Smallville First Look: Chloe Returns To Oliver... And Black Canary?

The CW’s Smallville returns from its winter break on Friday, January 28, and TVLine has a first look at a reunion many fans have waited for.

Making her first appearance since the Season 10 premiere is original cast member Allison Mack, who is set to appear in a total of five episodes this season. As seen in the photo above, one of Chloe’s first orders of business is meeting up with her man, Oliver (Justin Hartley), for whom she in essence traded her freedom in the opener, by giving herself over to the Suicide Squad.

But can Oliver forgive Chloe for selflessly, albeit courageously, dropping out of his life?

“They’re going to get together and talk about what happened, why she left,” Justin Hartley told me. “They’ll try to patch things up.”

However… as seen in this second photo, Dinah Lance aka Black Canary (played by Alaina Huffman) also is on hand for the January 28 episode, titled “Collateral.” And in recent DC Comics canon, Ollie and Dinah got hitched.

Will Chloe’s measured presence during Smallville‘s final season pave the way for the CW series to follow in the comic books’ footsteps and point Green Arrow at Black Canary? Or could “Chlollie” still turn out to be endgame?

“Hopefully there will be a happy ending [for Oliver and Chloe],” Hartley shares. “I don’t know that there will be, but… I like them together, so hopefully they end up together.”

Once again: The CW’s Smallville resumes its final season Friday, January 28, at 8/7c!

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  1. Val says:

    In the even more recent comics, Dinah and Ollie got divorced :)

    I can’t wait for more Chlollie! Thank you for the pictures and the article!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Touche, Val!

      Hope everyone enjoys the (very pretty) pictures :)

    • Nani says:

      Dinah & Ollie always break up. that’s how they roll. i agree with the other poster in saying how can it be end game with 4 eps

    • Sally says:

      Thanks for this Matt! YAY for Chlollie I can’t wait. That pic with Chlollie and Dinah looks really intersting. I’m wondering what happened there. Did they kickk all of those bodies on the floor butts? And whose running away or leaving like that? Hmmmmm. I’m super intrigued. I can’t wait.

      And I love that Justin is a Chlollier. Here, here Justin I’m with you I hope they get a happy ending too. Ollie, Chloe, and Dianh deserve to be happy and it seems that Dollie didn’t make each other happy so there’s no need to light switch that. Great article Matt! I felt like it was very unbiased.

  2. unspokenbond says:

    Thank you so much for the first Chloe/Chlollie picture(s) and snippets from Justin Hartley. I’ve terribly missed Ms. Sullivan and Chlollie. You rock!

  3. Angie says:

    Yes, in even more recent comics canon, “Dollie” got divorced and it looks like Dinah and Babs are on the verge of hooking up. :D

    CHLOLLIE! <3 Beautiful pics.

    • Nikki says:

      Dinah and Babs is a fandom wet dream. It will never happen. Not only because of ‘Dollie’ but because DC gets so much milage out of the Babs/Dick/Starfire triangle.

      Also, I don’t think they are divorced. I’m not caught up but didn’t she just give him the wedding ring and tell him he needed to be alone after he killed Prometheus?

  4. Noelle says:

    Chlollie for ENDGAME!!!!! :)

  5. Ryan says:

    For years I’ve thought CW should do a green Arrow spin off when Smallville ends. I don’t know that it will be as good now that Oliver revealed his identity. Still, maybe they could do it. Maybe they have to brainwash everybody or something. I hope he and Chloe wind up together. It occurred to me recently though that Oliver has managed to… Chloe, Lois, and Tess. The only character to do so

  6. ladyg says:

    Fabulous pictures, thank you for these!

  7. Mariah says:

    Chlollie FOR ENDGAME!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the first picture ;-P
    They are gold together. I hope they have a happy ending TOGETHER ON SCREEN ;-p

  8. Chlollie Sux Balls says:

    Chlollie is a joke for loser fat chicks who don’t have boyfriends and is a substitute for Chlark because those losers can’t have that trash. So they bitched and moaned until they forced this crap relationship. For the 1st retarded poster. Idiot that’s who Dollie works,they break up and make-up, but they always end up right back together. Read a comic before you tout the misinformed rhetoric you got from other misinformed idiots who don’t know shit. And no won’t bother watching this trash on tv only to marysue Chloe and throw Dinah under the bus. We all know where this is going, complete and utter rubbish. Chloe in the comics btw is partnered with Jimmy, yet you didn’t mention that, kinda throws a wrench in your retardation pipe dreams. Beside Ollie’s would be Chloe’s dad in the comics because of the age difference. You guys are such f#cking morons

    • Lois Stinks! says:

      Obvious Clois fan. FYI, Lois isn’t any prize herself. The actress who plays her stinks. She does nothing but bring Clark down by having to rescue her from her stupid antics. And will someone please have her wear something that doesn’t always have her boobs popping out into Clark’s face? Is this Lois or Pamala Sue Anderson? Sheesh!

