as some parttime lesbian every time Callie’s either insecure or something goes wrong with her relationship.”
      —I don’t think it’s ridiculous. I know quite a few girls (and their male counterparts) who are just like that for just those reasons. Some people aren’t purely gay or straight. Some people honestly can’t make up their minds what (or who) they want out of life. Some people are struggling and don’t know themselves and make poor decisions and hurt the people they love and who love them. Some people fight unnecessarily against life and make things worse for themselves than they have to. I could bang Callie’s head against a wall, but she seems like a real girl to me. I call that good TV.

    • Attia says:

      Callie slept with men for the first 30 plus years of her life. So, I don’t see why it’s such a stretch that she would sleep with a man again. Her character likes men and women. The. End.

  12. NK says:

    Worst. Storyline. Ever. I kinda hope neither couple make it now because this baby-thing just tainted both couplings.

    • Kate says:

      I agree. I want arizona and lexie to move on. It sucks that selfish mark and cal lie get to unilaterally put a baby on them. I think it would have been way more interesting to deal with the fall out of their partners not wanting children.

    • Mary says:

      so agree, I want Arizona just back to Malawi and continue her dream, so I can stop watch this show,,,

  13. RP says:

    It is super “soapy”, but it’s Grey’s, what do people expect?

    1) Why does everyone assume they didn’t use protection? Condoms fail, and Callie most likely wasn’t on birth control for obvious erasons.

    2) Agree with MM that Arizona and Callie probably would’ve used Mark as a surrogate one day anyway. Doesn’t mean it’s not a life altering thing to consider now.

    3) If Mark and Lexie were grown-ups they might think, “No one was in a relationship at that time, this happens, let’s deal with it as rationally as we can.” LOL, we all know that’s not going to happen though.

    • devon says:

      I thought the same thing re: donor sperm. He would be the obvs choice. I hope this makes the couples stronger.

    • Aimee says:

      Completely agree with you. Don’t see why people are fussing so much.

      Neither of the couples were together when the one night stand happened, both couples should be able to move forward with this.

    • Kate says:

      Callie might have wanted to use Mark as a sperm donor, but I bet Arizona wouldn’t. She already had problems with Mark and this will make it ten times worse.

      • Jessica says:

        I completely agree! There is no way Arizona would want Mark to be the donor of their child. Last season, Arizona’s biggest fear was Callie leaving her for Mark or another man. This story is just plain ridiculous. I love Arizona and Callie, but I’m tired of Mark always having to be in the middle of their relationship. I wouldn’t blame Arizona for leaving or Lexie for that matter.

  14. Mikaylah says:

    Mark is at the point in his life though where he would like children. We’ve already seen that with Mark/Addison and his grandson. I doubt he would want to get together with Callie, but I think he would definitely want to be involved. And I think Lexie will come around.

  15. Blink says:

    Who’s to say Callie isn’t lying? I mean, we’ve seen it happen on other shows (One Tree Hill comes to mind). She’s angry, she wants a kid, she had sex after having her heart broken, she knows Mark can have kids. It doesn’t look like Mark knows, and I really think that at this point in their relationship, he’d be one of the first people she’d tell.

  16. brynna says:

    Lots of haters, but I actually like the storyline. I’m happy to see Callie finally getting what she wants, even if Arizona isn’t a part of it. I doubt mark will hang around quietly though, he’ll want that baby for sure. Either way, having a baby around might shake things up in a good way, so I’m looking forward to seeing it play out.

  17. mdb says:

    I have been against this pairing from day one – first off they are both too damaged to have a healthy relationship and the baby just adds another layer of dysfunction – interested to see how it plays out though which is odd since i gave up on the show 2 years ago

  18. David F says:

    Two people, both doctors, and neither uses protection? Yeah, I buy that (not at all).

    • Kate says:

      Seattle grace is notorious for this. Apparently no one paid attention during sex Ed because this is at least the third unplanned pregnancy on the show.

  19. Terry says:

    Honestly I don’t care one way or the other about Callie and Arizona. I care about Mark and Lexie!!! I was so excited that they finally got back together and now this. It concerns them too so I hate that they didn’t even have one scene yesterday. Can’t we have a little happiness for Mark and Lexie before this baby news hits? I just love these two and hope they can get through this together!

