Exclusive: The Mind-Blowing Torchwood Twist No One Will See Coming

First up, here’s what we know about Torchwood‘s rapturously anticipated fourth season (airing stateside on Starz): It will have an extra- international flavor (including an extended stopover in L.A.), Bill Pullman has been cast as the Big Bad, and joining Captain Jack’s team full-time will be Mekhi Phfifer and Alexa Havins. But here’s what we don’t know: What it’ll be about! Well, put on your thinking caps and hold onto your hats.

The new season of Torchwood asks the provocative (and arguably horrifying) question, “What would happen if the entire human race became immortal?”

Now before you hand me over to the 456 for committing the ultimate injustice (impossible asterisk quizzes) know this: I’ll be filling in letters throughout the day, culminating with an all-out reveal right around 5:30 pm/ET — which, coincidentally, is around the time Torchwood boss Russell T. Davies will be meeting with reporters at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour to talk up (you guessed it) the new season.

So here’s what you do now: Start breaking down the riddle in the comments section, come back later (and later still) as I fill in the blanks, and then plant yourselves here at around 5:30 pm/ET for the full reveal and (hopefully) bonus details live from the Torchwood panel at TCA.

Oh, and one last thing: Said premise is going to make Torchwood: Children of the Earth look like mere child’s play. You thought that conceit was dark? Just wait.

THIS JUST IN FROM PRESS TOUR: “Not a single person on Earth dies” confirms Davies of the premise for the fourth season, which will bear the title Torchwood: Miracle Day. “The old stay old. It’s great news for some people, but globally it’s an instant population boom. Earth relies on people dying. Suddenly you’re affecting everyone on the planet. That’s where the Torchwood team comes in.”

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Will says:

    “What *o*** ****** ** *** *****e ***** *a** ****** ********?”

  2. xforce11 says:

    Hate that it is on Starz that I don’t get.

    • Myra says:

      will also be on BBCAmerica

    • Bob says:

      Starz has the rights to broadcast the show in it’s original package for the United States. New episodes will not play on BBC America. Most cable companies offer Starz for about seven bucks a month.

    • bekkah says:

      If you have Netflix streaming then the new Torchwood will probably be on it. Starz streams all of it’s tv shows. (Party Down, Gravity, Pillars of the Earth, etc)

    • D says:

      If you have Netflix, you have access to Starz programming. I also do not have Starz, but from what I’ve seen on Netflix it looks like episodes of their original programming go online fairly quickly. Hopefully that will still be the case come July or whenever Torchwood airs.

  3. Kel says:

    What would…. That is all I got so far. Sad, but true!

  4. Steven Wooder says:

    Ok…the first word is “what” the seventh is “jack”

  5. Dragen says:

    What world orders is the …

  6. B says:

    What would happen if the whole world *a** ****** ********?”

  7. vicky says:

    What would happen if the something something Jack something something

  8. kim says:

    Maybe “what would people do for…”?

  9. TK says:

    What would happen if the…?

  10. Mark says:

    How do you make a season that ended with Jack killing his Grandson to save the world look like “Child’s play”?

  11. Kat says:

    What would happen if (the?) *****e ***** *a** (Jack?) ****** ********?

    I think the last word might end in “ing”.

  12. Michael says:

    I had thought it might be: “What Would happen if the entire world made Ianto Shrines”

    But the last two words are a bit short. :p

    • Emily says:

      Have you seen the Ianto shrine at Cardiff bay where the Torchwood entrance was filmed? Makes me miss his character a lot.

  13. Al says:

    I don’t get Starz. I hope that Directv doesn’t expect me pay to get Starz just because they won’t give us BBCHD. Torchwood is so much better in HD. I really love that show.

  14. Ken says:

    Maybe “What would happen if the entire human race ****** ********?”

  15. Jesse says:

    What I want to know is, will they still keep Captain Jack bisexual? Will he have a new guy love interest?

    • Karen MT says:

      Jack isn’t bisexual… he’s omnisexual. If it’s sentient… I don’t really see that changing, since it’s still the same production companies. And it’s airing on Starz, not Fox.

  16. Michael says:

    “What Would happen if the entire human race became atheists?” fits, but I’m not sure how you’d spin a ten-hour show out of that.

  17. sb says:

    What would happen if the entire human race became vampires?

  18. Vickie says:

    I know that other shows on Starz, “Spartacus” and “The Pillars of the Earth” specifically, have been made available the next week on Netflix streaming. I don’t have Starz either, so I am really hoping this will be the case with Torchwood too.

  19. Ramsey says:

    (smacks himself in forehead)

    They become MONSTERS.

  20. mrdhollins says:

    given the explicit nature of the material, it makes sense it would be on Starz…

  21. tracyjj50 says:

    Dammit Ausiello, now I’m terrified!

  22. Sebastian says:

    What would happen if the entire human race became immortal?

  23. EdTV says:

    What would happen if the entire human race became immortal?

  24. Ebony says:

    Ausiello, you are such a tease! But I still love ya! You keep me up on the lastest with my favorite shows. Can’t wait for 5:30!

