House Exclusive: Amber Tamblyn Checks Out

The doctor is out… or at least she will be by the end of the season. House creator David Shore confirms to TVLine exclusively that Amber Tamblyn’s stint on the show will conclude this spring.

Although her deal with the show was only for one year — she was brought in to fill the temporary void left by Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen — the boss was hoping the Joan of Arcadia actress would extend her stay. “I wish she was sticking around, because she’s wonderful,” he says. “But she’s not going to be with us for [much longer].”

Tamblyn’s whip-smart MD-in-training Martha Masters will depart right around the time Wilde’s ailing Thirteen is slated to check back in. (I hear the two will briefly cross paths.) Shore says he’s “literally working” on the script for her final episode right now. “We’re going to give her a good sendoff. I’m not at liberty to discuss any details,” he insists, “but she’s getting a good sendoff.”

Tamblyn’s character got the typically chilly welcome from House and others when she arrived earlier this season, laboring to supplant her lack of a “Dr.” title with encyclopediac knowledge. “Shes an interesting character, that Masters,” notes Omar Epps (Foreman). “Our team is a little bit jaded, so we had to have a lot of patience with her.”

Thoughts? Were you, like Shore, hoping Tamblyn would lengthen her House call? Hit the comments!

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  1. Bobbie Kevern says:

    Cameron can stay gone forever. I agree that Thirteen’s character has more layers and there is always room for more Chase.

    • Terri Rullo says:

      This says I have to talk smart about TV. I’m not sure that is possible. But I like this character a lot. Of course I like 13 too. And because she was there so long I like and miss Cameron. I’m a huge fan of the show and started watching it when I was in the hospital. I wish there were more doctors like House. You know he does care about the patient. Well, that is about as smart as I can be about TV. House is my favorite show on TV and I have bought all the ole episodes. Never get tired of them. I’m feeling the urge to start cussing, so this will be my last period.

  2. AB says:

    I wish she would stay…I like her character, she’s not whimpy, not mean, not kissing Houses butt, she’s nice, smart & smaer mouthed!
    I like her, she is a definite plus to the show! A very different angle that throws House a curve now & then…lol

  3. AB says:

    Typo…I meant “Smart Mouthed” lol

  4. Carl says:

    I preferred Tamblyn to Wilde.. The show’s writing also improved with her arrival. Shame to see her go.

  5. Lillian says:

    I liked all three, Cameron,Wilde and Tamblyn. They each brought something unique and interesting. Wish they could all three be on the show. Lots of plot lines.

    • Jan C. says:

      Now that’s the best idea I’ve heard yet ! I came to know Amber as “Emily” on General Hospital … one of my favorite soaps … so I kind of watched her grow up. Really missed her when they replaced her, and was thrilled to find her again on Joan of Arcadia. Unfortunately, that show didn’t last long. Honestly, I almost didn’t recognize her when she debuted on House, and when I realized who it was, AGAIN I was thrilled. And now you tell me she’s leaving House, too ? Such a shame. She is a great actress, and I love her character (Masters) and the fact that House seemed to be leaning (albeit only a teensy bit) toward ‘honesty being the best policy’. I think the change would have done his character good, considering his new relationship with Cuddy.
      I have ALWAYS loved Cameron, and would like to see more of her. And I came to love Thirteen,too, and would hate to see her not come back.
      So, my vote is ……. KEEP ‘EM ALL ! ! ! :D

    • Kim says:

      I agree. Why does there have to be only ONE girl?

  6. Nicolette says:

    I haven’t seen those episodes yet (saw the one of the billionaire dad wanting to spend more time with son and those few episodes after) so I guess I got a while til I catch up. But I suppose I’ll be wishing she had stayed after I’ve seen the episodes.

  7. hiba hayek says:

    noooooo i hated her from the first place .. send her off and bring back 13

  8. Kathy says:

    I have really enjoyed Tamblyn’s character, she wasn’t a sex kitten like Cameron or vulgar like Thirteen. I thought the show much better served with Tamblyn’s character.

  9. Kathy says:

    I thought Tamblyn’s character gave the show more depth.

  10. Al says:

    I thought Tamblyn’s character gave the show a lot more depth and it will be very disappointing to see her go…:-(

  11. Lori says:

    I liked her better than 13 but I want more House and Chase!!
    Clinic duty would be nice too! Less Huddy.

    • moore209 says:

      Agree about Huddy. The show hasn’t “jumped the shark” yet but it seems to be swimming in shark infested waters.

