Bones Exclusive: Booth/Brennan Season-Ending Romance Subject of 'Spirited Debate,' Says Boss

Bones fans, grab a seat, and I mean grab it good, lest you be knocked out of it by what you’re about to read: This is the season Bones may finally go there with Booth and Brennan.

I kid you not.

Series creator Hart Hanson tells TVLine that the No. 1 topic of conversation in the show’s writers’ room is whether or not the star-crossed sleuths should end the season as a full-fledged couple.”What happens [as we wrap] between Booth and Brennan is the subject of a spirited and wide-ranging debate —and that’s the honest-to-God truth,” he say. “Some people think [we should go for it], and others are wildly against it. It’s a really interesting debate.”

One thing that’s certain is that Hanson and fellow exec producer Stephen Nathan will have to make a decision soon. The groundwork for a possible B&B hookup will be laid in this season’s 19th episode, which, as revealed in this week’s Ask Ausiello, finds them trapped in an elevator. “They’ll be forced together,” teases Hanson, “and they have to figure some things out.” (FYI: My Bones-obsessed former colleague at EW.com, Mandi Bierly, just posted some new details on the elevator episode.)

Your thoughts? Is it time for Bones to pull the trigger on Double B? Weigh in below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sabrina says:

    I think Bones and Booth should be together! I cry every episode, because well POOR TEMPS!!!

    • patricia polack says:

      ive been waiting for this moment for a long time go for it and make it goooood.the net work i watch is behind in episodes but ill catch up some how ,lovely show keep it up ,happy new year all.

      • jd parrott says:

        The people-fans are ready for some interaction that is not just a tease,other characters on the series have had their romance encounters and have moved on. Why not give Bones and Booth a real romantic encounter now then have some fun with their relationship as it evolves over time

  2. Sheila morrell says:

    My absolutely favorite show, yes at least a juicy fling.

  3. edwina swenson says:

    I think that its more fun to see the looks between them that show that there’s special feelings between them. They have a good working friendship and any time one goes into bed with a working coworker it puts a whole different spin on the relationship. Don’t but Bones and Boots in bed it will ruin the whole program, please. Thank you.They’re more fun to watch this way. Thank You.

    • AC Ophoff says:

      I agree. The creators and writers of “BONES” have done an excellent job in “fleshing” out all the show’s characters. Bones and Booth, as the stars, are especially interesting characters. Each of their personalities should be kept as “real” to the book’s portrayal as possible. Did Bones and Booth, as they say, “hook up” in the book?
      Real, also, with respect to Bones’ and Booth’s character development to this point. Where-in, their characters’ changes have been at the margine, not precipitiously with a serious detour event.
      B. & B. should remain platonic, romantically and physically. The “boo’s” from the faithful not with standing. The present Bones and Booth characters’ personal attachment already is beyond just a “professional” partnership. Yet, they are believable.
      Physical intemacy would further complicate their, already complicated relationship. B. & B. have a serious, mutually committed, professionally intimate relationship. The Bones and Booth characters’ partnership is best played out as physically detached.
      The Bones and Booth characters’ extremely different individual emotional chemistries. Added to that, is their, vertually, opposite personality types. Stirred together, they create an fiercely competitive inter-personal dissonant energy. Partnered, it seems to work to their benefit.
      It is their different chemisteries vying for the same space together that makes them intersting Their partnership It’s, because they possess tow entirely different personalities. Their physical the variable in their relationship which that some comesshould remain working partners need lives and loves away from their work. partners should continue close platonic friends. They come from two contrasting places, personally. Temperance (Bones) possesses over- the-top self-esteem. Her perception, that she is personally entitled, is the root of to succeed and wimn entitlement, is Bones’ own perception, is give of her, is her place that she is personally entitledBones’ place is her operates from out a pushes her self affirmed superior intellect and her personal wealth from book publishing as proof of her selfworth. Booth knows proves is in accomplishments as her right to winning all . Bones like to intimidate everyone she comes across. She by comes is too brainy, analytical, impulsive, physically volitile, personally distant, and emotionally impaired. Booth is stable, grounded, moral, spiritual,She That she is attracted to Booth, no doubt.
      The program keeps me interested, episodes from past seasons have retained their watcher’s appeal. I enjoy watching my area off channel syndicated encore showings, too.

