Exclusive: Sebastian Roche To Recur on Criminal Minds, Do More Supernatural

Is Criminal Minds‘ Emily Prentiss getting a new love interest? Former General Hospital hunk Sebastian Roche is joining the cast of the CBS crime drama as a recurring player, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Though the specifics of Roche’s storyline are under wraps, this much is known: His character will be working closely with Prentiss (played by Paget Brewster) — meaning, who knows what that professional relationship might evolve into?

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Additionally, Roche is set to return to The CW’s Supernatural for several more episodes, reprising his role as the angel Balthazar, one of Castiel’s old friends. Roche first played Balthazar in the October 8 episode of Supernatural and was brought back for the fall finale on December 10.

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Prior to Supernatural, Roche recurred on another sci-fi series, Fox’s Fringe, where he played shape-shifter Thomas Jerome Newton.

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Criminal Minds fans, what do you think of this addition and the possibility of new romance for Prentiss?

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  1. bernd says:

    Yeah, well, I wouldn’t bet on romance. Looks like Roche fits this discription given by TV Guide:

    When A.J. Cook left Criminal Minds, they gave her a very classy send-off. Will they do the same for Paget Brewster or will they just blow her up? — Erin
    ADAM: It’s still a little early to tell, but you might be right to worry, Erin. I’m hearing that the show is looking to cast a recurring character described as a dangerous, threatening European — the ultimate bad guy. And the character’s story line relates specifically to Agent Prentiss. Eek!
    TV Guide

    dangerous, threatening European – yes, that’s Roche alright.

    • Heather says:

      I still want AJ Cook back and if Paget Brewster leaves I am finished. I love this show but the ladies make it and the more they remove them the more this lady doesn’t want to watch anymore :(

      • Betty Wood says:

        I think ANY changes even letting A J Cook leave is going to change the entire base of C Minds !!! These actor’s have made me so believe in the “family” or closeness of the BAU team. By adding and/or subtracting charactures I feel like you are drastically changing the core of this show….If any more of the team leaves, I will be leaving too ! My favorite’s are Garcia and Hoch well all of them….

        • Sandie B says:

          I agree. Anymore changes will totally ruin this show, and loose me

        • Darrell says:

          They’ve(the producers) have already gotten rid of Gideon(best of all of them and most beleivable) and after making JJ into a more interesting character,gave her the heeve ho. It’s (the show) on the verge right now ,one more and they’ll “jump the shark”.

      • Toni says:

        I agree with you completely. The women make the most of this show so, what did they do to send A.J. packing? Bringing in new cast members just might be the demise of the show.

      • Mary Meeks says:

        I so agree!

      • LJ says:

        Here Here. I’m boycotting the show if Paget leaves – AJ leaving was bad enough!

      • Sherry says:

        I agree, it seems as though we are loosing the females. I enjoy Prentiss more than I did Elle. But I absolutely adored JJ and her storyline. They had so many ways to go with that. I am glad they did not have her, the baby or her husband killed, and there is still an opening for her to return. But if they continue to remove the ladies – this may be it for me and my family who have watched since day 1 and we love the reruns!

        • Trisha says:

          I agree. If Emily leaves CM the ONLY thing that would keep me as a viewer would be for them to bring JJ back. Who came up with the stupid story line introducing the new women? Awful! They should have kept a character that worked – JJ!

    • CA says:

      While I liked Roche on GH, I am not sure how he will fit into Criminal MInds. I hated when Gideon left but have dealt with it. Now that JJ has left (due to money issues?) and rumors that Emily is leaving I am very disappointed. Why mess with a good thing? I love Hotch and the other male caharcters but it can’t work if all the characters are all male – there must be some balance. CBS you are playing with fire and I think you will hurt the show – I wish you would just leave it alone.

    • trisha says:

      If Emily leaves Criminal Minds it will not be worth watching. She and Garcia are the only reasons I continued to watch after losing JJ. Was the new girl supposed to replace JJ?! Not happening with this viewer. This was a team – and the producers have ruined the show. How much more will they ruin? I don’t like the new character – and I don’t like the way the producers handled the situation. This newtwork has ruined a lot of shows by getting rid of popular female characters – and the shows lose viewers.

