Exclusive: Gossip Girl Flirts with Dan/Blair Romance

Spotted: an unlikely twosome on the Upper East Side. As first hinted in last month’s fall finale, Gossip Girl will explore a deepening bond between mortal enemies Dan and Blair when the show returns on January 24. Although executive producer Stephanie Savage declines to say just how close the two will grow, she believes that the relationship is rife with potential.

“The Dan and Blair connection is something that’s been there from the earliest episodes,” she tells TVLine.com. “Their relationship to Serena, and the degree to which they’re polar opposites and represent everything that the other hates, makes their dynamic really charged. At the same time, they are characters that have a lot in common. They are the most book-smart characters. They share a lot of the same interests. And as much as they might want to hate each other, there are a lot of reasons for them to like each other. So it’s a really fun dynamic to write.”

And to watch. The recent episode that turned the pair into junior detectives attempting to unravel the Juliet mystery confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester have enough chemistry to ignite an entire laboratory. “We were inspired a lot by ’30s and ’40s screwball comedies, like The Philadelphia Story with Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart,” says Savage. “You basically have two people that hate each other but are smart enough to enjoy each other’s banter. “

Of course, not everyone is salivating at the prospect of a Dan/Blair pairing. Savage is well aware that there’s a large segment of the show’s viewership that would prefer for Dan and Blair remain at odds. “I would say that those issues that fans are struggling with are the exactly the same issues they’ll see Dan and Blair struggling with,” she says. “There’s a lot of ambivalence and even revulsion on their part.”

Embarking on such a polarizing storyline is “definitely nerve-racking,” Savage confesses, “but it’s also exciting, and that’s kind of the tightrope of working on a show like Gossip Girl where fans are so passionate. On the one hand, you want to keep people happy all the time, but if you don’t try new things, people get bored.”

Well, unless you’ve been living under the chip on Jenny’s shoulder for the last fourth months, you know that Gossip Girl‘s fourth season has been anything but boring. Much of the credit for the show’s creative resurgence belongs to a compelling and expertly plotted A story revolving around Katie Cassidy’s Big Bad Juliet. But with Big J (and Little J, for that matter) out of the picture, at least for now, how does the CW soap plan to maintain its momentum during the latter half of the season? In addition to the Dan/Blair arc (which involves the pair working together at a fashion magazine), Serena will attempt to make a go of a romance with her wrongly accused former teacher (and Juliet’s bro) Ben, Lily will begin the long journey back from the doghouse she has found herself in (with a little help from her returning ex, Billy Baldwin), Nate will adjust to having his divorced former jailbird father as his quasi-roommate, and two new characters — the Donald and Ivanka Trump-esque father/daughter team of Russell and Raina Thorpe (Michael Boatman and Tika Sumpter) — will shake up Chuck’s personal and professional worlds.

And getting back to Jenny, what part — if any — will Dan’s MIA sis play in all of this? Savage says the size of Taylor Momsen’s role on the show is “something we’re figuring out as we go along.” Is there any set date for her return? “Nothing that I want to talk about,” she says. “I liked how in the first half of the season people didn’t know when she was coming back. I think that helps the storytelling.”

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  1. Please Noooooooooooo says:

    As a diehard Chair lover Ban (Blair & Dan) makes me nauseous. It goes against everything this show was about. Imagining Blair without Chuck and Chuck without Blair is like imagining Friends without Ros & Rachel!!! I can’t say I won’t watch because, even if I don’t want to I will just to see what torture they want to put us through next. Like a car crash I will have to see, but if it continues I will not be interested or impressed one bit. Not only did we have to be subjected to the IP (Indecent Proposal) and Chennyapocalypse (Chuck & Jenny hook up), we now must endure yet another contrived OMFG not again SL. How predictable, as is always the case when these shows are dying, they will do anything to keep people viewing. This is almost like a nail in their coffin, if they change the format so dramatically my love for this show will die and shrivel up– MESSING WITH ORIGIONAL DYNAMICS NEVER WORKS. SECOND BEST IS ALWAYS SECOND BEST!!!

