Exclusive: Glee Does Justin Bieber!

Heads up, Twitter: You’re seconds away from exploding. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Glee is doing a February sweeps episode that’s Justin Biebercentric.

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Details are still sketchy, but I’m told the episode — tentatively scheduled to air on Feb. 15 — will feature the cast covering several of the teen phenom’s songs. Bieber himself will also figure into the episode’s plot, although there are no plans for him to appear in the flesh. At least not as of this writing.

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This is shaping up to be a big February for Fox’s musicomedy smash, beginning with its post-Super Bowl entry on February 6, continuing two days later with the big Valentine’s episode and now, of course, The Biebs.

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Thoughts on the two biggest names in entertainment joining forces? Predictions as to who’ll sing what, and why? Hit the comments!

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  1. Kate Hadley says:

    annnnd….this is when I stop watching it.

  2. It's me says:

    Goodbye Glee, I’m breaking up with you FOR GOOD.

  3. Alex says:

    I think the show may have finally driven me away. Every week I keep watching even when the show is awful, but this might be it for me. I can’t STAND Bieber.

  4. Jon Hein says:

    What song does he have beside that Baby Baby song. Horrible idea. Bababooey to you all !!!

  5. Jenny says:

    This may seal the deal for me on Glee… I’m so not feeling the Kurt going over to the new school thing, and then breaking up Finn & Rachel, and now Bieber? Really? Yeah, I may be done. :(

  6. Hayley says:

    That is going to make me stop watching the show.

  7. Anjali says:

    OMG… you are kidding me right? Now this show has DEFINITELY become crap.

  8. Tyler says:

    Really? Bieber is for 10 year olds … bleh. I hope this story is wrong. I don’t really want to see more Bieber on TV.

  9. Alicia says:


  10. joanna says:

    Bieber?? Really?? Bb Glee!!!

  11. Karen says:

    I think I might have to skip that episode.

  12. Angie says:

    I can only echo the sentiments above. This is the cherry on top of a crap sundae that is season 2 of Glee. I think I’m done.

  13. Meagan says:

    Sooo over all these “tribute” episodes.

  14. boingboing says:

    What? Is this for real? Glee’s dangerously close to jumping the shark with so many of these themed episodes. I miss season 1, where they’d actually pick songs for everyone, not just a bland medley of sugary pop tunes.

  15. Leslie says:

    Ahahah Murphy better be trolling us right now……
    I swear to God.
    This is not okay.

  16. Hayley says:

    You know what, I think we should start a #nobieberonglee trend ^^

  17. Shaun says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is a bad idea. I can’t see how he’s should have an entire episode dedicated to his “career”. It seems that the mass bird and fish deaths aren’t the only sign of the coming apocalypse.

  18. Lizzie says:

    That’s an episode I’m not going to watch.

  19. Ina B says:

    no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no… this is NOT happening!!!!!!!!!

  20. jess says:

    well…………..this is disappointing.

  21. Nick says:

    Bad Ryan Murphy, BAD!!

  22. Kim says:

    Why does he have to be on everything?!

  23. Entertainment2u-Twitter says:

    Shoot me now.

  24. Mimi says:

    HOW do you go from Kristin Chenoweth and Neil Patrick Harris to JUSTIN BIEBER?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I guess that’s goodbye glee. And I really liked this show too

  26. Pedro says:

    you GOTTA be kiddin me!
    that’s just terrible…
    i was about to stop watching the show…now THIS is the end of it.

  27. Nightie says:

    Do you hear that? It’s the noise that says: it’s all over.

  28. Kristen says:

    lol This surely can’t be true…

  29. Christine says:

    NO, GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Glee with all my heart but if this happens, I WILL shoot someone

  30. Leyla says:

    This is where officially Glee jumped the shark.

  31. francisca says:


  32. Roger says:

    Sorry Glee! I won’t be watching this one!!

  33. Jon Hein says:

    AS the website says that I sold for over a million dollars….This show has jumped the shark..

  34. S.J. Martin says:

    I’m hoping this is just a rumor or a cruel joke. WORST IDEA EVER! I love Glee with all my heart, but this just pisses me off and makes me not want to watch.

  35. JRE1970 says:


    The first couple of episodes of this show were promising; sharp writing & a cleverly subversive attitude. But then as Glee became a pop culture phenomemom, it changed. The tone lurches all over the place from cartooon to soapy teen melodrama, sometimes in the same scene, and the show became messier and less focussed.

    A Bieber episode makes sense as Glee has become basically yet another teen show, instead of the layered, nuanced show that it promised to be.

  36. Jenna says:

    i’ve only continued watching because I keep hoping they will redeem themselves. I know Ryan Murphy is a wackjob (Nip/Tuck is a perfect example. just read the descriptions!), but I was hoping that it would take longer than 1 season for the show to be ruined. I love the actors and I love the characters but the storylines are so dumb I think I need to stop watching. If this is true, the Valentines day episode will be the last I ever watch.
    Don’t do it Glee. You really will lose a lot of fans.

  37. Hannah says:

    I’ve stuck with Glee through it’s terrible episodes aka. this season but I can’t take THIS! I’m sorry Glee… no. Just no.

  38. Jam says:


  39. Samantha says:

    And I’m officially done with Glee.

  40. Emz says:


    I’m so glad I watch for the plot and not for the terrible music.

  41. Beth says:

    You can’t give us lesbians but you can give us Bieber? And I miss when the only themed episodes where Madonna and Journey. Sure I liked Britney… but Superbowl? Valentines? Rocky Horror? Christmas? I miss when songs had a point….

  42. Allison says:

    Ugh. I hope this doesn’t happen. Terrible, terrible idea. What happened to the Glee of S1? I miss it.

  43. TH says:

    The suckage is getting worse and worse. I may not tune in for this.

  44. Giulia says:

    My faith in Ryan Murphy is so beyond gone.

  45. mornight says:

    NO NO NO!!!!
    Glee cannot absolutely do Bieber!! I like his songs but I just don’t see glee singing Baby or anything else!! Bieber-fever cannot clash with Glee!! :/

    first the Finn-chel now this?? this has gone way over the edge!

  46. Hayley says:

    You should tweet:

    “No, #noBieberOnGlee because he doesn’t belong on the show CC: @GLEEonFOX”

    Please do it or we’ll lose that show.

  47. BB says:


  48. da says:

    I am one of the biggest Gleeks you’ll ever meet, but I just don’t think I can handle a Bieber-themed episode. Please Ryan…please just say no. Don’t do it. I don’t mind the guest stars usually, but Bieber…I just don’t think I can do it. Please Ryan, if you’re listening / reading…don’t do it. I don’t want to have to miss an episode; I am so into the show…I’m begging now, Ryan…Mr. Murphy…sir…

  49. Alice says:


  50. Chelli says:

    LE FU. They do a Bieber episode BUT NOT A DISNEY ONE? This is just.. wrong. Justin Bieber? Really? If it wasn’t for Darren Criss, I wouldn’t even be watching Glee so they better have Darren sing Disney songs or something.

    BUT BIEBER? Ryan Murphy, what are you thinking? Just no okay.

    • Christine says:

      My God, yes. A Disney episode trumps a Bieber one BY FAR. Disney lives in all of us in one way or another; Justin Bieber is simply the talk of the town at the moment.

      I’m not saying I hate JB, but honestly? He is not deserving of a tribute episode. What about Michael Jackson? The Beatles? Come on. What.