Smallville First Look: Chloe Returns To Oliver... And Black Canary?

The CW’s Smallville returns from its winter break on Friday, January 28, and TVLine has a first look at a reunion many fans have waited for.

Making her first appearance since the Season 10 premiere is original cast member Allison Mack, who is set to appear in a total of five episodes this season. As seen in the photo above, one of Chloe’s first orders of business is meeting up with her man, Oliver (Justin Hartley), for whom she in essence traded her freedom in the opener, by giving herself over to the Suicide Squad.

But can Oliver forgive Chloe for selflessly, albeit courageously, dropping out of his life?

“They’re going to get together and talk about what happened, why she left,” Justin Hartley told me. “They’ll try to patch things up.”

However… as seen in this second photo, Dinah Lance aka Black Canary (played by Alaina Huffman) also is on hand for the January 28 episode, titled “Collateral.” And in recent DC Comics canon, Ollie and Dinah got hitched.

Will Chloe’s measured presence during Smallville‘s final season pave the way for the CW series to follow in the comic books’ footsteps and point Green Arrow at Black Canary? Or could “Chlollie” still turn out to be endgame?

“Hopefully there will be a happy ending [for Oliver and Chloe],” Hartley shares. “I don’t know that there will be, but… I like them together, so hopefully they end up together.”

Once again: The CW’s Smallville resumes its final season Friday, January 28, at 8/7c!

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  1. Nikki says:

    Thanks TV Line for not censoring the debate. I know it gets ugly but its cathartic for the fanbase rather than letting it be pent up and stifled.

  2. Pat says:

    Fan of Chloe, not a fan of Chloe/Oliver. I would like to hear what Chloe is doing independent of Oliver. Oliver in SV has 22 episodes while Chloe is only going to be in 5, can we get some thing on her that not is not tied up to her romance arc. Come on, I’ve been watching this crap for 10 years. If they are not going to do the Superman story justice at least do the character of Chloe justice.

  3. JDHetherington says:

    Can I just say, Alaina Huffman looks SO MUCH better with long blonde hair and without the black camoflage make-up…. :) I can actually see her more now as Black Canary then I could before. If they did a Justice League series after Smallville I definitely wouldn’t mind it if she was up front. She’s already proven she’s a great actor, and the fact that she now actually looks very close to how Dinah Lance looks in the comics…..it’s very awesome :)

  4. Alex says:

    Thank you for the good news about Chloe’s return. I wasn’t sure when she would be back. After 10 years of seeing her in every episode, I didn’t know how much I would miss Allison Mack until she was gone. Hope she is in the finale. It wouldn’t be right to end Smallville without her.

  5. C_Youth says:

    I hate Oliver and Dinah and always hated them … Their relationship in the comics has always been a waste of time because it simply never worked. Oliver was always too busy breaking the heart of Dinah, so it was really a relief to see your marriage ending and see Dinah coming back to Birds of Prey.

    I love Chloe, and I suffered along with she because of Clark, Jimmy and Davis.

    And I finally see it open again your heart, and can be who she is, no secrets, a relationship based on honesty and companionship, which turned into love, capable of enormous sacrifice.

    It would be a shame to see it finished because of a couple that did not work and it has no sense in Smallville

  6. Naeha says:

    So happy that Chloe, love chloe/oliver i really do hope that they are endgame..

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Ugh. I love Chloe to pieces, but can this contrived relationship just end already? I miss the independent, smart reporter Chloe of the early seasons scoobying with Clark and searching for the truth. That was at the root of her character for well over a decade and now we’re spending her final episodes ever promoting her as Ollie’s arm candy? I’m so glad I waited a decade to see a character I loved so much finish out the show as sex friends with a jerk who blackmailed her.

  8. Liz says:

    So excited about Allison Mack’s return as Chloe Sullivan. This season hasn’t felt the same without her. I don’t really care about the Chlollie relationship, it always seemed contrived to me, like the other current relationship on this show, but I will say Chloliie has mad chemistry.