  2. kay says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo, please leave Chair alone! :( I want them together in the end! :(

  3. belinda says:

    I am SO excited about Dan/Blair for the reasons Savage is saying. It just seems like a really fun thing to write about (and most definitely to watch), and if done well, it could be totally awesome!

    And she’s right about being bored. I loved Blair and Chuck, but I’ve also been bored out of my mind with B/C ever since they went off the deep end with all those boring and overly dramatic and pointlessly convoluted storylines last and this season (B/C haven’t had that fun spark in a long while) regarding the two. Yawn. The possibility of Blair and Dan has definitely renewed my interest in the show. I’m actually….excited about watching the show when it comes back, and that hasn’t happened in years!

  4. Jenna says:

    The prince is coming back, apparently, so DB fans enjoy your time. It seems rather limited.

  5. ucrub says:

    dair dair dair dair dair dair dair dair dair!!!!!!!!

  6. Steph says:

    DB nasty, nasty,nasty.

  7. PLEASE says:

    Oh, I am SOOOOOOO not into this. I don’t like Dan and Blair at all. Where’s my Chair!

  8. Greg says:

    Ok people this is how I see it…at first when I heard Dan and Blair might be a couple I was like uggh but then I watched a few old episodes and the last episode they showed I saw that they did have this little spark between them. Okay though I don’t see them being an epic couple or something but it would be fun to see them together even if it will be for a short while. To those thinking it is a bad storyline and a last resort I disagree I think its cashing in on a story that has been there all along. I’m really interested in seeing, not only how it progresses, but how they choose to end it also.

    • Emm says:

      I agree. I thought it would be icky to see them hook up but then reading the points about their similarities is true. They do love reading and sometimes a deep love for something personal like that, is all it takes to make a person give someone a chance.

      Like male friends have told me in the past, they aren’t friends with girls they don’t find attractive. Harsh & not true for everyone… but I think it applies in this circle.

      I just hope that GG builds the tension between Blair and Dan & doesn’t give in easily!

  9. Peng9803 says:

    I’ve been hoping for this since the stairwell scene in S1. I’m not asking for them to be soul mates. I just want to at least see it play out and then have it come to a crashing halt and they move on. It’s true, as much as they are revolted with each other, they have a ton in common. Just like Blair and Chuck. Their passion for saving Serena is an equalizing platform. The actors play off each other brilliantly, which is to be expected with anyone playing against Leighton. She’s the best part of the show, period. With or without a boyfriend. At this point in the series, there really isn’t much for Dan to hate Blair for. His sister is a b!tch on her own accord, not because she’s reacting to a Blair offensive. Blair was right to banish her, she needs to be fixed. And I can’t stand Jenny or the actress at this time anyways. And what does Blair need to hate on Dan? He’s gotten into the games because of her, he’s attacked because he felt like he had to and he’s helped her when she asked and he felt that it was for a good cause. I say, “bring it!”

  10. PLEASE says:

    Don’t see DB as epic and they won’t be. DB = FAIL and SB drama.

  11. PLEASE says:

    Even Leighton finds this out there.

  12. Lois says:

    DB as frenemies? Amazing, love it. Anything more? UGH. And come on, Leighton and Ed have a lot more chemistry. The problem is the writers love to torture Chuck and Blair’s characters and it affects their relationships, it’s so sad to see so many potential being wasted when it comes to CB,.

  13. marylab says:

    Dan and Blair????? God no!!!! This show is getting so ridiculous…. What’s next? Chuck and Serena or Nate and Dorota maybe!

  14. Callie says:

    I’m not thrilled about DB because I hate how people can’t just become and stay friends on this show. But I guess it’ll be an interesting change. I’ve never liked Chuck and Blair…it’s always been Dan and Serena 110% for me, so if all of this leads to Serena being jealous and DS reuniting, I’m okay with it.