  25. Celeste says:

    OK, it’s 1PM EST…Is this “later on” enough now? Hmmmm?

  26. Jan says:

    What could happen if the whole world..

  27. Jan says:

    what could happen if the entire human race…

  28. Lisa says:

    I just started watching torchwood refuns on BBC america. So far, too much like a soap opera, but I’ll keep giving it a chance. No matter, Captain Jack is bootylicious no matter who he’s boinking. Maybe when the reruns are over, it’ll be time to rerun the new episodes.

  29. Lolly says:

    SyFy had first rights to Doctor Who back when it first started airing in the US. It eventually went to BBC America after that. YOu may have to wait awhile, but since the BBC still has UK rights it will eventually end up on BBC America. We will probably have to go back to waiting months before they will show it however.

    …. I wonder what the delay will be between UK and US airings? Last season it was 2 weeks. But I am hoping it will all get aired the same night like they FINALLY did with the Doctor Who XMAS episode this year! Crossing my fingers that this continues with season 6!!!!

  30. Lou Ann says:

    Why do these shows have to be dark all the time? It seems to be the rave right now to make everything dark and dismal. I love TORCHWOOD, but it ticked me off that they kept killing off cast members that you learned to love and now to save the show they are doing it internationally which is okay, but Bill Pullman? Was that really necessary to the plots? Nothing against Bill, but this is a British show and to me, Bill’s character just doesn’t fit. But I am hanging in there since I am a fan and I hope they don’t screw the show up.

  31. laura says:

    fun to sit here and let all you einsteins work it out! ;)

    immortal is good. vampires would be way fun (cross over with being human?)

    does anyone know if they’ll be filming in the U.S.? was bummed i missed dr. who filming in utah. would love to visit tw location.

  32. Robbie says:

    What would happen if the entire human race should disappear?

  33. David says:

    What would happen if the entire human race became infected?

  34. mary bradley says:

    I will not be watching. why do they have to ruin it by bringing it over to the U.S.? it’s a brit show, and I looked forward to the brit scenery. Ive seen the US in every cop show that’s been on since TV started! and now we’ll be getting american accents as well? you can’t tell me the move was economic – it’s gotta be way cheaper to film in the UK.

    • ktwolf says:

      I don’t think the BBC was willing to produce another series of “Torchwood” on their own. If they didn’t have a US partner, my impression is that “Torchwood” would be over.

    • Fraser says:

      Its getting co-produced with BBC America and Starz, so it is more economic as I doubt either would be interested if it were still set in Cardiff/London (as CoE was)

      I think it’ll be a lot to do with the plot as well – remember in CoE they needed to bring in the US gov anyways.
      Plus they are filming a fair bit in Cardiff still.

  35. Danni says:

    What would happen if the entire human race —6— —-8—-
    6: should, became, ceased…
    8: immortal, cybermen, or ???

  36. Vanessa says:

    What would happen if the entire human race became diseased??

  37. Cathy says:

    Saw interview with John Barrowman and Torchwood will only be on Starz channel. He will be filming in LA and Cardiff. Matter of fact he has moved to LA part time. Not sure what this new series will be like considering the old shows were awesome, however, hoping new Torchwood will be superb.

    • Lolly says:

      Torchwood was the highest rated show on BBC America. There is no way they are giving that up even if they are stuck with syndication.

      Maybe there is no planned release to BBCA but that doesnt mean it won’t happen

  38. Lars BR says:

    “what would happen if the entire human race became abducted?”

  39. sb says:

    “what would happen if the entire human race became American?”

  40. Jennifer says:

    It’s definitely “What would happen if the entire human race became immortal”. It fits the hint that its a provocative and ARGUABLY horrifying premise. (no one would argue that ‘infected’, ‘monsters’, or ‘american’ are completely horrifying)

  41. Erin says:

    that would be a sad, sad day… ;)

  42. Magz says:

    What would happen if the entire human race vanished?

  43. Melhael says:

    “What would happen if the entire human race became HANDSOME?”

    Answer: Jack would suddenly be very, very busy.

  44. Rakey says:

    Guys, it is so obvious:

    What would happen if the corpse Ianto made nachos sexually?

  45. Rena says:

    Nothing wonderful to add, except you all made me laugh today and I really appreciate it. Looking forward to Torchwood returning!

  46. Kyle S. says:

    What would happen if the entire….. that is all I’ve got

  47. Anna says:

    What would happen if the entire human race simply vanished?

  48. James says:

    “What would happen if the entire human race became immortal?”

  49. Kasie J says:

    “What would happen if the entire human race…” blank blank?!

    I need more eletters lol. what would happen if the entire human race WHAT! went extinct? disappeared? did the funky chicken at the same time?

  50. WeyMama says:

    What would happen if the entire human race “became vampires”, as someone else mentioned?

    :( I would feel extremely disappointed in RTD, that’s for sure. Blood suckers are such a ubiquitous cliche, now…I really hope he isn’t going down that road with this…

    I tried extinct and endangered…one is too short, the other too long. :/