Exclusive Chuck Clip: Casey Gets Served!

Technically it’s Chuck who gets served in Monday’s all-new Chuck, but it’s Casey who gets served, if you know what I mean. Don’t know what I mean? The following exclusive (and hilarious) clip from said episode, “Chuck vs. The Balcony,’ should clear up any confusion.  

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  1. Cristian says:

    Nice scene but, please producers, no more seasons. NO MORE SEASONS! :P

    • MaryB says:

      What? You want CHUCK cancelled? Go away. Just. Go. Away.

      • rip van winkle says:

        Eh, Chuck ain’t what it used to be.

        • Melrache says:

          It ain’t what it used to be, it’s better.

          • Angie says:

            I agree, it’s getting better and better!

            Best show ever.

          • Todd W in NC says:

            I agree with MaryB and Melrache. Chuck keeps on improving and deserves no less than one more full season, if not three or four.

            I almost agree with Angie too. I would say it’s the best show *currently*. If we’re talking ever/all-time, I’d probably put it in a top 20 list, top 10 if we’re just talking genre shows.

          • C says:

            totally agree with you!! so you haters, just leave and let Chuck be Chuck, ok? thanks.

        • Brayden14 says:

          I will agree with you, in so much as Season 4 started off a little rocky, but I believe it’s recovering nicely. And I’ll give you some more credit because Season 2 was my favourite so far. But I’m still hopeful that Season 4 may surpass Season 2.

      • Kabpag73 says:

        Chuck is best show ever who said you want Chuck to get cancelled? you’re very stupid for saying that.

        • hayxel says:

          I agree! CHUCK is the best show ever.So for the writers and producers please write more story lines…I love the show so much…it’s so funny. I’m looking forward to season 5. Hope it will happen.

    • Chris says:

      No one is forcing you to watch. If you don’t enjoy the show, you can change the channel to something that might suit your taste more. Frankly, I’m betting that those who are asking for it to be canceled don’t even watch it in the first place.

      I personally am hoping for at least one more season.

    • Sam says:

      Are you joking, chuck is one of the best shows on television right now.

    • Mark says:

      Have you even watched the show? It is witty, charming and full of action. As the series progresses, the backstories make the show better, and the new roles of different characters, like Morgan as a ‘spy’ add to the hilarity. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

    • Garry says:

      @Cristian: sorry man, gotta disagree. You can watch all the eps you want of ‘Dancing With the Snores’, whoops I mean “Stars”; just leave good ‘ol Chuck alone. I hope there is at least one more season – 22 more eps will equal 100 episodes, which means syndication baby!

    • Nick says:

      wow….just…dont comment on anything that involved Chuck……wow

    • CP says:

      chuck rules…don’t watch the show if you don’t like it, fool.

    • Dab says:

      I agree, Chuck is not nearly as good as it was in the first two seasons.

    • yetanotherchuckfan says:

      Seriously all you Sheldons out there – you didn’t notice the sarcasm? Smiley face, hello…

    • Bill Achtzehn says:

      You are crazy or on drug’s or both CHUCK JUST GET’S BETTER AND BETTER it’s one of like 6 show’s on tv that’s ACTUALLY WORTH WATCHING YOU TOOL AND yes if i was face to face with you i would say the same thing

  2. Klew says:

    Love it! Thanks!

  3. Klew says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO, I want a fifth season!

  4. Matt says:

    Zach Levi’s accent is getting better.

  5. irg19 says:

    “Let him manserve you” BWAHAHAH nice one Morgan.

  6. michelle says:

    Ahhh can’t wait for the new episodes! And I want a 5th season too!!!

  7. Dwigt says:

    There are several issues that are more or less linked: it’s a fringe show that never gets any certainty that it will be renewed, suffers from a diminished budget and a mostly new writing team this season. And the writing has put itself in a corner due to “Chuck” getting too many superpowers noq with little side effects. The relationship issues between Chuck and Sarah are getting more and more artificial this season. They’re basically there to create some weakness for a character that’s no longer flawed.