  12. Hollie says:

    I stopped watching the show after the first episode this season. I had been watching from the beginning, but was very disappointed when they showed Cuttey and House in bed and out of it, naked, practically the whole episode. It has gone down hill the past season or so and they care less about the case at hand than themselves and all the sex and crap that goes on is just too much! It is sooooo far from reality that I can’t watch it anymore!

    • JTH says:

      I totally agree, I ALSO QUIT WATCHING this season, cuz I knew they were gonna force cutty/house to get together, it’s stupid, it’s dumb, it makes the show STINK !!! Several seasons ago, i wish they’d dump Cutty, enough of her skankiness already !! She just irks me, dunno what it is, but i’ve never liked her. She messes up the HOUSE character and that makes the show suk. pffttt

  13. caroline says:

    Did not like the character, it seemed too forced and didn’t add to the show like all the other doctors have.

  14. Mike says:

    I had hoped they would keep her on the show.

  15. derek says:

    yes bring back thirteen because its everyones dream to have a doctor who is slowly losing control of his/her motor functions. i just hope that if the show makes up a way for her to be cured they also make up a way for her to transfer it to someone else first. ex: let her sexually transmit it to forman so they can recast his position. one house is enough without the hot college who wants to sleep with the better of the two, like cameron. then they could have a competition to see which was better and therefor who would get to plow her. besides bringing cameron back and having house do her would be the ultimate FU to chase. :)

    • Rachel says:

      “i just hope that if the show makes up a way for her to be cured they also make up a way for her to transfer it to someone else first. ex: let her sexually transmit it to forman so they can recast his position.”

      How could she “transfer” a genetic disease?

    • Fey says:

      Go watch a soap opera dude.

  16. ana says:

    David Shore says it will have a good farewell.Afare wel Jennifer Morrison was shameful,please she is more beautiful than the actresses who work in house when leave house lost half hearing.Sorry I am French and my English is not good

  17. ddh says:

    Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) left of her own free will. It’s not like she was booted out and replaced. I like Masterson’s morals and values. Someone always has them in real life. And anyway, who wants a show that is always true to life? Don’t we watch these things to escape for a while? There would be nothing to escape to if everything was true to reality.

    • daniela says:

      Jennifer Morrison didn’t leave the show, the producers told her that they didn’t have any ideas for her character, they writte her off, she didn’t want to quit and the cast were shocked when they hear the news.

  18. Jamie says:

    I HATE Thirteen! I don’t want her back! This season without her has been wonderful since we are back to focusing on House instead of her. If they love her character (and actress) so much spin her to her own show and let me enjoy House in peace!

    • Rich says:

      I agree! I’m not a big 13 fan either! i LOVED Martha, she was so interesting and DIFFERENT! She had MORALS, STANDARDS, VALUES! I loved that, because all the other cast members are so twisted. And 13 is so dark and unreadable. Thats what house is there for. She’s a little boring to me. I like Olivia Wilde as an actress but im a little tired of her character in House

    • Mike says:

      AMEN to that!

  19. tayo says:


  20. tayo says:

    i dont want13 back in house

  21. christine says:

    she is great, but I am happier that Thirteen will be back!! the storylines will be so interesting by then.. ;D

  22. Mila says:

    Oh, she should stay!

    I appreciate very much AT’s acting scills and I like the character, too.

    But even if she could not stay – why we need 13 to come back?! :(

  23. Rose says:

    13 and Martha are both poor subsitutes for Cameron!
    House is nowhere near the awesome show it used to be!!!

    • Zoe says:

      Couldn’t have said it better! Much as I like the actress, her character was a pathetic attempt to bring back Cameron energy. Yuck.

  24. Sally says:

    Amber T. is great no doubt about that, but her character on House as being so super smart and a total nerd was really not believable for me. I know we have not seen all her episodes but she was just too smart and too much of a nerd to really like her. Its always the same with the House writers. They always go over the top with new characters in the beginning. It was the same with 13 in the beginning. She was all over the place, I only started to like her when she was made into more of a team-player and not the one who always saved the day like in season 4-5. If they bring a new girl on I hope its a “normal” person for a change this time.
    But I hope there is more Chase (Jesse Spencer) this year because I do looooove him!!!

    • Rich says:

      Totally disagree! I loved Martha’s smarts, it CHALLENGED House. I loved that she had what the rest of the team didnt have. MORALS! VALUES! STANDARDS! LIMITS! Don’t get me wrong I love Olivia Wilde but i think her character is a little BORING, not alot just a little. I find Martha was more exciting and brought an interesting twist to the show, something fresh, something the show hadnt seen before. DIGNITY! But like anything remotely interesting they move it off the show because people like IMMORALITY AND LIES they think it’s exciting. Like what goes on between 13 and Foreman. Can’t blame yall, its a sick twisted world. Anyways can’t wait for new episodes…

    • Lori says:

      Masters is written as high functioning autistic and is based on someone the actress knows in real life. They haven’t flat out said she has Asperger Syndrome but it’s assumed.