  15. Danni says:

    I have always been a Blair and Chuck fan, But I think this pairing is gonna be a good one! Its gonna make Vanessa very mad. Jenny as well. I was kinda hopign they would get Serena with Ben.. I think it would make a good story and a kick in Lily’s face.

    • Emm says:

      I don’t know if it’s a kick in Lily’s face. I think it just proves how predictable Serena can be. If Ben hadn’t been a decent guy and valued his job (look where it got him anyway) Serena would have thrown herself at him.

      If Serena hooks up with Ben it just tells Lily that her instincts were right to keep them apart. Serena doesn’t have the self-restraint to stay away. If Serena gets an idea in her head, she does it. She’s so impulsive.

      Also, Ben has been mad at Serena and been in jail for…(2 years?) for what he thought was her fault. He’s going to get over that in a snap? I like the idea of them getting together but Juliet is his cousin and the only one that stood by him-would he turn on family the way they turned on him?

  16. Lois says:

    You know what, DB really annoys me because:

    1) they throw Chuck under the bus to make Dan look better.
    2) Chuck and Blair were together last season but we barely saw them as a couple. Why didn’t we get the chance to watch them being sexy, funny, UES powerful couple? The writers were planning their destruction since the begginig, and it’s so clear now it is because they wanted to do DB. So they destroy CB and make Chuck super emo to make people like DB and Dan? If you like to be manipulated by the writers, good luck with that. I guess I am just gonna youtube Chuck and Serena scenes on youtube.

    • PLEASE says:

      YES! I like this! Dan annoys so much so they have to try and ruin Chuck. Stupid. Whatever Chuck is still way more popular than Dan as is CB

    • D says:

      Well, maybe you’ll get your Chuck and Serena pairing then. He would never treat her like he treats Blair.

    • C says:

      You do realize that the characters are what the writers make them. I’m not exactly sure how one can be manipulated by them. It’s not like it’s reality tv and they edited it to look like something else.

  17. Lois says:

    Another thing: why the writers took away the banter from CB? I just feel like since s3 Chuck and Blair are being written OOC. and it’s because if they were written in character no one else would come up between the two of them. But the writers have to hook up everybody with everybody, so… And SS is so original that she said the same thing about CJ and NS last season “stories we are telling since s1”.

    • Jenna says:

      She is so ridiculous, really. She’s pushing a bad s.l just as she always does. She thought last season’s finale was amazing (mainly because she wrote that trash) and now she continues to “amaze” herself with her OOC s/l’s.

  18. Emm says:

    I like the idea of Dan and Blair pairing up. I wish that GG would build tension and keep plot lines going for more than 3 episodes!

    What happened to Serena being in rehab? She decided she needed to be there to deal with some of her issues. She acts like she is so independent but she keeps coming home to Mommy’s money. Serena has no money of her own-she doesn’t work. Maybe she has a trust fund now that she is over 18 but still….

    I can’t stand Serena anymore. I like that she is consistent in her indecision about men but she’s almost like a fish with her attention span!

    Dan has been annoyingly wishy-washy and treated Vanessa like crap. Vanessa has been annoyingly wimpy too.

    Everyone was awful to Little J last season! I couldn’t believe how mean they were! I still can’t believe how with-holding Rufus is with her. I’m surprised that lately Serena seems to dislike her more than Blair dislikes her.

  19. Jenna says:

    Emm, Dan being wishy washy is a major reason why I see Db as fail. He’s toyed with two girls on the show now a third? Come on, why would I want that for Blair.I’m with Leighton this.

    • Emm says:

      I see your point. Part of me wants Chuck and B to stay together, sneaking around, since that is what keeps the heat between them. Then part of me likes the idea of the cerebral part of Blair and Dan realizing that they do have interests in common.
      First the foundation needs to be set of Dan flirting with Blair. B is a romantic and did wait for Chuck to make the first move. (Partly because Chuck can be so vicious and removed…but still.)
      I don’t think Dan is so ‘smooth’ that he has toyed with 2 girls. He has messed with their feelings but they messed with his too. I do think he is a bit selfish but all the other characters are also.
      Blair is my favorite, despite that she is so meddling and likes to exclude other people from anything. I love her. I think she is pretty and I love her clothes. ;)

  20. Lois says:

    What makes me sad is that Chuck and Blair have so much chemistry. But the writers just waste it with stupid SLs like NYU, or mommy coming back from death, or the hotel SL. We get bored because the writers are not the best one, if they did, they would do Chuck and Blair’s characters justice. The characters are very interesing, and Ed and Leighton are amazing actors. But still, the writers waste it.

