Exclusive: Gossip Girl Flirts with Dan/Blair Romance

Spotted: an unlikely twosome on the Upper East Side. As first hinted in last month’s fall finale, Gossip Girl will explore a deepening bond between mortal enemies Dan and Blair when the show returns on January 24. Although executive producer Stephanie Savage declines to say just how close the two will grow, she believes that the relationship is rife with potential.

“The Dan and Blair connection is something that’s been there from the earliest episodes,” she tells TVLine.com. “Their relationship to Serena, and the degree to which they’re polar opposites and represent everything that the other hates, makes their dynamic really charged. At the same time, they are characters that have a lot in common. They are the most book-smart characters. They share a lot of the same interests. And as much as they might want to hate each other, there are a lot of reasons for them to like each other. So it’s a really fun dynamic to write.”

And to watch. The recent episode that turned the pair into junior detectives attempting to unravel the Juliet mystery confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester have enough chemistry to ignite an entire laboratory. “We were inspired a lot by ’30s and ’40s screwball comedies, like The Philadelphia Story with Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart,” says Savage. “You basically have two people that hate each other but are smart enough to enjoy each other’s banter. “

Of course, not everyone is salivating at the prospect of a Dan/Blair pairing. Savage is well aware that there’s a large segment of the show’s viewership that would prefer for Dan and Blair remain at odds. “I would say that those issues that fans are struggling with are the exactly the same issues they’ll see Dan and Blair struggling with,” she says. “There’s a lot of ambivalence and even revulsion on their part.”

Embarking on such a polarizing storyline is “definitely nerve-racking,” Savage confesses, “but it’s also exciting, and that’s kind of the tightrope of working on a show like Gossip Girl where fans are so passionate. On the one hand, you want to keep people happy all the time, but if you don’t try new things, people get bored.”

Well, unless you’ve been living under the chip on Jenny’s shoulder for the last fourth months, you know that Gossip Girl‘s fourth season has been anything but boring. Much of the credit for the show’s creative resurgence belongs to a compelling and expertly plotted A story revolving around Katie Cassidy’s Big Bad Juliet. But with Big J (and Little J, for that matter) out of the picture, at least for now, how does the CW soap plan to maintain its momentum during the latter half of the season? In addition to the Dan/Blair arc (which involves the pair working together at a fashion magazine), Serena will attempt to make a go of a romance with her wrongly accused former teacher (and Juliet’s bro) Ben, Lily will begin the long journey back from the doghouse she has found herself in (with a little help from her returning ex, Billy Baldwin), Nate will adjust to having his divorced former jailbird father as his quasi-roommate, and two new characters — the Donald and Ivanka Trump-esque father/daughter team of Russell and Raina Thorpe (Michael Boatman and Tika Sumpter) — will shake up Chuck’s personal and professional worlds.

And getting back to Jenny, what part — if any — will Dan’s MIA sis play in all of this? Savage says the size of Taylor Momsen’s role on the show is “something we’re figuring out as we go along.” Is there any set date for her return? “Nothing that I want to talk about,” she says. “I liked how in the first half of the season people didn’t know when she was coming back. I think that helps the storytelling.”

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  1. vdaniel says:

    I like the idea… I think that Blair needs someone like Dan to grow as a person. And It’s going to be unbelievable fun to see those two together. No way this decision is somehow a reason to stop watching the show.

  2. K says:

    I dont’t care if DB lasts two episodes, it will still be better than CB’s entire relationship, and I don’t really care who’s “endgame”, I’d rather have a short-lived couple that’s amazing than one that’s horrible but lasts forever.

    • wickedfun says:

      Good luck. DB are done before they begin. Blair will NEVER love Dan. She loves Chuck and when the series is over we’ll see who she ends up with.