      • Audrey E. says:

        Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s not bash Clois, Lois, or Erica Durance just because one guy is acting like a neanderthal. I don’t think you can glean that he’s an “obvious Clois fan” from his rant.

        Erica is a great actress and has only been doing a fantastic job with Lois since season 4. The chemistry between her and Tom- and Lois and Clark- is almost unmatched on all of television.

        Plus, I’m pretty sure that Clark/Superman having to save Lois all the time is part of the whole Superman mythos. Although, he actually doesn’t even save her that often on the show compared to in other adaptations, and especially compared to all the times he saved Lana. And, by the way, Lois wears pretty modest and business-appropriate clothing.

    • ladyg says:

      Is this really necessary?

    • kk says:

      whoa there. No need for that. If you don’t like Chlollie or Chlark, that’s fine. It’s what being part of fandom is, people who like something in common and its different aspects. But hurling insults at people who don’t like your ship of choice? Not cool.

      • Chlollie Sux Balls says:

        Says who? Welcome to the internet. I don’t have to be nice or compliant or agreeable. You make a comment asking an opinion you’re going to get a real opinion crude or otherwise. if you’re that sensitive, best not make a reply. And for you info, because your ridiculous presumption are nauseated as it completely undermines your sentiment. I don’t ship at all. I prefer to watch a show about superman not these petty twillight shipfests that ruin the show. So it has nothing to do with what couple I prefer because I prefer there be none at this point

    • Jewels says:

      Given that Chloe had that extended relationship with the original Jimmy on the show, who was the real Jimmy’s brother (as we learned in the episode where they showed his funeral) I have a hard time seeing Chloe with Jimmy at this point. Perhaps that is an unfortunate departure from canon, but I must say, as a lady married to a gorgeous man :P, that I do like Chloe and Ollie together. Perhaps because it makes a lot of sense for both of them. At any rate, don’t be so mean. I mean, you’re clearly “allowed” to be, but, no one will like you or give any real thought to your input if you irritate them beforehand. Happy watching :).

  9. Amanda says:

    Thank you for a lovely Chloe and Ollie picture, they look so good together, my husband and I just adore them so much, come on Chollie and hope they have an happy ending.

  10. Stacy says:

    Thanks…..Chlollie rocks <3

  11. irg19 says:

    I hope Chloe and Oliver end up together. Chloe deserves her happy ending, screw the comics!

  12. Eric says:

    Wow, fabulous picture of Chollie, wish we can have an green arrow and chloe spin off and they end up happy together. By the ways Matt, thanks for the article and the lovely picture can’t wait this 28th.

  13. Newzdude says:

    I vote for a Green Arrow spin off too! Justin Hartley is great in the role. And fanboys and girls need an ongoing superhero series on TV. (The Cape and No Ordinary Family – which I kind of like – just not the same.)

    What else has Allison Mack being up to? She needs to be on a sitcom somewhere stat!

  14. Lori says:

    Chlollie are amazing! Mack and Hartley are doing such a great job with this relationship :) can’t wait to see the ep

  15. Mandy says:

    Thank you so much for giving us the first picture of Chlollie! The fans have been waiting (im)patiently all season to see our couple together again. I love that Justin wants them to have a happy ending. Your site is the best. :)

    • Nani says:

      Justin wasn’t saying that in the beginning and everyone knows he wasn’t into this fake relationship. Until all the complaints came rolling in he suddenly changed his tune, like the Chlollie relationship light-switch. Which this show is infamous for. AM hates it too, she wants her character to expand on her own not be grouped with that druggie.

      • Lauren says:

        Amen Nani.