  21. mahlookma says:

    It’s pretty telling that Stephanie Savage chose Jimmy Stewart and Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story as her Screwball Comedy couple example. While they do share a romantic scene, great chemistry, and decent enough banter in that movie, Hepburn ends up with Cary Grant (her seemingly dissolute soulmate) rather than Stewart (an earnest writer) in the end.

    • Lois says:

      Oh, really? I guess it makes me feel better haha

    • E says:

      Speaking of these films the writers steal from, it’s hilarious that the show is complete trash and nothing compared to them. It’s like first they took the Gossip Girl books, stole the general idea and characters, then threw them out the window. Then they took films like The Philadelphia Story and An Affair to Remember, chopped them up, stomped all over them, and rehashed them together into one big pile of sh*t.

  22. Jenna says:

    Love The Philadelphia Story. Thanks for bringing that up.

  23. Manu says:

    O M G!

    So exctied about this! I’ve been waiting for GG to Dare to Dair for AGES!

    I know they can make a lab explode, I also know that they can conquer the fandom, or most of it, because they are freaking amazing!

    Can’t wait!!

  24. Nichole says:

    I understand the points Ms. Savage is saying in luring fans into believing in Blair and Dan as a couple, but those points should remain in keeping Blair and Dan this show’s ‘Odd Couple!’ No romance, please. It is not our fault the writers pushed Blair and Chuck so far past the deep end that no one, even some of the biggest “Chair” fans are sick of them. Don’t ruin this two characters more than they are already damaged. Blair and Dan should remain platonic!!!!

  25. Edyta says:

    Why does it feel like it’s one chair fan spamming all the pro DB comments?

    • Emm says:

      I wish I had the attention span to read all these comments!
      I’m torn… I want both! But I think if B had sex with C& D, one then the other-not at the same time-it would make her kind of ‘slutty’… :(
      I say bring on the tension but keep it there for Dan & B!

    • Jenna says:

      Why does it feel like all the pro DB is the same people?

      • Bunched up cornflakes says:

        Shut up, you abuse peddling cunt.

      • TastySm@shed0Ranges says:

        We are not the same person dude…we all came from different walks of life. We’ve been routing for them since season 1. Imagine if you were a child and you wanted a bike so bad and you get it, you can’t explain the joy…exaggerated I know, but that’s at least how I feel

  26. eths says:

    I don’t care that much about DB if it’s just an ONS. BUT what I can’t handle is that they seem to have ANY respect for the Chuck’s character. The writers ignored his POV. And, now here were are, in the middle of S4 and Chuck still hasn’t gotten to verbalize what he did wrong in 3.17 and give a satisfactory apology. Please FIX HIM and stop using him (or Serena for that matter) to justify DB. Because they will sleep together because of “bad” chuck and “bad” Serena. I’m soo sick of this.

    • Emm says:

      Yeah, he hasn’t seemed to apologize fully or enough…
      What was up with him being ‘nice’ with Eva? And how did that whole ‘personality’ change seem to get thrown out? Chuck has changed too much, too quickly. Tho-I don’t like him evil, I do like him repentant & then see him backslide…

    • Chase says:

      They structured the whole season around him! He’s gotten two girlfriends, and a huge family storyline coming up. I don’t think anything is all that hard off for Chuck fans. You don’t have to watch him chase after someone who clearly shows him no respect, and prefers other men to him. That’s the fate of a Blair fan this season and last.

