Exclusive: Torchwood Adds All My Children Vet Havins, Dollhouse Alum Lachman

Captain Jack is putting the finishing touches on his new Torchwood team.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that All My Children starlet (and upcoming Grey’s Anatomy guest star) Alexa Havins has joined the upcoming fourth season of the cult smash as a series regular.

Additionally, Dollhouse beauty Dichen Lachman has signed on to guest star in the premiere.

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Havins will play Esther Katusi, a CIA Watch Analyst who possesses an unshakable faith in human nature and a monster crush on colleague Rex (played by fellow T’wood rookie Mekhi Phifer). Greek‘s Amber Stevens had been circling the role.

Havins can next be seen in the Feb. 10 episode of Grey’s playing the new much younger girlfriend of Mer and Lexie’s father, Thatcher.

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Details are scare about Lachman’s character, save for that she also works at the CIA.

Also joining series stars John Barrowman and Eva Myles this coming season are Bill Pullman (as the Big Bad) and Crash‘s Arlene Tur (as a surgeon).

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Season 4 of Torchwood will air stateside on Starz in a co-production deal with BBC Worldwide Prods.

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  1. CandyMaize says:

    I *really* wish that Dichen Lachman was being added as a series regular (nothing against the actress that they hired for that .. just that I think Dichen is very talented and would love her to get a longer run on the show).

    • irg19 says:

      Agreed. I’ve been a fan of Dichen’s since Neighbours and she was fantastic on Dollhouse. Either way, great news but I wish she was in more than one episode.

  2. NikkiHolly says:

    EVE Myles, not Eva. Would prefer Dichen for a regular, but i’ll take what i can get.

  3. popGeezer says:

    My favorite “Babe” and an awesome babe! While this incarnation of “Torchwood” is totally kicking butt in the casting department, I hope they don’t forget that Jon and Eve are the franchise.

  4. enoughenoughnow! says:

    Watching Capt. Jack each day here on BBCA and loving each and every repeat minute of it. That old team was the best and the hub, so sad it is blown to bits, was stellar. I am ready for a new look to one of the best shows ever made.

  5. Joanna says:

    I was so looking forward to Torchwood but I’ve never liked Alexa Havins in anything. So this is going to be a big disapointment.

  6. Mikaylah says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about all this casting news. I get that it is being produced in partnership with Starz, but all the new additions are American (or Canadian). I feel like it is going to lose its British roots that I loved so much.

  7. Scott says:

    popGeezer, I’d have to say that John Barrowman alone is the franchise. If the Captain Jack Harkness character wasn’t so awesome during Christopher Eccleston’s time as Doctor Who, then there wouldn’t have ever been a Torchwood spinoff.

    Anyway, like everyone else I’m looking forward to the “American reboot” of Torchwood and I hope it doesn’t disappoint because the 3 series set in the UK were stellar and would be hard to better.

  8. ggny says:

    booo was really hoping Amber Stevens got the role

  9. Addie says:

    Haha more awful american choices, rip torchwood

  10. mgb says:

    I love Torchwood, but I’m not very excited about any of the casting announcements so far. The only character I’m looking forward to is Captain Jack. He makes the show, just as David Tennant made Doctor Who.

  11. David says:

    This is wonderful news! Alexa Havens is great! She single-handedly made me like a character that really was quite unlikeable on All My Children. I’m glad to see she’ll be on one of my favorite shows!

  12. Maggie says:

    I’m not an hysterical woman (don’t worry), but I’m wandering around Cardiff Bay as we speak and it seems like people haven’t forgotten Ianto yet. JUST SAYING.

  13. Michele says:

    In both cases these will be wonderful additions. Just wish that the Havins/Phifer tension didn’t read like Tosh/Owen all over again. And my money is on Lachman playing on ‘team Big Bad’. Very excited to see this series return.

  14. Claire says:

    That would be EVE Myles, not Eva.

  15. raelee514 says:

    Details are scare about Lachman’s character, save for that she also works at the CIA. Does that mean the details are scared or did you mean scarce.

    I love both actresses. Awesome.

