Exclusive: Glee Does Justin Bieber!

Heads up, Twitter: You’re seconds away from exploding. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Glee is doing a February sweeps episode that’s Justin Biebercentric.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Chuck, Glee, Bones, Smallville, House, Grey’s and More!

Details are still sketchy, but I’m told the episode — tentatively scheduled to air on Feb. 15 — will feature the cast covering several of the teen phenom’s songs. Bieber himself will also figure into the episode’s plot, although there are no plans for him to appear in the flesh. At least not as of this writing.

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This is shaping up to be a big February for Fox’s musicomedy smash, beginning with its post-Super Bowl entry on February 6, continuing two days later with the big Valentine’s episode and now, of course, The Biebs.

Exclusive: Meet Glee’s Newest Recruit

Thoughts on the two biggest names in entertainment joining forces? Predictions as to who’ll sing what, and why? Hit the comments!

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  1. jane says:

    justin bieber? Are you kidding me??!! NO WAY PLS, they’ll lost a tons of followers!

  2. Amanda says:

    Sorry I WON’T be watching that episode for sure!

  3. Mantra720 says:

    Here’s an idea; Ryan could do an episode…without a gimmick. With actual plot advancement. With everyone treating Rachel with at least a smidgen of respect rather than picking on her for being how she is. Maybe he could only have a couple musical numbers rather than many that could be easily done through actual writing than expressing them through the avatars of awful current pop songs (you don’t know how much I’m dreading the inevitable working of the intolerable “Secrets” by Onerepublic, which seems to be loved by ad men and nobody else).

    This show does not need yet another gimmick artist. Contrary to belief, this guy has little radio play and his videos barely appear on television. All of the hype he has earned as been all tabloid noise and the usual teenage noise, which has not translated to album sales.

    • Lindsey says:

      Plot advancement? I’m not sure he knows how to do that anymore! With this news, I think it’s officially safe to say that Glee has gone the way of Heroes.

    • diana says:

      Agreed. I loved the first half of season one, but since then it is like a Variety show carried along with dubious plot devices. Donny and Marie would be proud.
      I wish they would go back to just the cast and NO musical guests, or dedicated episodes.

  4. I quit. If this happen, I quit. Ryan Murphy is running out of ideas, this season is not as good as the first one, except Klaine, of course.

  5. John says:

    I want a Mercedes-centric episode, a Santana-centric episode or Tina-centric episode, not JB! YUCK

  6. CC says:

    Definitely not happy about this. Ryan Murphy, what are you thinking?! Your fan base is wider than pre-teen girls!!

  7. ACS says:

    If it is Bieber-centric, it’s gotta be focused on Sam, ’cause the cloned hair is the only justification for Biebering.

    Ooh, and it can be the big sweeps, pre-Regionals episode where we learn how Vocal Adrenaline is trying to sabotage New Directions: my dream theory–Sam is a former Warbler who was poached by the new VA coach to transfer to McKinley and destroy ND from within by taking over Finn’s life and leadership position (thus fulfilling the early “All About Eve” speculation re Sam; the ep. can be titled “All About Evans”). The VA coach will have promised to help fulfill Sam’s dream of wanting to be a “Billionaire” (or the high school equivalent) in exchange for Sam doing something to throw the competition or otherwise destroy the team. Kurt will learn he was a former Warbler and tell Rachel; Rachel will try to tell Finn but he won’t listen to her; Puck will find out and he, Rachel, and Artie will turn the tables and save the club. (Continuing my dream speculation–in later episodes, the Warblers will then go on to win Regionals, with ND placing and being able to go to Nationals as a first alternate team (and something will then happen that gets Kurt back on ND and ND singing at Nationals for the season finale. And Rachel, who will be on the verge of being back with Finn at the end of the season, will run into Jesse in NYC and learn about a great summer music training opportunity and choose to attend it and forgo the summer in Lima which will prolong the “will Ross and (wait, make that Finn) Rachel get back together or not” tension into the actors’ final season on the show).