    Excited but not without trepidation since, I know that I will not be happy with the way this character will be sent off. She deserves to be in the finale side by side with Clark at the Daily Planet, but of course that would mean that the writers would actually have to do something genius and totally unexpected. (Not holding my breath)

  9. Courtney says:

    Just wouldn’t be Smallville fandom without widespread flamewars, would it?

    It seems like people only cry comics mythos when it’s convenient, and ignore the million and one ways the show has completely nuked mythos since it started ten seasons ago. Like it or not, Smallville is telling its own origin story. Some things are decidedly Not My Superman, others turn out to be interesting developments. I just don’t see the point in engaging in shipper wars – nobody wins, but several people always end up looking like jackasses.

    Thrilled to see Chloe back, thrilled to see Oliver (as always), and thrilled to see them back together. Personally, this former Chlarker has been wishing for a Chlollie endgame since season six, mythos be damned.

    • K says:

      so much WORD to this post!

    • G.T. says:

      I too have been a Chlollie fan since season six, before they were ever a couple. They just made sense to me. They fit. I’m so glad the show decided to go with it.

    • rehana says:

      hell yes ! i agree to hell with myt chollie make there own desting even if sv donbt make them endgame in my heart and in fan fic they all end up together if sv dontr mke them together then there stuoid and stuipdy cant be cure

  10. Katherine says:

    Thank you for the lovely pictures! Allison Mack’s Chloe Sullivan is such an inspiring heroine! I look forward to seeing her character given the respect she earned over her 10 years on Smallville. She’s the creative legacy for the show! Chloe & Oliver were an unexpected developement, yet the chemistry sold it! I sincerely hope we finally see Clark return to a caring friend for “the one person who always believed in me.” (his own words!) & has “saved him” repeatedly over the past 10 years!

    “Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, a character created just for the series and incredibly beloved.”


  11. zinelady says:

    When I saw First Look at Big Smallville Reunion, I was thinking they are bringing Michael Rosenbaum back as Lex Luthor for the finale! I was disappointed when I clicked the link and saw it was just Chloe. Nothing against Chloe, but we’re barely through the first half of the season and she was there at the beginning. That’s not really a ‘Big Reunion’.

  12. Kelli S. says:

    Thank you so much for the great Chlollie pix and updates! More than anything, I’m very excited for Allison Mack’s return.

    Not sure where all the bitterness and anger is coming from. My hubby and I have watched the show since the beginning, and have loved it more often than not. I used to be a Chlarker, but it was obvious that was never going to happen, and Chimmy just didn’t make any sense to me at all. I was actually starting to lose interest in the show during S9, but Chlollie brought me back (as well as a few kick-ass episodes like Absolute Justice and Checkmate!)I do think they rushed Chlollie and had too much take place offscreen, but the characters make sense together. I also happen to enjoy Clois. The 2 ships are not mutually exclusive people! ED and AM both do a great job of portraying strong women, independant of any relationships.

  13. mar says:

    So happy to see Chloe back.

  14. Letícia says:

    OMH, thank you so much for this !
    I couldn’t be more excited to see Chloe ! :D
    And I loved the Chlollie pic. Chlollie FTW !

  15. Cristina says:

    I Love Chloe and Chlollie.
    Great pictures.
    Allison is hot with black matrix style

  16. Oz says:

    Who is the dude in the background of the second picture?

  17. Oz says:

    Also, I think it would be awesome if Chloe actually ended up being the new Dr. Fate. What happened to the helmet and where is it now?

  18. mojo says:

    Yay to having Chloe back! So excited to see the lovely Allison Mack back on TV. I’m not a giant fan of Chlollie though. I wish they would get Chloe back with her true love, The Daily Planet.

    On a shallow note though, her leather jacket is very foxy.

    • April says:

      THIS! I think ChlailyPlanet has always been my number one Chloe ship. It’s the only one that’s ever given her true happiness.