      • Jen says:

        I’m going to be honest, I disagree. If we’re going to talk about the natural progression of a real relationship, by this time, they would at least of given it a go. This is what, the third time they could have gotten together but didn’t? Bones has realized what she is missing and wants, and it’s not like they just threw it onto her; it’s been 6 seasons of a growing love for Booth. Booth has always really loved her, and I think that by the end of this season something real should happened. Although sometimes in life, people who are in love do not get together/stay together, most of them at least try. They haven’t tried.

        Another thing that doesn’t make sense to me; I feel like everyone thinks that once they get together, everything would be hunky-dory; but let’s be real, It won’t! There will still be tons of interesting Brennan/Booth interactions from the concept of a relationship alone. Think of all the new things! The concept of attachment and commitment (OH MY. for Bones?!) to someone else for Brennan alone on a very serious level is enough for drama, not to mention all the other things, like living together potentially (or at least the talk), the change in how their friends perceive them,the change in their working relationship, and let’s not forget their physical relationship. Brennan still has loads of insecurities that will have to be dealt with, like, what if Booth leaves me? There would also be funny relationship scenes, like, Brennan doing laundry: “spongebob squarepants boxers?” “..bones, parker gave them to me..” “it’s completely all right to have such undergarments, anthropol….”

        So don’t fret if they get together. At this point, at least it makes sense.

    • AC Ophoff says:

      I agree with not having them “Hook Up”. It is not realistic as a plot thread in their relationship development. In Bones’ case, physical intamacy is an “all in the moment” feel good and purely physical experience. Bones is emotionally disconnected from her feelings. Her straight-line analytical processing of every professional and personal event has her denying the importance of hers and others feelings. In Bones’ world, feelings are (attractions) merely momentary chemical reactions in the body, not of real merit. Therefore, she is not capable of, nor does not comprehend the concept of, “love” on any level. It mystifies Bones when others, like Booth, Angela, her co-workers, say and show love.
      Booth, on the other hand, has a spiritual nature, He believes there is a higher being and a larger purpose to life. His understanding of an after life, love for loves sake, and unconditional acceptance of his son, molds his thinking and processing. Booth, feels love and displays it in his, fatherly affection for his son, romantic appreciation for Hannah, and emotional committed to Bones. He is a feeling and sensitive human being. Sealy, desires love’s return from the persons he loves.
      Brennen’s commitment to the partnership she enjoys with Booth is all the he needs from her. When, he asks her “are we OK” she need only say “yes we are”.
      Pushing the two together has “disaster” written all over it. No matter, if they had the equivalent to a one-night-stand” or as prolonged as a four week affair. Their relationship would be forever changed, for the worse. Their former workin partnership would lose its magical allure.
      Pushing the sex envelope to its breaking point would not

      • Celeste says:

        I agree that the emotions and intimacy they share goes beyond their physical relationship, and that’s where the real intrigue for these characters lie. But to say that they should never cross that line? That Bones is incapable of loving? This assumes that Brennan is a stagnant character that is incapable of changing. While she said that in the 100th episode, I don’t think we’d love her so much if we actually believed that. The magic of this show, and of their relationship, is watching the evolution, of seeing how Brennan slowly comes to understand the world through more than just her logic/anthropological/science-standpoint. I’m not saying the writers should just throw them in bed together because everyone wants it. That wouldn’t be true to character, either, and I’d be heartbroken if they got together in any way that wasn’t totally organic. But I have to disagree that they should NEVER go there. I don’t see why they can’t ADD to their relationship. The reason I love this show is because they dare to have the best of both worlds–the character-driven show as well as the procedural drama. It would be strange to have the writers afraid to continue a relationship between the two of them because they didn’t believe in their characters. Just sayin’.

  4. Jsolano says:

    I truly believe Brennan and Booth should be together finally this season. From the beginning you can just see they have the chemistry and it would just give a lot of fans out there what we have been wanting to see since the beginning….

  5. Sarah says:

    They should be together hands down. It has been six long seasons and the time has come. They just have to, its inevitable at this point, the x files finally put Scully and Mulder together and Booth and Bones just have to. All the chemistry is right, I truely believe that they belong together and the writers should give all the bones fans what we have wanted for so long now, a Booth and Bones romantic relationship.

  6. Pat says:

    IF this happens, I may start watching again, but I seriously doubt that these writers will make Booth and Brennan a couple — they have suggested they were going in this direction before, only to do the direct opposite — I got off the last merry go around ride — just too depressing — but if they do make them a couple I may start watching again but the show has just lost so much I am not sure that it will ever be as good as it was.