  2. natalia says:

    It probably won’t turn into anything, considering they’re getting rid of Prentiss soon. (They’re still doing that, right? Because I haven’t been able to watch the show since JJ left. I’m still mad at them).

  3. Susan J says:

    I love Sebastian Roche so this news makes me very happy!

    • Sonia says:

      I am excited that he will be there, but they better not get rid of Paget, I love her character

    • pstrawder says:

      I’m just glad he ‘s gone from GH. I couldn’t stand his character. I don’t know whether I’ll keep watching criminal minds after he’s on it…depends on the character he’ll play. They really need to stop getting rid of the women on the show. the interaction between the male and female help make the show. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

  4. Kathy Kitt says:

    I don’t understand why the producers of Criminal Minds are making all these changes. They were still telling strong stories last season and I don’t think there was a drop in the ratings. They get rid of A.J. Cook just to add Rachel Nichols and the unimaginative story line of her damaged childhood. There is a saying that if it’s not broke don’t fix it. The producers of Criminal Minds should pay attention because one more stupid move and they are going to lose viewers.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree, if it is not broken don’t fix it. I love the shows where all the same people are on there. Alot of times when they start replacing people it changes the show and I don’t like to watch it anymore.

      • Anne says:

        Agree! They are making so many unnecessary changes I’m losing interest in the show little by little. I so didn’t want this to happen. Also, they need some stronger writers. I’ve really been disappointed in some of the recent new episodes. Southland is fast becoming my new “addiction”.

    • Kay C says:

      Totally agree.

    • Tonya Edwards says:

      That is exactly what I have been saying along!!! Its NOT broke so leave it alone. A.J. should never have been written out of the show. Her character, combined with the other members of the team, is what made the show feel so genuine, real and believable. The audience could connect. We had to deal with the loss of J.J. to now have to try and accept Rachel Nichols. Nothing against the girl and her acting abilities, but the character just doesn’t fit. If Paget leaves too, the show just really won’t be the same. She was the PERFECT replacement for when Elle left(which was another character that just didn’t fit). Maybe they feel that since the ratings didn’t really take a hit after Mandy Patinkin left the show, that anyone is expendable. Wrong way to be thinking. The fans of the show feel a closeness and an attachment to the characters and that is something that should not be played with. Loyalty can only go so far when it feels as though CBS and the producers are not willing to stay loyal to the people who put the show where it is. My faves on the show have always been Garcia and Spencer. Looks like they are safe for now but wonder how long that will last. I do love all the cast members though and really don’t want to see any of them go. Don’t want to lose Criminal Minds and that is exactly what is going to happen if you keep messing where they shouldn’t be messing.

      • Penny says:

        I could not agree more. I watch very little television as it is and if CBS keeps messing with Criminial Minds, I guess I will be watching less.They need to stop messing with what was a good thing.

    • Michelle says:

      I totally agree!

    • Sharon says:

      I agree. They are runing this show just like other shows. If it isn’t broken leave it alone.

  5. Carrie says:

    While I hate all the Criminal Minds changes, i have to say yay on the casting of Sebastian. I have loved him since he was Mr. Craig and took over the Metro Court on GH.

  6. irg19 says:

    Can we plz have him back on Fringe? He played an awesome character.

  7. Jademarisa says:

    Why can’t CBS just find another show to screw it up? It’s enough! All these stupid changes, firings, personality changes, characters “secrets”…all this shit. This overkill level suggest CBS unsubs take a personal interest in definitely destroying CM. Some Criminal Minds responsible must have pissed off some CBS exec… And this is a show with an average 10 million viewers per week! Can anybody explain this?

  8. sofia says:

    the only love interest that matters for her is HOTCH! HOTCH+EMILY=HOTLY
    we want HOTLY!!!!!

    • LC says:

      HOTLY??? That is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard! Truthfully, you couldn’t possibly be a true CM fan with that nonsense or a teenage girl. Either way stupid by definition.

      • sofia says:


        i’m not a teenager! probably you are!

      • sofia says:

        stupid by defenition?
        if i’m stupid you are? i’m not the one offending people. each person has the right to have an opinion! that is my opinion, if you don’t like don’t read, but you don’t need to call me stupid.
        i wasn’t the one who created the name. was someone on twitter and i’m sure that that someone wasn’t a teenager either.

      • AT says:

        PLENTY of people think Hotly is a good name for H/P. Not just teenage girls. You sounds more like a teenager to be honest.