  3. amy says:

    DB just doesn’t seem like it could realistically work or make Blair happy to me. I guess, I should admit I love Chuck way more than I do Blair, she’s just not the character she used to be (but Leighton is still amazing!, and maybe some people think that alone makes my opinion invalid. Whatever. I don’t care and I’m still going to comment on how much I loathe DB. I would like someone to tell me how DB will make Blair so happy when Serena has recently said she has feelings for Dan and had a long relationship with him. Blair and Serena are supposed to be best friends and this is even more of an issue because of how badly Serena and Nate hurt Blair (though I guess some people might say it’s different because NB were dating but it’s still the same to me since feelings are involved). Blair knows how it feels and she shouldn’t want to make her best friend feel that way. I also hate the argument that Serena did it to Blair so Blair should do it without consequences. It doesn’t work that way. She CHOSE to forgive Serena and thus they are still best friends and so it’s wrong to go and sleep with/having a relationship with her “first love.” UGH. I just hate it. Why can’t any relationships stay platonic on this show?? This is going to cause problems between what some call “the ultimate otp,” Serena/Blair. Which ultimately will lead to Blair’s unhappiness. Where’s that happiness that was coming from this? This seems so unenjoyable and after sitting through a terrible season 3, I really don’t want to watch anymore crap. The Chuck storyline better be enough to hold the second half up.

  4. amy says:

    I forgot to mention how unoriginal DB is. They’re the bad girl/good boy, opposites attract (did you know that it’s actually not true that opposites attract anyways? we are more attracted to people more like us and who like the same things we do). It’s been done so many times before, Seth/Summer anyone? I loved them but I don’t need another variation of the same thing. I like CB because they’re bad and bad. They’re interesting and EL have way more chemistry than you’d need to “ignite an entire laboratory.” It’s true EL pretty much make the characters because really most of the writing is terrible. Some of the lines on this show are so cringe worthy. They tend to mess up and ruin every couple they touch. Also, SS always says that the couple has been around since S1. Okay, whatever, I guess if you’ve ever talked to someone, that means you probs will have sex soon. It really cheapens the characters and relationships on the show. It sucks because I actually really love DB frenemy scenes (despite my hatred for Dan). I adore their scenes in 2×08 and it will be so tainted afterwards.

    • gaby says:

      If you are bringing in the OC, Dan is NOT Seth. Dan = Ryan, boy from a less effluent background trying to start a relationship with a blond girl that is out of his league. This relationship has been the hallmark of both the OC and Gossip Girl. And the writers will keep going back to this relationship. And, like in the OC, I am growing tired of the erratic behavior of Serena/Marisa.

      The OC didn’t have characters that were as interesting as Gossip Girl. There were no characters that were really mean or cruel like Chuck or Blaire so comparison isn’t really fair. That being said, I don’t want to see DB because it is the sign that the writers have run out of ideas.

  5. brie says:

    I think everyone here needs to cool their jets a bit. Its not like were gonna be seeing dan and blair holding hands/kissing/dating anytime soon, if ever. I’m a Dair fan and i dont even want to see that. What I expect (and hope) will happen is a lot of what we’ve seen of blair and dan all along: a lot of banter & playful insults with a few real moments thrown in here and there. i imagine these little moments of surprising eachother/helping eachother out will just gradually happen more often little by little throughout the season until the point where they actually are friends and maybe even have romantic feelings.. but they WONT admit it to themselves or each other. at least not for a long time, and then as soon as they do, someone will probably see it, get mad, and it will be over before it begins! and thats fine, the BUILD UP of them slowly beginning to like each other while denying it with all their might is gonna be the best part to watch! i cant wait. :)

    • Amy Leigh says:

      ITA. I’m all for Dair happening especially if they develop it anything like what I saw in the last episode before the break. The dishwashing scene where Dan/Blair realized that they have some of the same interests and were going to be the only two people in town felt like such a real and honest moment for them. I want more stuff like that before they actually kiss or hook-up.

  6. Chairforever says:

    Umm…yeah. They’re hooking up. It’s been spoiled already.

  7. Chairforever says:

    I only like Dan & Blair as frenemies. But they insist on hooking up all of the characters on GG whether it makes sense or not.

    All they care about are their OMG moments.

    What happened to the character driven plots GG had in Season 1???

