CBS Boss Talks Mark Harmon's Contract Status, Prospect Of NCIS 3

Will NCIS agents Tony, Ziva et al have a new boss come fall 2011?

It’s a provocative question, given that NCIS lead Mark Harmon’s deal with the forever-popular procedural expires after this season. The answer, thankfully, is simple: Probably not.

Noting that contract renegotiations are “the nature of the business,” CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said on Friday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, “We are very confident Mark will continue on with the show. He’s very happy, and we’re thrilled to have him.”

Especially since NCIS, now in its eighth season, just this week notched its largest audience ever, flirting with 22 million total viewers. Similarly, lead-out NCIS: Los Angeles netted its best numbers since its September 2009 debut.

Speaking of the franchise’s vitality: Is Tassler receiving pitches from NCIS/NCIS: LA boss man Shane Brennan yet for a second spin-off? NCIS: New York, perhaps?

Tassler laughed when TVLine put forth such a scenario. “No, no, no,” she said. “Not yet!”

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  1. Pete says:

    now a CGIS spin off with Diane Neal is something to think about

  2. Mikaylah says:

    I liked Diane Neal on the show, but a whole show with her might be too much. I hope Mark and everyone else sticks around until they end the show, which should probably be at the 10 season mark. Nice long run, and not burnt out (yet).

  3. Deena says:

    Dudes, there is no NCIS without Mark! Gibbs is it! They can replace everyone, yes even Tony, but never Gibbs

    • Dawn black says:

      Not really because they work together as a team. It was really hard to watch after kate died but you had zeva kill her own brother so in a way your heart went out to her.

    • Rakkason says:

      Your comment is true so true but,—–Gibbs needs a love intrest—-
      Diane fits Gibbs to a “T”

  4. Sara Black says:

    That’s great!!!

    What about a CGIS spin off? I’d love to see Diane Neal’s Borin with her own show!!!

    But, hey, anything about Cote’s contract? Hers is about to expire too, if I’m not mistaken.

  5. Bianca says:

    Headline in my RSS Feed: “Are Mark Harmon’s days on NCIS numbered?”

    I think this falls under the “creating a crappy headline out of hot, thin air” category, wouldn’t you agree, Matt?

    Seriously, dude. There is NO. STORY. HERE. NONE. His contract expires. Business as usual. He will negotiate. Business as usual. He will get a new one. Business as usual. The rest of the cast did the same thing during the summer. Business as usual.

    What you did was like saying: “Oh, Mark Harmon told me he needs a new tootbrush, so how about if I come up with this killer headline: ‘IS GIBBS SOON GOING TO LOOSE WHAT IS DEAR TO HIM???’ ” to attract readers – only to point out in the article that Harmon were to loose his pearly whites if he wasn’t going to buy that new toothbrush.

    Have you really scooped so low that you have to come up with this BS to attract readers?

    Next time post some REAL scoop or don’t bother at all, please.

  6. Ken McBride says:

    I thought that Diane Neal was an excellent addition to the team and any way to add her to the show on a regular or semi-regular basis would only add to the quality of the show. She is very compelling.

  7. J2talk says:

    another NCIS spinoff? where the hell is a spin off focusing on Joe Spanos FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell and HIS team!?!?!?!?!?

  8. Tiberion says:

    NCIS 3?

    Technically, it would be JAG 4 – we seem to forget that NCIS itself is a spinoff of JAG. Oh how we miss you, Harm and Mac. Sort of.

    Obviously Diane Neal or Joe Spanos’ characters would be a good fit in another spinoff. But you have to wonder if they have room for a third Investigative service drama, I mean not even CSI ran three at once….. Oh.

    Still, they would probably hold that off until they’re ready to retire the “flagship” NCIS in a few seasons.

    I’d like to see them take another run at a true military show, maybe an MP company, or even try something like “The Unit” again in a more “NCIS” style show.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ha – touche, Tiberion!

    • chattypatra says:

      Great comment, Tiberion. I do miss The Unit; was stunned when they cancelled it. Have you ever watched Army Wives? Even though it focuses on the lives of the spouses at the military base, it is a good show.

      As for Diane Neal, I like her better on NCIS than I ever did on Law & Order. Her ‘other Abby’ was especially charming on this last episode. I do wish she’d get her own spinoff. They could even do a crossover with CSI: Miami. I’d love to see her take on Horatio. Ha!

    • Hair says:

      I’ve always thought that a cool spinoff would be a Army CID team based on the team introduced in the movie BASIC with John Travolta. Move NCIS to South America and handle complex plots as such.
      Another Idea NCIS New Orleans. Just spitballing ideas

  9. Allison N says:

    Whew, don’t scare me. Gibbs cannot leave! Mark Harmon is amazing. I’m glad that NCIS isn’t turning into like CSI with a million spin offs. I want them to take their time with spin offs, if they are to create any more. I love NCIS LA and how it is still NCIS, but special ops with more undercover and less by the rules crime solving. I think that distinction between NCIS and NCIS LA makes the spin off work.

  10. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Don’t freak me out like that! I hate NCIS:LA and I don’t think I could stomach the thought of a third one with Gibbs and the original without him!

