Castle Exclusive First Look: Watch the Big Kiss!

Is this the year television’s most celebrated unrequited duos stop being polite and start coupling the hell up? Dr. Crankypants and Huddy on House are nearing the five-month mark (and they said it wouldn’t last); Booth and Brennan appear to be closer than ever to finally getting it on over at Bones; and on Castle, Nathan Fillion’s title sleuth is about to plant a wet one on his partner in crime Beckett. But as I teased in last week’s Ask Ausiello, there may be more to the Jan. 24 smooch than meets the eye. The good news? You don’t have to wait another 10 days to start compiling conspiracy theories. The video player below contains an exclusive first look at the duo’s big mouth-to-mouth moment. Go ahead and watch. You know you want to.

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How I Met Your Mother Spoiler Alert: Barney’s Father Unmasked!

Reaction? Did you spot any clues? Were you too busy swooning to do any serious investigating? Are you hot or bothered or both? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Courtney says:


  2. Nick says:

    Beckett’s eyes look elsewhere momentarily like they’re being watched right before the kiss.

  3. kate says:

    Well in the .5 seconds of that video, did I notice any clues? Nope. But the second time, it kind of looked like she was looking over his shoulder at the end, like maybe it’s a cover. I’m sure them just kissing because they like each other is wayyyy too easy. I can’t wait!

  4. Sue says:

    Way to freakin RUIN IT! Damn you guys!

  5. Cindy L says:

    looks like someone is watching them.

  6. Rebeca V says:

    The fact that she has her eyes open makes me think they have an audience.

    Still, awesome kiss!

  7. Kendall says:

    AH!!! It’s too short!!!! Need more!!!

  8. gare says:

    clearly they are putting on a show for some reason. beckett’s eyes were searching to see if “they” were watching…

    • David says:

      In the photo his right hand is cupping her face – during the shot it must be around her waist because her left hand goes to his shoulder. She seems agitated and blinking during the kiss, after
      the her left glance.

  9. diana says:

    when is the 24th? one more week of wait?

  10. Kristi says:

    Well, judging by the fact she seems to be looking off-screen at someone/something we can’t see both before and during the kiss, and she seems to be the initiator, it LOOKS like she could be using Castle in some way – as a “disguise” of some sort (to blend in if they’re on a sting and the mark is passing by?) or to make someone jealous – though that doesn’t seem like Beckett’s style. To me it looks like the kiss is definitely real (and unexpected) on Castle’s side and with Beckett I don’t think she’s intending for it to be for real, but after reflecting on it for a bit she’ll realize her feelings/attraction for/to him and then run away from that fact. Possibly breaking Castle’s heart.

  11. K. D. says:

    What a way to start the weekend! :)


  12. Sue says:

    They must kiss another time, too, because the still shot is different than the video. I hope it’s not a cover!

  13. marie says:

    omg omg omg thank for showing that!!! cant stop watching it . cant wait for the ep. only hope it not a kiss for an undercover or something like that i want hapiness after the kiss not angst please

  14. Rusty says:

    Judging from the look on Becketts face, the scene looks like one of those things that they kiss to cover up something. I hope not, have been waiting for them to hook-up for three years.

  15. Larry says:

    That was an AWKWARD kiss…

  16. nook says:

    Ok. First things firs. She kisses him. She looks to something or someone before kissing him and while kissing him. It does look like they have an audience. But, I don’t think Castle knows he looks at her with those big puppy eyes… wow. I think someone’s heart’s going to be broken :P

  17. steve says:

    Looks to me like its clearly there trying to stop there cover being blown. And personally hope it is that as i dont like 2 main actors/actress getting together its ruins the show as it put to much focus on it.

    Just look at house with huddy this season has been all about huddy which imho has ruined it.

  18. Alie says:

    They are not putting on a show. It looks like the second kiss. If it was one kiss than maybe it was a cover, but two NO WAY!!!!

    *hee hooooo heee hooo*

  19. Kim says:

    I agree with the others that something is up because of Beckett’s eyes, but holy mother of God, Castle seems oblivious and totally into it. *squeeeeeee* even if it is a cover for something.

  20. Kelsey says:

    First thought: This is not the kiss from the promo.