      • Anne says:

        This kind of silly thing “hotly” & nasty pics & comments go on on Twitter all the time. It was so bad I cleared off Twitter. They’re not fans but sex crazy teenagers or maybe “want to be” sexy women.

  9. sofia says:

    i seriously hope he is the man who is going to kill her, instead of being her love interest!

  10. Brandi says:

    As long as it is a good storyline I don’t care either way. The introduction of Rachel Nichols’ character Agent Seaver has been a poor one so if they can’t do better than that, then I say stop with the new characters. I don’t believe that Paget Brewster will be returning next season either way because she tweeted before the season started that this would be her last year. He could be her killer or a new love interest that inspires her to decide to leave the BAU.

    • Mykey716 says:

      You are so right. I personally think the producers realized they screwed up by getting rid of AJ Cook (JJ). As it is, per all the news last year, both JJ & Prentiss were out this year…now they’re keeping Prentiss AND bringing in the new girl. And her storyline is so lame….so far. It’s too bad they couldn’t have tied into a real CM episode from the past instead of linking to Rossi’s past. If they’re keeping Rachel Nichols, they need to tighten up the storyline. As much as I miss JJ, I will say the show has maintained it’s standards and hopefully will continue to do so.

  11. Latisha says:

    I don’t see sebastian Roche as a love interest for Paget Brewster character. I see his role as a way of replacing Prentiss as the CM producers replaced J.J with Rachel Nichols character.

  12. Jess says:

    Still in denial that Paget is leaving. Hopefully this storyline will be worthy of her and send her off with a bang!

  13. Ana Claudia says:

    I think this guy may be the man about whom she receives terrible news in epi 13, her former interpol boss. I also think he’s part of the storyline that’s gonna send her off at least until the end of this season, since she opted to remain into the 17-episodes contract she has now. Paget tweeted this would be her last year at the time of AJ Cook axe and in light of the option they had offered her then. Now tables have turned, and CBS has offered her a full regular contract again. So, there is a possibility she reconsiders her decision. And I seriously hope she does.

  14. Jademarisa says:

    And we’re yet to learn what are they going to do with Reid. Maybe Paget is not the only one to leave CM after all…I’d dread this, Reid is my favorite character. Nevertheless, we cannot notice that writers in a show set a time bomb to a character’s personality and/or biography (Reid’s fear of developing schizophrenia like his mom) and not to expect them to make use of it. In fact, next episode is to deal with this subject…I’d rather have had my favorite show canceled at the end of last season than having to see these disasters happening. Still, I can understand why Paget doesn’t want to continue. Maybe she has lost confidence and trust in the show’s responsibles, as I did when they fired AJ.

  15. @LizzieTobias says:

    NO!!! The only love interest that matters for her is HOTCH!

    Hotch and Prentiss FOREVER

  16. Jenn says:

    He’s all right as Balthazar, but the way the character is written reeks of trying to replace Gabriel because of the fan uprising. He’s very talented, but I’d rather have Richard Speight, Jr. back, please. Not like SPN’s never brought somebody back from the dead, before.

  17. MichaelUK says:

    Hope the producers of Fringe see this because they are so dumb for killing off Newton!! Sebastian is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors. Criminal Minds just earned serious respect points in my book!

  18. Christy Zachman says:

    I think it would be great if Emily had a romance and definitely not with Hotch. She is a fine woman and could use something outside of the office that could fuel her fire. Throughout the years she has mentioned dates, getting a cat and having a child. It would be good for her to have a romance and this sounds like a man that would interest her immensely. I think she is a ‘bad’ boy kind of gal and se needs a dangerous man to put her first.

  19. Jademarisa says:

    Christy, I strongly disagree with you. That conservative view on women’s role in life and with men is exactly what Criminal Minds has never been about. Do you really think a strong and self-sufficient woman like Prentiss needs a man to tell her how to be a woman? No offence intended, but you don’t understand CM female characters. And CM has never been a soap, I hope all this romance thing has nothing to do with what really turns out to be the episode.