  19. Mia805 says:

    Sorry, for those who don’t enjoy Chloe and Oliver together. But I’m I am very happy now. I really hope Chlollie is endgame, since the onscreen chemistry between Allison Mack and Justin Hartley is amazing.

  20. OllieFan22 says:

    Simply put, there is NO FUTURE for Chlollie (and that nickname sounds like something you cough up). She’s in FIVE episodes, and then disappears. Try focusing on the couples who matter, writers, and stop pandering to a rabid fanbase. And give the Chloe that fans liked (pre-season 10) a storyline that makes her interesting and relevant. I used to like how they wrote her, and now she’s rapidly devolved into a shell of the character she was. Extremely disappointing to long term fans who loved Chloe as the BFF to Clark, not the bimbo to Oliver.

  21. Monica says:

    I see no reason to Dinah and Oliver become involved romantically in Smallville … They do not have a history in the show, no base, nothing. It’s funny how only now the big comic book fans have shown some interest in the couple, and how they ignore the actual myth, which is Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance separate. Chlollie is a pain in the ass, huh? = P

    I think everyone knows that something Chlollie has and Dinah/Oliver had neither in the comics: An honest relationship.

    I really hope they have a happy ending, and I see possibilities for this to happen, really. Allison Mack is leaving the show? Yeah .. so what? Chlollie survived until now, may survive longer and get your well-deserved happy ending.

    I like how they gave a second chance to one another, as they know themselves, know the dirtiest secrets from each other and still love each other in earnest.

    And … GROW UP, FANDOM!

    • Oz says:

      There is some “history” to Ollie and Dinah in Smallville. I forget in which episode this happens but Chloe hacks into Oliver’s e-mail account. Oliver makes a remark about a chain of e-mails between him and Dinah being “purely platonic”. This clearly alludes to a possible attraction between the two. And you are right that Green Arrow and Black Canary do separate but to do that they have to get married first.

  22. Alice says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the non-Chlollie fans, and the non-Chloe fans could shut their trap and let us have this moment?–If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all because none of us want to hear you whine about a ship you knew would never happen, or about how Chloe’s not the main character on the show.

    We’re happy for the ship and to get this article and you sound like nothing but a bunch of pathetic, whiny, spoiled children. Smallville is for all fans, and not tailored to one person.

    Excuse me for liking a character who has had more character growth in ten seasons than the main character, and for liking a relationship between two characters who have chemistry and an extreme amount of potential.

    • Elizabeth says:

      “Wouldn’t it be nice if the non-Chlollie fans, and the non-Chloe fans could shut their trap and let us have this moment?–If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all”

      This is Smallville fandom. Are you new here or something?

  23. Alec Hurt says:

    I LOVE CHLOLLIE!!! While I see the whole “Dollie” point of view, I don’t see why it would be wanted on Smallville. Not only are they apart in the comics now, but the duration of the relationship was awfully unhealthy what with all the cheating and such. I’ll admit, I didn’t like how they started Chlollie, but I WANT THEM TO BE ENDGAME. CHlollie <3

  24. wwg23 says:

    Chlollie schmollie. I can’t stand the pairing. That relationship came out of nowhere just like the supposed “iconic” pairing. Chlollie is being shoved down our throats so TPTB can say “See we gave Chloe a hero!” Never mind that he tried to blackmail her and admitted his undying love for lois an episode before.

    After 5 years of knowing lois, Clark could not have cared less that she was missing in s8 (or that she suddenly, inexplicably, had a crush on him) but in s9 he’s all “lois, lois, lois”.

    Speaking of lois she’s suddenly doing exactly what Chloe did for years for Clark (keep his secret, going head-to-head with Jor-El, helping Clark, lying for Clark) but suddenly it’s “iconic” and “mythos”. Of course it’s nothing like mythos because Clark isn’t Supes yet.

    Poor (read: lightswitched) storytelling brought about because of a change of PTB. SV ended in s8.

