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Question: Can you give me anything on Puck and Quinn on Glee? —Karen
It appears the Mohawked One has moved on. For one, Mark Salling told us, “It might be a while” before “Quick” fans are thrown any kind of bone. Secondly, I hear Puck’s interest in Lauren (the awesome Ashley Fink) will evolve into a full-blown romance before the season is over. BTW, If Fink isn’t a series regular by this time next season I’ll write a rave review of One Tree Hill. Triple pinky swear.

Question: Is it true that one of the four original Desperate Housewives might be leaving at the end of the season? —Daniela
Negotiations are underway with the core quartet and I have every reason to believe they’ll all be back in the fall. Of course, that’s assuming the show itself returns. DH was the only ABC hit not picked up for next season. And here’s where things get interesting: ABC president Paul Lee hinted that contract talks with the ladies was one of several things holding up the works. Hmm……

Question: We need some 30 Rock scoop, please. —Cindy
Liz Lemon is about to fall for a fanboy. An upcoming episode finds Tina Fey’s lovelorn alter meeting a gorgeous thirtysomething gentleman who just so happens to share her love of Star Wars.

Question: How about some Human Target, Vampire Diaries, or True Blood scoop? —Hayley
Eeny, meeny, miny… True Blood! Remember last season’s legendary head-turning sex scene between Lorena and Bill? Well, the word around Bon Temps is that there’s a sequence in the upcoming fourth season that will have folks buzzing just as (if not more) loudly. The character at the center of said scene? One Jason Stackhouse. Hit the comments with your theories!

Question: How will Alcide and Sookie’s relationship evolve this season — if at all? Will Alcide begin to develop real romantic feelings for her? —Adam
“I think Alcide has already developed real feelings for her,” responds exec producer Alan Ball. “But there are certainly obstacles to overcome for both of them.”

Question: Got any scoop on TV’s most underrated comedy, The Middle? —Dave
Hecks, yeah. In an upcoming episode, titled “Hecks on a Plane,” the family will take a flight on… well, the title kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Anyway, we’ll meet a brusk African-American TSA agent who, as you can imagine, has some trouble getting a coupla Hecks in particular (Frankie… cough… Brick) to play by the rules. (Paging Ugly Betty alum Octavia Spencer!) Then we’ll meet the quintessential flight attendant — one so chipper that you wanna throttle her. (Clearly, this part has go-to guest star Judy Greer’s name written all over it!)

Question: Are Booth and Brennan ever going to be together on Bones? —Heather
Circumstance will throw them together in April when, according to series creator Hart Hanson, the two Bs are “trapped in an elevator together. It’s one of those things where they’re forced together and they have to figure some things out. It’s a pivotal moment.”

Question: Any word on when we’ll be seeing the last of Hannah on Bones? I can’t stand her.—Alex
Interpret this as you like, but Michaela Conlin reveals that an upcoming episode features Brennan and Angela having a heart-to-heart about — you guessed it — Hannah. “We have a big discussion about her,” Conlin reveals. “One word: juicy. It’s a very juicy conversation. Spoiler alert!”

Question: Any spoilers for us on The Big Bang Theory? —Staci
Plans are underway to bring back several of the gang’s family members during the second half of the season. “It is our hope to try and steal Christine Baranski away from The Good Wife for a week [to return as Leonard’s mom],” exec producer Chuck Lorre tells TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “The same goes for Laurie Metcalf [as Sheldon’s mother]. We have a lot of love in this regard for having actresses of that stature be a part of the family. And Keith Carradine as Penny’s father, he was amazing.”

Question: When is Cary rejoining the law firm on The Good Wife? I enjoyed the whole “crossing enemy lines” thing at first, but now I’m ready for him to get back to his old job. —Jen
Good things come to those who wait just a little bit longer. Asked if it was only a matter of time before Cary reunites with Alicia and Co., EP Robert King said, “What we liked about this year is it made Matt Czuchry grow into his own. He’s a character who can be antagonist and protagonist, so we’ve been playing around that. To say ‘It’s only a matter of time’ may not be exactly right, but we’ve been flirting with it.”