    Until season 3, Chuck was a nerd who had a very disappointing life and had a shot at helping the secret services to redeem himself and find true love but who couldn’t share any of this with his family and friends. This season, Chuck is a slightly nerdy super-spy who has a hot girlfriend, decides of his mission and is respected outside of his undercover job. The thing is that Chuck was the sidekick and comic relief in a mission, now that he’s the center he needs a sidekick (Casey) and a comic relief (Morgan).
    That doesn’t make current “Chuck” a failure (Yvonne’s wardrobe, for instance, remains a winner) but there’s a whole kind of show dynamics that is currently missing and I’m not sure the writers are able to restore it or replace it with something else.

    • MaryB says:

      So CHUCK has evolved, the show and the character. I guess if you don’t like the evolution, it’s bad thing. I happen to like it. I like the expansion of Morgan’s character and LOVE LOVE LOVE where Casey is going. I would be extremely disappointed if CHUCK was cancelled. YMMV however ….

      • rip van winkle says:

        Yeah, the characters evolved to a point where it’s not interesting anymore.

      • Dwigt says:

        There have been changes for the better since the show started (getting rid of Harry Tang and the NSA guy, giving Ellies something to do in addition to whining every time Chuck could be in danger, developing Morgan). But I haven’t seen an interesting episode about Sarah for ages. Sure, the one in Asia showed her being physical but was there any interesting character development? Sarah was the classy girl that appeared to be out of Chuck’s league. Now, the only question about her is whether she’ll get engaged or married this season. Every episode throws a wrench at their relationship but you never really fear they will break up.

        And look at the Mama Bartowski stuff. In previous seasons, Chuck could be killed or unmasked by Fulcrum or the Ring every episode. There was some urgency. Now, he’s trying to find the mystery behind his mother but there wasn’t any real pressure to his investigation until we first discovered Volkoff.

        Or the Best Buy scenes. It was supposed to become a fully operational CIA base. There had to be a different Greta every episode. It was quickly reduced to a Jeffster cameo here and there, little for Big Mike, and a generally tangential connection to everything else.

        Mixing comedy, drama and action in the same show isn’t an easy task. “Chuck” improved greatly when they found some kind of balance and stopped taking the action too seriously (the McG influence on the early episodes didn’t work for me). Now, the action is too predictable, you just get another 80’s B lister as a guest star every week to make a variation and the drama (whether Mary Bartowski is a double agent, whether Volkoff will kill her if she still is) isn’t very compelling.

        This could be a phase and anyway I’m still watching because I love this kind of comedy but I haven’t been biting cheese puffs waiting for the next episode while I was much more taken during season 2 or 3.

      • cb says:

        I agree to a point. The show has changed but it’s good in some ways. Chuck couldn’t stay that useless moron he was in season 1 and 2 although it was funny it couldn’t stay that way forever imo. I think I’m liking casey changing, not sure if I like morgan but I’m loving sarah. I’d also be disappointed if they cancelled it I’d still like a few more seasons.

        Chuck doesn’t have any powers. He can search info and fight so can casey and sarah.

  8. gonzaga 12 says:

    Way excited! Here’s hoping for season five!

  9. GimplyGump says:

    nope, still confused. Guess I’ll need to wait until Monday when I see the closed captions.

  10. Hamza says:

    Chuck! Very interesting clip..

  11. Cristian – we need 1 more season!! Why? Cause 5 season = Syndication and if i remember correctly SyFy gave Chuck some love to help it get renewed and it’d be a great home for repeats of it as well!!

  12. Sheldon says:

    Hahaha, too excited for this episode! Love Chuck so much!

  13. JordyG says:

    Chuck show is a pioneer in the film industry, they create a whole new image into tv shows.

    They show us depth, not only in de main character chuck, but also within the other characters (casey,sarah,morgan, etc.)

    Chuck has more emotion, more romance, more drama, more funny moments and still the insecurities and problems on missions
    Chuck still has his goofy and nerdy moments and problems during missions but also real life!

