Exclusive: Sebastian Roche To Recur on Criminal Minds, Do More Supernatural

Is Criminal Minds‘ Emily Prentiss getting a new love interest? Former General Hospital hunk Sebastian Roche is joining the cast of the CBS crime drama as a recurring player, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Though the specifics of Roche’s storyline are under wraps, this much is known: His character will be working closely with Prentiss (played by Paget Brewster) — meaning, who knows what that professional relationship might evolve into?

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Additionally, Roche is set to return to The CW’s Supernatural for several more episodes, reprising his role as the angel Balthazar, one of Castiel’s old friends. Roche first played Balthazar in the October 8 episode of Supernatural and was brought back for the fall finale on December 10.

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Prior to Supernatural, Roche recurred on another sci-fi series, Fox’s Fringe, where he played shape-shifter Thomas Jerome Newton.

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Criminal Minds fans, what do you think of this addition and the possibility of new romance for Prentiss?

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  1. siany says:

    Hey I live in the u.k – what do you mean that JJ has gone??? When will we get to see the new series???
    If JJ’s gone – why??? She brought a motherly side to the show!!! And to be honest it worked well because she had to go through emotional ups and downs which could occur in any working mother’s life whether they were a criminalist or not ( it was interesting to a see the decision that she came to!!)
    Well I’ll just have to wait for the series to be aired in Britain!!

    • francisca says:

      she was transfered, because AJ was fired, due to budget cuts, and Paget will also leave the show soon. no one knows what will be her fate, but i’m sure she will be killed by this Roche’s character.

      • bill bruce says:

        Why bring in a love interest for Prentice if your going to kill her off? Budget cuts stink, just like with JJ, or cut episodes, dumb. “Oh she isn’t on this week, we only have room for 5” .

        • francisca says:

          because he is not her love interest! he is her killer. they may, eventually, envolve themselves with each other, but in the end, he’ll kill her or severely injure her. she’ll leave the show this season, everyone knows that. no one knows how, yet, though!

  2. francisca says:

    “As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

    • Kristen Winchester says:

      Obi-Wan! lol, I love it, I’m a huge fan of Star Wars, both trilogies (NOT the Clone Wars or extended universe). Sorry, geek moment! LMABO :) I don’t know how Prentiss will leave, but I do think it’s cool that Balthazar is joining the cast, I look forward to (hopefully) seeing him in something where he’s not a jerk (i.e. buying peoples souls.)

  3. HIRAH says:


    • Tess says:

      I’m right there with you. Without Dr. Reid there is no show.

      • Carol Emmons says:

        i agree with the guy that said there is no show without Dr. Reid.I know that i won’t even bother watching it.He does make the show.

      • Carol Emmons says:

        i agree with the guy that said there is no show without Dr. Reid.I know that i won’t even bother watching it.He does make the show and so does A.J. Why are you ruining my favorite show?If its not broke then don’t fix it. I’m so disappointed with the changes and i hate the fact that i need to find another show to get hooked on.You really had me for a full time viewer. I’m so ticked off about A.J. too!!

  4. susanmccar says:

    Crimial mnds i my top fav show. still wish gideon would do a guest appearance. those were the good days. hated 2 c jj leave. i say cbs should b careful about who they loose of the show. There r a certan few that i would not continue 2 watch if they left. for me they make the show. looking 4 ward 2 checking out the spin off in feb with coopers team.

  5. pemcca says:

    If this love interest keeps Emily on the show I am all for it. But I think this is the beginning of the end of her. CBS please reconsider, bad enough to lose CJ but not Prentiss to.

  6. Marie says:

    I think they should bring JJ back – the show has become wayyyyyyyyy to gruesome lately.

    A good story line can be done without getting too “disgusting”
    the best part of the show was the interaction of the players – including JJ.

  7. Jenny says:

    Well, it says this guy is just a love interest for Prentiss. That’s fine, I supposed, but they DO NOT need to get rid of ALL the females on the show! Now that JJ is gone, they’re down to just two. If they lose another… THAT would just be bad casting all around!

    • jean slocumb says:

      As long as Reid and Garcia stay on I will watch. And I love the interaction between Morgan and Garcia. He’s a real hunk.