  20. SM says:

    Callie’s pregnancy was pretty obvious, but I’m kind of curious how this will affect Mer/Der since they are trying constantly for a baby and can’t seem to get pregnant. Wonder if there will be a little bit of resent?

  21. kate says:

    Props to Shonda Rhimes for this one. I was NOT expecting it. When I heard buzz that Callie might be pregnant, this was how I imagined it, but I still did not think it was going to happen. I think Mark & Lexie and Callie & Arizona will both make it out together, but it’s going to be a tough road. For all Arizona’s abandonment faults, there should be mention of Callie’s running to Mark fault, but in the end, I think they could work it out. I think the fact that Callie let Arizona in on the secret is a big step forward.

  22. lupe says:

    I think it’s great. I can’t stand Mark and Lexie, and finally Mark and Callie can get what they want most at this point, a child. I don’t care one bit whether Callie gets or doesn’t get back with Arizona, all that matters is she will have a child to raise with Mark. It’s Mark’s child so there is no way he is only a “godfather”. He’s the father, the end. If Arizona is to be with Callie, she’s just the mom’s partner, and nothing else. I think it was a brilliant idea in terms of storytelling, it gives them room to create lots of drama.

  23. Thais says:

    I don’t like Calzona (not because they’re gay, I just don’t find them interesting) so I loved these news! Can’t wait to see what happens! I hope Calzona won’t get back together either, but I think they will… =/

    • Will says:

      You don’t like them because they’re boring, ok I get it. Not because they’re gay, ok. I get it too.

      But suddenly Callie is way more interesting when she’s in her straight phase and pregnant with Mark…? No, it’s not because they’re gay, no way!

  24. Jenna says:

    BAD BAD WRITING! Let’s piss off not one but three fan bases! Poor Lexie! Then we have Mer so wanting a baby how the hell do they think she’s going to feel? Way to go Shonda again!

  25. Media Ho says:

    I thought last night’s ep of Grey’s was one of the best since last season’s finale (oh, and the “documentary,” too). Lots of new doors were opened and I’m looking forward to seeing how the core characters handle these situations. Nice to see Bailey with another hottie (more Daniel Sunjata, please!), a nod to show’s history with “inappropriate relationships,” and a new, smaller group of newbies to torture. Two thumbs up!

  26. Tim says:

    I LOVE THIS STORYLINE!! I think it’s hilarious that Callie is pregnant because she has wanted a baby for so long! I mean she was crying and laughing at the beginning cuz she got what she really wanted. Not in the exact way she thought but it happened. And I think Greys has gone down a bit from quality storylines but it’s still a great show!

  27. Sarah says:

    Terrible, lazy writing. They already used a pregnancy/baby to break Mark and Lexie up once, why do it again? I’m disappointed.

  28. Amy says:

    Agreed, totally a case of lazy writing. I had hoped for better from Shonda Rhimes, but I don’t know why. Despite the lame storyline, hopefully this at least gives Sara and Jessica the screentime to showcase their talent, because they really have been doing a great job with the mess they’ve been given.

  29. Gabrielle says:

    NOT HAPPY. I knew it was coming but I was hoping I was wrong. I’ve never been a big Callie fan, ora huge Callie and Arizona fan. But I LOVE Mark and Lexie, they’re my favorite couple on Grey’s and they just got back together. I don’t see how this is going to help them. I don’t want this baby on the show I don’t like it at all.

  30. Rob J. says:

    (rolls eyes) C’mon. It’s not as if the show hadn’t established Callie as being bisexual.

    • xav says:

      I’m just disappointed that they went there. It’s so trite and cliche. And more than that, if the fetus is carried to term, ruins four people’s lives.

      “Oh sorry honey, the reason you have three moms and a dad is because you were an accident!”

    • Dee says:

      Exactly!!! I don’t understand all this hand wringing by people who are SHOCKED, SHOCKED that Callie slept with a man. Callie is a bisexual people. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  31. Sophie says:

    You know, I’m first and foremost a Mark/Lexie fan. So obviously the huge drop was like…wait a second, didn’t Lexie just tell Mark she loved him and now this? But why am not freaked out, I should be, right? I just feel like–you know what, Mark/Lexie have been through so much, and if this new wrench makes them stronger in the end then I can handle that. I feel like if Mark/Lexie can pull through this, then they’ve come full circle from the whole Sloan Sloan thing. That being said…cahrazy. All around gasps from fans of ML and CA. Whether Callie is really pregnant and/or goes through with the pregnancy, should be interesting to see…for everyone, even Mere/Derek who are trying to get pregnant. How unfair for them, huh?