  25. Mariko says:

    I’m disappointed to hear that Chloe’s return is centered around the contrived, craptastic relationship with Oliver. I have not forgotten the other 8.5 years of the show when they were at most coworkers. Suddenly they can’t live without each other? I call shenanigans. Chloe fans have not been watching for ten years to see her end up with Oliver Queen as her cousin’s leftovers, and I’m insulted that her last four episodes are wasted on this contrived, out-of-nowhere relationship. I won’t be watching Chloe’s return, because this is not the character I fell in love with. Allison Mack says she came back “for her fans.” If she thinks Chloe fans have been sitting around for a decade waiting to see her character fall for Oliver Queen, then, well, deuces.

  26. Abby says:

    Yay CHLOLLIE!! I wouldn’t worry about Black Canary. Chlollie are gonna be endgame I know it :)

  27. G.T. says:

    Thanks for the news about Chloe’s return. I love Chloe and Oliver together and hope they get their happy Smallville ending. Looking forward to their reunion. :)

  28. Camillus says:

    I wish she died at the end of season 3,she just ruined the show for me!

  29. leola65 says:

    So happy Chloe is back. Hope the storyline does her justice.

  30. robert says:


  31. mayiya says:

    Please.. please… Stop Chloe&Oliver things.. This relationship is so absurd. Dinah is really beautiful with long hair.

    I hope more about Clark. Chloe is very annoying. Your character is … a waste of time.

  32. Renata says:

    I’m really excited to see Chloe onscreen again. And yeah, Chlollie FTW. <3

  33. Ian says:

    I’m really hoping for hints of a Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship… Geoff Johns hinted it in Absolute Justice, when Oliver told Chloe ”by the way, those messages between me and Canary were purely platonic!” I thought that line was awesome and here’s hoping for more!!!

  34. Samantha says:

    Alaina looks so much better with longer hair! That short hair was not good look for her.

  35. Getit!! says:

    just wish for this crap to be over, so the obnoxious and in your face chlollie fanatics can Shut the f up

  36. nicole says:


  37. alex says:

    i’m so hesitant to even get into smallville season 10, since i’ve got that feeling that the writers aren’t going to do much justice by the characters and ships i love. but i will DEFINITELY be tuning in for chlollie. i love that pairing! sooooo looking forward to it. thanks for the info ausiello

  38. tehzo says:

    Thank you so, so much for posting this! I’ve been waiting for any news of Chloe’s return and to get a Chlollie picture on top of that! I can’t stop looking at it :). Thanks agian.

  39. Jill says:

    SO excited to see the pix of Chloe and Oliver . . .THANKS! Crossing my fingers that Chlollie is endgame. As a longtime viewer and Chloe fan, I want to see Chloe leave happy and not alone! Can’t WAIT to see Chlollie onscreen in two weeks!

  40. Chlorulz says:

    I love Chloe! I have only seen half of season nine so far and love the Chloe + Olive pair up.
    But it really sucks to hear that Allison Mack is only returning for five episodes in the last season.
    Chloe is one of my favourite characters and I wish the writers had more for Chloe than just her relationship with Oliver :(. Allison brings a lot to Chloe!!! Sucks she is hardly going to be around!

  41. Dee says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! Praise Smallville Chloe Sullivan is back!!! And Chloe and Oliver together again!!!! Is it really so bad to have a few episodes dedicated to a character to an actress who has worked her ass off for the past 9 now 10 years? I really don’t think so. People are pissed that because Oliver and Dinah are together in the comics they should be together on the show when have they ever been shown as a happy couple in the comics? I mean really they couldn’t be more dysfunctional and unhappy. Frankly I think anyone who hates Chlollie just hate Chloe and don’t want to see her happy and because of a few mistakes that shes made in her life they’re ready to crucify her and refuse to move on and let it go! God forbid Clark screws up! But what am I saying he’s a God among men right? The man is “perfect!” The woman is human give her a break. I’m not gonna bash Clark and Lois because I happen to like them together Clark is less of a douche when he’s with Lois. Chloe deserves her happy ending. I’ve invested 9 now 10 years of watching this show dissapointed by a lot of episodes because Chloe always seemed to get thrown to the side. Let Chloe and Oliver be happy! Together!