      Maybe the reason people like DB is because Blair gets to be happy and joke around and do something other than support Chuck’s very important issues. You think listening to Chuck give a speech about how another woman was perfect and blame Blair for everything and have her still crawl back to him is fun for Blair fans?

      • Jenna says:

        But you have no clue if Blair will be happy or if this leads to her demise. Her “happiness” isn’t based on men. It’s based on herself. It certainly won’t come from Dan who hasn’t made Vanessa or Serena happy. He turned V into a loon so I don’t know what in the world you are basing that off of. Also, i fully believe Blair’s happiness will lie in Chuck and he made her happy most of last season. Fans try to negate that but he did whether you recognize that or not. She was also very happy from 4.07-4.09. Please stop basing things on what you wish and not what you see from those episodes. Blair was clearly happy.Dan will lead to her fighting with S-that does NOT equal happy.

        • Chase says:

          I didn’t think the Chair relationship looked all that great last season frankly. Blair pretending to catch Chuck cheating on her with blondes? It was weird.

          Also any happiness in that period came after Chuck fell for another women, she cried over him, he told her it was fate he slept with Jenny, and blamed her for everything. That wasn’t Blair being happy. That was her being STEPFORD and kind of crazy.

          I don’t know that Dan will make her happy. Right now, she’s laughing, plotting, scheming. It’s fun to see. Dan might not be the best guy for her, but Chuck loves other women and other things (his hotel) more. That’s on the show.

          • Jenna says:

            That wasn’t Blair OOC, it’s called hurting over a break up. And he wasn’t cheating with blondes if she’s into the same game and practically set it up.I mean if you’re going to pull something from the show as a valid point make it valid. Blair likes games and scheming it’s who she is. Dan doesn’t at all, that’s why they can’t last.

            I just can’t wait for when she and Serena have a fight over Dan and we’ll see just how “happy” Blair is then. Oh, and by the way, the prince is coming back..meaning DB going to end pretty soon. I guess happy wont’ happen if she wants to run away with teh prince.

  27. jess says:

    I wish the damn Chair fans would cool their asses. Dair is not OOC. You haven’t even seen the episodes yet.
    (BTW, since, the writers created the characters ON THE SHOW, anything the charcters do is IN character.)
    Blair deserves a good guy.
    Chuck got Eva, Now he’s having Raina.
    Is Blair just supposed to pine away in her room like a UES Bella Swan until Chuck decides he wants her now?
    My arse.
    I’m glad SS isnt influenced by the batshit CB fans/Dan haters. DB has been in the pipeline throughout the show, and their chemistry is undeniable. It reminds me of Holly and Paul from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    • Chase says:

      Thank you Jess! Agreed completely. I can’t believe anybody can say anything about Dan being OOC while Eva was AOK. Chuck’s got a girlfriend! He’s not pining. He’s fine! I’m sick of watching Blair cry over him.

    • Jenna says:

      We can think what we want and yes, to us, this is out of character. We have our opinions, you hang onto yours.

    • Karen says:

      Well, hate to say, but it the crazy batshit CB fans that helped GG become what it is and stay on the air for 4 seasons. I don’t think that this DB showmance is doing them any favors, or gaining them any fans. Let’s hope that the ratings don’t crash and burn along with this pairing.

      • Bunched up cornflakes says:

        Maybe the DB fanbase hasn’t added any viewers because DB hasn’t happened yet, and a fanbase hasn’t had proper time to develop?(despite this there is still a very good amount of DB fans around, especially considering they’re an AU couple).

        Also, if CB fans are some huge pillar of stability holding up GG’s ratings, just what the fuck happened after mid-s2? the ratings fell off a cliff, and fell off even more after you got your precious Chair together. You know why? because this show’s viewership is mostly casual, and won’t stick around if the show is bad and no longer entertaining; I’d also hazard a guess that many of them left because of Chair, too(and I know many former fans who did, and are actually coming back because I told them that Dair is coming).

        GG’s highest ratings this season came along with a very DB dense episode, and while I know we’re going to have to wait till next episode and other DB heavy episodes to see if this is a trend, it is at least a very promising start.