    • Karen says:

      I also stopped watching Bones this season b/c I was frustrated with the games. And I don’t believe this story either, they have misled the fans too many times in the past.

  7. ernie says:

    Yes I think it’s a gr8 idea, I don’t think that his girlfriend is really his type. also putting Angie & hodges 2gether was smart.

  8. toast says:

    Please no. While a lot of people would like to see it happen.. I definitely don’t. It killed Moonlighting and killed the X-Files (for the most part), and I don’t want to see it do the same thing to the show. It’s already forced a lame pregnancy storyline for Angela once she and Hodgins got together.

  9. Kim says:

    I might actually start watching again if they put Booth and Brennan together. I always felt that this show jumped the shark with the coma/dream episode.

    Why can’t writers write a good relationship between two leads? There is so much material there with so polar opposite people. It could be hilarious, frustrating and sexy.

    Why are they so terrified of doing so? And why does everyone bring up the Moonlighting curse? That is just fear. If you are good writers and have a good cast, you should be able to pull off whatever you want.

    • Chrissy says:

      I agree. You can’t compare Bones to any other show, every show is unique. Also, Moonlighting was so many years ago! They have an excellent cast so I think they could really do anything they want, In my opinion ED can act anything so give her all you’ve got!

    • laurie says:

      I agree. It was weird when they tried to pin Bones’ aspy stuff to trauma. They should have consulted a psychologist then. They could do that now and make the show about real relationship drama.

      If they could do it in House, then why not here.

  10. rita deatherage says:

    I’m torn between yes or no Iwant them together but it might ruin
    the closeness they share now. Y heart says GO FOR IT!

  11. weronika says:

    i think it’s no longer fun watching them playing that stupid game and fighting sexual tension. I know that producers can be afraid of losing the viewers by pickin’ B&B together, but believe me, if they don’t do this, they’ll lose them surely!

  12. Yvonne says:

    Bones and Brennan need to be together. They are so obviously meant for each other. I believe that Tempe is ready to take a chance on the long term and she is deserving of the kind of happiness she can have with Booth.

  13. carol says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes.

  14. nj says:

    Hook ’em up, PLEEEZE!! I’m tired of watching Booth be so glib about his relationship with Brennan.

  15. dbh says:

    they need to go for it!!!!!

  16. britttany says:

    I would love B&B to be together, but they need to rebuild their chemistry before any hook ups happen or else the show would be horrible to watch. Booth and Brennan need to get back to the way they were in seasons 1-4, THEN they can be together and the show would be great again!

  17. eljay says:

    to whoever said it – romance was not what killed the x-files. what killed the x-files was when they tried to have them be a couple without actually admitting that they were a couple and then when the terminator replaced mulder. see what i mean in the second x-files movie, where they were a real couple.

    that said, i have been disappointed with bones since the episode before the season 5 finale. i knew they probably couldn’t get & stay together, but i felt that *the way* they didn’t get together wasn’t true to the characters we’d come to know over 5 seasons. i would have expected booth to fight harder for her and, if she still resisted, to get angry, once he had let himself open up emotionally and was rejected. brennan’s argument for resistance would have been logical and clear – and she would have gotten angry with sweets, maybe had an anti-psychology rant in his office, once booth ran off upset…i digress.

    if they do it right, the writers can get them together and still have a great show, still full of the emotional mine fields we came to love watching them try to avoid.

  18. Lauren Pratt says:

    I have heard that Emily is signed up for eight season of Bones. I Think that the writes should drag the tension between B&B till the middle of the seventh season and have them an official couple. I started watching in September and was hooked. I did start at the four season.

  19. Phillip says:

    I think the writers should get them together. Everything has been said and we’ve seen everything that already kept them apart. Booth was the brave one to attempt the relationship first, then Brennan followed, but alas it wasn’t meant to be at the time. Now it’s perfect. Everything is pointing to them getting together. Keeping them apart just seems contrite now. Just look at House! They have two major characters together and they make it work! So it’s the perfect time to get them together. I know I want to see how they would function as a couple while working together. That’s a storyline in itself!

  20. Sue S says:

    I have been watching Bones from the “Pilot” episode and still watch every re-run daily. In my opinion, because they are such opposites and compliment each other so well with their strengths and weaknesses they should hook up. Bones is so set against marriage, she needs Booth to show her true love. Not some whirlwind romance, but a strong relationship where there are many “firsts” for both of them. Then build on that. They are a couple screaming to be together and we are screaming from our seats for them to be together!

