Blind Item: Which Dead Drama Series is Suddenly Showing a Pulse?

Here’s some news that’ll excite a buncha you… and then frustrate that same bunch, because — sorry! —it comes in the form of a Blind Item: A hit drama series whose final season was announced in the last 12 months may not be ending after all! Know which one yet? I’ll give you some clues…

Though the network told the world that the plug had been pulled, apparently not everyone involved in the show was in agreement about that. In fact, to this day, talks are ongoing behind scenes to extend its run, one way (in its current form) or another (in a tweaked form or even as a series of TV movies).

Sound like something’s rotten in the state of Denmark? Yeah, I’m with ya there.

Another big clue: No, it is not Tru Calling. That was axed ages ago. Let it go!

Your best guesses? Hit the comments section below.

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  1. Jordan Green says:

    please be smallville!

  2. Autumn says:


    • luvprue1 says:

      I hope it’s Medium. Especially now that her real Brother David will play her brother on the show. (although I like the other actor a lot,and felt that he looked like her brother, more so than her brother)

      ….and I miss Tru Calling.

  3. SJ says:

    Law & Order: Original Flavor.

  4. Katrina says:

    The Ghost Whisperer. That was within the last year, right? I thought Medium at first too. Or I was thinking the Closer.

    • Rowan says:

      The show’s been off since LAST season. Think something that was actually shot this season.

    • Molly says:

      It has to be The Closer. It was already rumoured back in January that TNT was working on a way to continue the series without Kyra Sedgwick – either without Brenda or as a spinoff with most of the current characters who wanted to keep filming the show.

  5. Peter Freeman says:

    Oh god, not Heroes..

  6. John says:

    My bet is on Friday Night Lights.

  7. Lee says:

    I have my money on Smallville, I don’t see a Raven series doing well and I know that WB is seeking a replacement show for that demo. I’m hoping with the introduction of Jaime Reyes later this year they can use that as a backdoor pilot for a Blue Beetle series. We will see.

  8. Donovan says:

    24 was within the last year and I am really missing it right now…

  9. Dave says:

    This better be either Heroes or Stargate Universe.

  10. CarmaLee Thomas says:

    I was thinking Medium too.

  11. mmartian says:

    “Announced its in its last season”
    Easy- its the closer

  12. M says:

    Smallville. I can’t think of any other shows that have announced this as their final season and I believe that one of the producers publically said over the summer that there was a possibility it could go past this season.

  13. ALP says:

    Law & Order original OR CI…either way is a big WIN!

  14. Celeste Widman says:

    Law and Order?!?!? That would be so cool!!! I was really hoping for it to make the record for the longest running TV Drama. If it comes back THIS Season then, it would make The Record.

  15. Maryanne says:

    One tree hill?

  16. Meg says:

    Big Love?

  17. loulzb says:

    PLEASE BE LIFE UNEXPECTED! even tho i highly doubt it but i REALLY REALLY hope so!

  18. Geraldine says:

    Friday night lights?

  19. Dee says:

    I will never let Tru Calling go. Ever.

  20. Alex says:

    Well Smallville announced its last season…and everyone seems pretty on board with it being the end. But I’d really extremely love if this was your way of saying that a Smallville movie is in the future!

  21. brinderwalt says:


    You did say within the last 12 years, right?

  22. Aly says:

    I’m hoping Smallville!!

    P.S. when will this blind item be revealed?

  23. Cyn says:

    Hopefully not Smallville. Tom Welling said this was his last season. Let the poor man rest.

  24. Jason says:

    I’d say its Smallville, going into a full blown Supes show but I dont know much about that show so I don’t know, but Geoffs the head hancho over at DC so it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyways I’m hoping its Stargate Universe, it will make my year if it comes back, please please make it happen.

  25. The Wraith Lover says:

    I’m guessing it is SGU. But then again, it was never a hit…

  26. Lazyeye says:


  27. Nate says:

    Is no one guessing Friday Night Lights? Or am I the only one holding out hope for that one? Or is the Tru Calling mention telling us that it’s Dollhouse? Either way I’d be thrilled.