      • jenx says:

        Garcia is going to be playing on the new spin off of Criminal Minds. I guess that means that she is either going to play on both shows or she is leaving the original. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  8. Heidi says:

    Well Firstly i live in South Africa, so i’ve only been blessed to watch the first 6 seasons. The fact the JJ has left is just devastating, i miss her! Secondly Emaily is still there but they are letting her play in 17 out of 22 ep’s in the next season, its just so sad! I mean these awesome ladies make the show, really the chicky that’s taking AJ’s place have you seen her!!!!!

  9. Mel says:

    Since he is not going to be in the next three new episodes, we are talking about Pagets last three Criminal Minds episodes. I just hope it’s not just about him and Prentiss working together (and Prentiss mentoring the cadet), but rather Prenitss having some great last scenes with the rest of the team as well. I love the Hotch Prentiss friendship and so far we have seen nothing of it in season 6. I would hate to see Paget leave without one more of this great moments between her and Hotch and her and Reid.
    Paget was very funny on Andy Richter controls the universe, so I wish her all the best.

  10. dee123 says:

    Isn’t JJ guesting on SVU with Jeremy Irons?

  11. Soraya says:

    Honestly I don’t care about Prentis’s lovelife… bring on Garcia and Morgan!

  12. JBW says:

    EVERYONE thinks it stinks JJ is gone! Are you listening CBS? How can you “afford” to bring some new guy on then? Bring JJ back and don’t cut Prentis. Why mess with a good thing!?

  13. marcia says:

    i have been very worried that thomas gibson (hotch) was leaving the show. since he was absent on the last episode. i’ve thought ever since the reaper incident that he was gonna leave some day in the near future. with this addition of sebastian roche i’m extremely worried they’re gonna try to replace hotch. and i do love mr. roche from his eternally evil general hospital role. please don’t leave me hotch!

    • Ely says:

      Marcia, I wouldn’t worry about them getting rid of Thomas Gibson (Hotch). CBS only seems to think that the woman in this show are expendable like AJ Cook and Paget Brewster. Then to placate fans, they throw into the mix a rookie cadet who joins the elite and specialized BAU. What a joke!!! So, I guess all of those seasons where the show pounded on the viewers that the BAU is such an elite team was nothing but a lie because if a rookie cadet with zero experience and knowledge can join the team, then just about anyone can. What, the Seaver character gets a pass because her dad is a serial killer and she did well on the obstacle course. Give me a break! That is so insulting to the fans and the show that you created, but I guess you don’t care about that anymore since you let go some of your best writer and producers, as well as AJ and Paget. I don’t know what the plans are with regard to these latest cast insertion, but I sure hope it is not going to turn out to be something that degrades the Prentiss character. That character (along with the actress) deserves respect for all of the hard work she put into making that character the strong one that it is. If you kill Prentiss off, well, that will also show how low your decision making can go. I would hope that you’d keep the door open for her to come back if you should get someone over there who wants to see the show succeed. You had a winning formula, had being the keyword. Now, all you have is bad writing, crazy bad cast additions, and continued disregard for the viewers.

  14. Dorothy Kleidon says:

    Criminal Minds has a winning team of excellent actors. Why mess it up? They work well together and no one seems to steal scenes. I do miss Gideon and JJ. Please leave well enough alone. Love the show, the actors, the story lines, and the music. Why hire any more when you have the best of the best.

  15. Lydia says:

    Still can’t believe Criminal Minds has altered the show to the point of almost it being unrecognizable. First, they get rid of JJ for some reasons they can’t even keep straight. Second, they try and push Paget out, then when it hits the fan, they try and get her back. To her credit, she turned them down (I will miss the character of Prentiss greatly, but I support and applaud Paget’s decision to leave, they really screwed with her). Third, they add the god awful character of Ashley Seaver. The character isn’t even an agent, she is a cadet. What, overnight she is going to become a seasoned profiler like the rest of the team. PLEASE… WHAT A JOKE!!! Now, this character, who only heaven knows what they are going to have doing on the show. This show is rapidly going down a downward spiral.

  16. Need I say anything…it’s all been said. Stop!!

  17. L. Lee says:

    What has happen to Thomas Gibson (Hotch). I haven’t seen him in the last few episodes of Criminal Minds. Please don’t get rid of him… he is the glue that holds this show together. I agree Criminal Minds has a winning team of excellent actors. We need to see more of them. Keep up the good work. “CRIMINAL MINDS ROCK”

  18. A says:

    What about this article says that Roche is replacing anybody?
    Crazed fans will pull ANYTHING out of thin air just to incite a riot they feel is “justified.”
    Get a grip.

