Detroit 1-8-7 Scoop: Three Big Reveals Ahead

So, Detroit 1-8-7 didn’t receive a Season 2 pickup this morning like a handful of other ABC shows (Go, Cougar Town!) — that certainly doesn’t mean it’s dead.

In fact, Detroit is alive and well, and I’ve got three shocking scooplets on Fitch, Longford and the rest of the squad just for you.

ABC Boss Surveys Skating With The Stars Slip-Up, Detroit 1-8-7’s Future and More

Fitch: Poor, Fitch (Michael Imperioli). Things are never easy for 1-8-7‘s leading man, but a show source tells me a huge reveal is right around the corner that may change everything. Dying to know what happened with the detective in New York? (Aren’t we all!) Well, get ready because the answer is juicy and almost here. Any guesses as to what the big secret is? Oh, and that’s not even the biggest problem plaguing Fitch…

Fitch/Sanchez/Stone: Enter the dreaded love triangle! The entire squad is about to get rocked when the Fitch/Sanchez/Stone, um, threesome of sorts, takes an ugly turn as the result of another action: the sudden appearance of Fitch’s ex-wife and son. Dun-dun-dun!

Longford: Detroit‘s Sergeant (James McDaniel) is thisclose to retiring…or is he? In the coming weeks, Longford will wrestle with whether or not he should leave his post to fulfill the promise he made to his late wife to live the “Tuscan dream.” My prediction: He’ll ultimately stay on board.

Overall, I’m hearing things really intensify for all characters in the coming weeks. So if you’re worried about the future of the series, be sure to keep tuning in because Detroit 1-8-7 only gets better.

Catch Detroit 1-8-7 Tuesdays at 10/9c, on ABC.

Do these little scooplets have you excited for more? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. LWolf says:

    I hope this show sticks around. I wasn’t sure if I would like it when it first came out, but it has grown on me. I’m looking forward to seeing the upcoming episodes.

  2. Leon Redbone says:

    Sounds good, but I’m even more fired up for more on the storyline regarding the big shot who should be crapping his pants (according to Fitch).

  3. Sandy says:

    I really hope it sticks around as well. I love the show, one of the best of the season.

  4. Seehanj says:

    This show is growing on me… Looking forward to nEw developments.

  5. Deeeda says:

    We love this show and really hope it gets picked up for a second season! Michael Imperioli is superb!

  6. Natasha says:

    I really love this show. The characters are so rich and interesting, and the location and the music really give a sense of place. It’s the small moments that have really gotten me, like when Longford’s partner bought him a record of his song with his late wife in Italian or when Fitch got the phone call from his son. So, so good.

  7. Jo Anne Carr says:

    I love this show. Thanks for the scoop Ausiello. I really hope they get picked up for a second season. Imperoli is awesome as the emotionally damaged Fitch.

  8. Robert Seidman says:

    Indeed, the lack of an early pick-up doesn’t mean it’s dead. But it’s ratings, which are awful, certainly mean it’s dead.

  9. Al says:

    I did not like Michael Imperioli in Law and Order, but he is perfect in Detroit 1-8-7. I was getting worried when I didn’t see it on the list of renewed shows. Thanks for the update.

  10. udontknowme22 says:

    Thanks for the scoop on this show… I am really loving it! Will be major bummed if it doesn’t get picked up, it has really been one of the best new shows and it is so weird that not very many people are talking about it!!

  11. Grace Papaseraphim says:

    Hi Mike! This show is brilliant! Underrated…but that’s okay with me. I love a good show that starts out slow and keeps under the radar. I believe it will stick around for a long time. Love James McDaniel and the rest of the supporting cast. Writing is tight, casting is terrific, acting is superb….love it!

  12. Lucy says:

    This show really grew on me. I hope it sticks around.

  13. Chiriru says:

    Love the show! Will be very upset if it is not renewed!

  14. Alhazred says:

    I am really enjoying this. It does seem like it gets better and better. I hope it sticks around.

  15. KENNY says:

    i LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. LIndsayW says:

    Thank you for giving us some hope! I adore this show!!!!

  17. Kelly says:

    It’s about time we have some quality shows! Please keep Detroit 1-8-7!!!!!!

  18. YvonneCW says:

    Cannot believe the show was not picked up. What were they thinking!!! Maybe a smarter network will do the show some justice. I’ll be heartbroken if the show goes away.

  19. TheDinBigD says:

    The best drama on broadcast television. The character development in the first season has been wonderful. I feel like I really know these cops now, and I want to know more. Hope the show gets picked up.

  20. kay says:

    Love the show; I especially like how is shows the multilayers that are Detroit. Also, hooked on the characters.

  21. Anne29 says:

    Detroit 187 is the only show I make the time to watch every week; so far I’ve only missed one episode. Now it’s getting juicy with the backstories on the characters… please, it has to stay on network tv! Maybe if ABC promoted it a little more it’d grow a following faster. Don’t kill it now!

  22. PattiJ says:

    One of the best dramas on the big 4. It’s NYPD Blue, Homicide and Hill Street Blues all rolled into one, with a little hint of First 48 thrown in for good measure. ABC should stand behind quality when they find it.

  23. Asani says:

    Love this show! I am actually having a lot of friends over for it tomorrow night to try and get some converts and supporters. I have not been interested in network TV for a while. This year I picked up on about 3 shows that I like, but Detroit 187 is by far my favorite. It just has the feel of NYPD Blue and Homicide Life on the Streets to it. It’s good to see a show based outside of NY that is still gritty and entertaining. Truly an underrated show and I hope it doesn’t go away.