  21. Kristen says:

    What killed X-Files was David Duchovny leaving and the story having to be written around that fact, not anything else! Bones has achieved the rare feat of jumping the shark not once, but twice. I thought it couldn’t get worse than the dream episode, but the lack of handling the dream episode and then the future catastrophe following Sweets’s book being published (leading to Booth rushing Brennan, leading to her backpedaling, leading to the whole team breaking up, leading to Hannah…) was even worse. I love throwing obstactles in the way of the lovely couple, but this roadblock completely turned me off because not only did it redirect the whole show, it somehow erased what made Bones (the show, and the person too kind of), Bones.

    So, yes, perhaps getting them together is at this point the only thing the writers can do to undo their past catastrophic shark jumping.

    • sarah says:

      with you, but their first mistake (big mistake at that) was getting rid of Zack. Then started going down hill fast.

      • Kristen M. says:

        I totally agree with both of the posts above. I have not watched the past season due to the fact that I expected Booth and Brennan to be together at the end of the fourth season. I stuck around for the fifth season blindly hoping with no luck. I’ve officially abandoned the series as the characters are totally different from where they originated. And where they originated is what captured my attention. I hate what they did to the Gravedigger storyline, they could have gone in such a better direction with it. And the GORMOGON storyline, they totally abandoned Zack. I swear the last good episode was the episode in season 4 which Zack appeared in. Also, Brennan’s brother isn’t around anymore, anyone notice that?? Does Brennan miss her mother anymore? I mean, I’m all for closure but she should visit the grave once in a while.
        What I’m trying to say is… when Zack was gone, so was the show.

  22. Lety says:

    hell yea… its time…

  23. kathy says:

    to be honest…I am so sick of this whole “will they or won’t they” thing, to the point that I don’t even want them together anymore. I don’t think it would make sense getting them together, after Booth shot her down in the most recent episode, and after all these years.

    • sarah says:

      Totally with you!!!! I am so sad cuz I have obsessed over the show for all these years and have wanted them together but now…. WHO CARES!! It is to the point I want Sully to come back or someone to come in for Bones.

  24. Connie Goodell says:

    What will we anticipate happening if they do go there? Will that take the spark out of the show?

  25. theo says:

    bones and booth should be together. if some of us can not find that true special love we should at least enjoy to see it between our favourite characters. they look great together and i believe they trully diserve a chance.

  26. Suzi says:

    guys listen, B and B have to be together!!! definitely!
    but first, it would be nice (or necessary) to re- create the lost chemistry between them and make Bones that great show what it used to be in previous seasons.

  27. FreudsDuck says:

    The “Moonlighting Curse” is utter bull, a relationship between them would just have to be handled WELL, that is all.
    The old trope that any kind of tension will vanish once two people get together just isn’t true. There are SO many things that can be explored; the first phase of being a couple, troubles with opinions, giddiness etc. Of course it would be boring if you snapped your fingers and they acted like they would after 20 years of marriage, but that wouldn’t ring true because there are so many new factors to their relationship when they actually get together.

    • Attia says:

      All of these people who focus on the “Moonlighting Curse”, and how gettting a couple together will destroy a show should take a look at how Cheers managed to make getting Sam and Diane together work. Sam and Diane became a couple at the end of the FIRST season. That would never happen today. Yet, the show managed to maintain the audience’s interest in Sam/Diane for all five seasons Shelly Long was on the show. And the reason they were able to do that was because of good WRITING. The writers of Bones obviously don’t have confidence in their ability to pull of a Booth/Brennan romance. And that’s sad.

  28. Cristina Drum says:

    Look bones writters, I was a big fan of x files and the way they ended killed me.
    I looked up to them just as a look up to bones (yes I know it’s not real but to me, it’s something I would love to be oneday. )
    Bones and Both should be together and well ALL KnOW it!
    If they were to be together the show wouldnt have to change. There well ALWYS be murders, and bones and booth well always have there own way of seeing things.
    They should and need to be together, in the shows you see who strong minded she is but always open to booth. Aswell for booth with bones.
    tHEY NeED tO Be tOGaTheR!
    I think it would make the show even better!
    Dont make bones lose her touch!!! By the way, still show that she is the same girl we was kicking buTt when gettin of that airport in “pilot”

  29. sarah says:

    I am not excited where it is going this season one bit. There is not chemistry and now I could care less if Booth and Bones get together. I want Sully to come back and take Bones away. That is how it should end. Cuz the way they are writing it, soon the show will end, sadly, and if they just decide to hook them up the very last episode that is not good enough for me.
    on a side note I want to see more of Hodgins and Angela screen time. they are so cute and I feel like I never see them anymore.