  25. Becca says:

    oh damn,she really should stay , i adore her character on the show, she was perfect for the team..im sad that she is leaving.

  26. Rich says:

    I loved Martha’s smarts, it CHALLENGED House. I loved that she had what the rest of the team didnt have. MORALS! VALUES! STANDARDS! LIMITS! Don’t get me wrong I love Olivia Wilde but i think her character is a little BORING, not alot just a little. I find Martha was more exciting and brought an interesting twist to the show, something fresh, something the show hadnt seen before. DIGNITY! But like anything remotely interesting they move it off the show because people like IMMORALITY AND LIES they think it’s exciting. Like what goes on between 13 and Foreman. Can’t blame yall, its a sick twisted world. Anyways can’t wait for new episodes…

  27. dustinbray says:

    I want 13 to come back. She made House interesting, they played off each other very well. Although her and Foreman will have issues, hopefully they’ll get back together or something. I wish they could atleast give Cameron a small role. I was so upset when Cameron and Chase split. But atleast House and Cuddy are finally together! I’ve been waiting for that since season 1!

  28. roger622 says:

    “House” is basically the same plot every week (it’s never lupus!), so it is the characters that make the show interesting. The more characters the better. As regular viewers, we can handle it. A.T. did a fine job, and should work somewhere in the hospital. But, far and away, Thirteen was the most interesting on the staff, and very well acted.

  29. rhonda says:

    Amber just wasn’t a good fit (sorry girl) Cameron and 13 gave depth to their characters. I’m sure the writers are running out of story line. But, don’t lose House and the boys or Cuddy. Come on now…amaze me!

  30. mary says:

    Loved her character she was the reason I start watching again!

    Hate 13, she is a dimwit that brings nothing to the ensemble, she looks more like a nurse than anything, and they had her instead of Cameron?

    Just mind boggling!

  31. Jane2 says:

    That’s a shame. I was enjoying 3M. It seems like a waste as there was so much they could have done with the character.

    I’m indifferent on 13. Stay or go it makes no difference.

  32. ana says:

    nobody is idiot but I never liked 13 Cameron is the best

  33. marla says:

    I really never liked either Cameron or Thirteen, and I wouldn’t miss Thirteen at all. Her story is too old by now and I never thought she was very interesting, but I really like Masters. I wasn’t too sure in the beginning but I really got to like her as the episodes went. She is different, interesting, and has great chemistry with House. Too bad she is leaving.

  34. barbara says:

    I really found her character to be one that was difficult to relate to or like. I have seen so many different characters on this show since it first started, and I have to say, she ranked around second or third from the bottom of who ranks as interesting. She’s just not my cup of tea and I say, “Good ridden!”

  35. KStall says:

    I do not understand why you don’t <3 and miss Thirteen as much as I do. She is as intriguing as House and Foreman! It is the layers of those three characters that make the show so meaningful! Get rid of Talb; he adds nothing.

  36. Ellen says:

    I adore Thirteen, and am thrilled that it’s been confirmed she’ll be back. This new character hasn’t had a chance to “bond” with me, so I won’t miss her (as far as I know at this moment.) As for Cameron, she could bring some great tension back to the team, but honestly, the show goes on without her quite well.

    I REALLY miss CTB. Killing her just when we started to like her was so cruel. But when she reappeared in House’s hallucinations…well, that was a real treat. I literally screamed when she “appeared” at his piano. :)

  37. Nobody Cares says:

    This just in:
    House will be cancelled very shortly, for this very reason. Not because they are getting rid of Amber Tamblyn (though she’s an awesome actress), but because nobody cares any more. There have been so many recurring roles cut, and the show has just tanked the past couple of seasons.

    Sorry House fans, but that’s where it is.

    • mindy says:

      I agree, the show has lost my interest. I was a die hard fan at first, but 13’s character does nothing for me. I liked Cameron’s character and she would have been a better love interest for House. Have not watched since Cutty and House got together… this is not interesting. Sad because I really liked the show when it first started. What have the writers done?

      • Steve H. says:

        I think it’s a little extreme to say ‘nobody cares any more’. In just reading through these comments, it is apparent that there are still a lot of people who care very much, myself included. I do agree that the House-Cuddy relationship is questionable at times. Sometimes I like it, and like that he’s finally achieving a little bit of happiness; other times, I’m bothered that it’s softening him up to a degree, and that he even seems to be kind of ‘whipped’ by her. I don’t know, I guess I can’t decide how I feel about it, but it does make the show a bit ‘soapy’ at times, and I do hope they back off of that some. They really should refocus on the cases more. Character development and interpersonal relationships are great and have always been done well within the show, but the cases have become more of an aside..