    Puck can sing a Quinn-centric “That Should Be Me”. The whole group can sing Bieber’s “Somebody to Love”, and Finn will have a flashback to the other “Somebody to Love” song, at which point he’ll remember what a jerk he was in playing Rachel throughout the “Rhodes Not Taken” episode only to have her return to sing the (awesome version of the other) song in order to be his friend and not let him down when he needs her the most (i.e. to get a musical scholarship, go to college, and care for his supposed kid). This will make Finn realize that Rachel’s forgiven him for hurting her over and over, and move him toward getting over his self-righteous rejection of her.

    Will it happen? Doubt it. This is likely just one more way to try to reach a bigger audience and get more buzz for the show–kinda unnecessary, since Glee seems to have done fine on that front, and since one of the cool things about the show is the way it introduces classic songs to new generations. But it would be cool to turn the seemingly quintessentially nice Sam into an evil villain, and awesome to use Bieber as the vehicle for doing so.

  8. dropper says:

    Glee, it’s not me…it’s you. I have stayed through the lack of continuity and characterization. I have stayed while guest “stars” and theme episodes took over. But Bieber is the final straw. I just can’t take any more. If this comes to pass, I’m moving on to find a series that will treat me better. Farewell.

  9. C says:

    This is the worst idea ever. Glee’s had some pretty bad ones but this takes the cake.

  10. Teena says:

    Very relieved that all the comments here are OPPOSED to this horrid idea.

  11. Leon says:

    I know that I’m not the only one to be saying this (and thank God) but a Justin Bieber episode is just wrong, I am against. A Madonna episode? Of course! A Britney Spears episode? Sure, why not? A Justin Bieber episode? I thought this show had a higher standard!

  12. Kat says:

    I love you, Ausiello, I really do, but PLEASE be wrong on this one. One Bieber song, okay, I can handle that fine. But a Bieber tribute episode is such a terrible, horrible idea! There are so many great artists with substantial cultural impact and fantastic song catalogs Glee could use if Glee wants to do a tribute episode that badly. I’m not at all one of the fans/posters who acts like the sky is falling every single time there’s a new spoiler out, but this one is truly awful.

    Please say this is some sort of April Fool’s joke, and it’s just a really good, unexpected one because it’s January and not April?

  13. Michael Thunderclap says:

    Personally, This is a horrible idea. Not just because of beiber, but it proves that Ryan really doesn’t care about what the fans think. Justin Beiber is honestly a hype machine. The fanbase that values the characters doesn’t like him. And they are the ones that buy the albums. Sure the beiber fans will watch that episode just like they watched the CSI episode. (and freaked out about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YICB1p0KA9s to the point they had to make videos to prove the parody wasn’t real) but will they translate into actual fans? No. We told him what we wanted to see. If he can’t write he needs to admit that publically. the bulk of the fanbase wants 3 things: Rachel and Finn together, storylines about Rachel Quinn, Finn and Mr Schuester and sue being evil again. These were the characters the fanbase love.
    This is what is getting annoyed. What he doesn’t seem to understand is the more this way he travels, the less likey he will get that 4th season. Because no one will care about the third. people are furious now. they will be even more so when they discover that there will be no finchel reunion in the V-day episode. and no one cares about Friends on wants this to be the next American Bandstand. they want the underdog show about the real struggles about teens who are outcasts. The celeb revolving door has to emd. The ‘I want to write about the minor characters’ must end.
    Because if it doesn’t then the people who support the show will go and when they are gone so are the commercials and then it will be 1997 when Ms. Adler died and there was no new Glee facility adviser at WMHS.

  14. Kat says:

    There’s a quote from Ryan Murphy on Perez Hilton’s site clarifying this rumor. It is NOT a Bieber episode; it’s ONE Bieber song, sung by Sam, whose subplot that episode involves him mimicking Bieber’s look (as if he doesn’t already).

    Thank goodness it’s a false alarm!

  15. Rayssa says:

    It’s a LIE!!