  30. Bonnie Bloss says:

    I think they should get together. I have been watching Bones from almost the very beginning and they should be together. I love this show.

  31. moira says:

    People relations in real life ocurres all the tima at work especially if you spend all they at work, in the x files was weard because the show was weard so what do you expect?? but in bones after 6 seasons its natural things must flow they way they meant to be.

  32. angela says:

    no no no no no no no no no no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. we all love hannah so much!! dont make her gooo :'(

  33. Shannon says:

    Yes!!!!!!! I own every episode and I believe it’s time that they let the chemistry flow and as much as I love Hannah it just wasn’t ment to be…. And she should break up with booth so that brennen can TRY to comfort him

  34. leslie salcido says:

    i’ve been waiting and screaming for them to FINALLY be together!!!!
    please please for the love of god, they have to be together this season!!!

  35. Tee K says:

    I really want booth and bones together. Ive seen just about every episode, loved most of it. it would suck to give so much life to the chemistry between them that have led to this newest season, only to squash it with the newest addition to cast.
    As great as hannah may be, I believe it would be more of a challange and a more interesting plot to see how they might bring bones and booth together.

  36. Sharon says:

    Yes, please bring Brennan and Booth together as a couple this season. To keep them apart any longer is wrong – and heart crushing. They love each other .. Booth will realize this before long; Hannah will realize it as well. Don’t make us or them suffer any longer.

  37. Vanessa says:

    Absolutely they should be together. Seriously, the way they look at eachother and care for one another… It would be sad if they didn’t!

  38. Audra says:

    Yes, the chemistry is awesome. They would definitely work well being a couple and still make the shoe interesting. The writers are very creative!

  39. Cherise says:

    This is completely ridiculous. OF COURSE they should be together!!! That’s the whole reason we watch the show and it’s time. There’s nothing I hate more than dragging on relationships that are obviously meant to be. Take Ross and Rachel. Friends is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time and I think one of the best written shows on tv, but the Ross and Rachel dance around was always the one thing that urked me. Sure, it was tear-jerking them getting together at the end, but why the flip did it take 10 years to do it?!??!?!?!?! I mean, they had a baby together, they always ended up together in some way and they were always bothered when the other was in another relationship. Bones is an excellently written show and, at the rate that Bones and Booth’s relationship is going, them getting together at the end of the season makes the most sense. I agree it should take time for Booth to adjust and Bones and hopefully that’s what the elevator episode is for (even though it’s kind of a redo of the Hodgins-Angela jail scene). Things will have to be resolved and put out in the open. If all we anticipate in seeing is their relationship and we have to wait until 2 episodes before the series finale, how the heck are we supposed to enjoy it? I wanna see their relationship blossom. I wanna see them get married and have a child even. I want to SEE their relationship in action, not just know at the end it all works out. Saying that ending the sexual tension ruins a show is a cop out and I hope the writers of Bones don’t buy into it.

  40. g.montgomery says:

    duh they are supposed to be together. I mean i have read the books and while i dont get the same feel from the books as the show they need to get together….we have all been waiting for it and it needs to hurry up.

  41. Hyman Rosen says:

    I very much hope that the writers do not put them back together romantically. I think the time for that has passed. I find extended romantic tension between the same two characters to be annoying, not intriguing. It makes me feel that the writers are bereft of new ideas.

    Furthermore, I think it’s demeaning to the integrity of the characters to treat Hannah as a disposable love interest who exists just to awaken Brennan’s feelings. What would it say about Booth’s morals if he is willing to leave Hannah after having her bond with Parker and having her move in with him?

    The solution to the romantic triangle is to add another angle – give Brennan a new romantic partner as well. Just thinking off the top of my head, I would make him older and professorial, a match for her in intelligence and brilliance but with warmth and understanding to offset Brennan’s coldness. And the May-December romance could be mined for a ton of cheap laughs as the other characters react.

    In real life, people move forward. Television ought to embrace that.