        Still, I feel like House is safe and is still a great show. And it continues to draw viewers. Just needs to refocus a bit..

  38. Mandy says:

    Definitely bring Thirteen back!!! I love her!! How can you go wrong with a hot female doc with a tortured past, indiscriminate sex life and impending health issues. Soooooo many different scenarios are possible and she is just a great actress!! I am going to see Tron, ONLY because she is in it!!! I think most educated and intelligent fans of the show who can actually follow it want her back, I mean seriously – look at the spelling of most of the ones that don’t like her. Sorry folks but if you can’t spell simple words, I am really not interested in your opinion.

  39. Tammy says:

    I like the new Tamblyn. She gives a different flavor to the show…however, when you delve into the character’s “personal lives” too much, you lose the whole gist of the show….which is figuring out the weird medical situations. Don’t – I repeat DON’T – lose the basis of the whole House show. Making House half-human in the midst of his obnoxiousness is the crux of this show. Please don’t let that fact slip away.

  40. sabrina says:

    Let Tamblyn go! Bad actress and not a good fit. Anxiously awaiting Wildes return!!:)

  41. Rachel says:

    Tamblyn’s role added a definite curve to the show,and I don’t see why they won’t keep her, but whatever. I’m really interested in both Maston and House from a psychiatric standpoint. Asperger’s and addicttion? Thats the stuff I’m into. I would love to see the writers do more regarding House’s addiction and all that, but then the show’s focus would be lost. I love House as a character. His arrogance and assiness is so witty its attractive. MORE HOUSE!!!!!

  42. artiste411 says:

    I didn’t like Masters at first, but now I’m starting to like her more. 13 is still my favorite female team member, and I’m glad she’s coming back soon, but I’ll be sad to see Masters go…

  43. Miles says:

    Masters was starting to grow on me. As House said, “She had me sold the minute she called [Cuddy] a coward.” I’m a bit disappointed to hear she’s leaving.

  44. sherry says:

    13 is the best female on house’s team, she has so many dimensions, i used to like Cameron but she’s too do-goody always taking the right way out, its quite annoying actually, masters had the same quality but she had a funny aspect to her and her relationship with house was interesting to say the least, id like to see how masters and 13 get along.

  45. ND4400 says:

    You People Need to Get over Cameron! She (no matter how hot!) isn’t coming back!

  46. Lionel says:

    I loved Masters and I would love to see Masters and Thirteen together letting masters go is a mistake

  47. Elizabeth says:

    I like Masters, but I like 13 too. Y’know who I really miss?
    AMBER! ( CTB not Tambalyn )! She was a great addition to the team.
    If Stacy came back…that would be pretty interesting too.
    BUT I wish Amber hadn’t died:[

  48. Marcos says:

    Cameron was my favourite character on the show and i always shipped her and House. The show turned into COMPLETE CRAP!!!! after season 3 when they decided to dissolve the original team and bring in new actors. THE SHOW HAS BEEN CRAP AND A SHADOW OF IT FORMER SELF SINCE THE END OF SEASON 3!!


  49. Ameijha says:

    I love 13. She is an amazing character who brings loads of depth to the show. For those of you who think that Masters has depth I disagree entirely. Her character is boring. Yes, she has morals and boundaries and she stands up to house, but both 13 and foreman stand up to house and her morals and boundaries limit her and the show. If everyone had the same morals and boundaries then the show would be so boring no one could stand even 5 minutes of it. Her character must go. Also, those of you who want Cameron back get over it she is NOT coming back. Cameron was a great character, but she is gone. I am glad they are bringing 13 back and I am extremely glad they are removing masters from the plot. This season has been boring, but I believe it is because of 13 being gone and Hutty. They could lose house and Cutty’s relationship.

  50. grishma says:

    masters was so much more fun tham cameron and thirteen.

    • linda futrell says:

      I am glad she is leaving. She was ok but 13 is much better. We need all the help we can get. This season is the worst in the ratings. No one likes a wimpy House. He must stop Cuddy treating him like dirt. Hope he dumps her in time to save the show.

    • Chiana says:

      Agree. I initially loved Cameron but became a little bit sick of her near the end. Really can’t stand 13’s character, Amber’s Martha is so much better. Sounds like she has something else lined up though, so at least they’re not making a bad judgment call. Although I would prefer another actress to replace 13 – like the pediatrician that turned down Foreman for being a wimp (regarding standing up to House).