    The show’s creator and executive producer, Ryan Murphy, exclusively tells PerezHilton.com, “Glee is NOT doing a Justin Bieber tribute episode. We are not doing any more of those this season. Those are reserved for artists with a big catalogue, ala Madonna and Britney, etc.”

    Explains Murphy, “We are doing an episode where Sam sings a JB song to win Quinn back…and copies his hairstyle, etc. But it’s a small part of a big episode that has a LOT of other things going on.”

  16. Maria says:

    I expect a full retraction Aus. And to be proved wrong by PEREZ HILTON..yeah taking your “sources” and “scoop” with a grain of salt after this, wonder if it was just a poly to get hits for your new site..nearly ruined my otherwise great day


  17. initialsrTV says:

    The web must be blowing up that your story is completely inaccurate.. Wait to get hate tweets from angry tweens!!! Called out by Perez Hilton, there goes all your credibility.

  18. Jane2 says:

    Ugh it just keeps getting worse. What happened Glee? It all started out so well in the pilot…..

  19. Emy says:

    wooow. Is it April’s fools already??

  20. Steve says:

    Cant wait! Glee rocks! Biebs Rocks too! Haterz (in general) SUCK! you should watch it though so that you can possibly learn what music sounds like…U TASTELESS!

    • Emgee says:

      I know what music sounds like. And Justin Bieber doesn’t fit into that category at all.

      I had to endure a two-minute preview for that little twerp’s “movie” yesterday when I went to the movies, and it was unbearable.

  21. Emmy says:

    bieber ? it suck …. but i love glee – thay are so Talented so i’m sure that it will be a great episode :)

  22. Emmy says:

    ohh … and ryan pleas do some intresting like in the first season wite quinn , so an intresting storie pleas !!!!

  23. Emmy says:

    ohh … and ryan pleas do some intresting like in the first season wite quinn , so an intresting storie pleas !!!!

  24. verooca salt says:

    THIS IS A HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE, right?! How did Glee get SOOO off track this season?! These “themed” shows DO NOT WORK. Glee shot to noteriety because it had compelling character-driven story arcs. Come on Ryan.. surely you can do better than Beiber-fever… not even your demo. Last time I checked, you weren’t targeting the Tweens set. Don’t start now. They have nickelodeon and disney channel. They don’t need Fox now. Although, the writing has stooped to Tween level this season, don’t drag the music down there, too! Get it together, Glee!

  25. Cheap says:

    Ausiello — cheap trick to drive traffic to the new site, eh? Murphy already refuted this rumor, saying it’s just one song. I know the hits are important, but remember — we gotta trust your scoops.

  26. Ann says:

    everyone should chill. it is false


    and im actually surprised that ausiello would write this without being super sure.

  27. Matt says:


  28. Aishwarya says:

    Oh god no… please god no… I am really sticking with this season… the Britney episode was meh, the christmas episode save for the song between Dareen Criss and Chris was mediocre. The season has not been great and now this. Honestly I would not mind being treated to an hour of nails scratching blackboards than an episode featuring Justin Beiber. UGH. Glee has officially sold out.

  29. Leslie says:


  30. August says:

    Glee seriously needs to do more character centric episode and stop piling on the tribute acts.

    Madge was awesome, Britney was entertaining, if a little OTT (at least there a was link, however tenuous, to Brittany,but, I draw the line at Bieber. Seriously, whatever next? A tribute to Willow Smith? (actually, that would be better than Bieber)

  31. Justin says:

    This isn’t happening. Update it please cause it’s the worst piece of entertainment news I’ve ever heard in my life.

    Ryan Murphy says “Glee is NOT doing a Justin Bieber tribute episode. We are not doing any more of those this season. Those are reserved for artists with a big catalogue, ala Madonna and Britney, etc.”

    “We are doing an episode where Sam sings a JB song to win Quinn back…and copies his hairstyle, etc. But it’s a small part of a big episode that has a LOT of other things going on.”

  32. Jill says:

    I love Glee but this will be one episode I will not watch. Justin Beiber gets on my nerves. Doing this episode is a bad idea on Ryan Murphy’s part. I think he will lose a lot of viewers with this.