    The show is evolving to new situations but keeps its lead story very serious!!!

    Chuck give us so big range of entertainment, that’s why it;s a great show!

    To quote Dr. Woodcomb:

  14. Jennifer B. says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. WeAreBroken13 says:

    I want more, I was like DONT END. I personally love Chuck and though I am kinda dissapointed with this season, Im sure they will work it out and if not, we had some great seasons to remember and watch when were feeling nostalgic ;)

  16. sweetiepie1019 says:

    LMAO @ the fact that apparently Chuck needs to have Morgan in his ear to set up a romantic trip for Sarah. Although considering some of his past lack of success in similar situations, maybe that’s a better idea than it sounds. Loving “bubala” and “Let him man serve you.”
    And since we’re all apparently debating this – I think this season is uneven, but still good; the uneven is mostly due to new writers, which I hope will work itself out in the back half of the season. And yes, things have changed since Chuck went from nerd to super spy (more or less). The show took a big creative risk there, and while some things haven’t always worked out (losing some of that everyman feel, for one), I think it was a still a good move. I like Chuck being more useful and less damsel-in-distress; I like that the Chuck/Sarah relationship is on track with no more Shaw-like distractions; and I wouldn’t give up the Casey/Morgan comedy team for anything. Finally, yes, I’d love another year of Chuck; but if they were given enough of a warning this year to wrap it up well, I think I could live with this being the last season. For a bubble show, it’s had a good run. Still, the news of a pick up would certainly not be unwelcome for me.
    Now, clip. Funny. Bubala. Manservant. Giggle.

  17. tjmack says:

    First of all, for anyone who is complaining about season four. I have this to say….DON’T WATCH IT! No one is forcing you to watch the show. I can honestly say that all of the REAL TRUE CHUCK FANS are sick of your whining.

    It’s like nothing the writers do can make you happy! If they diminish Morgan and the Buy More guys to the background, you complain. If they get to much storyline, you complain. If they give Ellie and Awesome an interesting storyline like Baby Awesome/The laptop, you complain that it’s too expected (not the exact word i was wanting to use).

    I think that this season has been wonderful so far. Obviously NBC thinks so as well considering the show was picked up for it’s largest season EVER.

    Dwigt, how can you have watched Chuck vs Phase Three and say you got no character development for Sarah? You’re taking about someone that was a ruthless, hardened spy that didn’t care about no one and nothing BEFORE chuck, who risked EVERYTHING including her own safety and well being to save Chuck! If that’s not character development then I don’t know what is.

  18. chamiepop says:

    I love Chuck. Maybe I’m just the mushy type who still clings to the thought, that at the end of the day, I’ll hear bells ringing for Chuck and Sarah! :)

  19. SarahB says:

    I just want to say, i hope and pray for another season.
    i know for sure the upcoming episodes will blow our heads off!!!

    i saw a slogan i liked before in this comment section, so everyone who likes chuck for real say: Chuck=Awesome!!!

    I’ll start Chuck=Awesome

  20. Elias Ericsson - Sweden says:

    Totaly love this show, I watch them at a friends house every week who got American Channels! :) I love chuck, started it in 2nd season and I would be very sad if you canceled it! Im to exited to see how its going with Chuck & sarah and then ofcourse Casey is also having a fun trip down normal life road. Aswell the sister and awsome and most fun of all, Morgan! He and his buymoria lights up the show! :D
    If your going to cancle please do it with style and end the show, dont just cut it off :P
    And Sarah and Ellie would make a wonderfull girl film =)

  21. JordyG says:

    haha not completely true, i started already, although this time :P

    also it’s funny to see the time difference when i post this, out here it’s 22:22 or 10:22 in the evening :P
    and on this site it’s 1:23 PM :P

    Holland support Chuck, Chuck-awesome (again) :P

  22. mdz says:

    I’m really excited to see the new episodes of Chuck..It’s one of my favorite shows..I also hope there’s a another season!!