      • Lauren says:

        I didn’t know you personally knew what Allison thought. Wow, you must be close to her. /sarcasm

        • Nani says:

          (sarcasm noted)She said it in her interview about the future of Chlollie she was clearly disinterested of the future prospects, that’s when I became disinterested as a fan, and Chlark fan. She implied Ollie moving on assuming that he would. And that was using PR. If you know AM you know she is not interested in this pairing. Now all they are doing with Chloe is grouping her with Oliver.

  16. Cara says:

    Wow, thanks so much for this amazing article. And what a lovely first picture. I love Chlollie together! I really hope they are ENDGAME! GO CHLOLLIE :D

  17. Lauren says:

    They better give us good Chlark, I can’t stand this BS relationship with Oliver the idiot, who’s basically just a consolation prize. I mean its bad enough we have to sit through the complete utter disaster that is Clois what about the fans who don’t give a two cents sh*t about either of these forced couples. Hate these stills and hate Oliver. Looks like I’ll have to fast forward through a lot of crap *sigh*

    • tr says:

      Chlark? I believe, in Allison Mack’s own words, that relationship is “dead in the water”. Besides, why would Clark waste his time getting lectured for the 100th time by Chloe, when he could be spending time with his future wife, Lois? :)

      • Toby says:

        You mean so Lois can kiss his ass for the 1000th time or so he can be sliced and diced in a lab somewhere cause Lois is an incompetent sidekick?

        Says a lot to me that Chloe has to come back to save the ENTIRE freaking JLA.

        • Lol says:

          So you’re implying that Superman NEEDS a sidekick? Well he did, and her name was Chloe. She kissed his ass and held his hand for how many years? Epic love!

        • Xander says:

          Since when is Lois a sidekick? LOL. Lois is being sliced and diced in the lab with Clark, Oliver and Dinah. Just sayin.

    • kk says:

      I think a big Chlark moment is coming in Fortune, so you’ll have that. Also, if you want to talk forced relationships, one word. Clana. ;)

  18. Megan says:

    Not what I freaking wanted. First Smallville ruined Davis (yes I loved him and Chloe) and now their ruining Chloe with pairing her off this airhead idiot named Oliver who’s basically used goods, talk about slap in the face to Chloe. Hoping the TPTB don’t forget about the #1 relationship in Chloe’s life you know with CLARK KENT, I didn’t start watching the show to see Chloe end up using a sextoy named Oliver, I watched all these years for Chloe and Clark’s friendship/relationship.

  19. Jude says:

    Fabulous pictures! Just wish the 28th would hurry up!

  20. August says:


  21. Come on this again? says:

    no one is buying this relationship. people are so desperate. now chloe will be attached to a drunk crybaby, and will never stand on her own. they’re ruining this final season. they just don’t care, pandering to small groups of fans. this is just gross

  22. Paulina says:

    Love them!

    Thank you so much for this!. I can’t wait to January 28th. I wish I could ff to that date but I’m in my summer vacations so I’ll just wait to this awesome couple shows up again!.

  23. Katie says:

    This is really lame, don’t get me wrong I’m ecstatic to see Chloe cuz its been waay to long but I don’t need to see the junk beside her. This will not erase how epic Chloe and Clark are no matter how much they feed us this crap with Oliver. I don’t know how some Chloe fans are buying this because Allie/Chloe deserve better, JMO.

    • Come on this again? says:

      I agree, at this point i rather see her alone. this is just disgusting. oliver’s an overused slut, and lois’s sloppy and rather pathetic seconds. it’s insulting, it really is.

      • Katie says:

        I agree as well sadly. In my books Chloe should’ve been with Clark from day one but they wanted the whole mythos crap so they ruined them for Oliver and Lois who I think were better off being together. I really don’t know what to look forward to coming up, I’m kinda sad that after 10 years this is what I have to watch. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked I saw the writing on the wall since last year I guess I just held hope she and Clark would at least spend more time together but it looks like they have other things on their mind.

        • kk says:

          Here’s the thing about romantic Chlark, and I’m not saying I disagree with you, I respect your opinion :) But do you think Chloe should have deserved Clark romantically when he didn’t feel even remotely the same way about her as she did him? I’m not saying Ollie is any better (I think Chlollie could have been done so much better, if all the romance and milstones hadn’t been on offscreensville) but Clark NEVER had the same feelings for Chloe. So don’t you think it would have just hurt her more?