  33. Lindsey says:

    Sometimes I think I wouldn’t mind the artist-centric episodes as much if they focused on artists that actually had talent. The Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen ideas were the closest ones that resembled talent, and I guess those aren’t happening. I’ve already been on the brink of quitting the show. I describe it as a love-hate show with an emphasis on the hate. This only reinforces that. Unless things turn around big time, I doubt I’ll be watching past this season.

    • Lindsey says:

      I just read the other comments saying this is wrong. Even one Justin Bieber song is too much. The music has been horrible this season.

  34. Dan says:

    Between this and the phantom Fringe Velvet Sedan Chair album (which is NOT already in stores as his column claimed – and I’m wondering if it’s even real), I’m starting to not trust any of Ausiello’s “scoops.” Used to take this guy seriously, but thinking twice about it now.

  35. gillen says:

    if this is true then Murphy is running out of plots like Beiber singing “baby baby” more than half of his lyrics. yeah i understand the publicity it carries but the show got to live to its standards. if Murphy really wants to reach out to wider audience, why not bring the beetles, mj or elvis music. and for the record, what rendition could they do with the “beiberic” songs that would make it more artistic and intellect driven. no offense to beiber fans but glee can do good (even better) with out him on the show. Murphy has to wake up from the fixation that whatever he does with the show, the fans will swallow it. he should try reading some post(and i know he sure does). its funny how he runs the show with every executives’ approval. i bet they just let him do the down spiral fall cause he seems full of himself. im just sorry for the show. it does not only projects freedom and individuality but also it pays tribute to some of the most influential music icons of our time. i guess Murphy lost the central plot and vision and goes lala land. now High School Musical would be laughing hard till they couldn’t breath.

  36. CeCeBearr says:

    OMG Do you all know how stupid you sound Justin Bieber is AMAZING!!! He’s taking the World by Storm I Vote to the Idea and fi you have a promblem whith it i dont care J.B is Frekin AWESOME!!!You all are just Haterzzz

  37. Lyla says:

    This can’t be true because if it is then Glee will lose one really loyal fan for sure…

  38. Meredith says:

    People it isn’t true! They are only doing one JB song. thank gog.

  39. Godric says:

    BIEBER?! FINALLY! Ive been waiting for this! omg im creamin my jeans

  40. dramawiz says:

    Can we all now acknowledge that Ausiello did not steer us wrong?!?

  41. Nathalie says:

    Why does everybody hate it that Justin Bieber is a part of only ONE episode of GLEE.. I like GLEE not for the’re singing Justin Bieber. I like GLEE for GLEE, so I don’t care what they sing, just love them..

    And by the way, I don’t hate Justin Bieber..

  42. Kath says:

    Wow. Looks like I’m not the only one disappointed with Glee. I’ve continued to watch, hoping they’ll somehow turn around. Give me a break with the gay stuff; how many gays do the writers think there are in the world, anyway? Even the songs–the part of the show you could count on being good–stink. Probably the best one for the last several shows was the ones the cancer kids sang. Brittany is too stupid to be believable. I could go on, but why bother?

  43. Dan says:

    “Your saying that if Justin is on the show your gonna stop watching it?! If you dont like Justin then don’t watch the episode! God it’s simple as that.”

    We know. That’s what we’re saying.

    That’s all nice that he’s inspired people (if you need him to be inspired, I’m sorry for you, btw) and he does charity (what celebrity doesn’t), but he’s not worthy of a tribute episode. A tribute episode goes out to someone who’s so iconic and legendary, that playing the music brings the viewers back to a time and place when they first heard the song. Like doing a Rolling Stones tribute or a Run DMC tribute. Doing a Justin Beiber tribute is a meaningless ratings grab to cash in on who’s popular at the moment.

    I can even see the episode now…

    “Mercedes: Mr. Shuster, we’re tired of having to sing the songs the judges know and love and will give us freebie points for…we want something modern that they’ll hate”

    “Brittany: BEIBER!!!!!!!!!”