  23. stuck2dasheetz says:

    How is character development boring? I feel so close to the characters from years of watching that when anything bad happens (i.e. Casey getting fired from the CIA) I was literally in tears! Good character development is what draws in the emotional crowd. Sarah’s hot body and steamy fight scenes are what draw in the sexual crowd, and Chuck’s wit, sarcasm, and great-to-look-at everything is what draws people like me in!! Actually, for me it’s all of these. This show is great! If people are getting tired of Chuck it’s probably because they were “Lost” fans and are butt-hurt that terrible show FINALLY got put where it needed to be! In the trash!!! =)

  24. Steve says:

    I love this show. It is the best on t.v. I own the first three seasons and must have each ep at least four times including this season. I always seem to catch a new angle each time I watch an ep. I would like a season five because I do think that the eps are geting better although I am sure one will fall off of the mark. I just wished NBC would have given the show more publicity. The drama, comdey and romance makes it a gem in the rough.

  25. Fred says:

    Not that I am a purist, but Chuck’s hair keeps getting shorter and shorter. I liked it better when he looked more like a nerd herder. He needs to keep his Cali look. After-all, he went to Stanford.

  26. Brit says:

    Season 1 and 2 were the best ones. I think the writers have hit a plateau, like most television shows. Typically most tv series drift to the end not really picking up again until the last few episodes. I hope Chuck doesn’t do this. I love this show. I wish that they would kick up the heat again. I kinda miss Chuck being a wuss. I haven’t really watch this show as “religiously” as I did with season 1 and 2. (of course I got really busy when 3 and 4 started) I got bored with 3 half way through it because of the romantic tension between Shaw and Sara (which was similar to the ones found in seasons 1 and 2) and how everyone now knew Chuck was a Secret Agent. The ending of season 3 was good so I got all excited for season 4, which I watch most of the first few episodes and then kinda stopped watching. I just now watched the last 4 on hulu. Chuck vs. Phase 3 was the best out of them. I hope this new episode will be *awesome*!

  27. Bill says:

    Cancel Chuck? Really? Somebody doesn’t have cable, or perhaps even a girlfriend or wife who likes sharing Chuck on Mondays. It’s one hour a week, and if you don’t have alternate choices then – get some.

    The situations have improved. The locales are getting cooler (Taiwain? Rocks). The Chuck/Sarah thing is not a yo-yo anymore. Stars are coming out to play. What more could one Chuck fan ask?

    Lets make it to that magic 100 mark. One more season should do it.

  28. srgess says:

    Best show ever, i discovered this show 2 month ago and watched all episode in 2 day. Action, drama, suspense, comedy what more you want. Im tired of those stupid reality show, no originality and people who love that have no life and no taste. BANG M O T H E R F > > > > >

  29. newkie says:

    THAT’S the scene they’re leading with to entice viewers?! Yikes! Awful.

  30. goobertube says:

    I personally HATE the tv shows where the sexual tension between the two main characters is always in question. I think that Chuck and Sarah working together as a team is much more appealing and original!

  31. Josh says:

    Ok, seriously, you can either watch and enjoy it or quit bitching and don’t watch it. And half of the people who are saying the show is starting to suck are the people who are asking all the big questions that are making the show evolve

  32. d5nn13ll3 says:

    Chuck’s so Awesome! I love his outfit so much

  33. V says:


  34. Jacob says:

    Chuck, it’s been told, has aat least 2 more seasons coming out of it. At least that’s what NBC has put them down for. Here’s hoping for more!

  35. Tricia says:

    …I’m glad Chuck’s restarting soon, he was gone too long. I think he got exponentially even better looking over the break…

  36. Kevin says:

    I love Chuck too, I want more seasons after this one too. It’s funny romantic action packed. Its a great family show. Its getting better now. Since Elli is pregnet. I want more flashes too and more romantic scenes.