Question: Any scoop on what’s coming up for Alicia on The Good Wife? Love the new site! —Marissa
Kalinda is going to get pulled into the whole voice mail drama between Alicia and Will whether she likes it or not. I suspect she’s going to like it, since it calls for her to do what she does best: snoop! In other Good news, Gary Cole is set to reprise his role as ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh in this season’s 15th episode, but this time he’s the one on trial. Of course, that doesn’t stop sparks from flying between him and Diane.

Question: Can I please have some scoop on Fringe? —Gary
The Friday-bound thriller will be flashing back to the bad ‘ol days when Walter was conducting experiments on Olivia.

Question: Give me some Fringe spoilers to help get through this frigid (Canadian) winter! —Kyle
Here’s some hot scoop to warm up those frostbitten bits of yours: Bolivia will be back before the end of the season! Also, we’re going to learn a lot more about the Doomsday device and what effect it has on Peter.

Question: Can you give us a big Smallville scoop? —Badr
If what I’m hearing about the show’s final batch of episodes is true, producers are at the very least cautiously optimistic that the very busy Michael Rosenbaum will be back. Kristin Kreuk, meanwhile, will definitely not be back. Sorry Lana fans. (There are Lana fans out there, yes?)

Question: Tell me something about Parenthood I don’t know. —Jopan
Mae Whitman can act, sing and write music! The little ditty the actress performed on tonight’s episode was penned by her as well. Girl has mad skillz!

Question: Thrilled about Cougar Town‘s renewal and you’re upcoming guest appearance. Got a third scoop up your sleeve? —Derek
As a matter of fact I do: Meet Bobby’s new girlfriend.

Question: What about Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl? Are the writers going there? Please tell me they will. —Ana
I already addressed that provocative question last week in my story titled, “Dan and Blair: The Gossip Girl Writers are Going There.” At least I think it was called that. In any case, here’s a little scoopbit that wasn’t in that post. I have it on semi-good authority that there will be a ***s.

Question: What is happening with Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy?  Please tell me they aren’t really over. —Brenda
The good news: Mitovich cornered boss lady Shonda Rhimes at the Television Critics Assoc. Press Tour earlier this week and requested a Calzona status report.  “I’ve always said that Callie and Arizona are MFEO — Made for Each Other,” she replied. “And that still holds true.” And now for the bad news: “They are going to go through hell before they get to any sort of [semblance] of a happy ending,” she cryptically added. “If they were just happy, I don’t know who would be watching.” And with that, let the pregnancy speculation continue!

Question: Do you have any news about Mark/Lexie on Grey’s Anatomy? I’m dying! —Alice
“There will be a new wrench in the works and they will have a new run at happiness,” Rhimes told Mitovich. “I don’t want to say which one comes first.”

Question: Any plans for Autumn Reeser to return to Entourage before it ends? She was the perfect foil for Jeremy Piven’s Ari. —Jacob
Assuming she can make it work with her No Ordinary Family sked, Reeser’s game. “I would love to go back,” she tells TVLine’s West Coast Editor Megan Masters. “It’s the last season and I think there’s more story to be told there between Lizzie and Ari, but we’ll just have to see what they end up doing. They have a lot of pressure on them to wrap everything up, but if they contact me I would be happy [to go back].”

Question: I for one love the Torchwood storyline involving the entire human race becoming immortal. Tell me more! —Missy
Al I’ll say is that Captain Jack’s own immortality will figure into the plot in a big way.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing!

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  1. liz says:

    i loved lana while she was on smallville, but i think her kryptonite infected skin episode was a good farewell for her relationship with clark. it should be about lois and clark now, lois’s insecurities about lana have already been squashed. let’s move on to more important things.

  2. Oz says:

    Woooo about the news on Michael Rosenbaum. The final episodes of Smallville need him in order for it to be awesome. I agree that Lana’s last episode was a good farewell although I would like it if my theory that she is Smallville’s future Superwoman would be confirmed.

  3. Oz says:

    Theory about the scene in True Blood:

    Sex with panther-form Crystal?

