Exclusive: No Ordinary Family Regular in for a Big Surprise

One of No Ordinary Family‘s leading ladies is in for a major shock–mysterious super powers aside: She has a baby on board!

So who will be donning a belly bump in the not so distant future? The answer may surprise you…

… Or maybe not.

Of course, the actress in question is Autumn Reeser, who just so happens to be pregnant in real life — what are the odds?!

An ABC spokesperson tells TVLine exclusively that Reeser’s oh-so-sweet Katie will learn she’s knocked up in the New Year, much to the shock of, well, everyone.

Actually, Reeser will be surprised to learn of the pregnancy, too, since we caught up with the starlet at last night’s People’s Choice Awards and she still had no idea what her No Ordinary Family bosses had up their sleeve.

“I’m starting to show so they’re going to have to decide [if Katie’s pregnant] pretty soon,” she laughed. “Personally, I would love to see it written in because that would be a really interesting struggle for Katie. She’s so naive in so many ways, to watch her struggle with a pregnancy would be awesome.”

Ask and ye shall receive!

Now the big question: who the heck is the baby daddy?! The hookup from this week’s episode perhaps? Maybe someone we’ve yet to meet? Speculate away in the comments!

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  1. craig says:

    um the guy bshe had sex on Tuesdays ep, most likely?

  2. Stephanie says:

    The only guy she’s slept with? Joshua? I feel like this isn’t much of a speculation… Unless it’s a huge conspiracy thing and she was somehow impregnated by some random person…

  3. Patty says:

    The dad has to be the guy she’s been dating (forgot his name). But the question now is, will the baby be born with superpowers since the dad has them too (well, part-time powers at least).

    • Docca says:

      Isn’t she the assistant, who has no powers? Joshua is the evil spy.

    • Alleexx says:

      Joshua is deff the father… Maybe he will give the baby powers, but since he quit being the spy, who knows if he WILL be alive much longer… Could’ve been killed for knowing too much or if e is alive, then he will DEFF. still be togeether with Katie.

  4. Elphie says:

    this will be interesting as the father of her baby is technically a ‘bad guy’

  5. Dave says:

    What’s even more interesting is that she now KNOWS he’s a bad guy :)

  6. toast says:

    It’ll definitely make things a little more interesting. Hopefully the show is picked up.

  7. Lisa says:

    Well, seems like she’s gone and done something maybe she didn’t know she did? ;) I think it might be interesting if it was Joshua’s child. Would that child have permanent powers, and could it alter Katie’s DNA as well?

    • Elphie says:

      The child having permanent powers would be cool! I hope the writers take advantage of this sub-plot and flesh it out cause it might just be the boost the shows needs to get renewed for a 2nd season. It brings up a lot of questions:

      1) What will happen to Katie & Joshua? – since she is bound to him now.
      2) Will Joshua return to the dark side?
      3) What will Dr.King do when he finds out?

      Super excited for this development! :)

  8. Jayne says:

    … interesting—lots of good angles for this :)

  9. SuperChic says:

    she was very convincing about her virginity so it will be difficult to convince me that she has had other relations. Should prove to be a great twist in it all tho, since Joshua is a “bad guy” like Elphie said. I like Lisa’s thought on the baby having powers. Hum..

    • Melanie says:

      It could have something to do with when she was knocked out during the shut down. Could the shape shifter have done something to her or injected a baby into her uterus? Maybe was a test tube baby and now she’s preggo w/ it? Who knows how long she was knocked out and what happened while she was…OR if something is going to happen to her to cause her to be preggo.. Who knows, with this show, anything could happen…just saying.

      Don’t think it would have anything to do with unprotected sex, Katie is way to smart and way to careful about being a virgin at her age…would be just plain dumb for her to have unprotected sex..not in her personality at all…even for “the one”

  10. marie says:

    mayBe a immaculate conception angle

  11. TheDude says:

    The answer to the big question: me.

  12. Johnny D says:

    It figures that Katie would get knocked up her first time at bat!

  13. Kori M says:

    Please NOT the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION!! I’d rather see it be Joshua!! Very interesting in deed!!!

  14. Nathan says:

    Wow, what poor TV show fans you are. The baby will NOT have super powers as Josh does not have permanent powers. His powers were created using a temporary serum. The show’s dilemma is not in it having powers or not as it will NOT but rather the drama of this supposed “bad guy” having a baby with her.