        • BoredNow says:

          That’s nice. Can we have some pics of Clark now? Last time I looked this was his show. Not Chloe’s or Oliver’s It’s been about him from day one. Any other sub-plot they try to do is nothing but filler IMO.

  24. ggny says:

    Green Arrow spinoff with Oliver Mia and Dinah would be awesome and you could bring in Roy and Conner also

  25. don says:

    every time a f??k nut talkes s??t about clois you are s??t”n on a love story that has lasted 70 years and well last long after you dumb ash”s are dead and gone so it realy don,t matter what you f,rs think.go read a comic book ash holes.

  26. SuperFan says:

    I’m sorry, but how can Chlollie be the endgame when Mack is only doing 4 more episodes? It’s not gonna happen people. Accept it.

    At least Dinah is looking hot.

  27. Alex says:

    I dunno, I never liked Oliver and Chloe together. Call me old school, but Ollie belongs with Dinah. Nice to see Alaina back again. I guess she’s got some time on her hands now that Stargate Universe is kaput :(

  28. JD says:

    Yay! I’m so excited to see this episode. And I really hope Ollie and Chloe get together. Not just for the many fans out there but to shut up the bashers who always have something stupid to say. Thanks for the pics!

    • Lauren says:

      What fans? The Chlollie fanbase is nothing compared to the Chlarkers, sure we may not be as vocal anymore but there is a huge fanbase of them since day 1 compared to a bunch of people who think Chlollie is a gods send. I for one love Chloe to pieces but face the facts this relationship with Oliver came out of nowhere, hell the way it started was sickening and its a freakin consolation prize for Chloe no doubt about it because we all know that she and Clark should’ve been together. So no what I’m saying is not stupid, its my opinion and I can damn well say what I want. The End.

      • moi says:

        LOL, are you serious? You really sound like a bitter Chlarker. Chlollie is canon. Deal with it. Clark loves Lois and Chloe loves Oliver. If you were really a fan of Chloe, you’d want her happy with a man who really saw her and who could love her when Clark never opened his eyes to her.

        • Lauren says:

          Oh please, dont lay the “if you were a really a fan of Chloe” line on me alright! I’m a diehard Chloe fan so sorry if I find this relationship with Oliver totally meaningless. Honestly I’d rather Chloe be badass, help Clark out and end up doing greater things in her life than shack up with his low blow idiot who they are placating fans like you with, sorry just the way I feel. Chlark will always triump Chlollie no matter what, nothing will erase the 9 years of epicness those to share. The End.

          • tr says:

            So you didn’t get what you wanted, and now all you choose to do is complain. Typical Chlarker.

          • moi says:

            I can’t really take you seriously when you keep bashing Oliver. To me you’re just a bitter Chlarker who can’t let go of something that never really happened. Sure they teased Chlark for years, but Chlark was never epic. Lana was Clark’s first love and Lois is the love of Clark’s life, just so you know. In any case, Oliver’s the one for her. You’re NOT a die hard Chloe fan if you don’t want her to be happy in her love life like she’s always wanted. She moved on from Clark. Why don’t you try to move on from Chlark as well?

          • Lauren says:

            So I’m not a diehard Chloe fan if I’m against her being with Oliver? Oh gee thanks. You know Chloe can be happy without a guy, heck I think she is totally awesome without Oliver in her life and has been since day freakin one! I mean yeah sure I’d love for her to have a nice love interest but not Oliver, sorry if that gets your panties in a knot.

          • VOndrak says:

            do chlarkers still exist?
            are you all still waiting to see Lois die and Chloe to take her name?

            hahaha I thought that was a joke, I’m glad I got into Smallville this late in the game, some shippers are CRAZY

        • Nani says:

          Oh please, Chlollie is not canon what are you on? lmao

          • moi says:

            Maybe you’ve missed the ILYs? It’s show canon. I’m not on anything, thanks.

          • Jillian says:

            That was the most forced thing slice cheese, where the hell did that come from? lightswitch central is where it came from.

          • don says:

            the best part of this story is that AM won’t be in no more eps after eps 15 thank god she is in a total of five eps the frist eps and now the next 4 so you do the math 4 now plus the one she done earlyer 4 plus 1 is five so no chloe after eps 15 best news ever thanks you.

        • Nani says:

          Show’s canon, please that show has no solid canon and full of light-switches and retcons. Ollie loved Tess, Lois, and a bunch of plane groupie chicks, guess that’s cannon too.