  32. Chels says:

    I will go against the flow….Im gay and I LOVE IT!!! Not everyone watched or knows what the L Word was or saw The Kids Are Alright. Any prime time TV with a large audience who show cases, weekly, a lesbian relationship is awesome. Kids, yup some gays want kids. Lets take what we can get at this point. Unite instead of argue. Shonda gave us the shower scene, the elevator, and cuddling/affection. Its television not real life. I think reality tv is more dramatic than scripted shows anyway. As a gay women who wants a baby, yay! Cant wait to see the next episode. Team Calzona all the way!

  33. Kate says:

    I just don’t think there’s any way Arizona doesn’t stick around for this. Shonda has said they are “Made for Each Other” so how could Arizona walk away AGAIN and then come back AGAIN for forgiveness? I think she says she’ll support Callie but it’ll be a struggle for them to acclimate. And who is to say she has the baby. Shonda has said before babies are hard to work into this kind of show so I wouldn’t be surprised if she miscarries like all the other characters.

    I feel like it’s a predictable storyline but at least it’s SOMETHING. Other than Christina being depressed and 20 seconds of Mer/Der for an entire season, nothing is happening on this show anymore! I’m kinda excited to have an actual plot again.

  34. songforten says:

    I stopped watching the show when it became “Gay’s Anatomy.”

  35. I.C. says:

    I d think it’s a cliché, not very creative BUT Grey’s always present the common cliché storylines in a different way, and though I’m not a fan of this storyline I don’t hate it either. I’m curious. I think that we are going to see a lot of great scenes because of this.

  36. Barbra says:

    This show became a hit with quality writing. Now it’s based on lazy writing. Way to revert to a daytime soap opera mentality, Shonda! And the cherry on top of this hot mess? Eric Dane cannot for the life of him deliver a serious line of dialogue! He has become painful to watch on screen.

  37. Kate says:

    I would have respected the story line a lot more if Mark and Callie had actually decided to have a baby with or without the support of their partners. Having it be an accident is just lazy. Shondra just wanted an easy way to resolve the conflict since Arizona and Lexie look like the bad guys since mark and Callie didn’t mean to get pregnant.

    I really hope other people are right that somehow callie really isn’t pregnant. I would rather see another miscarriage than this mess. Not to mention this further stagnates mer and der since Shondra isn’t going to let everyone have babies.

  38. Nikki says:

    I think this storyline might be worse than George cheating on Callie with Izzy! I don’t think Mark is going to settle for “godfather” or any other sideline role to his baby. He was all about adopting Sloans baby why would he actually willingly give up his own and let Callie and Arizona raise him or her. What are they going to do move Mark, Lexie, Callie, and Arizona into a house together and raise the baby that way? I LOVE Mark and Lexie and they just got back together. I’m afraid this might split them up for good.

  39. Thom says:

    Well I don’t care who wins on this one as long as the writing is excellent and those two great actress get to strut their stuff. I’m sure Arizona is going to have to accept it if she wants Callie back.

  40. Ana M. says:

    Wash, rinse, repeat. This is like a borrowed page from the Mexican soap operas that I have watched over the years, actually those are better than this.

    Lazy writing and bad character development. It makes me not want to watch the show anymore. MerDer’s fertility issues are being treated like nothing and bam! We get Callie pregnant just because the sake of drama.

    This show used to be good…

  41. Alyssa says:

    I’m definitely not a fan of this SL, but I kind of hope that it does break up Slexie. I used to like them together, not anymore. Mark is too hypocritical. He sleeps around all man-whore like, but got all upset when Lexie was sleeping with Alex. I actually want to see more of Jackson’s feelings for Lexie surface. I think they could have amazing chemistry if the writers wrote to them. Jackson needs a good SL, and a Sloan/Lexie/Jackson triangle has potential, in my opinion.

