Exclusive: Fringe Spoilers, But There's a Twist…

… they’re hidden in an independent record store near you!

Allow me to explain: In Fringe‘s Jan. 21 episode (its first in its new Friday time slot), Walter comes face-to-face with his musical hero — the keyboardist for the ’70s band Violet Sedan Chair, Roscoe Joyce, played by Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future).

As a genius tie-in, producers created a vinyl album for the group titled Seven Suns and shipped it to select independent record outlets nationwide. “They’ve been in stores for a couple of months now,” says a show insider.

The best part: Each individual album is different, including specific spoilers and clues about the show embedded in the lyrics (and possibly elsewhere). “They all have unique properties,” says the source.

Now fans just have to find the stores that carry the album. Well, that and figure out who are the real musicians behind the faux group. Says the insider: “We’re keeping that a secret for now.” (Sure, now they decide to be tight-lipped!)

Anyway, Fringe fans, that’s your mission, should you choose to accept it. Find those albums — and email me pics and intel at askausiello@tvline.com! Hurry!

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  1. Kelly says:

    What a cool idea! I wonder if the spoilers are any good if if it’s just a ploy to make money.

  2. Matt Webb Mitovich says:

    At the very least, this might edumicate young’uns on where they can find their local vinyl vendor. Maybe during their visit, they’ll even see a TURNTABLE in person!

  3. Dee says:

    I guess I’m going to have to take a trip to the record store this weekend!

  4. runpaceyrun says:

    …in record stores nationwide!! Why oh why not world wide? Fringe has obsessed fans overseas too!! Im crying just a little…im a vinyl collector AND a FRINGE freak! aaaggghhhh!

  5. Steve Blank says:

    I contacted my local record store and they couldn’t find it.

  6. Aaron says:

    I tried calling all of the vinyl stores in Tulsa, OK and did not have any luck. Hopefully SOMEBODY finds them and can post it online. Good luck.

  7. bob says:

    dont forget to play it backwards :P

  8. Rachel says:

    I’m going hunting soon :)

  9. toast says:

    I’m gonna have to take a look. Definitely something worth buying.

  10. Anderson says:

    I live in Brazil. I wanted to get one vinyl too!

  11. Nicole says:

    that is just too much work….

  12. Josh Paraiso says:

    Please oh please, ship it worldwide! You have a lot more fans than US alone!

  13. KC says:

    Is it January 21 yet?

  14. AnnaBanana says:

    I am a huge Fringe Fan, and a young hippie, lol I must find a record. All my local stores in my large city & around, do not have a clue.
    COULD I BE ASKING FOR THE WRONG ITEM? Maybe there is a secret code in an old typewriter repair shop somewhere?

    • Samantha says:

      vinyl records AND typewriters… man… next we’ll be out searching for passenger pigeons and those bicycles with the one big wheel and one little wheel. ;)

  15. Keith says:

    Now I can finally justify buying a record player.

  16. jacksonville guy says:

    There has to be one in Jacksonville, Florida. I mean how can there not be one in the place in which Walter Bishop and William Bell did the children research project. needless to say it was where Olivia first crossed to the other side on her own for the first time!.

  17. Kate says:

    My husband and I are avid Fringe Fans. Seems likely that Walter seems to find all his answers at Harvard. It might be likely that MA is the place to look… could be near the campus, possibly the nearest vinyl record store.

  18. mike says:

    The vinyl album was made for the group The Seven Suns. There were ancient religions referring to the Seven Suns as apocalyptic. Some say that the Seven Seals in Revelations, in the Bible, derive from the same ancient religions. Even the Buddhist references it as the end times. “And so born out of an untrained perception of life, thirst (tanha) grows into conceit (mana) and conceit meshes into views (ditthi) which sooner or later clash with reality.” The way I take that is our “thirst”, the need to learn, achieve, and obtain clouds our vision, and will end up hitting us like a ton of bricks. Just like Walter, having his thoughts clouded by the death of Peter. He had the chance to steal alternate Peter and did it, because he could, thereby bringing about the beginning to the end.

  19. Alli says:

    Fringe just keeps getting better and better, great idea!