      • JD says:

        I can’t understand why you’re fighting me about this. I said bashers, as in the people cursing and making comments without thinking things through and insulting both the characters as well as the actors. Yes, you’re entitled to your own opinion but so am I and ALL the other fans of Chollie out there. Just think and read the whole comment before replying. I have nothing against Clark and Chloe so your argument with me is pointless…

  29. Donny says:

    Thank you for the pictures. The wait for Chloe’s return has been torture. Allison looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the episode. I hope Justin gets his wish, and Chloe and Ollie can end up together. Thanks again.

  30. LizC says:

    Eeep! The only reason I’m going to watch Smallville when it returns from hiatus is to watch Chloe and to watch Chloe and Oliver hopefully make out a lot.

  31. shera says:

    They are perfect together, I can’t wait to see them again on my screen, thank you so much for posting the pictures and the article <333

  32. kk says:

    came here to say one thing: Pretty Allison is pretty :) as usual.

  33. Claire says:

    What a spoiler! Divides every body.

    Chlollie fans Happy. I’m not personally buying this relationship. And I’m not interested but it is interesting for other people. So, good for them.

    Some Chloe fans are not happy. They would prefer Chlark. But here is a thing. Clark doesn’t love Chloe the way those fans want it. Sorry, “Love” It’s the important part of the equation.

    Some comics book fans are not happy. Because even if Dinah and Ollie are apart now, they have history in the comics. You can’t blame them to want Dollie on smallville. Besides It’s Dinah who lived Oliver in the comics because he is such an ass and a womanizer.

    Some Clois and Clark fans are not happy because they want to hear about their favorite characters. You can’t blame them for that.

    And Please stick the discussion on the fictional characters and not the actors who play them. Hate the game but not the players. The game rules were there even before the players came in to play.

    • Nikki says:

      Which is why I think Chloe should end single, finally finding a solid path in life after so many u-turns over the years. That would be a success for her. End Ollie single but with some hefty anvils about his future with Dinah. Tone down the Clois and build up Clark’s final laps to becoming superman with pro-active behaviour.

  34. Carrie says:

    I adore Chloe probably more than most but I sincerely hope that “Chlollie” is NOT end game. I love Dinah and Ollie together and have for years, and seeing Chloe returning to investigating in the comics recently made me realize that it’s back to investigating – and not as Watchtower – where I want her ending to be.

    During her run on the majority of the series, Chloe Sullivan was a character defined more by the life she chose to lead by investigating the weird and unexplained than who she was or was not dating. Ending her with Ollie makes her end tally little more than a Green Arrow Accessory. And that is a horrible disservice to the character, the actress, and the long term fans.

    • Lauren says:

      Nicely put Carrie! Exactly how I feel. Personally I would’ve preferred Chloe go back to her first love of reporting, being there with Clark, helping him out but instead as you said all she is is a Green Arrow accessory pawned into between Dinah. Give me my Chloe Sullivan back and shove that Oliver to the side his story is meaningless in the journey of who Chloe is and will be!

    • moi says:

      I’ve watched the show since the first episode and I can’t assure you, as a long term fan, that I’m more than satisfied by Chlollie. I love them together! And I also prefer Chloe as Watchtower than a reporter. She’s outgrown that life.

      • bptstina says:

        Yeah, long time Chlarker and SV fan since the Pilot aired who is very, very satisfied with Chlollie. I think this is probably the one relationship they’ve done right on this show. Two people who had a thing that turned into a THING that snuck up on them unawares and helped them get out of their mutual downward spirals. And no triangles in sight (I still don’t think Dinah is going to be a factor in this universe. She’s got one episode, fer crissakes!)

        Couldn’t care less about what happens in the comics…if some people haven’t gotten the point from the writers and producers yet, THEY don’t care what happens in the comics weither other than “Clark and Lois are together” and ‘Clark and Lex are enemies”, and “Clark becomes Superman”. The notion that Chlollie can’t happen because of Dinah/Olliver in the comics needs to stay on the shelf over at the Comic Cave.

        Oh, and just to clarify for certain people out there? Not even remotely fat…kthnxbai.

      • Annoyed says:

        Chloe never outgrows reporting, fact.

        Second, a real Chloe fan doesn’t settle, fact.