    6 seconds is not long enough.

  21. francisca says:

    i can only watch 4 seconds. WHY???????????????????????

  22. Vasso says:

    There is more kissing that what the video shows!!in the photo his hands are on her neck so hopefully this 6sec video is not the whole story!!but hooray!!!!

  23. Liz says:


    But why was she looking off to the side?!?

  24. CJ says:

    It would appear they might be undercover. The cruelty of it.

  25. Maureen says:

    I definitely think someone is watching them. Castle looks much more serious than Beckett. Can’t wait!

  26. David says:

    Yeah, it looks like they just finished kissing and they went in for Round 2. But someone is definitely watching…

  27. Lindsay says:

    AFTER I picked my jaw off of the floor and my heart rate returned to normal, I did notice Beckett look off the the side. Like someone was watching them and/or she was looking to see if something happened. Either way, progress!

  28. aleki says:

    I’m drooling!!!

    Can’t wait to see this episode!

  29. sita says:

    Ah, put it together with the ABC promo, and… hmm yes, I do believe there is more :)

  30. Viktoriya says:

    Guys… if you look at shot where the camera is focusing on Castle, Kate is closer than when the camera is right at her.. So I think that this 6 second tease is actually two parts, meaning two kisses? :O

    • Alie says:

      Go back and compare this sneak to the preview. they are definitely two different kisses. So while yeah, this specific kiss maybe a “cover” the kiss they show in the prom has her smiling. That’s why I’m not too worried. In the end it’s going to be the real deal.

  31. Sarah says:

    There’s at least two kisses. This one is different to the one shown in the promo. The one in the promo seems to be initiated by Castle while this one is initiated by Beckett.
    Now the question is which one comes first and what is the rest of the twist, because the way she’s watching something/someone off-screen makes this look like an undercover operation. But what’s with the kiss in the promo, where she seems to smile?

    Is it the 24th yet?

  32. Linz says:

    Scenario: Kiss 1 – Beckett see’s movement, panics at the thought of being discovered on stakeout… kisses Castle as a disguise. He’s emotionally effected big time cause of it being Kate he’s kissing combined with the last couple weeks. She breaks the kiss, attempts to play it off as ‘part of the job’ at which point he pulls her back in for kiss number 2, which is hotter, deeper and more meaningful in a way neither can brush off as easily.

    My reason for that idea? That clip – his hands aren’t on her face and she’s looking at something behind him. All the prior stuff? his hands are on her face…

  33. I agree with Viktoriya, the look before the kiss contains a lot of emotion. Seems like Beckett is going in for a repeat kiss.

  34. louise says:

    In the still shot it looks like Castle was the initiator (Beckett’s hands). So I agree with whoever said that the video is of round two. Can’t wait :)))

  35. mary says:



    Yes the eyes shifting, who cares! HOT! HOT HOT!

  36. mdb says:

    Beckett looking out of the corner of her eye suggests they are doing it as cover so someone else does not know Castle & Beckett are watching them

  37. lilu says:

    OH MY F… GOD!!! this is gonna be my best episode everrrrr… love then together

  38. kc27 says:

    My thoughts: This particular kiss in the video is a cover up of sorts, as Beckett is looking to the side at someone for sure. Castle was taken off guard, but Beckett knew what she was doing. I do think, however, there is more than one kiss in this episode! In the kiss photo that’s been floating around, Castle has his arms to Beckett’s face and her hands are clenched as though she’s the one taken aback. So, perhaps she gives him the first kiss as a cover up during a sting, but maybe in another later scene Castle gives her one too! Maybe to prove that they both felt something the first time? Who knows … but it definitely stinks we have to wait yet another week to find out! Jan. 24 can’t come soon enough!

  39. finovotny says:

    Definitely the second kiss or they wouldn’t both look so shocked at the start. In the wishful thinking corner, I’m going to say that Ryan and Esposito are on their way and the reason Beckett’s looking around is to make sure they’re not there yet.

    What? Come on, let a girl dream for another couple of days!

  40. Valerie says:

    After I spazzed a little, I was worried about why Beckett wasn’t shutting her eyes. But I’m hopeful that it’s like other people are saying and that’s just one kiss of two. And that kiss is just because they’re undercover.