  28. Nelle says:

    Stargate Universe! It could do made-for-tv-movies like SG-1, or get picked up by the SPACE network in Canada.

  29. Jessica says:

    Too curious…could be Life Unexpected or Heroes

  30. David says:

    Firefly, obviously!

    (No, I’m kidding obvi. I actually didn’t even watch it :P)

    Serious guess: Rubicon? (Reference to Denmark in the item, and the new AMC show The Killing is based off a Danish show)

    • David says:

      Oh, scratch that. Rubicon was a one-season wonder and “final season” makes it sound like something that has been around. I agree with the person who guessed The Closer then.

  31. Jaclyn says:

    Medium, Flashforward, CI, -Dark Blue? Would it be too much to hope for that maybe Firefly, Buffy, and Stargate Atlantis are coming back, but you said drama right? Not Sci fi.

  32. Jennie says:

    Dollhouse! That’s why the Tru Calling hint!

  33. Isa says:

    Smallville or Supernatural. It was announced that this would be the last season for both, and both have made noises about coming back. As much as I would like to see Heroes back, it is canceled, not on its last season.

    • Shaula says:

      No, not Supernatural. No one said that this season was supposed to be its last. That was last year (season 5), but even then Eric Kripke left it open, closing that storyline and begining a new one.

      But now, in its 6th season, Sera Gamble never said that this was the last one, the very opposite. The lead actors are also signed for another season, which I hope it’ll happen!

  34. Lisa says:

    I really hope it is The Closer!

  35. Mo says:

    I hope it’s Medium, or Big Love!!

    • April says:

      I hope not Big Love. They’ve been saying they’re going out strong this year and I want that rather than for things to get too convoluted.

  36. SiouxieSioux says:

    Please let it be Friday Night Lights!!!

  37. Linda says:

    I hate to say Smallville because I think it should be dead after this season. Didn’t the CW do this before with Seventh Heaven, announcing the final season and then bringing it back again?

  38. irg19 says:

    It’s gotta be Smallville. Tom Welling already said he’d be willing to go for season 11.

  39. amanduhwood says:

    i love Smallville, and would watch it if it came back – but i don’t see that happening. so the next best thing would be Friday Night Lights!

  40. Mariana says:

    I bet on Supernatural or Smallville.

  41. Jo says:

    I’d love for it to Smallville – and that’s the only show I can think of right now that had a formal ‘final season’ announcement. I’d love more seasons of Medium too, but wasn’t Medium canceled a few months into its current season? It was never announced as its final season.

  42. Shelly F. says:

    Since it was “announced in the last 12 months” it must be Smallville.

    • Kris says:

      Um was there only 1 show announced in the last 12 months? I didn’t think so. Greek, Friday Night Lights, Big Love, and The Closer were also announced in the last 12 months.

  43. Nic says:


  44. Rowan says:

    I’m hoping it’s The Closer because I think another year would be awesome, but fear it’s the never-ending Smallville. My impossible wish is that they were talking about Terriers, but, sadly, that brilliant show is done.

  45. Zilly says:

    I think it’s The Closer.

  46. jess says:

    oh gawd i really want it to me Smallville!!! Metropolis here we come!!!

  47. Patrick says:

    I doubt it’s gonna be a show already cancelled… It’d be hard to get actors and crew back once contracts have expired and people have new jobs…

    My guess would be Big Love. There’s all those rumours of a twist right at the end of the season… Might the producers have been laying the groundwork for another year?

    I could see The CW trying to keep Smallville around but I dont think they could afford to. Cast alone would be a massive drain, especially with Welling being in his 11th year… Then you’ve got effects budgets etc, and while it does okay on Fridays it’s not exactly doing gangbusters these days!!

  48. kelly says:

    Lie to me, has to be!

  49. Daniel says:

    Terriers? Please?

  50. Jim says:

    The Closer, end of story. You Smallville people are crazy.