        Third, Oliver is her cousin’s sloppy seconds and he didn’t trust her worth a damn even into ep 9×09 Pandora and was flirting with Dinah in 9×12 and 9×13 Absolute Justice, fact.

        Finally, it’s a ship 90% offscreen that wasn’t interesting enough to keep AM around for more than a few eps, fact.

        QED = Chlollie is horrible and a waste of my time and the viewers’ time and a disservice to the character.

        • Nani says:

          100% Chlarkers do not settle for cheap imitations! Chlarkers bow to no one.

        • moi says:

          I didn’t settle for Chloe being with Oliver. It’s actually my first ship on this show, and I had been watching since the PILOT. In any case, I’ve never been a Chlarker and couldn’t care less about Chlark. Clark belongs with Lois and the show has shown that Chloe is the love of Oliver’s life and vice versa. Chloe outgrew reporting! Oliver never flirted with Dinah in Absolute Justice. Chlollie is never a waste of time. Get your facts straight. And please do yourself a favour and just get over Chlark. It never happened and never will.

    • Nani says:

      Thank you Carrie!

    • Pat says:

      Exactly. Why does it have to be about Oliver. I hate how they are making her return basically be about them as a couple instead of Chloe as an individual character. I loved Chloe by herself before I loved her with any other male character. This show what have you done. People can have lives outside of their romantic interests.

  35. Jasmine says:

    Waiting for Chloe to come back to Smallville has been long and painful. So excited for her and Oliver to be reunited!

    Thanks for the picture!

  36. don says:

    thanks for for the info that chloe and AM will be gone after eps 15 now i can be happy that smallville can now make the show about the mythos the way it should been all a long and now the last eps of smallville will be great because am won’t be there and the best news besides that is KK won’t be back this is truly the best day of my life.

  37. Susan says:

    Thanks for finally doing something right MM! I still remember those comments about Miracle on 34th Street! :P (Yeah that was me!)

    LOL I love how the same hater has adopted 4 or 5 names just so it looks like more people hate Chloe/Oliver. Desperate.

    • Lauren says:

      Get over yourself please, you know there are folks who don’t agree with Chlollie, sorry if that gets you all down. How is it desperate to want to something better for Chloe? I invested 10 years of my life with this character and want something epic for her. Anyways I done with this discussion. Cheers.

  38. iliana says:

    THANK YOU! Allison Mack is beautiful and it’s so freaking good to see Chloe again. Also, I LOVE YOU JUSTIN HARTLEY <3

  39. Jillian says:

    Tore down one great friendship to force us this crapfest with Oliver. Sad, oh so sad. To make matters worse they have Oliver’s other gal pal standing there, what the hell is this? I find it so sad. Is this what we’re getting, I’m not happy at all. 4 episodes and I’m done with this.

  40. brynna says:

    Love Chloe and Oliver together, sincerely hope they make it work.

  41. Kaibosh says:

    I like Allison Mack and I do like the Chloe character. That being said; I am one of those people who generally believe that unless its in the comics; its not canon and has no business being in the show.

    I say “generally believe” because as I said I like the Chloe character and have been very accepting of her and I do hope that she does get a good send off.

    Send off because although the show has had some wild divergences from the comics in its 10 years; more recently it is starting to resemble the mythology a lot more and it looks like it will go out the right way. Which I hope it does.

    At the risk of being called a “hater” that unfortunately means that Chloe needs to go. Either she takes a bullet in a selfless, heroic act or she rides off into the sunset alone to fulfill her own destiny. But go she must. Sorry but that’s how it needs to be if the show is to fulfill its original intent of telling the story of “Superman”.

  42. Nienna says:

    Woot Woot! I’m so excited to see Chloe back on the show! Thanks so much for sharing these pics with us :) They are awesome and I totally can’t wait to see the Chlollie reunion. Its gonna be AWESOME! Chlollie for Endgame!

  43. Dawn says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Chlollie/Chloe pic and article!
    In the comics Oliver and Dinah had a very self-destructive relationship that, luckily for the DC comic readers that had to suffer through reading it, has seemed to finally end in divorce.
    Chlollie is so much different and their story of love and sacrifice is what legends are made from.
    Justin portrays the best version of Green Arrow, and that Oliver grows from his relationship with Chloe. I can’t wait to see how both characters and their relationship progress!

  44. Dawson says:

    Hey, to all those saying they’re done watchIng after Chloe’s gone, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. True Smallville fans watch this show for Clark, NOT for his sidekick.