  20. Tuca says:

    I hope he won`t be her love interesting…but since the producers are really decided to ruin the show, i think it might be… i won`t watch it anymore after she leaves… i barely watches now after A.J left… i don`t watch things just because of muders (if so, it would be worrying), i watch it because i love the characters, and that, the Hollywood`s producers don`t seen to understand…

  21. Kristy says:

    I think it would destroy the show. If anyone has ever noticed, whenever a show mixes in office romance with the show, it immediately starts to suck. And, ultimately becomes garbage and get cancelled. This is why Criminal Minds is such a good show NO OFFICE ROMANCE.

    • Cindy says:

      I agree with Kristi. The little thing between Derek and Penelope is cute. But we definitely think a big office romance would ruin the show

  22. Nicole says:

    I agree with Kristy- one of the things I always appreciated about CM is that they kept it professional on the job. I’ d really rather they not give Prentiss a romance- lets have a female character that doesn’t need a S.O. for a change. And lets let all the alt pairings stay where they are: in fanfic only.

  23. Brandi says:

    I hate it when a show changes out characters, but I LOVE Sebastian. He was awesome on General Hospital and I miss him on there. But I think he will add something to Criminal Minds, which is such an awesome show.

  24. Michele says:

    I think its a great addition to the show,even though when characters start having office romances per say,it takes the show down a different road! As long as the show stays on task it should be fine. He is a great actor,so I hope he adds good drama to this already suspensful show!

  25. Carol says:

    You people need to learn how to spell!!!

  26. kaaat says:

    he better not replace anyone, i dont want another cast member to leave, its just too depressing. :D

    • Tina says:

      I REALLY AGREE WITH U. THE SHOW IS DOING SO WELL & EVEN WITH THE LOSS OF JJ IT SHOULD STAY AS IT`s BEEN. IF IT ISN`T BROKE THEN DONT FIX IT! When a show loses it`s fizzle, I understand that “change” , but CM is just fine!

  27. Paula says:

    Just because it is a recurring role doesn’t necessarily mean he will be in her, “office”. I say go for it, even BAU agents have personal lives! He could be a bad guy too….like on GH…..

  28. dave b says:

    I love the show don’t mess it up

  29. danielle says:

    as i do love emily, i hope she doesn’t leave cause i am also getting tired of my fav tv show characters all up and leaving in some way shape or form just to be replaced with people i dont like or dont want to get to like. i like teh show the way it is. and as for office romance i so totally love morgan with garcia thing
    but as much as i so totally love it i know it wont come true andim not even sure i want ti to i think its justthe idea of maybe some where love those 2, they r so realin everyway. either way i’ll continue to watch unless it gets to crazy with charaters. a romance would be nice for emily just not an office romance.

  30. Dawn says:

    My whole family watches CM and we were very disappointed when AJ left the show. The cast works well together and there is a chemistry that should not be messed with. We watch the shows because every character has a place. When one of these characters is gone there is a hole left that can not be filled. It took me along time to get over the loss of Gideon. It’s okay to add a character that may bring a new dimension to the show but I wish they would leave the rest alone.

  31. regular viewer says:

    Interoffice Romance not good in rel life and horride for CM. The writers and producers have put together a great show keep it great and you’ll keep viewers, but don’t hit the skids with too many changes too soon.

  32. TvGeek says:

    I thought I read once that CBS wanted to make cutbacks in budgets and that’s why they let AJ Cook go. If that’s true, why bring in new blood?

  33. EJ says:

    I don’t think they are trying to get rid of Paget (Prentiss), I hope not since it took a while for me to get used to her character. Does anyone recall the episode where Forest Whitaker called in the BAU and they collaborated together on an assignment? Well if you do, and you put things together there is going to be a new Criminal Minds location/addition (just like CSI Miami and CSI NY). As long as Dr. Reid, Hotchener and Morgan are still there, I’ll keep watching.

    I can’t believe JJ is gone.

  34. Danielle says:

    i live in the uk and heard jj was leaving so i decided to check online to see if its true and i find this its shocking and i also seen that they were moving garcia to a different team on the show what the hell bring back jj and keep emily!

  35. amii says:

    I like the reruns if they get rid of doctor reid I won’t be watching the show. i’ve talked to other people they won’t watch either. I got my daughter to watch it If they change anymore her family won’t either.it’s a great show now ,they all work together as a family. we need more shows like this instead of reality shows

  36. chicken little says:

    So, they will have Prentiss do a number on this guy (since it seems anything romantic between series regulars on the dramas these days is the kiss of death…McDermott series anyone?) Or, have Prentiss adopt the girl from Mosley Lane that had no last name, looks like Prentiss with curly hair, and Prentiss takes over Hotchner’s boss’ job (and they build an even stronger team to get the deranged ones). Now that would be a great, strong, female role for a great strong female actress of Paget’s caliber…and a huge role model for girls.