  8. jadorechair says:

    Can we please move past this Blair & Dan thing? It’s disgusting.. and it’s painfully obvious that only Chuck and Blair belong together, there’s no one else that they will ever love besides each other. CHAIR <3

    • wickedfun says:

      So agree with this. What nonsense DB are. I do think it’s funny this woman knows it’s horrible and basically shoots down her own story.

  9. L says:

    I think any Chair fans who are really hating on Dair right now should stop for a sec. Chair is going to be endgame as it seems, I dont like it but that what the fans have chosen as the favorite couple. So for the (not FEW) people out there who want to see some new interesting chemistry on gossip girl this is great!! Why not enjoy a few episodes of some flirty Dair? I promise the world wont end if people give it a chance and the go back to chair or any other preffered ship. In the end these are all just characters and fans need to loosen up :)

  10. Bree says:

    GO Dair!!! in light of this awful season without Jenny, Dair is something great to look forward to! I can’t wait!

    • Saracen Riggins says:

      WOW! I think you’re the first person I’ve seen to complain about the lack of Jenny! Not criticizing (though I do completely disagree), just in shock!

  11. marie says:

    These two together are the only thing that could make this dreadful show worth watching.

  12. Sam says:

    Dair is not original that’s exactly why it seems like they are meant to be. We have seen Blair with Chuck, yes there is passion and lots of hot moments but we have also seen how badly he can hurt her. Dan is (was) such a great guy but always left behind by Serena.

    Dan and Blair work well! Even before when Blair was down Dan’s word fixed her. That was when he was her mortal enemy. They are both smart, they both have unique similarities. It can work! I hate how people mention Dair seems odd. It doesn’t seem odd. It seems nice! Sure Blair wouldn’t go anywhere without a fancy but she took that road trip with him in a broken piece of junk. She also doesn’t seem like the type to cook but she “put her hand up a turkey’s butt” with him. She also doesn’t seem like the type to do dishes, but she also did that with Dan, not to mention she also enjoyed it.It’s not just one way thing either. As the last episode proved Blair brought out a side of Dan that he forgot about due to Serena. They make each other better.

    Dair has so so much potential. This would take GG in a whole new direction. If Dan and Blair had feelings for each other they would struggle with it. I think that would be just plain beautiful. I want to see Dair happen!!!

  13. Magou says:

    I don’t think Blair owes Chuck any explanation for sleeping with Dan. Just like Chuck doesn’t owe her any for Raina. But Blair is definitely betraying Serena in my eyes, and I don’t care how the show tries to play it. It like if Serena slept with chuck during their time apart…Yeah not cool.
    Like someone said before, Serena and Blair are the show’s OTP. What Blair said to Serena in the premiere? “I don’t care about dating anyone, I just care about you” THERE. If you think Blair will chose Dan over Serena, think again. DB are just a prop for Serena and Blair. I hope they will fix them after their fallout. S&B are the only pairing I still care about.

  14. tinika says:

    I’m really impressed with the producers not being afraid of the fans reaction like (I think) they are in The Vampire Diaries (with the whole afraid to step out of the love triangle thing).
    This is a HUGE step forward for GG.

  15. yy says:

    Dair is going to save this show for me :)

  16. Haley says:

    I think Dair is the best way to go for everyone. For the hardcore Dan/Blair fans, like myself, for the Chuck/Blair fans who are bored with their ship and open to some changes, and for the hardcore Chuck/Blair fans who are not happy with the change – they should realize they’ve have a huge amount of screen time and that Dair deserves its chance and most likely Chuck and Blair will get back together anyway. And for those who think Dair is “random” – I feel there has been a lot to lead up to them coming together and its not a surprise but it will involve a lot of wall crashing.

    It’s also a good way to shake things up and keep the show entertaining and it would be a waste not to use the explosive chemistry between Penn and Leighton. That is all.

  17. Magou says:

    Yeah I don’t understand this “sharing” idea. Just because CB were last season does that mean that Blair has to be passed around the mains and it’s Dan’s turn this season? just LOL. For me, it cheapens all the other relationships as well as the characters themselves. Just take look at Nate, he had a relationship with all the mains, now I can’t take his feelings seriously at all. Just give them guest stars,
    please. Louis coming back for Blair is the best news ever!!