  4. LanaLangFan says:

    I am a Lana Fan, I also follow her in the Supergirl and Superman Comics.
    Lana is a heroine, when Clark plead and begged her to stay with him, Lana stood firm and she left Smallville to use her gifts to continue to save lives and help the world. Because we all know that if she had stayed, Clark’s every waking minute would’ve been spent trying to find a cure for Lana so that they could be together.
    Lois is what I like to called Last Chance Rebound, that because that’s what she is and the episode Homecoming just highlighted that. Clark may never (hopefully he will) divert from the future that he was shown because he is sacred. This is because of how messed up he was in season 9 and probably feels that if he does, he’ll go dark again. Lois is Clark’s Last Chance for a relationship, because Lana left and she’s also Rebound for him, once again because Lana left and non of the people in Lois life have the heart to tell her the true, because they know she would be devastated to know that she was chosen by default. Clark is a man-child and one of the worst hero in smallville, infact most of the Villains that attack earth, Clark either brought to earth or released them.

    The people in SV needs Lana to save and protect them from Clark’s screw ups and Lana deserve to spend the rest of her life with someone a lot better than SV Clark Kent. Lana moral compass for good is steadfast and resolute; while Clark, Chloe and Oliver are inconsistent at best. Lana is a true Superheroine, their are anti-heros.

    • don says:

      he got a ring in his barn that he could use to turn back time but did he i don’t think so. he must not love her when he realy loves someone he flys with them in his arms did it happenwith lana nope only lois bingo solemate.

  5. Kate says:

    I think Ausiello should apologize for Lana’s fans. He was very rude! Ausiello you made a unfortunate comment.

    • mark says:

      From what I see, even Lany Lana fans don’t want Lana to return so I find it ironic when Lana fans take exception to Ausiello’s comment

      • Clana fan says:

        actually most of us do not want her to come back but for Ausellio to ASSUME that there are no LANA fANS and CLANA FANS, that is just a Very PERSONAL opinion that NO ONE is obliged to hear!

        as for Clark and Lana talking maturely about why they wouldnt work, we all know he could have loisn in his arms, look at Lana in the eye and tell her that he has moved on, yet their spark and chemistry and love and all the wishes to be together would just fly between them!

  6. robert says:

    I love smallville and lana, yes i’m happy for clark and lois and thats the way it should be but i still love an miss her. I would love to see her or hear form her one last time. I’m sure all smallville fans would.

    as for michael. . . .

    I wuill be so upset and never forgive him if he don’t come back to smallville for an episode or two, without the show he wouldn’t be where he is at, and exactly waht has he been doing since his last episode. he hasn’t had or been in a big movie or tv show since so whats the problem and hold up? suck it up and take one for the team and the whole cast & staff of smallville and the smallville fans.
    If i were you i would go back and i would do it for free as well! thats just me though.
    come on lex luthor. . . come back. . . make the show come full circle with you and lana

  7. Katie says:

    Oh thank God Lanna isn’t coming back, it would ruin the entire season! However I really really really want Michael back! There needs to be more of an ending to the Clark and Lex storyline and I really hope we get it!

    • Clana fan says:

      rest in peace KK FIRST announced it before your OH-HIS-MIGHT A**ellio ever announce it!

      go back to her announcement and statement in JULY, saying that she wouldnt come back! because of course she would RUIN it to the clois fans! after all, lois is built and developed on the debris of a once GREAT show, so bringing back the original show means that lois should die and we all have a peace in mind!

      I would really like to see any DC comics have the BALLS to change this stupid, stall and DEAD comics with lois at top of it!

  8. Jessica says:

    If Callie ends up pregnant on Grey’s, then we know Shonda Rhimes watches soaps because the same story appeared on ‘Guiding Light’ before it was cancelled.

  9. Aimee says:

    So happy to hear that Michael Rosenbaum might be coming back. Also so glad to hear that Lana will not be returning. I like the actress but I have never liked the character. Lana is in the past. Let us all move on to what is meant to be… CLOIS!