  24. Docster says:

    This wonderful police drama gets better each week! If ABC is stupid enough to cancel this great show I hope another network picks it up!Lets not give up trying to save this show! Let ABC know how we feel about Detroit 1-8-7!!!

  25. Susan Angel says:

    I hope this show stays on the air. Yes, I’m from Detroit and yes it’s great to recognize all the areas of our city. However, the show truly is a fantastic show. All of the actors are wonderful actors and the show plots are exciting and unpredictable. Detroit 187 ends the show with you thinking and wondering what’s going to happen in the next episode. Please renew the show. The heck with the other new cop shows coming out. They can’t possibly compare the “Detroit 187.” Let’s give this one more renewal at least. Thank you. Peace and love.

  26. Lisa says:

    I, for one, have enjoyed this series since the beginning! I’m really hoping they don’t tinker with it. Michael Imperioli is brilliant in it – he’s steadily become one of my favourite actors. And the rest of the cast is excellent as well. I’ve liked the writing and the whole feel of the show. It boggles my mind that this isn’t the most watched new show this season – it is by far the one with the most quality.

  27. Louann says:

    The best things take time to develop. There is nothing wrong with the characters, actors,or storylines, all the show needs is more viewers. So promote it more,add big guest stars, change the time or day till it finds a bigger audience, but DO NOT cancel it, PLEASE!!

  28. Trish says:

    A smart show, well written and acted. Do the right thing ABC and keep it around.

  29. Mike Luck says:

    My favorite show on TV. Can’t wait for tonight.

  30. Vicky says:

    This show reminds me so much of Hill Street Blues, NYPD, shows that took a while to catch on. It doesn’t help that it is up against The Good Wife and Parenthood–2 other very good shows. We always DVR it and watch later. I hope that ABC gives it a chance to catch on–maybe showing 3 shows in a row instead of the other reruns one night to let people get to know the characters.

  31. Karen says:

    I love this show. I’m glad I have a DVR

  32. Laura says:

    This is one of my all-time favorite shows. I usually catch it on Hulu since it’s on from 10-11 p.m. here. ABC needs to advertise this show and give it a prime slot in the line-up. The acting is great, the camera work is outstanding, and the writers are super talented! Plus, I live in SE Michigan and this show has created JOBS!!

  33. Bruce says:

    This show has gotten better and better. I hope ABC keeps giving us more 1-8-7. Fitch is awesome, but the whole cast is great. Where have these actors been hiding?

  34. Jessica says:

    LOVE this show. Thanks for the scoop – keep it coming!

  35. mary ann salinas says:

    Love this show…….leave it on the air…..it grows on you.

  36. Susi in Paradise says:

    I too was not sure when I happened upon the show via itunes. I actually have paid $1.99 for each episode so far (have been in/out of hospital). My TiVo is set to record tonight’s episode. Looking forward to the developments. The documentary style that put me off at first actually a refreshing change from the standard Law & Order type shows. It’s more like we’re on a ride-along. Loving the character chemistry. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

  37. Marci says:

    I started watching the show because I love procedurals and it’s set and filmed in a city we hardly ever see on television. Aside from that, it’s a first-rate production with great actors. I hope it’s renewed.

  38. Gloria says:

    The show started off quite slow but every week gets better and better. I would a real pity if it was cancelled as that it is best police show on TV in a number of years.

  39. Gloria says:

    The show started off quite slow but every week gets better and better. It would be a real pity if it was cancelled as I think that it is best police show on TV since a number of years.

  40. Wayne says:

    I’m glad to see so many fans of Detroit 187. This show needs a second season and more. I love Detroit 187 Keep it on the air.

  41. Sam says:

    My favorite show on television. That was a great episode on Tuesday and next week’s show looks even better.

  42. Lori says:

    Watched the first episode out of curiosity and was instantly hooked, and agree that the show is only getting better and better! It does remind me of Hill Street Blues, Homicide:Life On The Street, and NYPD Blue; all excellent show I also loved, and in it’s own way with the character interaction between partners and others, of the late, lamented Terriers…Hoping ABC will renew Detroit 1-8-7.

  43. dtap says:

    This is such a great show. I hope ABC renews it for a second season. There is so much more we need to know about Fitch.

  44. Susan M says:

    Really enjoy this show and it gets better every week. I hope they renew it.

  45. Bob says:

    This Show Detroit 1-8-7 is the first show I have watched on network tv since Homoside Life On The Streets went of the air.I find all the so-called reality shows aboute as interesting as last summers dirty dishes.

    Ya I know there is alot of money to be made with little investment and appeal to American’s interest in other peoples business.So if they cancel this show I won’t be watching network for another O 15 or twenty years.Newton Minno the FCC Chairman from 1960 to 63 said it correctly,….”TV is becoming a vast waistland….! Wake up Newton it has become worse.

  46. Patty says:

    Love this show but please do not kill off Stone. Love the dynamics with all the partners. Especially love Longford and his partner. There is so much potential in these characters and we have just scratched the surface. Please don’t take one of the few great shows off.

  47. Jordan says:

    Detroit 1-8-7 is the best cop show on t.v. & the cast is awesome& I love they got Tommy Flanagan on the season finale cuz hes an awesome actor! So please bring it back & don’t cancel just cuz the .0005% of the world that has the very very flawed Neilson system doesn’t watch it so it projects low ratings does’t mean the rest of the world isn’t watching.

  48. Joyce says:

    Hope this series isn’t cancelled. I think it got off to a slow start, but since all the background on Fitch has come out, the show is interesting and picking up speed. Keep it up and look forward to a 2nd season.