    • loretta says:

      If you look at the statements you have some Chlarker too bashing Chloe and Oliver. Clark is total in Love with Lois. But damn if Chloe can’t have the samething.

  42. Loretta says:

    I so hope Oliver and Chloe get their happy ending together. They are the reason that I started watching this show last year. I don’t get all the posts about Chloe being all about Oliver. Look at the pics. Chloe is in the second pic being Chloe. How is that all about Oliver? I also don’t get the post about Chloe and Clark. Clark doesn’t love her. What is Chloe supposed to do? Spend her life pinning for a man who gets to love completely with another woman. This is the best thing Smallville has done is give Chloe and person on this show that actually returns her Love.

  43. nemesis says:

    i thing it wii be great if oliver and chloe will be together.i like this end for them.sorry for my english im from greece

  44. Jenny says:

    Not a fan of the Chlollie pairing. I feel it didn’t do either characters any favors. The writers never showed or seemed to bother to invest in this blink and you miss it development pairing. Why should have I? I’m still pondering as to why they whitewashed Oliver blackmailing Chloe and in the very next episode they shared they were all smiles. Ridiculous writing from this show. As a viewer for the past nine years I’m still deciding as to whether or not I will come back and tune in to catch Chloe’s final episodes. With the original writing staff gone, I don’t feel as though I can fully commit to what this new staff have in mind for Chloe’s final arc. Look what they have done to this once vibrant character once the new regimen took over. I miss that young woman who had spirit and spunk, with that million dollar watt smile.

    I hope they don’t close her episodes surrounded by a bunch of newbies. Smallville *was* a show that was centered around the days leading up to Clark becoming Superman. Her history as a character is with Clark. I as a view would like to see her and the legacy of the shows history be acknowledged while respecting the lead of the show. Keep that mind writers.


    (a viewer still undecided)

  45. Lola says:

    What about Chlark? Are they still friends? I havent watched an episode since season 8 so I have no idea whats going on. I couldn’t take all the fail. All I know is what my friend told me and thats Chlark are no longer friends, AM is coming back for 5 episodes and this is the final season. Chlark really deserve a nice ending considering AM and TW are the only actors on the show since the beginning. I’m not saying that they are supposed to be together (although that would make :)) but can they atleast be friends/allies? Chloe needs a good ending too! I’d love to see her getting back to her journalistic roots….

  46. Mônica Lima says:

    I’m sooo happy for the return of Chloe be connected directly to Oliver, because she sacrificed for him, showing how much she loves him and your relationship with Oliver.

    Oliver was the only one who managed to bring Chloe back, and Chloe was the only one who managed to bring Oliver back … I think that’s is beautiful and it would be a waste to see it finished for a relationship that never existed in Smallville and no longer exists in the comics .

    Brian and Kelly made several promises about Chlollie… about Chloe be happy in love, about Chlollie last throughout the season =)

    I just want to see Chloe happy … but not just happy, I want to see her happy with the man she loves, and not see another obstacle to ruin your love life

    Chlollie for ENDGAME! \o/

  47. Jen says:

    I’m no fan of Chloe. She bores me. But I despise Ollie and Clark. It would be fun if Chloe told both of them where to go, and went off to do her own thing.

  48. Sidney says:

    It would just be nice to see Chloe have a happy ending for once in terms of romance. Since season 1, she has always been screwed over in that department. I just hope the writers don’t disappoint us.

  49. Don Loughary says:

    I am glad that Allison Mack is coming back for the final season. I guess to me Chloe is one of the reasons I have watched every show for it’s entire run. She makes the show more human and makes us want to cry with her and feel like we are a part of the show. I guess I hoped that her and Clark would have a romantic interlude because Chloe was the only one that stood behind him if he was right or wrong. I will miss the show after the final season. I hope there is a spin off.
    Chloe, I will miss you.

  50. justsomeguy says:

    So when does the Talented Allison Mack get her own series?