Bones Exclusive: Booth/Brennan Season-Ending Romance Subject of 'Spirited Debate,' Says Boss

Bones fans, grab a seat, and I mean grab it good, lest you be knocked out of it by what you’re about to read: This is the season Bones may finally go there with Booth and Brennan.

I kid you not.

Series creator Hart Hanson tells TVLine that the No. 1 topic of conversation in the show’s writers’ room is whether or not the star-crossed sleuths should end the season as a full-fledged couple.”What happens [as we wrap] between Booth and Brennan is the subject of a spirited and wide-ranging debate —and that’s the honest-to-God truth,” he say. “Some people think [we should go for it], and others are wildly against it. It’s a really interesting debate.”

One thing that’s certain is that Hanson and fellow exec producer Stephen Nathan will have to make a decision soon. The groundwork for a possible B&B hookup will be laid in this season’s 19th episode, which, as revealed in this week’s Ask Ausiello, finds them trapped in an elevator. “They’ll be forced together,” teases Hanson, “and they have to figure some things out.” (FYI: My Bones-obsessed former colleague at EW.com, Mandi Bierly, just posted some new details on the elevator episode.)

Your thoughts? Is it time for Bones to pull the trigger on Double B? Weigh in below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jane says:

    I am all for Booth and Hannah staying together. Love thore two

    • Anne says:

      OHHHHHHH HELLLLLLLLLL No Hanna has got to go
      booth is meant to be with bones she needs him and he needs her
      it is sooooo romantic he is her knight in shining armor

      • Amanda says:

        I am so with Anne. Hanna has to go. the ep. where they say she got shot. I’ll be honest i was hoping it to be her end. Booth and temp need to get it together. there are eps. where i get so mad cause they get so close and it’s oops no!

  2. KB says:

    For crying out loud, yes! 6 going into 7 years is WAY past time for the two leads to get together. This cliche gf/third party plot has ruined the season thus far, the only way to fix it would be to start gaining on B&B’s relationship again. When season 6 started you could literally feel the chemistry fizzle out of the characters because there was so much push of a character that no one cared about. Ridiculous! If the writers put another road block to keep B&B apart, fans will be jumping off the boat in droves. Get it together BONES!

    • Toni says:

      I totally agree with KB. I am not even interested in it since the third party came aboard. The sexual tension between the two is what helped make the series what it is. Ditch the other girl.

    • MAR says:

      I agree! I tend to lose interest w/on and off relationships.

    • switbo says:

      Good grief – YES! The ways they are keeping them apart are starting to feel SO forced and manufactured. My husband used to regularly watch with me, and he feels that it’s gotten so ridiculous, that he’s pretty much lost interest. They did such a good job with the tension that it just feels totally false that they haven’t gotten together yet. I agree, the fans are going to outright revolt and start giving up if they don’t get them together soon.

  3. Jim L says:

    Bones, I think, is at that point where there’s more behind them than ahead. I think to breath new life that could keep them going for another 2 years, exploring a real love between Bones and Booth is the exact way to go. Do it! Make it real and make it last.

  4. Lynne says:

    JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! already!!! I’m so ready to see them struggling to be a couple…struggling to make it all work in the middle of what they deal with….struggling to see if their love for each other is ‘enough’ to get them thru the issues, the trials, the family problems and job issues….I want to see them working at being a couple…being committed for life eventually. These two are so wonderful anytime…the First half of season 6…seeing them apart in every way has been so painful to wade thru…never in all my years of watching t.v.-and i’ve seen some marvelous couples–have I seen two any more right for each other. Pull the trigger!! Let’s go FORWARD!!!!!

  5. Gina says:

    DO IT!!! PLEASE!!1 its time. They can’t wait any longer!!!

  6. Elena says:

    OH MY GOD, YES!!! Let’s get this show on the road already! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed the build up, the tension, etc…but if this does happen it’ll be at the end of the 6th season. It’s time. Booth and Brennan are primed. There is no one else for them and throwing any other obstacles in the way would just be ridiculous at this point.

    I know allowing couples to get together too soon in a series can ruin the sexual tension but that won’t happen here. There are so many possibilities for great storylines if those two are together…so much character development and growth to be seen.

    Hart Hanson and Stephan Nathan should give Booth and Brennan the green light. LET’S DO THIS THING!!!

  7. Katie says:

    PLEASE do it! 6 years is long enough! GO FOR IT!!!! And please, get Hannah OUT of the picture, NOW!

  8. dovepage says:

    Best news we have heard in a year. Get this couple together and show a smart, successful relationship with bumps and turns and everyday life showing romance is not over when you get together.

  9. Jenn says:

    I don’t believe anything that comes from the Bones camp after the big lie of Season 4.

  10. Amy says:

    YES!!! Please go for it.. Six years is long enough. I for one would LOVE to see Booth and Brennan together.

  11. daniellealberta says:

    Every year Hart Hanson “teases” that the Booth – Bones relationship might go somewhere. Never happened. I’m so sick of listening to this guy’s crap. He strings us on like this every year, which is why I stopped watching “Bones”. It was one of my favorite shows, but I got so tired of feeling like a puppet on a string!!!