  45. Dominique says:

    EEEEEEKS!! Thank you so much for these pictures!! :D
    I can’t wait till CHloe and Ollie finally come face to face again, I’ve missed seeing them together. I really hope they’ll be endgame. I realize it’s not what happens in the comic books, but still, Smallville did a lot of things different, so why not do the same with Chlollie <3
    So good to see that Justin is a Chlollie-fan himself.

  46. Beatrice says:

    Justin Hartley knows his character is totally worthless…and now he wants his character to live happily ever after with Chloe HA okay buddy dream on. He said the same crap with Lois and how awesome she was back in Season 6 *barf* Oliver is a merry go round boytoy for the Smallville girls too bad Chloe got caught in his web. I’m hoping we get some interviews from Allison herself, would love to her thoughts about where Chloe is going and what lies ahead for her acting wise!

    • Sara says:

      I definitely have to agree with you on that. Justin is going to advocate whatever relationship he’s in. I remember he gushed about Lollie in season 6 and he even gushed about it when they brought Lollie back up during the beginning of Season 9. He loved the Oliver/Lois relationship as well. I mean why piss off the fans of Chlollie? It wouldn’t make sense.

      • Beatrice says:

        Exactly. Same crap was being force fed by the producers earlier this season during Comic Con, non-stop groveling about how much they WUV Chlollie, yeah okay if they loved it so much they wouldnt have been an offscreen relationship, and all that was a bunch of lies to get certain fans to shut up. Thankfully Allie came out and set the record straight with everyone that she’ll be back only for 5 episodes. My only wish during these 4 episodes is that we see a lot of Chloe and Clark for one last time, I want my “scooby doo” duo back with lots of Chlarky hugs damn it!

        • Sara says:

          Yeah it’s crazy. I even remember the producers saying that they didn’t realize the Chlollie potential until they were watching the ending scene from Roulette. They saw the chemistry between Justin and Allison and was like hey let’s do Chlollie. It wasn’t like it was planned.

          I feel like the producers are saying let’s throw the Chloe fans a bone. We can’t put her with Clark but we’ll give her another hero, Oliver. They got chemistry let’s do it. It’s funny because I thought I was the only one who didn’t like this pairing. It seems other Chloe fans don’t either. I’m not alone. LOL.

          Maybe I’d feel better about them if Oliver hadn’t banged Tess and Lois too and was trying to get back with them at times.

  47. Paula Kalisak (From Brazil) says:

    OMG, THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING! Thank you so much!
    They are so perfect together, as they were meant to be… and I sincerely hope that they will be endgame, this is the only thing that I want after watching Smallville for ten years.
    CHOLLIE *-*

  48. VOndrak says:

    Chloe and Oliver doesn’t make sense, you know they’re not gonna end together and this is just a waste of time in Smallville
    well, I don’t care who Oliver ends up with anyway
    I just want to see the awesome Lois Lane on my screen again

  49. April says:

    I don’t know how to feel about Chloe’s return and am still not sure if I can watch. One thing Smallville has always managed to do is disappoint me as a Chloe fan. It teased Chlark and never followed through. It also shoved Chimmy down my throat only to have him not really be Jimmy. It gave her seven years (more if you count pre-show canon) working toward being a reporter only to switch her off to counselor, cancel that, then to watchtower, then cancel that (and, from what I hear, the show hasn’t mentioned her in connection to her work as Watchtower this season). Everything she did, it’s like it didn’t matter, is given no weight, and is never mentioned again. I’ve never gotten anything I wanted as a fan and pretty much everything I didn’t.

    Now she’s coming back for four episodes and I have no faith they can undo the damage and satisfy my investment in this character.

    As for Chlollie, it will never be as satisfying as Chlark for me. But I did enjoy it as a fling that, if given time, could have developed into more (there were major issues I had and still have with the pairing), but they didn’t do that. They didn’t have them work through any issues and rushed them to some “I love yous” that were completely out of the blue for me.

    I guess I’m just disappointed and prepared to be further disappointed. At this point, all I want from the show is to know that Chloe is out there somewhere investigating and getting the truth to the masses. Daily Planet, Chlark, Chlollie aside, that’s always been at the core of her character for me and I want an ending that’s true to that.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Guys, guys, guys….. It’s a television show with fictional characters. Calm yourselves.