  18. zeus says:

    All of the characters on GG are slutty in their own right, so it’s not two surprising that these two will hook up for an episode or two.

  19. sjlev says:

    to the person who said that they would be upset about dair because serena recently said she has feelings for Dan….
    It would be against character for blair to do it and I love CHAIR, but not only did serena sleep with N8 while blair was in love with him and in a relationship with him….she then dated him for quite awhile…so i think serena will get over it, not to mention serena is going to be in a relationship…i mean sleeping with her next notch so she probably won’t even care until she is done with that guy….

  20. Ashley says:

    I dont really get what the big deal is…everyone else on the show has hooked up with everyone else so why not Dan and Blair? Im not really feeling this Ben romance though.

  21. Ashley says:

    If anything Nate’s relationships have been cheapened (and not Dan and Blair’s) because he’s literally been with every girl on the show and a lot of guest stars too.

  22. Marly says:

    NO NO NO! NO Dair! It’s ridiculous! They make great frenemies. Very entertaining together, but if they hook up it’s just gross and wrong on many levels. Particularly b/c of their relationships with Serena. It’s unforgivable. I can handle one kiss…but anything else and I will vomit.

  23. Rob J. says:

    Dan and Blair are starting to remind me of how Dawson’s Creek finally clicked in seasons 3 and, especially, 4, when the writers realized that Joey and Pacey were awesome together.
    In this case, Blair is the Pacey.

  24. laylagalise says:

    This is fine with me as long as Katharine Hepburn ends up with Cary Grant (Chuck) in the end not Jimmy Stewart– Chuck and Blair are really compelling together.

  25. TastySm@shed0Ranges says:

    A little DAIR wouldn’t hurt. If you are just watching GG for the sake of CHAIR, well I find that pitiful. The beauty of the show is its surprising plots and undeniably wicked schemes. I loved CHAIR for millions of reasons and I most definitely would love to see how we could love the DAIR ship in a million of reasons too. DAIR TO DREAM guys!!! Please let not this be a war against AIR’s. Let’s just accept that things happen for a reason.

  26. Laura says:


    I LOVE DAIR. It’s the only reason I started watching GG again. I was sick of C/B’s emotionally abusive relationship being glorified. HOW THE HELL CAN ANYONE SHIP THEM WHEN HE TRIED TO SELL HER TO HIS UNCLE?

    Seriously, so.. anything is forgivable? As long as there is ~love~? Don’t make me sick. If Chuck beat Blair I bet you would still want them together. He slept with Jenny. He tried to pimp Blair out. They bring out the worst parts of each other. Anyone who thinks they have a healthy relationship is retarded, or a 15 year old girl.

    Dan actually has been.. idk KIND to her? SUPPORTIVE? But who needs those things in a relationship when you have passion and drama. ugh.

    • Manu says:

      “If Chuck beat Blair I bet you would still want them together.”

      You totally called it!

      I was bored and reading through comments, and the SEAT fans really have no valid argument to deffend their couple… they are doomed, no matter what.

  27. tina says:

    even though im a CB fan i’m warming up to dair..i like how they’re taking time ti develop their relationship

  28. Mary22 says:

    DAIR FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3

  29. Jessica Valure says:

    I am a huge Chuck and Blair fan I love them, but it will be an interesting turn to put Blair and Dan together, I think they would be cute together, but they would also be an odd couple thats why i think it would be awsome

  30. Adam Higgins says:

    want to see your favorite Gossip Girl characters made into Barbie Dolls?

  31. anon says:

    The description of the relationship of Dan and Blair is so wonderful and true! The fact that GG writers have been building up their relationship from the start, now thinking of it, they totally did.

    I can’t wait to see more of them! Dair ftw!

  32. amy says:

    haha nice one.. this is the most original joke I’ve heard

    /why isn’t there some type of key for sarcasm on the computer