  12. TinkonBrink says:

    Since Hart Hanson has a propensity to hate musicals, this comment kills two birds with one stone.
    As Miss Eliza Doolittle once sang:
    “Words! Words! Words! I’m so sick of words.
    I get words all day through; First from him, now from you.
    Is that all you blighters can do?
    Don’t talk of stars shining above. If [they’re] in love, show me!
    Don’t wait until wrinkles and lines pop out all over my brow.
    Show me now!”

    I think that just about covers it.

    • JB says:

      I totally agree! We must be approaching sweeps/spring tv season bc yet again we hear the same cryptic thing from the people that make Bones about the Bones/Brennan situation. It truly is ridiculous.

      I LOVE the show, but the continual messing around and lying to fans truly makes me angry and not want to watch the show.

      If the creators said “they are never getting together, deal with it.” I wouldn’t have an issue, but to constantly tease over multiple years the development in the relationship is absurd.

  13. João Amaral says:

    Don’t kill me, but i like Hannah, i want her to stick around.

  14. Gee says:

    I love that people are finally cottoning on to how the fans are played every single season.
    It’s. Not. Going. To. Happen. // I’ll believe it when I see it… this is assuming they can even fix the mess they got themselves into with the dreadful Hannah storyline.

  15. Andrea says:

    “They’ll be forced together,” teases Hanson, “and they have to figure some things out.”

    Yes, I want Booth and Brennan together, but they do have a lot to figure out. I want them to TALK and be on the same page again before they seriously commit to each other. If time is needed to address some of the storyline decisions that have been made this season, I’d rather wait a bit longer to see them together than just pair them for the sake of speed and getting it done.

  16. gabe says:

    All this has happened before and all this will happen again.

  17. Anna says:

    This non-sense is why iv been slipping away from Bones ):

    Theyve been saying this for 3 seasons, and when Hannah came in, its killed my love for the show.

    It hasnt been a deliberate “im not watching this anymore” but more of a slow move towards not caring. I used to always make sure I had time the day of or after an episode to watch… but this year iv just kinda been like “ehh…nothing I want to see is gonna happen this episode.”

    When I hear that something ACTUALLY HAPPENS between them, il be more inclined to watch. Until then you have lost yet another fan, Bones.

  18. Vorpaks says:

    I assume that if Bones is renewed they will not get together. If Bones is not renewed then they will get together.

    HH has said several time they won’t get together until the last season. I am pretty sure Bones will be renewed for a 7th season but they would be silly not to plan for it to end this season, just in case.

  19. Ellen says:

    they need to bring back the chemistry with the entire cast. This season has been to awful to watch: Brennan just constantly sad and alone. Bring back the partnership and go from there.

    I won’t watch until this whole triangle is over, and I am not even a shipper. I just can’t stand the overall sad tone of the show. It is not the same “Bones” and I am not sure that they can get it back. This whole arc has been dragged out way too long.

    Grey’s, CSI and the Office are all alternatives (even Royal Pains).
    This could be too late for Bones. I know they will most likely be renewed, but Hart Hanson went on too long with this story line. The introduction of Hannah may have been a good idea, but it changed everything about the show and took away what fans really cared about:
    Brennan, Booth and the squints working together. It has become the
    Booth and Hannah and the squints seperate. Why has this recurring
    character been given so much importance?

  20. Bailey says:

    Does anyone realize how much these writers jack the story lines from House?
    House season 5: it looked like h/c were about to get together, but house’s craziness got in the way.
    Bones season 5: it looked like b/b were about to get together, but brennan’s craziness got in the way.
    House season 6: Cuddy gets a Bf that goes until the last episode when she starts a relationship w/ House
    Bones season 6: Booth gets a gf who is here for at least a long while, then might possibly end up with Bones in the end of the season?

    HH, get your own story, stop stealing House’s

  21. Tabitha says:

    Get it together-and finally get them together. The hilarity that would ensue from B&B transitioning into a new level/type of relationship would still keep the show fresh and audience engaged. Stop pulling so violently at my heartstrings!

  22. Theresa says:

    Everyone has kinda said what I have been thinking! I think that its way overdue that B&B get together. I also think that if they hold that the show could find itself ending prematurely! I have been watching since the beginning and really hope they get together but in a very Bones way

  23. marple says:

    Yes get them together, that steak is way overdone now, it´s almost totally burned out. It should´ve happened with the beginning of this messed up season.
    I won´t trust it until i hear it´s happend though, won´t set me up for more dissapointments with this show.
    Also it has to happen realisticly , they can´t just brush off Booths jerky a** way this season.
    When i hear that´s happened i will start watch again.
    Whats most sad is that this sh*t is always going to be between them, even if they get together it will never go away. When you get hurt the way they have been in this mess it will always be there.

  24. Jaclyn says:

    It is clear B&B have very deep feelings – when this happens and with the life and death and how closely they work, the toes are in the water and it is simply a matter of time before biologically, they will become joined!