      • jess says:

        yes, for some reason GG is still on air. I do blame the CB fans.

  28. Jenna says:

    Uh, how has DB been a pipeline, they’ve never really hung out, That makes no sense.

  29. C says:

    I’ve wanted a DB hook up since the FOURTH episode. Dan has always seen things in Blair that no one else around her seems to notice.

  30. M says:

    Yes, him ruining her birthday and outing her inn front of all NYU showed he really knew her. Where do you guys make up this crap?

    • D says:

      Selling her to a rapist is worse than anything Dan has done or ever will do. Actually, publicly humiliating Blair is Chuck’s favorite thing to do. Besides, DAN DOES NOT LOVE BLAIR. It’s not the love of his life he treated that way. It’s a girl he is frenemies with who was hurting his sister.

      Look at how Dan has treated Serena to how Chuck treats Blair. I’m happy that Blair might have fun with Dan. I’m happy the prince is coming back. I’m sad that Blair will be crying over Chuck and another woman again, but maybe it’s all ending. Maybe the whole season is about her getting over him (and DS of course)? Ever think of that?

      • Jenna says:

        Humiliating Blair is not Chuck’s favorite thing. You obviously don’t watch the show or pay attention to the character AT ALL. And you don’t get CB either and that’s fine. Whether you like it or not CB will end up together.

        And, again Blair doesn’t cry over Chuck all the time 4.07-4.09 she was happy. Not fake happy. so please watch the show first.

        Thank God I don’t ship DS- what a fail couple. Dan hopped to way more relationships and didn’t treat Serena like anything in season three. He “loved” Vanessa last year. Thankfully I don’t ship that flake with anyone.Really DS belong together becaus of hpw flakey they both are.

        • Katherine says:

          I agree with you on some things however, yes she was happy in those 3 episodes (4.07-4.09) but those were in the beginning of the season and things changed. As the relationship progressed and changed so did their feelings because of mistakes both characters made. Saying CB will end up together just because you want them to doesn’t mean it will happen. Take the show the OC for example, everyone believed that ryan and marissa ended up together and in the end they didn’t. A lot of relationships are hard to see at first in shows and real life, you can’t say you absolutely are opposed to a pairing until you actually see how the writers write it. You don’t control the plot line, they do.
          And regarding Serena, I hate her character and they need to have her start doing something with her life or write her off the show. She isn’t very interesting and Dan could do better.

  31. cm2 says:

    I’m loving the prospect of these two together. After last season’s trainwreck and Dan’s thoroughly boring relationship with Vanessa, this will be a breath of fresh air.

  32. Chelsea Royse says:

    so basically savage is saying they totally want to do dan/blair, but they’re scared of all the chuck/blair and dan/serena crazies abandoning the show.

    DON’T WUSS OUT! i’m totally for dan/blair. i was getting hints of seth/summer from the oc in the last episode, and was loving it. and they’re SO PRETTY.

    • Chase says:

      The ratings went up for the DB episodes. They stayed pretty flat for the CB episodes despite promotion. I’m sure this is because they spent this 5 or 6 episodes pissing on the corpse of CB, or it would have gotten a better response. However, they did, not to set up DB, which is going to be over fairly quickly sadly if the prince comes back, but to set up Chuck’s big storyline and new romances and to end Chair. I can’t believe season 3 wasn’t enough to do that, but apparently they wanted to be very sure.

      Here’s hoping Blair and the prince are great!

      • wickedfun says:

        Actually the previous episodes contribute to an episodes success. As does the fact that DWTS was not on. ALL CW shows on Monday and Tuesday went up because of that. Check it out, it’s the truth and DB certainly did not contribute to Tuesday night shows on the CW going up when they were not on those shows. ;)

    • jess says:

      yes! the banter! Its totally Seth/Summer

  33. Jill Sullivan says:

    The whole idea of Dan and Blair = vomit.
    What I hate about this is Blair has already been written out of character. I’m sorry, but the Blair I know would not have been caught dead sticking her hand inside of a turkey or washing dishes.
    These writers wrote her as rich and from the UES and as a snob. There’s nothing wrong or evil about that, and so they’ve already had to go against that by her lowering herself to even to begin to write Dan and Blair. And why do the rich always have to lower themselves on these type of shows? The snobbiness and all involved is what I love about Blair and Chuck, and why they fit. That’s what I love about the contrast about Blair and Dan and why the whole frenemy thing works, and why anything romantic or otherwise is completely contrived.