  37. cat says:

    What happened to the possible romance hinted at between Emily and the hot sniper guy from the other BAU Team that they worked with last season? Instead of adding a new female charcter why not bring JJ back? I hope the CBS Execs now realize how bad they screwed up when they wrote JJ off! STOP screwing with Criminal Minds go screw up another show!!! Cat

  38. Tayla says:

    I heard that they were getting rid of AJ and Paget to save money. Apparently, they can pay this Rachel Nichols less money. All I can say to that is, you get what you pay for. At least Sebastian Roche can act. I’m not impressed with Nichols acting skills so far.

    I’m not going to say I won’t watch anymore. Neither Prentiss or JJ were my favorite characters. That would be Reid and Hotch. But with an ensemble cast, chemistry is very important. I don’t see this new girl fitting in too well. But I will take a wait and see attitude.

  39. Heather says:

    Criminal Minds was my favorite show until they let AJ Cook go. I tried to keep an open mind about it, but have stopped watching. First CBS cancelled “Without a Trace” and then they ruined Criminal MInds. So much for my favorite network. I’ll stick to Cable TV now.

  40. TrAvieSo74 says:

    …you took JJ away and now with these changes coming up, i will def. be moving on also…you’re messing up a good thing!

  41. Alaina says:

    I love Criminal Minds . Reid is my favorite character,although I like them all. I enjoyed his simple love interest a few years ago with the actress. Rossie replacing Gideon took awhile to get comfortable with. I agree,the chemistry of the show is that they are like family not lovers. Keep comming with the creative stories but keep the office romance at Seattle Grace. I miss AJ too.

  42. PAT says:

    I have never liked him on General Hospital & for sure won’t watch him on CM

  43. terry says:

    this is the best show on tv why do you want to mess w/the characters?when you let a.j.cook go you messed w/perfecdtion now you want to remove other characters. you will loose viewers.get a.j.back & keep it the way it was. terry

    • Beverly says:

      where does it say that they will replace Prentiss??? i couldnt find it in the article, all it says is she will have a love interest..how is that replacing her? (fyi, this isnt a mean comment, sometimes words can sound mean but im really just wondering thx)

  44. Mary Meeks says:

    This changing of people is getting old fast! I will lose interest if this keeps up. You had the next Law & Order and failed to realize it. Now you bring in this new girl with issues…..NO. New guy????? Why???? The team is great even missing one leg. Let them alone. As far as love in the office…. not this show. Story lines are stronger if the are a well oiled family machine. Outside love interests okay but stick to the real point of the show the BAU. Get smart or get dropped by this viewer.!!!!

  45. diane says:

    Ithink he will fit in on criminal minds.He plays one on G.H. But hopefully he will be on the side of the team.Not against them.

  46. diane says:

    i love him as Jerry Jax so maybe he can do both shows.

  47. dublin116 says:

    I would love to see a romance for Prentiss–we see so little of her personal life. I miss JJ, though. Bring her back!! The past few shows without her this season aren’t as good as last season.

  48. Chris says:

    I like the idea of the team having a personal life. That’s a good side to slip in – like you have done with Reid and his mom. Good luck. I hope it goes well. Saw this guy on Fringe and he did a good job

  49. Peggy says:

    Although, I do not like all the changes in characters that they have made, the show is still good. But, I do not think that they need to bring any romance into the show. This is not a romantic type show – it is more of a mystery, which is what I love!! Although the storyline with JJ and Will was a good one, it did leave a little mystery to it and was not a big part of each show. I say leave the show the way it is – leave the romance off!!

  50. Nikki says:

    Sebastian is a great actor, but hopefully he will still get to be the bad guy. That is what he’s best at. I was upset when they wrote JJ off, but I adjusted. I honestly don’t care what happens with Prentiss, as she is one of my least favorite characters (please no death threats. I’m entitled to my opinion). As long as Reid, Morgan, and Garcia don’t go anywhere I’m fine with whatever else happens.