  42. Christi says:

    I LOVE IT! I’m a big fan of both couples and a fan of the friendship between Callie & Mark. So I think this will be an interesting storyline to see play out…

  43. lou says:

    Just like Alex and Izzie were MFEO? And Cristina and Burke? Rhimes doesn’t have a good track record after saying things like that … the **** always hits the fan after those famous last words.

    • Yas says:

      in all fairness, both of those couples had other issues with the actors going on. namely, katharine heigl wanting to focus on her movie career and isaiah washington and his homophobic remarks regarding TR knight.

  44. Sunny says:

    I saw this coming from a mile away, but I am all for it. I think if anything it will strengthen all relationships involved. Mark and Callie both get the child they wanted, but Lexie doesn’t have to help raise the child. Arizona will stick around this time to prove she loves Callie, but also because I think they will raise the child themselves. Of course Mark will be involved, but I think he’ll step aside to let Callie and Arizona have their little family.
    It’s classic soapiness to have an unplanned pregnancy as soon as couples get back together. I’m surprised anyone to read the spoilers didn’t see it coming.

  45. heather says:

    c’mon, Callie can do so much better than a flake like Arizona. Not Sloane, of course, but WAY better than super-flake. “i’m breaking up with you because you were cranky?” fine. i say “adios, muchaca,” and move on to better stuff.

  46. Emmit West says:

    To be honest, Mark is the only person with a big enough personality to handle Callie. Remember George? He practically disappeared in that relationship. While Arizona is better, she still fades away against Callie. Mark is really the only one who still shines when he is with her. So as much as I love Mark and Lexie, I am rooting for Mark and Callie. And in a show filled with beautiful people, Sarah Ramirez is simply stunning. On a side note, was Bailey’s make up a little glammed up last night?

    • Snickleboom says:

      Amen! Totally agree! And Bailey did look a bit…sparkly. I always enjoy it when Bailey is happy & having fun.

    • Mrs. Draper says:

      I love the idea of Mark and Lexie together. I’ve liked them since their “friends with benefits” stage. And I would thoroughly enjoy seeing them make a go at being in a real relationship.

  47. CC says:

    This is RIDICULOUS. What on earth are they thinking??? I’m so annoyed, I can’t even watch the show anymore. I’ll just keep reading for spoilers until Mark and Lexie get back together, and then I’ll watch again. INSANE, Shonda. Insane.

    • CC says:

      (I mean back together for real, minus plot devices like this designed to break them up again for another season or two of angst)

  48. Karine says:

    I don’t get all the hate!OK it’s not the best storyline BUT it’s a tv show!I don’t look at a tv show where the characters are happy all day long.

    I don’t know why but I think Callie will do a mscarriag. Arizona will be closer to Callie and share its desire for a child and this time Lexie will be ready to be with Mark.

  49. Snickleboom says:

    I think it’s awesome! Mark lost 2 chances to be a dad and was so disappointed by it. This could finally be his opportunity. If Arizona really loves Callie as much as she says she does and really sees Mark as family (and wasn’t just blowing smoke up his ass to get what she wanted from him) then she will learn not to bail when this gets tough. And I’m sure Callie didn’t expect to get a baby this way, but she’s having her best friend’s child and that’s a hell of a lot better then trying to have George’s baby to save a doomed marriage. As for Lexie…I honestly don’t care what she does. I’m not a big Mark/Lexie fan. We’ll see if she has matured at all since she left Mark over Sloane & her baby. We all know Callie was there for Mark then.

  50. Jessica says:

    At first I thought, well both Callie & Mark wanted a baby. But then I thought, but Mark can make a baby with Lexie when they’re ready. So it sucks for Mark & Lexie. I don’t think Lexie can freak out too much over it though, as far as Mark sleeping with Callie goes, because she knows what he’s like and they weren’t together at the time. I’m sure the pregnancy will cause issues though just like it did with Sloan. Though Sloan caused issues all by herself too. Now with Callie & Arizona, this is going to be a tough pill for Arizona to swallow. She’ll have to accept that they basically weren’t together, and Callie thought Arizona was going to be gone for was it 1 or 2 years? But she’s going to be pissed, I’m sure. This should be very interesting…the best part will be the look on Mark’s face when he finds out, lol.