    • Bunched up cornflakes says:

      Only a Chuck of CB fan would want Blair to be written as a stuck up, classist, UES snob for the entirety of the show.

      • wickedfun says:

        Because that’s who she is!! Seriously, what show are you watching. You obviously don’t get Blair Waldorf at all. We want Blair, not a pod Blair.

  34. Alex says:

    Sounds like a clever way of saying that they dont want Taylor Momsen around. lol.

  35. gaga says:

    no me gusta la idea es horribllee como ellos dos prefiero que pongan a dan gayy y se bese con el hermano de serenaa

  36. Claire says:

    Sure, some may see chuck and blair as boring, but the last three years have been them falling, confessing, and being in love. Blair finally realizes she needs to grow as a person, and bam introduce Dan. If they become friends, than there’s never going to be any enemies.

  37. Chairforever says:

    So the whole reason why Chair broke up this season was just an excuse to hook up Dan & Blair.

    I thought Blair wanted to be independent and concentrate on her career???

    • Bunched up cornflakes says:

      If you didn’t realize, she will be concentrating on her career, as she has an internship at W or wherever. SO what if Dan is along for the ride? if there is anybody on this show who could be beneficial to the process of Blair growing and maturing, it’d be Dan.

      I can also never see a DB relationship being anything like Chair’s. Blair was smothered by all things Chuck, always stuck in the game of masochistic chess that she was playing against him. Her life was covered in a haze of marijuana smoke, courtesy of Chuck Bass. Just look at how much Yale got lost in the fold in s2 because of him, she went crazy because of what was going down between them.

      • jess says:


      • wickedfun says:

        Really, are you a mind reader or do you watch the show?

        LOL! That you think Blair was smothered. She loved him, still does. Accept and move on. You aren’t going to be happy because CB are the endgame and if you even read this interview and got the reference to the Philadelphia Story you would know Kathryne Hepburn does NOT choose Jimmy Stewarts character because she doesn’t love him. Same will happen here . She loves Chuck, DB fans need to get that at some point.

  38. Chairforever says:

    Talk about a contrived storyline…

  39. wickedfun says:

    As Liz Lemon would say ” BLURG”. I don’t like the idea of Dan and Blair nor do I find it will change the show.Maybe cause some catfights…..

    DB fans, enjoy this time. Though some DB fans claim this will change the show- it won’t. They are invested in CB and so are many, many more fans than you think. Again, enjoy these episodes. because ,apparently, Dan is Jimmy Stewart in The Philadelphia Story. If you watch that you know Kathryne Hepburn’s character plays with Stewart’s but she goes back to Grant’s character, who she loves.

  40. blair and chuck ftw says:

    No I still want it to be blair and chuck! D’: They were perfect together!

  41. Karen says:

    Don’t worry, the pairings on this show are kind of like the weather. If you don’t like it, wait a day or so and it will change. They don’t keep anyone together for long because they don’t know how to write any of the couples in an interesting way. They would rather just play roulette relationships to try and satisfy fans who “ship”, rather than tell a story worth telling. The only couple that have shown real chemistry has been Chuck and Blair, and that wasn’t because of the writing it was because of the actors. They made Chuck and Blair, and the writers destroyed them. Now it seems they will spend the rest of the time that GG has ruining every other couple possible.

  42. blair and chuck ftw says:

    Oh my , I don’t like the new pairing. Chuck and Blair were the most epic couple, I hope they stay the same. It would be alright if they dated a little, but in the end I still want chuck and blair!