  16. Vince Noir says:

    Wooooooo! More work for Dichen is a great thing. She is beautiful and talented.

    But…What about Enver Gjokaj? He needs his own show, STAT! (Whatever stat actually means. I think it’s a doctor thing.)

    • Jonny says:

      Enver has been cast in the lead of a USA network pilot playing a con man. So he basically has been given is own show. Well, if they pick it up. But with his talent, surely they will.

  17. Nicki says:

    This is the worst casting news ever. I’m sorry but I hated Babe Chandler with a passion, she’s the reason I stopped watching AMC, and while its completely irrational Alexa Havins will always be Babe.

  18. Isaac says:

    Given the character details and that he’s a member of the team, Bill Pullman’s character is NOT playing the Big Bad. He’s playing an antihero.

    • Nick says:

      Given that the character is a paedophile, I wouldn’t call him a Big Bad and neither an antihero. I’d just call him unwatchable. Like the show itself. RTD and his recurring sensationalism in place of good writing! Now he’s going to ruin Bill Pullman’s career too. Great!


  19. Lauren says:

    I was just saying the same thing this morning, about Enver. Holy mother, can that man act. O_O

  20. RIP says:

    Oh,there’s not a chance I’ll watch this crap. RIP TORCHWOOD
    Way to go, Russell. First you turned your back on gay community and now you are turning your back on England too. Wales hates you, jerk!

  21. america suks says:

    that was an uk tv show about a bisexual captain and his team.
    if you americans want to produce yet another boring romance show with no talented horrible actors, at least have the guts to make it new and not murdering a show someone else made.

    • carol faver says:

      Last time I looked nobody really cared one way or the other what the Brits thought about American anything. Guess you have no knowledge of Archie Bunker/All In the Family, Sanford & Son…etc. Norman Lear crafted these shows originating from British television and it became hugely successful.

    • David says:

      Maybe had the BBC not turned its back on Torchwood in the first place, it would still be a completely British production. RTD has stated in several interviews that he could not get Torchwood Series 4 off the ground because there wasn’t enough interest at BBC to continue the show, even after the great ratings for Children of the Earth. That’s where Starz jumped in and agreed to help offset the production costs. If Torchwood becomes a flop under American guidance (and I’m certainly not saying it will, I actually think the opposite) then you have no one to blame but the BBC

  22. Nicole says:

    Ok so I have very low expectations about Starz being able to pull off Torchwood, but I still thought out of the American channels after Spartacus they could pull it off. Not even going into the fact that bringing Torchwood over here makes no sense,but whatever. But Babe could not act on AMC, not out of a paper sack. She will not be able to hold her own and it is going to show right off the bat that this is a bad choice. So yeah even for my love of Barrowman and love of the original Torchwood, it is going to suck so hard, we can’t and don’t make tv like they do over there.

  23. karen says:

    I do not see Gwen’s ( Eve Miles) Husband listed in the show. I am curious how they are going to spin he having a baby too

    • I_Captain Blanco says:

      Kai Owen (who plays Rhys) has confirmed that he will be appearing in this season. And I believe the actor who plays PC Andy has said he’ll be appearing as well.

      • FlossAus says:

        I’m glad Kai Owen is being involved. He’s been a very big advocate for the series and attended heaps of Torchwood Cons, when the bigger names can’t go and he associates with the fans really well.

        I totally second Michele, in the fear that Havins new role sounds like Tosh 2.0 and crush very Owen-esque. Do we think Lachman could end be a Suzie style character?

        I just hope that they pay reference to the past. I don’t expect Ianto to come back to life (damn!) but could I at least have Jack mention him, or Tosh or Owen. Some acknowledgement of losing his team.

  24. Bob says:

    And they just ruined the future of BBC America by hiring a reject from Discovery Communications to run their non-scripted (reality) department. More American TV c**p where it doesn’t belong.

  25. ohyea says:

    I don’t like her, I was going to watch, now I won’t bother.

  26. I continuously visit your blog and retrieve everything you post here but I never commented but nowadays once I saw this post, i couldn’t stop myself from commenting here. great mate!