Bones Exclusive: Booth/Brennan Season-Ending Romance Subject of 'Spirited Debate,' Says Boss

Bones fans, grab a seat, and I mean grab it good, lest you be knocked out of it by what you’re about to read: This is the season Bones may finally go there with Booth and Brennan.

I kid you not.

Series creator Hart Hanson tells TVLine that the No. 1 topic of conversation in the show’s writers’ room is whether or not the star-crossed sleuths should end the season as a full-fledged couple.”What happens [as we wrap] between Booth and Brennan is the subject of a spirited and wide-ranging debate —and that’s the honest-to-God truth,” he say. “Some people think [we should go for it], and others are wildly against it. It’s a really interesting debate.”

One thing that’s certain is that Hanson and fellow exec producer Stephen Nathan will have to make a decision soon. The groundwork for a possible B&B hookup will be laid in this season’s 19th episode, which, as revealed in this week’s Ask Ausiello, finds them trapped in an elevator. “They’ll be forced together,” teases Hanson, “and they have to figure some things out.” (FYI: My Bones-obsessed former colleague at EW.com, Mandi Bierly, just posted some new details on the elevator episode.)

Your thoughts? Is it time for Bones to pull the trigger on Double B? Weigh in below!

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  1. keri says:

    This is what we’ve been waiting for- for how many seasons now? IT’S ABOUT TIME

  2. FL says:

    Meh. It seems to me that they’re just trying to hype up interest in the show after the hiatus… I’m sure they must have debated the will-they-won’t-they in the writers’ room a million times before anyway.

    Also, I really don’t want to walk into the trap of saying ‘please please please get them together’. When have the writers ever listened to the fans on this show?

    So nothing new here, let’s move on, folks!

    • Lillie says:

      of course they should be paired up there is to much chemistry between them not to be a couple go for it we are so ready but dont let it hurt their work relastions

  3. Alanna says:

    It is what we all have been waiting for, I am sick of shows that have this dynamic couple that belong together and they wait til the last episode to get them there and then end the show. We want them together, there are so many story lines that can be written with the trials of them getting it together. trying to keep it from everyone, to the difficult time Bones has opening her heart completely, soo much they could do as a couple, and keep the show interesting

  4. Zerelda says:

    And no. You writer’s are not allowed to END the show, just if B&B get together. There could be so many possibilities with them together, marriage, pregnancy (from the Brennan getting pregnant in “The End in the Beginning” episode)! SO MUCH! I think I would protest the show ending, I really would. Just to warn everybody, don’t think I’m joking either. With the idiot economy trying to bring us down, we NEED B&B to pull through, and continue ONWARDS towards the path of NEVERENDINGNESS!! LMAO! :D

  5. donna says:

    go for it i would love to see them together

  6. Aussie fan says:

    Every series has to end sometime. I would prefer Bones ends on a strong note than try to squeeze every known permutation out of its plot lines for several more seasons and lose our interest (and its ratings).

  7. Gabby says:

    i def. think that it should happen..they would be great together,, and thats all that i have been waiting for in the show!! the show is great but that would make it better :)

  8. Cathy D says:

    I would like to see it but I’m afraid it would take the edge off there working relationship. And it would be the end of the quick witted banter as we know it. Remember “Moonlighting”.

  9. Tina Boyd says:

    These two complete each other plain and simple,they are like the yin & yang,neither are whole without the other!

  10. Brenda Smith says:

    Bones and Booth belong together!!!!!! It was very upsetting to see the writers bring in Hannah after last season’s ending.The story line could only get better with them a couple.Get on with it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lupe says:

    I love this show. However, I am REALLY, REALLY conflicted on whether or not these two should hook up. I remember how “Moonlighting” sort of went down the tubes when the two main characters were hooked up — the plot line sort of died down, options closed, because the two main characters were involved. I am afraid that that’s what would happen if the dance stopped and these two hooked up now. I am ALL FOR a hook up as part of the FINAL episode, but now? I am not so sure that’s a good thing, I really like the tension and the uncertainty.

  12. Betsy B says:

    Booth needs to teach Brennan how to love. They should end up together.