  43. Lulu says:

    I loved Blair and Chuck’s fabulous love story for so long, but Chuck sleeping with Jenny last season was the final nail in their coffin. There’s no recovery from how unpleasant Chuck is to Blair, if we are to have any respect for Blair as a character. Ever since then I’ve been waiting for Dan and Blair, and now that it’s finally going to happen I’m ready to start watching Gossip Girl again!!! Can’t wait!!

    The Dan/Blair relationship has been foreshadowed for a very long time, especially in Season 2 fall when Dan turned out to be the accidental “spoiler” who kept Blair from saying she loved Chuck when they met up in Brooklyn, Season 3 fall when Dan banished Blair’s trademark headbands and Blair turned up her nose (kind of, but not really) at the idea of barging in on Dan doing the deed in the dorm room, and Season 3 spring when Blair turned to Dan for some friendly solace when she was finally breaking up with Chuck. Dan was all too ready to provide, if you’ll recall, and we had a fun future-glimpse of Eleanor, Cyrus, Blair and Dan all chatting together in a little group. Fabulous!

    At this point I hope Dan and Blair become The new IT couple on Gossip Girl–a long, drawn out courtship and fireworks, followed by a long and happy period of dating. For anyone who’s still hung up on Blair and Chuck, consider this: nobody would boil Chuck into a jealous inferno like Humphrey (“goodbye friends, Dan…”), and you know that’s going to make for some terrific drama. Don’t fall for it, though, Blair! Dan is finally the boyfriend who could treat you right and make you happy!

    • wickedfun says:

      I don’t see DB becoming epic, not by a long shot and I think DB fans are deluding themselves if they think this.

  44. Kat08 says:

    Dan and Blair are only going to last a few episodes, 7 tops. This hook up is going to destroy Blair. Anyone remember her line in 4×01 about it taking a lot to destroy Blair Waldorf? I think losing S because of what she does with Dan is what does it. She is not going to start dating Dan after losing Serena because of it.

    Dan and Blair are going to hook up, regret it and Blair will lose Serena. Then comes the Prince. The Prince coming back proves that DB will end.

  45. Victrolagirl says:

    Finally !!!

  46. Alyssa says:

    Blair wasn’t able to be Chuck’s girlfriend because she had to establish herself first. How is Dan helping to establish the woman Blair is? If anything Chuck completes her even if she doesn’t want to realize that, they are two parts of one whole. Together they are an unstoppable force destined for success. After everything they’ve been through, I feel like they would be able to move on and become better together from what they have learned. With Dan, Blair would be sinking to the level she has always despised and resented her whole life. Wouldn’t that make Dan worse for her image than Chuck would be? Hahaha, I hate this and I hope they realize what a horrible idea this is when their ratings drop, because I for one, will NOT be tuning in to watch them destroy these characters or the epitome of soulmates that is Chuck and Blair. Best of luck SS, let me know when Chuck and Blair are back. They are the reason I truthfully tune in.

    • wickedfun says:

      Wonderful post and I so agree! When Chuck and Blair are back I will be too. The rest is BS and SS said it in the interview. DB is BS.

  47. Sabrina says:

    No DB, please!! I can totally picture them as frenemies and I find them hilarious together, but a hookup or a romance……….seriously? That would be really weird……and painful to watch……..and also it would be awful thinking about B and S friendship…..so please…just NO!!!
    CB are the one and only GG core couple!!!:)

  48. C says:

    I have wanted them together for a long time. They have great chemistry and it will definitely be interesting to see.

  49. KC says:

    Dan and Blair?The way they talked just like me and my brother.Am supposed to hook up with my brother?DEFINITELY NO!!

    • Budged up cornflakes says:

      They’re too unfamiliar to ever feel lime brother and sister. If anything they came off as quirelling lovers.

      Also, really? This comment section is truly retarded, where are all of you posting from? Shutter island?

  50. kendall says:

    do yall dair fans just want dan to stick his d**k inside blair because he’s the only guy hasnt yet?if so, its diguisting and he’s just gonna go back serena again so whats the point.