  11. Emmit West says:

    I will sign up for a third NCIS. But set this someplace new… I mean, I love NYC, but really. LA and NYC are not the only two cities in America. You know Chicago and Houston are respectively the third and fourth largest cities in the US. Chicago has The Good Wife, so how about a how set in Houston? (OK… there may not be any naval or Marine bases there.) Heck, SanFran, Pensacola, the Great Lakes… any place besides NYC!

    • Stevie says:

      I agree to let it go to a new city but not Texas because chase takes place there… Maybe some random city in the central part of the country (or on the gulf, like new Orleans)

    • Dawn says:

      Pensacola would be a great place only because I live here. I have traveled the world when my stepfather was in the navy and when he retired he asked where we wanted to go and all six of us kids told him we wanted to go home to Pensacola.

  12. jeff ceragno says:

    Since NCIS is a Jag spin-off, it would be great to bring Harm and Mac back for a story arc… sure the writers could think of something compelling…….

    • Kdawg says:

      Frankly, any mention of JAG would be nice, considering they are probably the prosecutors for most of the NCIS cases (against military members). It just seems off they’re never mentioned at all.

      • Lyss says:

        Well, there was one JAG lawyer there, but because of Rule #(don’t remember) “never ever involve lawyers,” We’d get a very grumpy Gibbs is anyone from JAG is there (grumpier than normal!)

  13. Jaclyn says:

    As far as I’m concerned Mark Harmon needs to be on NCIS. I adore the other characters but he is the glue and the hub of the show. I think Diane Neal should join the cast permanently, she and Gibbs are fantastic combo and she’s probably woman enough to nail him down too. She could partner Ziva well.
    Mac and Harm should come back, well done Jeff – anyone catch DJE on CSI NY? Nice cameo.
    Would like to see a cross over or two with LA – the dynamics of Ziva and G would be interesting.

  14. Alana says:

    just think its kinda cool that ncis has almost the same amount of viewers as people in Australia

  15. toast says:

    Great news… I’m a huge fan of Mark Harmon.. he’s a great actor and a great guy from what I’ve seen in interviews and such. I hope NCIS continues on for as long as he wants to keep playing Gibbs.

  16. Kate says:

    I love NCIS, but what the hell was the point of this post? Will this happen? Nope, what about this? Nope. All done. WTF!?

  17. Maxwell E. says:

    Since the “Law & Order” franchise is leaving New York – Move “NCIS” in.

    “Law & Order” is now “Law & Order: Los Angeles”
    “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” will be replaced with “Law & Order: Miami” (or so it is rumored)
    “Law & Order: SVU” – staying supposed (set moved to NYC in 2010).

    So I’d be just fine Jim Dandy if Shane Brennan/CBS pops the “NCIS: New York” name! – Make CBS Tuesday nights “NCIS” night.

    But as long as Mark Harmon sticks with “NCIS”, it’s all kosher! Go MARK! He’s #1!

  18. Kelsie says:

    Ooh I think a Houston one would be really cool because there’s not much stuff in Texas!! Please do Houston that would be cool!!!!!

  19. Kdawg says:

    I’m voting for a semi-fresh spin-off with CGIS. Pair Diane Neal’s character with another strong actor and we could probably get another hit.

  20. LaDonna says:

    Love this show, even the re-runs…don’t change a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Matthew says:

    I must be the only one, but I DO think NCIS could survive without Gibbs. Im just not so sure Tony would be leading it. Sure Gibbs has been the glue of the show but things need to change every so often to keep the audience tuned in. Would it be the same show? Probably not.

  22. Jamie says:

    It’s why “Law & Order” lasted 20 years – cast changes and good scripts. “Law & Order: CI” failed last year due to an abrupt cast change with poor scripting. “L&O: SVU” fails due to poor writing.

    “CSI”/”CSI: Miami” fail due to recent poor writing plus actors come and go with those shows.

    But I think “NCIS” can do with a cast change (if it wanted to)! As long as it remains a series dealing with character-driven plots, with comedic moments and excellent acting from the actors.

  23. Lyss says:

    He’s not the only actor with a contract up! What about everyone’s favorite ex-Mossad ninja girl Ziva???? Is Cote de Pablo going to stay on? And what about Rocky Carroll too?

  24. Russ says:

    I think something non-generic like the main NCIS would work.. NCIS Cold Cases or NCIS Agent Afloat? Wherever it is doesn’t really matter but the kind of storylines would.

  25. CTown Souljah says:

    I agree about the show being nothing without Gibbs… I would probably give it a shot but cant say that i would be intriuged to really watch it with out him… Franks should come back soon how about they are trying to prosecute him and gibbs is in the middle of franks and mac and harm? they are the prosecutors on franks case and gibbs and the team has to reinvestigate the case in which franks chargers are for… also i would love NCIS: New Orleans! I was a fan of the fox cop show that was canceled with anthony anderson and the white guy also like HBO’s Treme New Orleans is a rich interesting inviornment in itself so i think to throw gibbs and the team in there for a few weeks working with there team already would lead to a great spinn off