Blind Item: Which Dead Drama Series is Suddenly Showing a Pulse?

Here’s some news that’ll excite a buncha you… and then frustrate that same bunch, because — sorry! —it comes in the form of a Blind Item: A hit drama series whose final season was announced in the last 12 months may not be ending after all! Know which one yet? I’ll give you some clues…

Though the network told the world that the plug had been pulled, apparently not everyone involved in the show was in agreement about that. In fact, to this day, talks are ongoing behind scenes to extend its run, one way (in its current form) or another (in a tweaked form or even as a series of TV movies).

Sound like something’s rotten in the state of Denmark? Yeah, I’m with ya there.

Another big clue: No, it is not Tru Calling. That was axed ages ago. Let it go!

Your best guesses? Hit the comments section below.

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  1. Jerri says:

    Stargate Universe?

  2. Herb Finn says:

    I think it’s safe to say this show is either still in production or has just finished production,and the sets are still standing and cast still under contract. I think either way, it is still airring
    and the key word is HIT.

    So what hit shows are ending this year,or next.

    • me2 says:

      i agree
      smallville, it is
      with new justice league tv movies!

      • Chitown_mimi says:

        The only reason I say no to Smallville is that it was never a hit drama series.

      • Tom Slayton says:

        Smallville is and has been my favorite TV show for the past ten years. I would like to see it continue the story under a new name…perhaps Metropolis…since commuting back & forth to SV no longer makes any sense with the storylines primarily taking place in the city.

    • SonR says:

      i don’t see the CW doing tv movies, they just do that kind of thing
      would have to be a big 3 or fox. ABC Family does lots of tv movies, but the only other cable channels that do them are lifetime or disney

  3. Kevin M says:

    Heroes? 24?

  4. ER says:

    I hope it’s 24, with the script for the movie getting a no go, they have to give bauer some closure…

  5. Rebecca says:

    The Closer. I see a series of TV movies in the future, kind of like the 2 or 3 episodes we get each December.

  6. kiddo says:


  7. deltadawn says:

    Please let it be Friday Night Lights!
    Ah. Sorry. Maybe not a “hit” drama.

  8. Bob says:

    Smallville, as EW hints in their throwover link to TVLine:

    Hmmm…copyright infringement, Aus?

  9. Brian says:

    How much would you give for it to be “Lost”…

  10. Brian says:

    I feel like they wrapped-up Dollhouse… Realistically I’m going to say that it’s either “Law & Order” or “24”

  11. Andoni says:

    At least tell us when it is going to be revealed! Pleaaseee.

    Man, I REALLY hope it’s Heroes (it fits into the description, TV Movies and a Miniseries have been discussed, its cancellation was announced May 14 if I’m not mistaken, and it has been absolutely a huge drama hit).

  12. Emma says:

    It’s quite obviously Dollhouse, Tru Calling – Eliza and the Denmark comment is referring to the play Dollhouse by Ibsen.

  13. PierceBoldmen says:


    This was supose to be it’s last season and it is actually doing well in it’s new time slot.

    Or Smallville, but it would be wierd seeing superman in his outfit for a whole season!

  14. Andoni says:

    Dollhouse? It was almost literally a miracle getting a second season from FOX, I don’t think anyone involved in the show was surprised or absolutely upset about it ending after its last season. And it wasn’t what I would call a “hit” either.

  15. jay says:

    Could Smallville possibly relocate to “Metropolis”. I mean it basically has already.

  16. Potch says:

    Gosh, if it was Dollhouse I would do a jig and cheer and scream and possibly faint. Joss deserves another chance. BUT, I don’t think it is, because let’s face it… as loyal as I am and will ever be to the Master Joss Whedon… Dollhouse, while AMAZING as all of his stuff is, was never a hit. Of course, that is FOX’S fault for giving it a crappy timeslot. But whatev.

  17. nicole says:

    I think it might be Ghost Whisperer. Cancellation was not even a year ago and was very sudden. “something is rotten in the state of Denmark” is a reference to Hamlet. And Hamlet saw and talked to the ghost of his murdered father.

  18. Megan Dodson says:

    I’d say Dexter except the world knows that it’s getting a 6th season after all…

    My bet is 24… they just can’t let Jack Bauer go.

  19. Lili says:


  20. Hopeful says:

    I’m so hoping its Rubicon!!!