    – A

    • Kaley says:

      A, if at this point you still believe what CBS dishes out with regard to Criminal Minds, I truly feel sorry for you. Umm, remember the whole, “Oh no, Rachel Nichols is not replacing anyone, she is just on for 3 episodes” story? Yeah, enough said.

  19. Kaley says:

    To add to that, did you hear of the latest news that came straight from Nina Tassler stating that the spin-off did affect the cast shake-ups on Criminal Minds. Hmm, isn’t this the same individual/network that swore that the spin-off had nothing to do with AJ Cook’s firing or Paget Brewster’s role being diminished, leading Brewster to decide to leave the show.

  20. Criminal4Minds says:

    I’m glad Prentiss gets some love. I think it might change her a bit. As for JJ we all miss her but the actress is doing fine, if you saw her on Law & Order, she also did a Canadian film. We all tried to keep our CM women – it didn’t happen – but the show will be great. Prentiss was and still will be my fav. female on Criminal Minds.
    Paget will always be my favourite actress.

  21. Reneemwriter says:

    Don’t understand why JJ is gone! Who is the new blonde chick on tonight? Can’t let Reid leave! They’re slowly replacing the entire original cast!

  22. sissily says:

    aarily :D ;P

  23. Jean Jones says:

    Sebastian will detract rather than add to the show. The writers or producers are just out of story lines and think that new characters will save a sinking ship. They should be showing some growth in the characters we love. Hotch needs to get over his obsessive-compulsive behavior and open up. He is the heart of the show, and he is being edged out by the new characters. By way of contrast, the writing on Law and Order:SVU gets better and better. I had stopped watching it, but lately it has blossomed in its old age. The episode on Feb 16 about a serial killer was original and very suspenseful. As CM goes downhill, I’ll have to give my viewer support to good writing. Alas for the debacle of CM’s implosion. I miss the show already.

  24. Mariem says:

    I have loved CM from the 1st episode it is a show that now has the perfect cast, why ruin a good thing? It’s really too bad as AJ and Prentiss (disliked Elle) were two of my favorite characters. In the past the show has had temporary female replacements and it just did not work. AJ Cook and Paget Brewster characters are an awesome example of how women can be strong in different ways and have an excellent chemistry with the men they work with and can hold their own in a “man’s world” and they give the show balance so it is not all a male cast. These characters are becoming “a family” and it has been fun getting to know them and see more (lately) of who they are away from the “office” while keeping the focus of the show on the cases. This last episode with Emily was so sad when she got teary especially since we have watched Emily trying to find a place for herself and beginning to feel that she “fits in” with the team and was beginning to trust people. I do not like the new character (Seever?) she brings nothing to the show and I haven’t been able to get into the spinoff, it is no comparison to the original CM and I wish they would cut it and leave CM alone. Why do they keep messing with a good thing? This is like CSI – when Grissom/Warrick left – I have not enjoyed the show since, there is just something missing; miss Stella on CSI-NY not the same with Sela Ward, something missing there too.

    I would hate to have to give up CM now too, not happy with the shake-up and can’t get interested in the new girl on the show, the character is lacking and boring. The spinoff characters are poorly thought out, I have always liked Forrest Whitaker and it is awful to see him playing such a character with no real depth to it. The way he “puts himself in the unsub’s mind” & continually spouts the obvious is really badly done. *sigh* If this keeps up I will really miss watching CM as I have done for years, #1 favorite show and I have never missed an episode and still love to watch the re-runs (sans Elle). If CBS continues to mess with CM they will lose another fan who has been a loyal viewer since the beginning; although I begin to think CBS doesn’t care what the viewers want. I really hope they don’t kill Prentiss off, if she leaves the show it would keep an option open to bring her back in the future. As too the comments about a romance between Hotch and Prentiss, I disagree. There has always been a kind of tension between the two characters which I like but I am glad it is not an office romance, that is not what this show is about and I wouldn’t want to see the dynamics ruined if the story line ever went that way.

  25. Kayla says:

    If paget doesnt come back I’m done. Prentiss was my favorite character and I miss JJ so much! Taking the women away is causing fans to not wanna watch any more. Honestly i don’t think I can take it without them.