  25. Josephine says:

    Yes, they should get together, it is long overdue, it should have happened in seaosn 4 or 5.
    I actually think they have started that talk about B&B due to the negotiations regarding their renewal. Since HH have earlier been sure that if they got season 7 they would get 8 aswell, what if they in thier negotiations have been told that the deal will only be season 7 but they will have to negotiate season 8 next year. That could perhaps worry HH a bit, since it is a lot harder to get season 8 than season 7 from what I know, since when it comes to about season 8 the show starts to fall into the category of older more expencive shows.

  26. Kim says:

    YESSSSS!!! I agree with most of the above posts (except for the two crazies who say yea to Hannah—think those were put there out of anger and frustration myself). As nice as everyone keeps saying the actress who plays Hannah is, her character has done some serious damage to the characters (all of them really) and the show in general. I continue to be a loyal fan and trust that the writers who brought us the terrific story-lines and character development in the past will pull this off. I think they just need to stop throwing obstacles and let it happen. As they have mentioned several times in the show, I just hope they have not missed the “moment.” Any more procrastination and I fear they might just miss it. Bring on the romance—us loyal fans deserve some love!!!!!

  27. boo says:

    They should have gone for it a long time ago, without hallucinations, ghost, baby plot, coma dream, psychic, SO, signal from the universe etc. I so miss early Bones (S1/2)…
    It’s too late now :(

  28. Razor says:

    ” and others are wildly against it ” – After 6 seasons who the frakk is others ?

  29. xhio says:


  30. marissa says:

    JUST DO IT!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  31. Lawton says:


  32. darklady65 says:

    OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE!!!! it is about damn time they do cause this whole thing with hanna is baloney …… booth & bones belong together if not what the heck for have i been watching this show for 6 yrs …… the story and the characters themselves demand that they get together …. i hope they follow through cause if not this whole thing is going to be A BIG FAT F— Y– TO THE FANS THAT HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT ALL THIS TIME!! WE NEED OUR PAY OFF MAN!!! BOOTH & BONES FOREVER!!! =)

  33. Amera says:

    OMG!!! YES! YES! YES! Plzzzzzz

  34. Kay says:


  35. Bill Nelson says:


  36. Stefania Giordano says:

    YESSS !! they have toyed with our emotions long enough!!!!

  37. Gen BG says:

    It’s time!! Please! We want them to be together!

  38. Nicole says:

    I agree about keeping it like the books. Allow them to get together but keep it interesting!! :)

  39. Briana says:

    Make them a couple! The episode were Booth dreamed about them married was my favorite episode ever! That would make the show so fun & cute.

  40. Susan says:

    been waiting a long time. I hope they finally become a couple and Hannah finds someone else. it’s been a long time waiting to see what happens. maybe being trapped in the elevator will make it happen. I hope so.

  41. annick aldape says:

    yesssss I hate seeing him w anyone else and she looks so sad…Im telling you if she doesnt soon I may jump thru the tv and attack him myself…hes a hottie:)

  42. susan nielsen says:

    yes please let them finally admit their love for each other it is so obvious it is time!!!!!

  43. dan says:

    ditch whatsername! B&B all the way!

  44. Allison Long says:

    ok so this probably will make me sound like a bad person, but wen booth got the phone call that said hannah had been shot, i was kindof hopping she was dead and then bones would come to his rescue at the funeral and they wud kiss… lets just say after the 5 years of on again off again romance between hodgins and angela that finally worked out, i think the 6 years of on again off again romance between bones and booth is more than enuf… i wanna c them married by the end of season 7 please

  45. Laurie G says:


  46. sherie says:

    You have to put them together you’ve been pulling it out for to long that its time to give us what we wont already and thats B&B.

  47. Michelle C says:

    If they don’t get rid of that far too perfect but ridiculously out of place girlfriend of his and get Booth and Brennan together, some of us may end up hating the show we used to love. Just saying.

  48. Glenn says:

    Yes!!!!!!! Do it!!!!

  49. Cris says:

    OMG!!! yes yes yes….there is no end to the possibilities for interaction if you finally hook them up…Booth’s blond is a bore! PLEEEEZZZZ let them have each other, then we can love vicariously through them!

  50. Jenny Wolff says:

    YES !!! Do it…….We have been waiting for this since the begining :) Please do it NOW !!!!! Bdw, I Love this show !!

    / Jenny

    • Lewis F. LaHaise says:

      Sure, why not? They can always break up next season if it does not work out!

    • Chey Ann says:

      I agree!! I have been waiting since Season 1 also!! Bones is awesome!! Sometimes they make Bones look too stupid but I still love the show!! :)

    • lucas says:

      no. that will incur the end of the show. half the fun and interest in watching it is from the inevitable attraction between the two and the tension it creates. unless you plan on this being the final season, which i would HATE, don’t bring them together

    • Mary Ox says:

      You´re right please¡¡¡¡ please, come on to much time waiting bring in on