    • Elphie says:

      Nathan: we still do not yet know what allowed the Powells to have permanent abilities. They were once ‘normal’ like Katie…the possibility of a supernatural abilities is not completely an absurd idea. Also, I HOPE the conflict will also include Dr. King in some way…

  15. Suprised says:

    I very much enjoy the show. However, I find it almost absurd that someone as smart as Katie, even if she is a virgin, would have unprotected sex. Didn’t they us a condom OR, since in the story line, she was clearly anticipating intimacy, didn’t she get birth control pills? I find this more unrealistic that people having superpowers.

  16. Melanie says:

    I believe she would have been smart and had protected sex but things happen. Since they have to write it into the script for the real pregnancy, writing in something such as a broken condom or wrongly inserted diaphragm or something(she was a virgin and would make sense if she had never used one)would easily be able to explain things without messing up her “wholesome and smart” reputation.

    I am looking forward to how things are going to pan out as well. In a way I would like Joshua to become a good guy now but at the same time, it is probably more entertaining if he stays bad. Guess we will have to wait and see….

  17. Gigi says:

    There has been many a pregnancy obtained even while on the pill. Ask me, I should know. Injecting a temporary serum into someone for super powers can be related to anyone injecting heroin into their system. It’s in their bloodstream, therefore can be in their sperm. I think the sub-plot will be an excellent addition to the show and yes, I agree Dr. King should partake in the entire mystery of things. He will, afterall, be forced to backup Joshua’s explanation to Katie once he’s revealed, right?

    • Elphie says:

      Well since Joshua betrayed him, I doubt Dr.King will be there to get him out of the dog house with Katie. I think Dr. King will be interested in perhaps using the situation as leverage, blackmail or some other evil agenda. The show needs to reveal more about Dr. Kings motivations…& more about that Dr.Volson…

  18. RAGGEDT says:

    If it is Joshua, it would mean that naive, yet very smart Katie, decides to go from being a virgin to having unprotected sex with her “first.” Doesn’t seem to be exactly keeping in line with her character.

    • Elphie says:

      Katie remained a virgin because she was waiting for ‘the one’ – if he was the guy for her why would she need a condom? In her mind I don’t think she ever intended to sleep with anyone else?

  19. Allie :) says:

    I think its the shape shifter. She is the new “will/joshua.” If she has to shape shift for a while, then so be it!

  20. Dustin says:

    I can see that baby being a BIG interest of Joshua’s ex-boss. I mean, the baby was born from cells that were affected by the serum, which probably contained contaminated DNA. Meaning the baby will PROBABLY have powers, though they may not be strong or extraordinary in any way. But still, think of what the main bad guy could do with such things. He could breed an ARMY of super-humans. He wouldn’t even need the serum anymore. That baby would be a key to all of their story lines, if the writers were smart. The bad guys, Steph’s research, Joshua’s battle with good/evil, Katie’s trust in Josh and coming into a stronger woman of her own. It could DEFINITELY propel this show. But its up to the writers. :/

  21. Lau says:

    Well of course it’s Joshua, he’s the only guy she ever had sex with. At 28, so she’s obviously not the sleep around type.

  22. Carrie says:

    Make it “Joshua’s”, please. I really want to see them get back together.

    I’ve seen several comments on here that he was “evil” or “bad”, but he really wasn’t, and didn’t deserve what he got. I’d like to see Joshua and Katie re-united, and this could be a great way to do it.

    Daphne, several episodes later, was doing the exact same thing to her boyfriend as what Joshua did to Katie. He only wanted to be loved and accepted and he was afraid she would be repulsed by him if she knew the truth, especially since Katie is so naive and bubbly.

    But I do not think he was bad–he was under Dr. King’s control since he was 6 years old, what choice did he have? He was a slave, he didn’t act of his own free will, and ultimately he was willing to choose death rather than continue to be under the thumb of the man who had “raised” (I would say “exploited”) him since he was a young child. The girl Victoria, in the same situation, chose to jump on board with Dr. King and his agenda willingly. Joshua was never a willing participant, and ultimately he made his choice: he wanted out. Please bring him back to the show, he was a great character and he and Katie made a great couple. I think he would be a great addition to the Powell “team”. And he would get what he’s always wanted most, besides to just be normal: To be loved and accepted for who he *really* is.

  23. Dianna says:

    Joshua is so hot I hope they get back together!!!!