  21. kj says:

    I am going with Law and Order. The original.

  22. Carmen says:

    Please tell it it’s…MEDIUM !

  23. ka says:

    Flashforward would be awesome.. is it medium or ghost whisperer?

  24. Andoni says:

    It can’t be Dollhouse, Rubicon, FlashForward, Stargate Universe, Caprica, Legend of the Seeker, etc, none of those shows have ever been a hit, people, just read the entire article.

  25. RJ says:

    I would kill for it to be Smallville, returning in the form of a proper Superman show. Maybe even on another network, if we were REALLY lucky.

  26. Superman says:



  27. Jacqi says:

    Hopefully its Life Unexpected!!!!! :)

  28. EV says:

    I certainly hope it’s FlashForward. Although the ‘Hamlet’ reference fits both Dollhouse and Ghost Whisperer (please, no), the whole series ended on a note worthy of that quote. How there was a second blackout, how in said blackout it was hinted that Fiennes character really didn’t die and his daughter learns so, etc.

  29. Timmeh3008 says:

    Could it be Ugly Betty? Sure it was a comedy, but it was also a drama. And ever since it was first canceled the actresses have often spoke about a movie could be a possibility for the future. It was also definitely a hit, at one point or another.

  30. V says:

    My guess is Dollhouse. The Tru Calling sentence gives it away.

  31. Isaidit says:


  32. neoanakinpotter says:

    I would give EVERYTHING for it to be LOST. haha.

    I’m guessing Smallville….but I HOPE it’s The Closer.

  33. Teresa Conti says:

    When does TNT present at the television critic thing? I think cbS is up soon or is up now.

  34. Polonius says:

    Ibsen was Norwegian, not Danish, and “Something rotten in the state of Denmark” is not from “A Doll’s House”, but from “Hamlet”, which isn’t even one of Ibsen’s plays.

    I really wish people would stop just conjuring “facts” on-the-spot to support what they want to be true. It’s a plague in modern society.

  35. Dg says:

    Can’t be Dollhouse because even though its last episode aired 12 months ago, it’s cancellation was announced on November 11, 2009

  36. shawn says:

    i would love it to be ” the unusuals”

  37. Karen says:

    Friday Night Lights, please!

  38. reasoning says:

    The clues are Tru Calling and Denmark/Hamlet/Shakespeare

    Hamlet(the play) says to me it is either Ghost Whisperer or Medium. Hamlet (as in small village) says Smallville.

    I have no idea what the hint of Tru Calling is trying to say.

    None of these hints has anything to do with the Closer, so while that may return, this blind item has nothing to do with it and isn’t referring to it.

    • lorne says:

      I would love for it to be Smallville. It seems revitalized lately and I actually starting watching for the first time since season 4 (plus “small village” was clever). But I’m going with Medium.
      Tru calling apparently dealt with a medium as well, the title of the article is “DEAD”, and ghosts etc. = Hamlet. boo.

    • Andoni says:

      Yes, in your opinion. It’s not a fact that this blind item has nothing to do with any other show you are not mentioning. I hope it won’t be any of those shows just so you learn a lesson.

      • oprah says:

        And the lesson is that you need to learn how to read. “The Closer” does not equal “every other unnamed show”. How anyone could make a stupid leap in logic like that is baffling. None of the clues point to “The Closer”. Duh. That doesn’t mean they don’t point to any shows at all!

    • C C says:

      Here’s my take on the “not Tru Calling” clue: Ausiello is telling us the shows that are NOT the subject of the Blind Item.

      It’s not Medium, Ghost Whisperer, or Dollhouse (like Dollhouse was ever a hit). I think it’s even referring to 24, though I suspect we haven’t seen the last of that franchise on tv.

  39. paragraphs? says:


  40. Nerd says:

    King of the Hill

  41. meme says:


  42. boidiva02 says:

    Ghost Whisperer or Medium seem like safe bets. Maybe, Brothers & Sisters?

  43. fnlfan says:

    Friday Night Lights!!!

  44. Tata says:

    Maybe Heroes… But I wish it was Legend of the Seeker =(

  45. larryy says:


    (Yeah, I know. Just fantasizing.)

  46. MarkFaust says:

    Please let it be Heroes!

  47. Ameijha says:

    24 or Law and Order would be fantastic.

  48. Adam says:

    I’d go with Life Unexpected