  20. Tabitha says:

    While I miss the days of excitnent around TGIF lineups as a kid, it seems Friday nights are where shows go to die in at least the last decade. Anyone else worried about the fate of fringe? The timing of the transition stokes me as strange as well because I’ve seen more marketing and hype around this show lately then the rest of the series cumulatively. As for the record, it would take a lot of time to hit up indep. Record stores in chicago, which would be less challenging if it weren’t also so cold!! Neat promotion plan to get people into indep. stores-I’m impressed. Now if only people knew about it…

    • Tabitha says:

      Holy spelling errors, Batman!! The joy of a touch keyboard at 6am. “excitement” of past TGIF and “strikes” me as strange.

    • karen says:

      I am also worried that a show moving to Friday will mean its demise.
      I was a fan of Ghost Whisperer on Fridays and it did not last long.
      (enough). It does seem that they are “upping” the marketing. We need
      to do it as well by talking it up to our friends to keep the show on
      the air.

  21. benji says:

    fringe is one of my top 5 shows right now, but i dont live near any record stores! anybody know of any in the central iowa area?

  22. Anne says:

    I’m leaving for DC Saturday. I’ve made a list of EVERY record store between home and DC and plan on checking every single one of them out. I hope to find

  23. Anne says:

    I’m leaving for DC Saturday. I’ve made a list of EVERY record store between home and DC and plan on checking every single one of them out. I hope to find Violet Sedan Chair somewhere in the 221 stores, if not I’m guaranteed to take an amazing trip down memory lane. Loving that Fringe

  24. Anne says:

    I’m leaving for DC Saturday. I’ve made a list of EVERY record store between home and DC and plan on checking every single one of them out. I hope to find Violet Sedan Chair somewhere in the 221 stores, if not I’m guaranteed to take an amazing trip down memory lane. Loving that Fringe producers did this!!!

  25. Jersey Jeff says:

    I have not owned a vinyl record album since I outgrew the need of the covers to roll on.

  26. martisco says:

    The band’s name is VIOLET SEDAN CHAIR. The album name is SEVEN SUNS.

  27. Christy says:

    Has anyone found one yet? This is such a great idea!


  29. Chris says:

    The Indianapolis area is turning up nothing as well. Boooooo!

  30. Bala says:

    Dunno where the records are located, but I think it’s pretty likely one of the musicians is Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, who has done music for the show before.

  31. Bala says:

    So how many copies of these albums are there out there? The story doesn’t say. Are we talking 7? 70? 700?

  32. FVS says:

    With the number of people who’ve been combing and calling record stores nationwide over the past 24 hours, and coming up with nothing, I’m inclined to think these albums will not appear on shelves until after the episode airs on January 21.

    Did Ausiello jump the gun here?

  33. Samantha says:

    I hear that if you listen to that album during the end of the world, they totally synch up… and you get a mad craving for cheese doodles.

  34. Samantha says:

    Hang on, I just double checked that… that doesn’t work… that would be OLIVIA CAN RED THES. Close… sorta…

  35. Samantha says:

    … hey, but “OLIVE CAN READ THIS” does work… ah… okay. Sorry about that, I am back to impressed!

  36. Dan says:

    So, is this another bogus “scoop” like the Justin Bieber/Glee one, Ausiello? Nobody has located this thing anywhere.

    We get it… you’re trying to launch an entertainment website. Stop jerking the fans around trying to get hits.

  37. beck says:

    Anagram fun

    A Cantilevered Vine Shuns SOS
    A Deliverance Shoves Tin Suns
    A Chastened Olive Versus Inns
    Olivia Crashed Unseens Vents

  38. Denise says:

    Can we get an update on this? It’s been several days and nothing.

  39. irg19 says:

    This is super cool. Why I love Fringe!

  40. Gretchen says:

    Okay, so this may be wrong, but it is totally cool nevertheless:


    Perhaps it means that Peter would have died if Olivia hadn’t returned but since she came back, Peter won’t die!

  41. Heather says:

    I found a story that said one was found in Seattle. I’ve been searching her in the midwest with no luck…. I wonder how many there are…

  42. Bill Burns says:

    PS: I tried searching with an “advanced search”. Exact phrase: “Violet Sedan Chair”. Some things I found go back to 2009! Shades of the so-called “secret messages” on Beatles or Pink Floyd records of yore! Fun!