  42. Chloe says:

    I have been waiting, like any Bones fan, for five long years for them to get together. All the chemistry, the moments, and we’re all waiting, every episode, for something to happen. I think that because this has been going on for so long that they will never get together. Think about it. All this build up, how big would that moment that they get together have to be? Hart Hanson has gone and made this whole hype, and now he’s caused trouble for himself and he’s under so much pressure to make this moment amazing, so I don’t think he’ll ever actually do it.

  43. Jess says:

    I would love nothing more then to finally see B&B get together. It’s been a long awaited journey to get them to this place. Unlike many viewers I do like the Hanna or at least what she has been able to provide to both Booth and Brennan’s characters (a feeling of happiness and some clarity). However I also feel that if B&B don’t get together by at least the end of this season it will be to late and frankly to much to bare. All these years of tension, build-up, personal change, and final realization would be for nothing. Now is the time to let this unfold naturally, they both know how the other feels, they both feel the same things. If they wait any longer it will feel more like something they did because that’s what the fans expect and not what was meant to be. 

  44. Nicole says:

    Yes please!!! They’ve waited long enough, its time to put them together now. Its the right time, it wouldn’t make sense to keep prolonging it.

  45. Montana says:

    Of course! How long have we been waiting for this? I mean, seriously. I’ve barley watched ANY of the 6th season because of the blonde bimbo standing in the way. Wake up, guys! This IS what we wanna see. :)

  46. Jules says:

    I don’t know why Bones won’t kill Hannah so Booth and Brennan get together all ready i mean seriously we’ve been waiting a long time for booth and Brennan to get together and still Hannah there i wouldn’t be surprised if something happens to Hannah and she leaves Booth

  47. Lillee says:

    They need to be together, it would be the most epic conclusion!

  48. Celeste says:

    This is a novel, but there’s a reason for that.

    Let’s do this the Temperance Brennan way. I will posit various scenarios to the contrary and refute them as well as I can, based on the evidence of the show as well as my own experience (as anecdotal as that may be). If I can sufficiently disprove that they do NOT belong together, then the only logical alternative is that they must belong together. Let me know if I’ve neglected any other assumptions or if there is a flaw in my logic.

    There are basically three main arguments for NOT putting Booth and Brennan together.
    (1) It’s a procedural show, let’s skip all this relationship drama, I want the science and the cases not a soap opera.

    REBUTTAL: First of all, have you watched the last 5 ½ seasons? It has always been a character-driven show as much as procedural. Part of the magic of the show is that they can work the best of both worlds. I guarantee that if they got rid of the relationship and character-based drama, people would stop watching…at least enough people to make a difference. While the online community is certainly not necessarily representative of the whole, every online poll shows a VAST majority in favor of the relationship between these two characters, in at least some way. And those who aren’t, generally still care. Having an opinion about the relationship makes the show a relationship-based, character-driven drama, like it or not. So this argument is meaningless.

    (2) Booth and Brennan belong together, but if you do it now it’ll kill the show.
    a. It’s killed other shows, like Moonlighting.
    b. The chemistry and the will-they-won’t-they is what keeps the relationship fresh, and that will be lost if you put them together now.

    REBUTTAL: Moonlighting curse aside, several shows (albeit mostly comedies, a la The Office) have successfully ventured into the world of romantic relationships; and, honestly, you can’t assume that because one show failed to succeed that they all must. Such generalizations ignore the unique blend of characteristics and possibilities that each show—and each relationship within each show—generates. The chemistry, as of right now, IS largely based on the will-they-won’t-they aspect of their relationship, but everyone who loves them knows it goes much deeper. Everything else they need for a relationship is already there, they just lack the trust or courage or physical experience a couple in love needs. The tension may be lost if they get together, but that only means it would need to be replaced by tension of another sort—such as the difficulty of actually pulling off a relationship. In this case, I think Bones actually has an advantage over other shows, because while every new relationship certainly has its fair share of drama, it’s usually the little, day-to-day adjustments that create friction between two people in love. This means other shows have to CREATE obstacles between their two characters (such as significant others, relationship/trust issues, etc.) to keep this tension alive, which feels contrived and insults us as an audience. With Bones, however, both characters are such polar opposites that in any actual romantic relationship, obstacles would NATURALLY, ORGANICALLY arise. Add to that Bones’ lack of significant emotional experience, the fact that they really aren’t SUPPOSED to be together per FBI regs so there’s the adventure of the secret, and how this relationship would affect their professional world (including not only their working relationship but colleagues when they eventually do find out), I think the writers have plenty of interesting, exciting, “gooey crap” to work with that could successfully replace the UST, IF the writers are ever willing to go there. They could easily have at least a season’s worth of material.