  13. Heather says:

    I worry this would ruin Bones like it ruined House. Every one wanted Cutty and House together and now that they got together the ratings drop big time! I would hate for this show to be messed up!

  14. Steff says:

    OMG Plz put them together!! My daughter has threatened to not even watch it anymore because of the girlfriend and them not getting together last season.

  15. Carol says:

    I would love for them to get together, but…..how and what then? Bones is friends with Booth’s girlfriend and Booth seems to really be in love with her. /Shd be interesting.

  16. Linda Maldonado says:

    Catch 22. I’d love to see them together but I feel if this happens the chemistry between them won’t be as intense & interesting. These past seasons we saw Brennan open up emotionally as never before. now that Booth has a love interest she is slowly going back into her shell. I loved it when she broke down & told Booth how she felt at the same time I felt that Booth handled it like a man in a serious committed relationship & that is something you don’t see very often in TV. Even thought I am torn about the hook-up, I will continual to watch the show faithfully for I love Dr. Brennan & agent Booth.

  17. Ruth Stroh says:

    yep yep yep its in the cards I think the show will get tiring waiting and waiting for something to happen.They are ready for a relationship to begin…GO FOR IT!!!

  18. Charlie says:

    Yes, I want them together, but they have to stay together for the rest of the show’s history. Screenwriters, you can make this work.

  19. Pam says:

    Why is that TV couples always have this maybe they will maybe they won’t thing, isn’t there anyway for the writers to write about a couple who meet get together, fight, makeup etc. But stay together. Like Crossing Jordan just started to get good ….cancelled, Woody & Jordan never got together. Enough already, let them be together and realize that we the fans will still watch even if they do. Maybe even more so. This whole Hannah story line has sucked from the start. The show drags and is not very fun to watch. Like someone earlier said, it’s depressing to watch them all being sad and lonely.

  20. Claire Lightowlers says:

    Yes, you don’t know how long i’ve been wanting them to hit it off! By getting the amazing Booth & Brennan together will make the show even better! But……….Please keep them together. it would break my heart and surely the hearts of many other Bones lovers out there too if you was to split B&B up. So please, please, please mke my day and make the magic happen.

  21. Jo says:

    Please let them be together! They are so great together and Bones need to feel loved and express love herself!

  22. Chyanne says:

    Booth and Brennan NEED TO HOOK UP already!! Those two are perfect!

  23. Beverly says:

    Yes please do. I have been waiting for this since I started watching. They make such a great couple, and you have eleuded to it for soooooo long. Getter done. And in future episodes they can finally have that baby Bones wanted.

  24. Amanda says:

    Booth and Bones belong together! :)

  25. Mike A says:

    YES… I say do it… It is time and a long time coming… Been watching shows, repeats since 2008

  26. Suzy says:

    These characters are made to be together. Just hope if they hook up, you let them stay that way for a while. Come on they’ve always loved each other, go for it!!!!!!

  27. Sharon says:

    YES!!! Finally…Please!

  28. Heather says:

    Only if Booth and Hannah are over with first. I would be very disappointed is they got together before that happened.

  29. bshaddo says:

    Please put them together. Bones is such a great show, we watch every week and lately we’ve been catching up on missed episodes. The chemistry between B & B is fabulous. It would just be the best if they finally came together. In fact, we were hoping their first meeting back after the “year apart” would be it, but instead we saw a distant booth. And how sad was the episode when Bones explained how she “missed her moment” oh did we tear. Love the show!

  30. Mama Fouts says:

    YES!!!! They will make a GREAT couple, Booth sees life from a different perspective than Bones and this is what makes their chemistry so great. GO FOR IT!!!!!

  31. navymom says:

    For sure pair them up they make a great couple…they belong together and why you haven’t did that already is beyound us.

  32. paul brockway says:

    yes, my wife and I would love to see them together & also would love to have Zach’s character come back.

  33. Gemma says:

    The have to get together I have been waiting for that moment since the first season !!! They belong together x

  34. julia says:

    They pretty much act like a couple now just with out the kissing and sex. I do not think it will ruin the show at all. I would still watch it that is for sure.