  10. Zac says:

    Kristin Kreuk > Crapville

  11. Badgone82 says:

    Feel Sorry for clana fans because they speak too bad with their mouth
    ausiello was just joking because he knows lana fans don’t Watch smallville anymore, he just said that even if it’s a bad news for lana fans, who cares, because the one who are involved, don’t watch smallville anymore?
    Lana is gone, and since she is gone Clark is doing better and better, absolute justice salvation and homecoming are in the top 5 episodes of SV, and all of them are without Kristin.
    I have nothing against bashing, but there is something clana fans should know, and it’s called
    respect the show, respect the actors, the journalist like Matt or ausiello, they gave U scoop in the past, for your ship, now that’s a way to thanks them
    i know Some crazy kristin fans who thinks Tom will leave his wife for kristin, and some of them take a strange nickname “Kristom” so just to prouve how crazy you are!

    Smallville producers, souders Peterson and Welling are always in contact with MR when they didn’t even try to contact kK one Time,
    they just want lex back but not lana.
    So instead of bashing ausiello and erica, why not bashing welling the producer, and main actor of SV, after all he is also a big reason of this happy clois ending,
    since he (TW) became more powerfull in script, great lines of seasons, directing episodes, lois and Clark became a really strong couple, and Clark didn’t speak about lana since requiem, waow! How much did he love lana if it was just to speak about lana in homecoming speaking of ” mistakes of his past”?
    And if he truly just love lana he would have spent 5-6 episodes after requiem, just looking on a solution to bring back lana, but he didn’t, it was like if lana never came back in season 8
    lois will always be the clark Kent soulmate
    smallville prouved that
    Clark was on earth, went in a AU in Apocalypse, and in Luthor, and the only woman he met on those “3 worlds” was lois, like if their destiny was to met whereever they are.
    Lana he met her only in smallville, not in Apocalypse or luthor
    he met Chloé in smallville and Apocalypse, but not in luthor,
    lois he met her in smallville, luthor and Apocalypse.
    Other fact Jor-el sent kal-el twice on earth, first time, kal-el met the kent , his futur parents, the ones jor-el thought they would be great parents for his son, and they were!!
    Second time he sent him to meet his futur wife, jor-el thought she was the One for his son, and she was the one, well done jor-el!!
    Other sign, in Lucy when Clark and lois officially became friends stars crossed in the Sky!!!!!!
    If it’s wasn’t enough to prouve that lana wasn’t the one, persona could help!
    I won’t speak about what bizzana was doing for one month or about the fact that Chloé understood it wasn’t Clark and not lana, no i will just say that lana told clark if he let her the choice, bizzaro will be her first choice!!!
    Oups Clark sorry!
    If they were meant to ends together, in a full month there would be just a little moment where she would notice it wasn’t ” her clark”, but no let me remenber,
    ah yes ” she never loves someone like bizzaro in her Life”
    double oups!

  12. Lane says:

    Oh, a kiss between Dan and Blair! I seriously cannot wait! January 24 can’t come soon enough!

  13. g rock says:


  14. jay says:

    aww man…the return of Michael Rosenbaum….EPIC!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone play Lex Luthor better (perhaps Kevin Spacey).

  15. Paige says:

    Love the True Blood and Fringe, such great shows! :) Would love to see Sookie do a romantic dance with someone else for awhile, just to broaden her horizons a bit…not so sure it would be Eric, but Alcide is so easy on the eyes who couldn’t watch the two of them for a few episodes…it would be nice to see Bill work a little to try to regain her again…the relationships has defiantly had down turns. Would love to see more background on Olivia, although it was so sad to see the two of them not currently together, while the circumstances make sense, its still sad…hopefully it will resolve itself and we can learn more about her. Great Scoops, thanks!! :)

  16. Miranda Valenti says:

    Always the same shows getting repeated. I want stuff on things I actually watch aside from Smallville and Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy. What about something good for The Vampire Diaries?