    (3) Booth and Brennan don’t belong together, period.
    a. Booth deserves better.
    b. Brennan deserves better.
    c. It’s not that either deserves “better,” but they have a great working relationship, and a romantic relationship wouldn’t be natural in the progression of things.

    REBUTTAL: After the 100th episode aired, there were many who voiced the opinion that Booth deserved better, anyway. He was ready to love and be loved, and Brennan (said she) wasn’t ready. Well, those people got their wish, and Booth moved on to Hannah. Has that relationship really been satisfying for anyone? I’m genuinely curious. Even those who wished happiness on Booth feel robbed somehow by the Hannah storyline. I don’t know if it’s her flatness as a character, the fact that we’ve really only seen them in bed, the lack of honesty (after all, he’s lied about Brennan and gamboling, their relationship must not be too solid), or just the fact that Booth is constantly assuring everyone (so that he can assure himself) how happy and how in love he is…but something about the Booth and Hannah storyline doesn’t sit right, even if you’re anti B&B. Which begs the question, if not Hannah, then who? What would it take to make Booth happy if not Brennan?

    Others, especially after the Bren-centric episode, have argued that Brennan deserves happiness and she can do better than Booth (who let years of love slip through his fingers at her first refusal and went off to rebound with some journalist, only to rub it in her face after the fact). But who, honestly, could continue Brennan’s lessons in humanity better than Booth? And what would it take for her to trust that person and KNOW that person as intimately as Booth? Not to mention, if Booth isn’t the one to teach her, then she only has more fuel for her argument that feelings are ephemeral and not to be trusted. It would take an entirely new SERIES just to get Brennan to the same emotional place and ready to fall with anyone else. That is not practical. So while I can’t refute the belief that Booth or Brennan might deserve better (because that’s a subjective opinion that you are entitled to), I CAN say that so far we have yet to see what that might look like, and I doubt (being in their sixth season) that we ever will.

    The final argument is what makes me laugh the most. Two extraordinary people with as much emotional intimacy in as many life-or-death experiences as these two, who admit to one another feelings beyond friendship, and who have had multiple opportunities to cross the line, but DON’T? How is that in any way natural? People say that in real life, all the time, people have these feelings for one another that never get realized. I get that, to an extent. But I also highly doubt any of those people lived the lives that these two characters live, with the intensity and exclusivity of their partnership and jobs, with the chance to be happy literally staring them in the face and saying so, and still rejected even the possibility. Maybe they tried and it didn’t work out, but at least they tried.

    Additionally, and finally, the whole point of the show (besides catching the bad guys) is the philosophical debate and quest for “what it means to be human.” How can a woman who spends her life in death be brave enough to start living like a person instead of an encyclopedia? The closeness Booth and Brennan share and the appeal of the show and its title character is that despite her education and intelligence, we know something—the many important somethings—that Brennan doesn’t: we know what it means to see the world through love, pain, fear, and happiness. Brennan may be a genius, but in every episode Booth is the teacher, and we come back week after week to watch not only disgusting body reveals but Bones’ evolution toward being like him and with him. It is why we can love a character so unlike ourselves. We come to see the world through her eyes as seen through his eyes, and we come to hope that she will go beyond knowledge to knowing, beyond life to living—happiness—the natural evolution of which must involve Booth in some fashion or other, or else what is their relationship about?

    • Chrissy says:

      I sure hope that Hart & Stephen read this post, I’m glad I did! This was the best post I’ve read and your points are all excellent. I think it would open up many new possibilities in story lines that can occur if they were to get together. I’m not saying they should get married or anything but at least move them in the direction of a relationship. I don’t even feel like they have much of a friendship anymore and it’s sad.

    • AD says:

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  49. peggy says:

    with fans really be in favor after hannah/2 things has to happen first booth has to do a lot of soul searching 2nd admit temperance a lady in every sense of the word and you couldnt said that about hannah.

  50. kalila says:

    The writers of Bones are always very careful and strategic with each episode and how things evolve in the relationships. I have no doubt that they will do an amazing job when they bring Booth and Brennan finally together – whenever that is. There is no step that Hart and the team take without evaluating and re-evaluating it to see what it would mean for the show. I am super excited to see where this show takes us! :) It is my absolute favorite show on television and has been for a few years now!