  35. Janet Kaylor says:

    Brenan and Booth YES1 It’s what we’re waiting for. You should go for it- bringing back Zach would be a plus too.

  36. Troy says:

    Are you kidding..YES!!!go there PLEASE!!

  37. Kayla says:

    Oh my goodness! They HAVE to get together! Have to!! I can’t believe there are people aganist it! Anyway, yes, I believe they should get together. :) I understand what that last person was saying about ‘raising the numbers’ and that they’ve debated it before, but they want to keep the show going on as long as they can and people -like moi- are getting antsy so… Yeah.
    Hahah. Eh. I don’t know, that’s just my thoughts. :)

  38. Brandi says:

    DO IT!!! I have watched this show from day 1. I have always loved the tension between Booth and Brennan. But when the season is over I WANT THEM TOGETHER!!! I have never minded that they weren’t together the entire time but to think that they will NEVER be together is a shame. He needs her and she needs him. To create characters that seem to thrive on each other and then to make them never be together is a waste of time.

  39. Sue says:

    my hubby and I have watched this show from the beginning. we love it. Even my husband is disgusted they aren’t a couple yet. I think good writers could keep the chemistry and conflict / spirited debates going between B&B even if they are a couple and may even open up more writing ops.

  40. Liz says:

    YES!! Please let them be together!

  41. Christina says:

    YES!!!!!! It’s about time!!! We as an audience have been waiting for years for these two to make it happen!!!! I say let it happen!

  42. Lona Towsley says:

    They need eaach other. One the romantic the other the realest. they even each other out. they need to be together. i know the writter can make this happen.

  43. Lydia says:

    I would like it if B&B FINALLY got together, but bringing in Hannah this season was like throwing a bucket of ice water on the B&B relationship. The spark between B&B was lost and Brennan is pretty much a sad character anymore. So I don’t know if the B&B relationship is even salvageable at this point.

    I miss the happier earlier seasons, when B&B worked so well together.

    I just hope Angela and Hodgins and the new baby bring some happiness back to the series.

  44. Shayna says:

    I worry this will go the way of “Moonlight” and “Moonlighting” (weird theme there O.o)
    But honestly, I stopped watching once they brought Hannah in. Way too contrived, didn’t feel right. So I stopped.
    Get them together again? Might boost the ratings, as opposed to what they did with House… it’s all in the execution, folks. For once, I’d like to see a show that got the two romantic leads together, and didn’t end, and worked it out properly.

  45. Debbie says:

    Yes they should be together, that’s what the whole show has evolved around since it began. If the writer’s can do such a good job teasing us, there is abosultely NO reason why they can’t make it just as interesting and witty when they are together.

  46. Clarissa says:

    It has been PAINFUL that Bones and Boothe have not gotten together. I’ve scratched my head thinking “get it done, already” for years now.

  47. Elled says:

    PLEASE DON’T! The crimes are just a device to examine their dynamic. Yes, Booth needs to recognize what Brennan is beginning to realize herself, but if they end as a couple there’s really no show. I would miss my peeps but there really wouldn’t be anything left to do but a spin-off. “Bones” would be dead.

  48. Marie says:

    Definitely put them together! The have great chemistry – as we’ve seen in other seasons. Season 6 has been painful to watch.

  49. angela says:

    Brennan is so cold. What if the process wud be, Brennan learned bout love etc then she realise she need Booth so much? And..- agree, they shud be together.

  50. Gabby says:

    YES!! They need to get together!!!

    • tml says:

      Yes Please get them together or at least right at together and with noone else. They are so great together!!!!

    • Nora Morrow says:

      They better get together. They are explosive, in love and belong together!!!!!

    • La says:

      I think it’s HIGH TIME. There’s only so much we, as the audience, can stand to see them go towards each other, and then spring back away. I know it’s important to keep the sexual tension in the show, but I believe the writers could do a lot with their relationship: how it starts, where it goes, the kinds of conversations they have. I mean, they have such a great connection between the two of them. Their banter between each other alone is something we couldn’t live without.

      IT’S ABOUT TIME! Just please do it tastefully. I seriously cannot stand another season of watching them hurt themselves and those around them.