  17. eliza says:

    Thanks for the Smallville scoop. I’m happy to hear MR might return as Lex. He needs to be in the final episode. I’m glad that KK isn’t returning. Like the actress but not the character. We’ve had enough seasons of the Clana relationship. Lets move forward not back.

  18. Jake says:

    I hope Supergirl makes a come back for the finale of Smallville. I like Laura’s portrayl of her. It would be nice to see her if she can get away from “V” to do it.

  19. Sissy M. says:

    Ausiello: I want my Eric scoop. He is my only reason to see True Blood.

    • ELRenfield says:

      Eric, Eric, Eric! The best of True Blood!
      Alan Ball is WELL AWARE what the majority of fans want.
      Beehl and Sookeh -was a firecracker, all bang, no buck.
      Eric and Sookie – a nice slow burn, a never dying ember. :)

  20. Jordan miller says:

    If people want to know who’s gonna get with who….. Read the books. I’ve read them all in 2 months…well just less. I’m obsessed. Tv show does differ but it’s roundabout the gist of the books :). Amazing programme it’s my getaway. Eric forever!!
    Read the books people!!!

  21. Jay says:

    Please Smallville writers and directors bring back Kristin kreuk back bring Lana Lang. Back. There are alot of Clana fans who want to see Clark and Lana love scene one more time that would bring ratings to the show think about it bring Lana back this is smallville not superman Lana belongs with Clark Lana loves Clark Lois loves superman. Clark and Lois never got married anyways clan fans Clark and Lana scene one more time before the season ends.

  22. Robert says:

    If Michael Rosenbaum doesn’t come back to the final of season of Smallville, my respect and like of him will be greatly lossed!!!
    You owe us LEX Luthor just one last time Michael!!!!!

  23. Robert says:

    I’m a Lana Fan and i want her and Lex to come back. come on you guys send the show off with a bang and on top. There has never been a show like Smallville ever. Its 10 Sesaons and Everyone has come back regardless if there are dping other htings or not, you bot owe us Micheal and Kirstin. . PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!

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  25. cityvville says:

    You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  26. Alicia lokey says:

    why won’t you just stop?  I’ve no choice but contact your bosses.  I have plenty to lose, but thankfully I will not be ruined.  you will and you must be scared! Just give me peace. I don’t want to drag my family through this, but I will if it means validation. No more empty threats.

  27. Joyce S says:

    Can you tell us anything about The Good Wife? After the Apr 12 episode, I am dying to find out what will happen next.

  28. Kate says:

    I gotta agree, they even gave Puckleberry time after they had one episode in the 1st season! Quick has so many moments and a child and they have just ignored it! I mean in the Audition Jacob montage they mentioned that he wasnt over Quinn but thats all weve had!

  29. Clana fan says:

    I am happy too, because this is not the show she would want to play in, it is a loisville, a clois pimpage to the maximum… that it needed a person from the GRAVE to pimp clois as well!

    and while you can please enjoy it, because I know, ONCE you stop the show will lose its one and HALF person watching it LOOOL

    you are really pathetic!

    CLANA fans do NOT care what happens now, but A*sellio played dirty and he got to hear the response! grow up and try to move on from CLANA, obviously, they still hold a tight grib on you to never let go of them! mature,,, really mature!

    or does it bother you that ppl still come to defend them when others bark against them???? pathetic!

  30. Katie says:

    Now that Lana (KK) is gone nothing is stopping MR for coming back. Watching him act beside her was painful because he was just so good and she was just SO BAD. They say he left because he didn’t want to shave his head anymore but he really left so he wouldn’t have to act besides KK anymore because lets face it, she’s like a bobble head. She would stress the wrong words in lines and she’d try and make her self look tough when really it was just pitiful.

  31. don says:

    clois don’t need to be pimped it is riten in stone before smallville and will be there after smallville is over i am just lucky we got the very best lois ever on smallville lana who at least ed did not jump ship like the baby kk and the even bigger baby mr and i give all crtos for her staying cograts to ed you are a better person then these hatters who bash you they tend to forget little thangs like lolaty but they want to beg the lossers like kk and mr who left.

  32. K says:

    in them as in the smallville writers lol