  37. Agentmike204 says:

    CHUCK is one of my best TV Shows ever, and also says more than 7 of my friends. The only thing I dont like so far is Col. Casey being fired. Would be glad if he’s reinstated. And about the continuation of the show, I had thought it would reach season 6-7 before we start showing signs of tiredness. Pls continue the show even till s6 but with improvements.
    God bless U.
    From: agentmike204, moronpsychosod, Zender, A san-sas, Toscine, and 5 others of ‘Fans Group of Chuck, Nigeria’ (FGCN)

  38. James says:

    chuck is the best show ever!!!!

  39. guest says:

    Off u go chop chop :D:D

  40. Jessie says:

    Enjoy watching Chuck. Reminiscent of I Spy, and Agent 99 series. Tired of network keeping them on a string for re-upping….
    It is a show for sheer entertainment~Put on your best NBC! Disappointed in network for not doing a 5 year contract and writers for ending the “basement” where they could have pulled many a storyline out of all those boxes!! Need the quaranteed time to work a really good story line… Keeping them hanging in short spurts is hurting the writers ability to work anything out….
    We want a classy, funny, spy show that leaves us entertained and takes our mind off of what’s going on in life!!!! Traveling around a bit wouldn’t hurt either…. Most of us can’t or won’t anymore.
    Team Bartowski is a well matched cast! So far guest list has been a plus for us Boomers who want to see our favorite stars from the past!!!

  41. Lily1 says:

    CHUCK RULES!!!!!!!
    I love this scene, thanks tvline for posting it! I cannot wait ’til Monday!

  42. Marie33 says:

    I abandon everything, including my kids, to watch “Chuck” on Monday nights. “Chuck” is my once a week mini-vacation, so don’t diss my show. The only thing I wish they’d leave alone is Zachary Levi’s hair. Please, can it get any shorter? I like the curls! Let it grow! Whoever his hairstylist is — leave Zach’s hair alone. On a positive note, the writing team has finally gotten into a groove. Love. This. Show.

  43. Adam B says:

    Living in Scotland, and don’t have the channel that new chuck shows are shown on, so am having to download it. Chuck has been getting better from the beginning, with a slight dip in season 3 in my opinion, but still brill. Chuck deserves at least another 2 seasons, and then its good old syndication :D

  44. JordyG says:

    I’m not really sure why i post this clip at comment section, but people when you see this clip you’ll remember what chuck and sarah give us and how they complete each other as characters!

    Awesome compilation and a fitting song, as singing man our ZACHARY LEVI!!!

  45. Chris says:

    If you don’t want anymore seasons then keep it to yourself because no one cares about your oppinion(s) anyways.
    Hands up if this post made you mad.

  46. Mr. K says:

    What Chuck is now, the show should have been from the start. The first season is pretty much unwatchable to me now.

    Now if they’d just get rid of that stupid Intersect permanently. Every time Chuck grows as a person or gets rid of the Intersect, the story gets really good, just for the writers to shove the show back inside of a little box that it no longer fits into.

  47. Kabpag73 says:

    Chuck is best show ever on Television!!! who said you want Chuck to get cancelled? you’re very dumb for saying that. Chuck the Tv show has eveything you want in a Tv show. Chuck is made of many diifference gener’s like drama,action,comedy,romatic, all in one show.The actor’s in this show that playing in good or bad situations that show’s best performance from thier characters. Chuck has great plotlines to spy stories to person relationship’s like Chuck and Sarah,Capital Awesome and Eille,to Morgan and Alex. I will mit that sometimes plotlines doesn’t make senes or the character doesn’t follow thier plotlines. I thing every tv show has it’s flaws being major tv show. The Writers learn each year what did go wrong or what did’t fit in episode. My opinion if you don’t like this tv show don’t watch it.

  48. je-anne says:

    why do some people tend to neglect the beauty of this show???? :(
    these people do not know how to appreciate…

    you must know that chuck is the best show ever on tv!

  49. jeezus says:

    chuck with curly hair definitely fits his adorable, nerdy personality more. but my lord is he HOT with short hair!

  50. bigtower52 says:

    I think the producers ought to wait about Chuck and Sarah getting married an this would bring it in for Season 5.