  41. Jackie says:

    To me…the still looks like it could be right before the clip.. perhaps Castle kissed Beckett first and the clip was her response to it? One can only guess until the true episode is shown.

    • kc27 says:

      Watching it again, it could be the video clip is what happens right after Castle kisses Beckett (the photo). Especially if you notice the looks on their faces as the clips start. They both look a little stunned before Beckett makes her move. Not easy playing detective on this one!

      • Jackie says:

        And listen carefully to the music playing in the background. those are usually very telltale when it comes to whats happening in a movie/show(or so i`ve heard).

  42. Irina says:

    Alright, so once I watched it over 50 times, I can safely say I have a theory.

    It seems that we all agree that there is more than one kiss.
    I think that the first time, they go out of the car, she may have run out to prevent him from seeing her break down, and he follows her out to comfort her. He hugs her, and says something funny to break the tension causing her to laugh. And in that moment, like we saw in the promo, he leans in and kisses her. Then cue the first few seconds of this video. They broke apart and are staring into each other’s eyes. Castle waiting for her reaction, and Beckett probably momentarily confused (seeing as her hands weren’t on him in those pictures.) Then Beckett notices the someone they were supposed to watch as part of their surveillance come out or something along those lines, and in order to find a cover, she kisses him again, looking over his shoulder one more time to see if that person is gone/didn’t notice anything suspicious.

    This kinda saddens me, because if Castle used his kiss as a way to show her how he feels, and when she kissed him back he’d probably think she wanted more, so if he finds out it was just for a cover, it will break his (and my) heart. But on the other hand, Beckett did seem into it, and after she looked over his shoulder did close her eyes, so maybe even though for a cover at first, she really wanted all of this.

    Ahhhhh. WHY is it NOT the 24th yet?!

    • kc27 says:

      Good theory! Definitely plausible. :)

    • angela beckett says:

      My theory goes quite the opposite: i believe there’s a first kiss as a disguise. Then they somehow tackle the bad guy down as shown in another spoiler photo. Instead of in sorrow, Kate is actually happy by it (we see her smiling right after Castle kisses her during the promo) and he can’t go without kissing her for real.

      • Caskett Fan says:

        I totally agree with you, i actually think that’s the first kiss, and then there is a second kiss which is the one from the promo, because if Beckett is smiling in the promo kiss, why would she be confused when they break apart?

  43. JonLaw says:

    If you think they are kissing because they like each other, then ABC definitely has the dumbest viewers ever.

    Procedurals have used this since forever. Shows like Remington Steele, Scarecrow and Mrs King, etc have used this to cover up the cop/investigator/etc from being “made” during a stake-out or similar endeavor.

    You guys are really pretty freaking dumb to think Marlowe is gonna let this be real. But dumb viewers keep shows on the air.

    • LEE says:

      since u did mention scarecrow and mrs king. wish that was back on the air the writers did get them together even though they kept them apart if you remember they did get married. i do agree with some of the comments most of these shows dont work after they put the two lead characters together but there are a few that did mccruder and loud, scarecrow and mrs king and lest not forget get smart.

  44. Jackie says:

    P.S. adding on to my previous statement if you listen to the background music(which usually helps set the tone for what ever is happening is the current moment of a movie/show) it is a low, sweet sounding music…most likely meant to be romantic. So it seems like even if there was a cover-up kiss, this one definitely meant SOMETHING.

  45. undomiel says:

    Too busy fainting, didn’t notice anything.

  46. SpiderPig814 says:


    This show peaked.

  47. katrina says:

    ahhhh i need more!! i hope this is one of two kisses

  48. Alison says:

    hmmm. castle seemed into it but beckett looked like she was troubled

  49. ilovenathanfillion says:


  50. TVFanatic says:

    Actually, if you watch the Promo in slow motion (which I have done multiple times), right before the kiss with Castle’s hand on her face, Kate is actually smiling quite broadly, actually, maybe even laughing. He has his hands on both sides of her face and he seems to pull her in. That is not the case in this video. I do think this is the second round of kissing. A girl can ony hope.